Sam Gagner has had a miserable six months. In late September, the young Oilers center suffered a significant injury and it has taken him forever to come back to something resembling normal. In fact, I’d wager most fans would agree with me in saying last night was the first time we got to see Gagner in his typical role: creative, offensive center with an ability to make plays and contribute to offense. It’s been a long road.


During the summer, new GM Craig MacTavish identified Gagner as a well-respected man about the Oiler room. This was an issue because there were some bad vibes in the locker room:

  • MacTavish: “It’s incumbent on everybody in that locker-room to really work to provide the type of working environment we want. The type of productive, hard-working, non-complaining culture we want. And I’m going to be diligent in my decision-making in terms of weeding out the complainers.”

The problem with Gagner has never been attitude or offense, but rather defense. After returning too early from the injury, Gagner was the culprit on a legion of goals-against and seemed to be ignoring responsibility and turning away from the slot while allowing free looks for opposition snipers. Galling for fans, and this had to be a major problem for the organization.

I mean, riddle me this: what action DO you take with a player known for intelligent play who is making simple, basic errors? The Oilers were extremely patient—too patient—before relegating him to limited duty on the fourth line. The play didn’t improve, but the negative impact was reduced because he was now far from the important part of the game. 

Gagner’s Corsi For % this season (5×5) is 47%, a smart improvement over last season’s 42.9% (source: Extra Skater) which means he’s heading in a better direction when on the ice, but these damn massive breakdowns are causing a frigging in the riggin’.


Sam Gagner has never been known as a strong defensive center, and the problems he is encountering this season are his natural weakness. Last night, for the first time this season, Gagner wasn’t wearing anything that might reduce his comfort and visibility.

It looked better. In my opinion. And I’m not alone.

  • Bruce McCurdy, Cult of Hockey: #89 Sam Gagner, 7. Strong 200-foot game that included some effective & committed own-zone play. Scored a beauty on a tic-tac-toe play. 11/18=61% on faceoffs.

That’s a wonderful bit of prose, well-earned and a long time coming.


I’ve always believed the worst time to give up on a player is when he’s underperforming because of injury or another identifiable reason (I had to throw that in there because once upon a time Ron Low/Miro Satan). Gagner’s performance last night suggests the new free range Gagner is back to last season’s levels.

I remain convinced the Oilers should keep Gagner, although perhaps a move to wing is a better option than keeping him at center. Agree?

  • D

    I could possibly see hanging on to Gagner if he is moved to wing. But we need a better option at 2C if we hope to start winning games against top 15 teams. In all likelihood he was brought up too early but the years that have now passed are enough for one to conclude Gagner is NEVER going to be defensively effective enough to play in the 2C spot. This team has a huge problem with hanging on to players waaaaaaay past the moment when they should be dealing them(Hemsky for e.g.). So I fully expect Gagner to stay. And we wonder why nothing changes?!

  • D

    Respectfully disagree as well LT.

    It seems that Gagner has maxed out his potential, and it would be surprising if he had a major breakout that propelled him to 80-100 points. Move him as part payment for another piece of the puzzle.

    Also, if he gets shifted to the wing, what is the risk with Yakupov and his ice time. Between Gagner and Yakupov, isn’t it preferable to invest time and money into Yak?

      • D

        Your rejoinder is an amateur mistake in logic David (specifically denying the antecedent and post hoc ergo propter hoc).

        (Denying the antecedent) – If Sam Gagner has an 80-100 point season, then the statement “he maxed out his potential” would be incorrect. If as you say Sam Gagner was never going to be an 80-100 point player, then the statement that he maxed out his potential is entirely correct, hence no fallacy of the inverse.

        (Post hoc ergo propter hoc) – Because Sam Gagner has maxed out his potential “B”, move him as part payment for another piece of the puzzle “C”. Nowhere was it stated that because Sam Gagner did not score 80-100 points “A”, therefore move him for a piece of the puzzle “C”. But since your response relies on “if A then C”, you have relied on a post hoc fallacy in criticizing my comment.

  • S cottV

    Gagner is capable of playing some good games, mostly against lesser light teams, but is not the guy to help lead the charge in 2C, toward a future playoff position.

    Explore trade possibilities involving Gagner in exchange for the key holes to fill.

    In the meantime, sure – give him a good look on the wing – but I have my doubts…

  • S cottV

    Gagner is capable of playing some good games, mostly against lesser light teams, but is not the guy to help lead the charge in 2C, toward a future playoff position.

    Explore trade possibilities involving Gagner in exchange for the key holes to fill.

    In the meantime, sure – give him a good look on the wing – but I have my doubts…

  • S cottV

    Citing plus-minus cheapens an argument?
    With a fanbase that thinks Peter Gabriel’s Volhammer, Closed Fenwicks, and the Queen’s Relative’s Corgis are real stats?
    That’s funny.

  • S cottV

    This team has been abysmal for four going on five years now and you’re still serving the KoolAid LoweTide. If we keep small one-dimensional players and pay them $4.8M while the first overall picks keep getting $6M handed to them, how do you expect this team to ever climb out of the toilet?

    47% Corsi for any second line player on a big contract is not an improvement, it is grounds for a buyout. Hold this team to a higher standard for at least one article.

