Zack Kassian, Edmonton Oilers Embarrass Themselves


The Edmonton Oilers were humiliated by the Vancouver Canucks on Friday night. There are other ways to describe it: they were embarrassed, out-classed, routed, disgraced, humbled, shamed. Whatever the word choice, their 4-0 loss was a game where it appeared the team didn’t even belong in the same league as their Pacific Division rivals.

The Oilers

Exactly one member of the Edmonton Oilers was on the ice for more chances for than against versus Vancouver. It was Boyd Gordon, who saw the ice for two Oilers chances to one against. Otherwise, it was pretty ugly:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle had some decent looks with varied wingers once the game was already lost, but otherwise that’s just embarrassing. 

Zack Kassian

And, as Tyler Dellow points out, that’s Zack Kassian apparently mocking Sam Gagner’s face shield. Gagner’s wearing the face shield because he suffered a broken jaw in the preseason. He suffered a broken jaw in the preseason because Zack Kassian whacked him in the face with his stick.

It’s a bit of a surprise that nobody went after Kassian in the game actually, particularly since it was over early, the fourth line got plenty of ice-time and Kassian’s generally a willing enough fighter. 

But that’s neither here nor there. All’s fair in love, war and hockey games apparently and Kassian seemingly felt that getting under his opponents’ skin was worth revealing a deficiency of character. As Ryan Rishaug points out, it’s consistent with how he’s acted since the incident:

It probably wasn’t an especially bright play on Kassian’s part given that the game was already over at that point and the Oilers don’t play the Canucks again for over a month, but maybe he just couldn’t turn it off.

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  • **

    The next Time we play the Canucks, Big Mac HAS to be in the game, even if it’s just for one shift.

    He has to go up to Kassian, drop his gloves, and punch Kassians teeth down his throat. Kassian will either turtle or try to fight back and get the crap kicked out of him. Don’t go up and face wash him, don’t slash him, don’t cross check him and ask him if wants to go. All you’re going to do is take a penalty. Mac just needs to start throwing the punches. The result will be an instigator penalty which I will gladly take for sending the message.

    But I guarantee you that Kassian won’t be smiling this time. Send a message once and for all, a real message. Nobody cares about a face wash or a “don’t do that again or else”. And somebody should punch Bieksa lights out too………..but none of this is going to happen anyway.

    This team is the laughingstock of the NHL. The only people who see not laughing are the Oiler fans.


    • Spydyr

      Been saying this for years now.Who gives a crap about an instigator penalty or even a suspension. If the guy does not want to go ,who cares he should of thought of that before the cheap shot.You have to show the league that if you take a run or a cheap shot at our team you are going to pay.You don’t look at the ref and hope he calls something, you man up and take matters into your own hands.

      Until this happens the Oilers will continue to be pushed around, ridiculed , embarrassed and injured.

      To all you bleeding heart pacifists.This is hockey. It is a physical ,fast paced,violent game. Played by men.If you don’t like men standing up for their teammates maybe hockey isn’t for you.

  • Spydyr

    To Stack Pad “Bob Stauffer” Save:
    The Oilers since 2006:
    Five coaches, same flaccid assistants.
    Nine 1st round picks.
    Never finished higher than 19th overall (2007-08).
    Never made playoffs.
    BTW Chicago sucked for a few years in ’06 and ’07.
    Look at them now…

  • outdoorzguy

    I wonder how many name embroidered Oiler jerseys have been bought as Christmas gifts? How many coffee mugs with the logo or onesees have been wrapped? Keep buying this stuff. Keep lining the pockets of the absent Katz. He doesn’t care. The $$$$$$$ just keeps rolling into his bank account, a portion of which he passes on to Loser Lowe to do absolutely nothing. Oh, things may not be good on the ice, but the organization is doing great revenue wise because we support this East Coast Hockey League team as if it’s a real professional team.
    If you think they care, give your head a shake. They’re in the business of making money and they’ll gladly take yours!!

  • Guy Lafleur

    This team needs grit and defence , Philly has both , Simmonds and Coburn are supposedly available , if it involves trading Ebs or one of the so called core group they gotta do it . Evander Kane is supposedly available also , do something , trade Ebs his lack of defence and turnovers is killing us ,,hey Ebs the league is onto your toe drag !!

    • Spydyr

      Chris Stewart is having a poor year and should be available but I doubt if Mac T can fleece St Louis again, Philly has always looked like the best fit for a trade, they have a surplus of grit and a lack of skill, both managers overate their talent and keep losing.

