One of the things that kind of irks me about Oiler fans when discussing the draft and procurement is that there’s no real attempt to compare one team to another. Oiler fans know about their prospects and Leafs fans their kids, but does anyone really know ALL of the draft picks well enough to give you an accurate idea about how well each team is doing at the draft table.  Beyond that, we have to deal with the impact of development—how are these young men brought along.

With that in mind, today’s post is the first of several that will attempt to shed some light on a specific draft year, and to compare the Oilers to another team who took players at a similar point in the draft. Idea being: how well is a draft year developing compared to another team’s crop?


Hall (201, 78-97-175 .870) is ahead of Seguin (235, 74-82-156 .663) and I have no hesitation whatsoever in naming Hall the superior player. Per 82gp, Hall is ahead in points 71-54 and that’s significant—even at this early date. I also understand those who say we should wait for a longer period—I feel that way about the entire 2010 draft—and am certainly willing to do so a year from now (at the 5 year anniversary of the 2010 entry draft). Decision: Edmonton


Pitlick (3, 1-0-1) has played in the NHL, Knight awaits his first time in the show. In the AHL, both have struggled to post offensive numbers (Pitlick: 116, 11-25-36 .310 and Knight 39, 4-14-18 .462) and I would suggest neither player is considered among each team’s top 10 prospects at this time. One of them may have a career, but it would be impossible to identify that player from here. Decision: tie


It’s funny, the gems of the draft (outside round 1) were taken 45-46 (Spooner going 45) in the middle of round two. Spooner (NHL: 11, 0-3-3) and Marincin (NHL: 2, 0-0-0) have already made it to the big leagues and could be regulars in a year or so for their respective teams. It is difficult to compare numbers for D to F, but Spooner is a point per game man in the AHL and Marincin has some nice boxcars (98, 10-28-38) too. I can’t really say with conviction that Spooner is superior as a prospect, but Corey Pronman has him as the #1 Bruin prospect and has ranked Marincin as the Oilers #3 prospect. Decision: Boston


  • Craig Cunningham has already played in the NHL (1, 0-0-0) and his AHL numbers (178, 54-42-96 .539) suggest he might have an NHL future in a checking role. He’s described as an undersized forward who lacks a physical dimension (Hockey News).
  • Justin Florek (106, 18-26-44 .415) is down the depth chart but his boxcars aren’t terrible. 6.04, 194.
  • Zane Gothberg has been between .917 and .920 since coming to NCAA. I’d guess a long shot but that’s a good number.
  • Maxim Chudinov who is a KHL defenseman who is clearly a regular and posts some boxcars.
  • Zach Trotman is a big AHL defenseman who looks like he has some skill.


  • Curtis Hamilton has had a difficult minor league career so far. I don’t think he’s done enough to get a second contract.
  • Ryan Martindale (70, 7-14-21 .300) has been injury prone and like Hamilton and Pitlick hasn’t been able to get the minutes in OKC.
  • Tyler Bunz has been kicking it around in the minors since turning pro, there’s no real resume just a series of lines on a page.
  • Brandon Davidson has progressed since turning pro and was called up earlier this year. Still a long shot.
  • Kellen Jones is having a terrific season in the NCAA, nobody ever talks about him. Ever.



Overall, I don’t think we can say one team has a clear cut edge. I’m certainly not convinced the trio of Seguin-Spooner-Knight is superior to Hall-Marincin-Pitlick. Unless Gothberg or Martindale emerge as useful players, or another of these kids makes a giant leap, that’s the contest right there (those 6 men) for the 2010 draft.

  • BOSTON BOXCARS: 248, 74-85-159 (.641) from three players
  • EDMONTON BOXCARS: 206, 79-97-176 (.854) from three players
  • TayLordBalls

    Ekblad, Nurse, Klefbom…. By the time our forwards are conditioned to loosing and ready to chase after the big contract in free agency out defence is gonna start looking decent.

    Next time we rebuild can we maybe plan it out?

  • camdog

    This article irks me. If you are going to compare the Oilers drafting record to other teams, you have to do it over a 5 year span, such as from 2005-10. To just pick and choose one year is incorporating statistical bias. To remove the bias you must compare multiple years. If the Oilers were a half decent drafting team they would have never dropped as “LOWE” as they did in the standings.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Nation citizens, relax. I would never condone beating a kid. I just said knock them around a bit. As far as bullying is concerned, @Clarko, @Micselli and other sensitive souls here, I trust that you are consistant and you approve of the message sent by the oil. Be good hosts, play fair, within the rules, never take liberties, lose with a smile and congratulate the victors(hip hip hooray!) and never do anything to intimidate the opposition as that would send the message that bullying is ok. I am sure that none of you are clamoring for an oiler defender like Pronger or Muni or Marchment. I know that you all vehemently disapprove of the actions of players like Messier or Howe. I know that if someday the oil have a successful ‘Punch Imlach’ type of squad(can’t beat them on the ice if you can’t beat them in the alley) you will all join voices together crying for a return to the fair play days of Gags and Schultz jr. Bullying at all ages is unacceptable, right? It has no place in schools, the workplace, the ice rink, on your daily commute. You would never flash the finger and yell at another driver, that’s an attempt at intimidation. You would never engage in cyber bullying, I just know you are above using hurtful words here on ON. I am so proud to be here to learn from such altruists.

    So when those St. Louis bullies pecker slap us tonight we can take comfort in the knowledge that, while losing every game, we are sending the good message to the world.

  • Slapshot

    How would this team look if we had Seguin, RNH and Galchenyuk as our 1st,2nd and 3rd line centers?
    Then the Oilers could have traded Gagner away for a top pick 4 years ago when he still had some value and a decent contract,instead we had Tambellini as our GM and he was afraid of his own shadow and never made any decent trades or signed any decent free agents,and who hired Tambellini? Kevin Lowe who is president of hockey operations and the Oilers still find themselves at the bottom of the league,how he still has a job is beyond me,If missing the playoffs 8 years in a row does not get him fired, I don’t know what will.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    For the last seven years oilers have had three #1 picks which maggie the monkey could have made. 50 more picks in those seven years have given them no current roster players (except Petry, who is Tom Gilbert 2.0) and no player currently pushing an existing oiler for playing time. In any large hockey market the media and fans would call for a complete overhaul of the scouting staff. Seven years with the current scouting department is enough.

  • paul wodehouse