    Center or winger, Gagner simply isn’t good enough to play for a contending team in the NHL. Trade him for whatever you can get and make room for someone else. Upgrading from this crap wouldn’t be that hard.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      Agreed! LT. You say “a player known for intelligent play” this might be one of the most ridiculous comments ever! Gagner? the man is lost In his own zone and often makes plays in the offensive zone that lead to odd men advantages. When I think of intelligent players I think Pecca, Pronger, Gretzky, Patrice Bergeron, never, never, NEVER Gagner!!!!! Wow !

    • D

      I could not agree more with Saytalk…Gagner has for sure lost his mojo just like Ben Eager did when he got clocked…Gagner is so sh## scared to hold the puck that he just dumps it blindly..and more often than not to one of his own players who is covered and gets decked…if I was a fellow OILER I would refuse to play when Gag_me is on the ice…trade…trade…give away….fire him for being so abysmal…

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    if the Oilers can get a good 2nd line center in a trade or UFA signing and they feel he’s an upgrade on Gagner, i’m all for moving him….out!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Beware small sample sizes. A sample size of one is especially suspect. Until he puts together a run of 15 or 20 games of solid defence, and he does it against real competition and not the weak sisters of the league, I am not sure why we would assume anything has changed.

    Slow news day I guess.

  • papler

    Gagner’s offensive skills are and have been apparent for some time. What I would like to see is a consistent dedication to his two-way responsibilities. In recent seasons his dedication to defence ressembles defecation more than dedication To have a leadership role on the Oil or any other NHL roster he needs to lead by example in the defensive aspects of the game which by now as a 7 yr vereran he needs to be doing. Standing there doing nothing as opposing forwards charge to the net just doesn’t cut it any longer.

    Time for the Oil to fish or cut bait on this player.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      that’s the thing though…there are many who think we can win a cup with this guy on our top 2 lines. same with Dubnyk, some think we can actually win a cup with this guy as the #1 goalie, and their fanboys will debate on their behalf until you give in. I have wanted these 2 gone for some time, and I think whenever this team hoists a cup, these 2 won’t be part of this team.

  • D

    Gagner needs to make defense his primary focus for the rest of the year. If he can’t be the well rounded defensively responsible center we need, then he is expendable.

    We have an abundance of wingers who don’t play a consistent 200 ft game. The top 4 wing positions are full. Gagner at almost 5 million is far to expensive as a 3rd line option. If he can’t be the second line center we need, he has to be traded as part of a package to get us one, or dealt for additional forward depth.

    Depth that belongs in the NHL. Not the type we received for SMID.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Gagner is not a 2C capable of helping the Oilers win the Stanley Cup. Many of us know he can’t win face offs, can’t play defensive hockey, can’t play in the corners, the paint or along the boards. He is, however capable of some offense and is a good guy in the room.

    Having said this, the Oilers are at a point where they should be trading him for any asset they can get in return. They should also be aware of the top C prospects in the 2014 draft.
    The way the team is playing we may just get another lottery pick.

  • "Frank the dog"

    Can anyone on this board define at what point of height challenged does a player become a Smurf?

    The Oilers have 1 D under 6′, and that D won a Stanley Cup and got to a Stanley Cup Final series playing as a #1D pairing with Zdeno Chara.

    At forward the Oil has 1 Player at 5’8″, 3 at 5’11”, and all of the rest are 6″ or over. Are these 3 Smurfs? That would be Eberle, Yakupov and Gagner.

    Does weight come into the equation of not being pushed around? When does heavy start equalling fat or slow?

    Does a person need to be over 200 lbs not to be pushed around? If that is the case, then are Eberle, Nuge, Hemsky, Lander, Yakupov, Smyth and Perron all pushed around as a result of being too light?

    If we’re going to set a standard, then let’s see some point south of the median height of all NHL Forwards or Defensemen as being “too light” and validate that standard by taking a look at the relevant stats of those players.

    It seems to me that while the Oilers are not a heavy team, It seems ridiculous to me to call this team a bunch of Smurfs. We only have one player who is less than 5’11”, and I would have that player on my team all day long.

  • Rdubb

    I couldn’t agree more!!!
    I’ve been saying that as often as possible on your radio show (& other’s on the same station) and as often as I could on this website too, but, too often, too many fans (& often, @ least until recently, you too) would disagree with me. But something has changed in the past 3 weeks, more and more fans have become angered @ Gagner’s D-zone play and day by day more and more fans have come over “to the dark side” of thinking and some have been screaming for the move to the wing and bring Arco up the 2nd line C…
    But I don’t think Eakins will do that, why? I think he is too hard headed and too stubborn to do that. Hell, it took him an extra 15-20 games to demote Sam after all that poor play.
    Every single Oiler fan KNOWS who is the laziest player on the roster, the last on the ice, first off, same with showing up to the arena. So why has this player continued to get grade A PP time along with 2nd line play?
    Not to mention that I still haven’t seen Eakins go to last yrs PP and Pk, both of which were in the top 10 (for the past 2 or 3 seasons by the way too), instead he meddled somewhere that didn’t need it and that has killed us, we are the worst PP unit in the NHL giving up 8 shorties, not to mention being ranked near the bottom and our PK has been awful @ best (stretches not with standing)…
    Just my thoughts

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Gagner is rarely creative. he is a vulture offensive player that depends on chaos already generated by others to operate in broken defensive situations. show me every single play he has had where he was the one generating the chaos and i’ll be that dudes #1 fan if you can find 10 plays this year where he was the one “carrying the water” in goal scoring situations.

    that dudes game is bulls**t and always has been