  • Oilers21

    I agree with most of the comments above and would like to add in my two cents.
    It was blateningly clear last night it was the men against the boys!
    No one gives a rats ass about rings twenty years old. Owners and fans care about today and tomorrow. If Katz does not find a solution very soon, I would not
    Be investing millions of dollars for a new arena which will be empty. Owners only understand one thing. $$$$ When Oiler fans stop going to games and stop spending their hard earned coin, only then will things change in Oilerland.
    It’s time to clone Brian Burke!!
    I wonder if Messier and Gretz could turn this organization around?
    Maybe, just maybe, Katz is giving enough rope to Lowe to hang himself, and
    When he does have to cut Lowe loose, there will be little if any push back
    From the fans?
    Food for thought.

    • PimKing

      Agree that a house cleaning in needed, but Messier and Greztky would be just more of the OBC. We all know what a great job Gretzky did in Phoenix and Messier has zero experience in any role other than a player.

      • PimKing

        Gretzky record was not that bad in Phoenix considering the team was rebuilding. The one year he had a young inexperienced team in the playoff team half way through the season. He was instrumental in some of the key pieces of that team like Yandle, and Larsson I believe. He brought in their GM, who he was a close personal friend who is still with the team. His brother Keith is the head scout, and is obviously one of the best at that role considering they keep finding talent and winning.

        Messier was Sather assistant for a couple years and was the GM for the World Championships… I think I would look at Messier being like Yzerman, a guy waiting for the right offer. He will get it I believe.

  • PimKing

    Whar are the Oilers gaps?

    Clearly lack a goalie.
    Clearly lack of first Dman pairing & shut down D for three Dman required.
    Clearly lacking one or two big, nasty, banger type forwards a la Prust.
    Clearly lack heart and passion.

    What to do?

    June ’14 top 5 draft pick to be traded for valuable help. How about Halak, Hiller or Elliot? they’re UFAs in summer.
    Sign UFAs in the summer: Markov? Boyle? Who knows…
    Package Hemsky & Gagner for a few Prust type guys up front.

    In any way, nothing will change this season. As long as Kevin Lowe is in charge… putrid.

  • PimKing

    Soft Soft Soft. The least ganger can do is take a stand for himself in a blowout. Slash that f*cker, or better yet someone do it for him. i mean is this a team or just a group of millionaires? My mens league teammates have more balls than half these shidiots. Just a complete embarrassment for the character of the oilers. As if the ENTIRE LEAGUE didnt already know what pussys these guys are, they get to watch it on the highlight package, and laugh their asses off. Nuge fight a Sedin sister cmon… everyone on this team needs a black eye, by trying to give one. No guts. and from what i hear, thats whats needed to get at Stanley. Vent closed.

  • PimKing

    I figured the most they were going to take in two games against elite squads was one game.

    I’m not disappointed. Dubbie’s floater cost us the Boston game, there is no other way to look at it. I don’t care if Boston was sick, any team with Chara is still a damn fine team. Oilers played well, I enjoyed the last 20 minutes particularly. That has to be at least 15 points bad goaltending has cost this team.

    Last night, they stunk…never had a chance after the first period.

    The problem with the powerplay besides bad zone entry is the shot from the point. You don’t need a rocket to score, you just need to get it through. Vancouver scored on the one goal cause the defender got a shot through. If they get shots from the point, then the I think it will open things up.

  • PimKing

    Soft Soft Soft. The least ganger can do is take a stand for himself in a blowout. Slash that f*cker, or better yet someone do it for him. i mean is this a team or just a group of millionaires? My mens league teammates have more balls than half these shidiots. Just a complete embarrassment for the character of the oilers. As if the ENTIRE LEAGUE didnt already know what pussys these guys are, they get to watch it on the highlight package, and laugh their asses off. Nuge fight a Sedin sister cmon… everyone on this team needs a black eye, by trying to give one. No guts. and from what i hear, thats whats needed to get at Stanley. Vent closed.

    Im so pissed off, my poor wife haha…thinks his name is F*cking Hemsky..

  • PimKing

    I actually like the “ya but you have no cups” taunt against the Canucks. Yes, they are a much better team than us now, but their window is closing, and they have nothing to show for it. If they don’t win very soon, they will look back on the sedin era as a failure… The bertuzzi/naslund years are already a failure… If your organization has never won a cup you really don’t matter, presidents trophies don’t count. Nothing would make me more bitter than cheering for a team like Vancouver or SJ that should have won a cup, but never did.

  • PimKing

    Yea we may not be tough; we run from scrums;we only want one tough guy at any time on our team; we don’t hit but man are we ever fit!

    We might just be the fittest team in the league…….so take that Vancouver!!

  • PimKing

    One year into the Calgary rebuild and they are much further ahead than Deadmonton yet Feaster is fired. How can Eakins preach accountability to players when management isnt held responsible for this ongoing, neverending disaster. Why hasnt KLowe come out of hiding and at least accept some responsibility for this mess. Oiler fans would love to see someone, anyone step forward and say they are sorry for this putrid excuse of a hockey team! I wonder what bar they went to after the game.

  • PimKing

    remember when that guy made fun of huggie bear’s hugging skills? if nobody straightened him out who’s gonna do it now? 7 years of watching tough guys who can’t skate in the press box or bench while smurfs run around the ice not aware of gargamel. raffi torres made you aware…even smytty tried to show the kids how to put up your stick to defend yourself,the problem was he showed them this last year. why doesn’t our system have a guy who can skate AND whack someone? guess the rebuild can start when chase and moroz show up. too bad that’ll be when the kids are old and on other teams that protect their skill.time to broad street our rebuild and you don’t need a high draft pick for that. cuz that player costs more than that…character always does just ask det or bos.

    • Spydyr

      The Oilers did try to get the draft right last year it seems, Nurse and Chase are players they need right now, Moroz looks like he may be a better player than many thought . Mr Katz rent Austin Powers time machine and jump them in 5 years older, and while you are at go back to 2007 draft, instead of Gagner pick Brandon Sutter, Ryan Mcdonagh or Kevin Shattinkirk, instead of Plante pick Pacioretty or Brendon Smith, instead of Riley Nash, P.K.Subban or Wayne Simmonds.
      Do you think this would make this team a contender?

      • Spydyr

        Can you buy me some apple stocks when you use your time machine?

        That way I can afford to retire in Phoenix.Golf all day go to Coyote games at night.Wearing one of my four Oilers jerseys when they come to town of course.It would be refreshing to watch a team that has try and balls.

  • PimKing

    our defense is digusting. we dont have 1 guy on this team is hard to play against.

    The fact we have a team that is this fast and we dont forecheck really bothers me

  • PimKing

    Eff you Katz, eff you Mac, a big time eff you to Kevin LOWE and eff you Oilers for being the biggest pussies in hockey. Move over Pittsburgh Pirates, the Edmonton Oilers are the laughing stocks of pro sports. Gutless, overpaid sissys. We want EIG back. Cal Nichols please save this franchise once more, please!!!!

  • Zamboni Driver

    Not for nothing, but 2013 Oilers’ fans calling the Sedins the ‘Sisters’ is patently ridiculous.

    One of them won a Hart Trophy. The other was runner up. Both have Olympic Gold Medals.

    Also they’re a butt-load tougher than all our “young skill talent with huge upside”.

    • Hair bag

      I seem to recall that the Sedins first few years in the league were no screaming hell, the only thing that sheltered them was that Van had one of the top lines in the league (Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi) otherwise they would have had the same scrutiny that the Oilers young guns are getting now. No experienced vets to shelter the oilers young guys now….the Sedins are good hockey players but they are still pussies – see Marchand incident in Stanley Cup Playoffs, how many shots do you have to take before you stand up for yourself.

  • Zarny

    Choose all of the words because they all apply. That’s what happens when you don’t build beyond a few high draft picks. They don’t come with pixie dust and they don’t overcompensate for the worst blueline in the NHL.

    Vancouver is actually a good example for the Oilers. They don’t have one of the top 10 D in the league either; but they have a few in the top 50. They have a legit top 4 D.

  • Zarny

    Zack Kassian certainly shouldn’t be running his mouth. Talk about a draft bust. He’ll be out of the league selling used tires a decade before Gagner is done.

    • Spydyr

      In my mind Gagner is done.I would not want him on my team. “The braintrust” love him though.

      Maybe Mac-T has to ask is Gagner a second line centre on a playoff team? How will he hold up in the playoffs when the real hockey starts?

      “If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer”


  • Quicksilver ballet

    Tanev was an un-drafted signing and Stanton was picked up from the waiver wire. These two are young and are playing better than any of the D-men on the Oilers roster. Why can’t a team like the Oilers who are desperate for defense find players like these? Where was MacT when Stanton hit the waiver wire?

  • **

    You can`t control what Kassian or anyone else is going to do or say. But you CAN control what you do about it. Gagner`s game may suck, but he is an Oiler and his team should’ve had his back. What Kassian did last night is a reflection on how the League sees the Oilers: a bunch of fragile pushovers who represent no challenge nor concern and lack any kind of respect because they haven’t earned any.

    As a fan this hurts me more than the losses.

    PS: F$%k Kassian, just another Sea Avery in the making. If the Canucks organization had any class they would self regulate and sit Kassian like the Stars did with Avery after his sloppy seconds comment.
    And where’s the NHL? isn’t there are rule to fight this horrid type of lack of sportsmanship?