The strangest goal in a bad game

Edmonton lost to Chicago on Sunday night by a 5-3 score. It was entirely deserved; after a strong opening period by the Oilers the Blackhawks took over the second period and the game. Ales Hemsky wasted a good night where he did the heavy lifting on both of the Oilers’ two goals.

But the interesting thing is the other goal, the one Chicago gifted Edmonton with during a delayed penalty.

The “Boyd Gordon” Goal

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We’ll get to scoring chances in a little bit; first I want to go over the goal. The rule for awarding an own-goal is described here (page 111):

Now, the rule says the player who “last touched the puck.” Here’s Boyd Gordon, at 9:19, clearing the puck out of Edmonton’s zone:

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This is Devan Dubnyk, at 8:50, making a save on a Blackhawks’ shot:

This is Mark Arcobello, at 8:49, clearing the puck away from the front of the net:

And this is Martin Marincin at 8:41 batting the puck away from the net:

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So there are three “possessions” between the Gordon clear and the goal. The penalty was called between Mark Arcobello clearing the net at 8:49 and Marincin batting the puck at 8:41, so there’s an argument to be made that one can’t credit the goal to Marincin – and as it would be Marincin’s first career NHL goal, I can’t say I especially mind if the scorer said ‘let’s not stick him with that one.’

However, Arcobello touched the puck before the delayed penalty. The only possible argument is that the scorer couldn’t conclusively decide that it was Arcobello’s stick that batted the puck away; the video seems pretty definite but with only one angle this is maybe arguable.

But, in that case, the goal should go to Devan Dubnyk, who made the save before Arcobello touched the puck. Dubnyk is credited with a save in the NHL play-by-play data, and there is precedent for a goalie being awarded the goal off a save (via Tyler Dellow):

Personally, I think it’s Arcobello’s goal – not only did he touch the puck last before the whistle, but in terms of virtue (ignoring the rules) he was the guy who followed the puck to the net and moved to get himself into a lane to prevent Chicago from preventing the goal. Regardless, it should not have gone to Gordon.

Scoring Chances and the Game Itself

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In brief:

  • The second line got stomped by the ‘Hawks. By eye, Chicago matched Patrick Kane up against that line and that line couldn’t handle it; the only reason Mark Arcobello’s numbers are good is because when Dallas Eakins shuffled the lines the trio of Arcobello, Smyth and Perron had some excellent shifts.
  • The second pairing stands out here; Jeff Petry had some highly noticeable gaffes but in terms of chances for and against this was the duo that got the job done.
  • Nick Schultz should be sat after that game. Anton Belov probably should be too but there’s only room for one scratch and Schultz was worse tonight, has been worse lately, has worse numbers on the year, and wasn’t playing his off-side.

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  • outdoorzguy

    When Dudnyk makes a save, he always seems to react like he didn’t know he made the save..pure luck!! Let’s get an NHL calibre goalie, an NHL experienced coaching staff, and something beyond a bantam level management team.

    • outdoorzguy

      Facebook?? Call the Oiler office. Stop buying Oiler merchandise. Stop going to the games. Stop buying tickets. Facebook?? Encourage media to ask the hard questions. The only way this organization will react is if they are hit financially. Nothing more, nothing less. No $$$$ for Katz = change.

  • outdoorzguy

    When does the revolt start? How long are we going to put up with this crap? The media won’t raise the point. The fans won’t speak out at games where it counts. My screensaver is an Oiler jersey laying on the ice. This guy had balls and didn’t realize it. This was the rallying point. Our Tianamen Square moment. But no. After a couple days the cry for help died and we all once again accepted mediocrity. Oiler fans…we reap what we sow!! We’ve earned this POS minor league team.

    No…we deserve it!

    • Jtfan

      Don’t worry….the revolt is starting. As fans we have the greatest devotion…..but everyone starting to realize that over a decade of the poorest winning % is catching up with Lowe. The stats show it is time for a change and the momentum is growing more each day to deal with this……maybe he will end up as some type of advisor then we can begin to clean up this organization.

  • **

    For anyone still saying Dubnyk is a starter but the team in front of him is pulling him down, Ryan Miller has a .928 sv% and a 2.58 GAA on a team worse than the Oilers.

    Dubnyk is .895 sv% and 3.30 GAA.

    Even Berra and Ramo are doing better for Calgary at .899 and .900, 3.03, 2.88

  • Retsinnab5

    Nice to see Eberle hustle on his backcheck on Hawks second goal…. the lazy ass glided all the way back.
    Seems to me to this guy has no interest in playing unless he is on a line with # 4 and #93 .

    Chicago’s 3 rd, and 4 th liners were playing better hockey than Oilers top 6. This team cannot make basic NHL passes tape to tape . UGLY.

    Eberle, Perron totally disappeared. Gagner didnt even show up.. what a tool

    There is no team play at all with these guys.
    Dont even belong on an NHL rink.. Honest.

  • Rob...

    A few things.

    Dubnyk sucks & Bryz isn’t much better. But at least Bryz tries to look like an NHL goalie when he’s not busy throwing his teammates under the bus.

    One game ago Yak skated in circles looking for either a scoring lane or someone in a good spot to pass to and lost the puck before finding either. He got slammed by the commentators. Tonight a Blackhawk did the same thing, though ended up getting a weak shot off on goal, and got starry eyed comments from the game callers. For shame.

    We were beat by the Stanley Cup Champions, who are a contender again. I hate losing, but I’m not going to throw a hissy fit over this loss. If the Oilers have a similar outcome against Dallas, I’ll be spitting mad.

    • outdoorzguy

      “I”m not going to throw a hissy fit”. So you’re satisfied with this team? That’s it, wait for the next game. Maybe it will be the start of a winning streak. We’re on a 12,year losing streak. You’re happy with that? Maybe the next game will change everything. Keep holding on to your dream. With this organization, any hope of success is just that…a dream. Don’t get your hopes up.

      • Rob...

        I never said I’m satisfied with this team. I suggested that I’m smart enough to know which losses “I” should get ticked off about. If it satisfies you to throw a hissy fit at losses we’d likely be handed even when we somehow manage to build a good deep team with an average NHL goaltender, or better, in net then all the power to you.

        Last nights game was like being forced to watch a Twilight movie. If I know it’s going to suck then being angry about the quality of the movie, after the credits roll, just seems foolish.

    • outdoorzguy

      Let him move the team. I don’t care. I can’t afford to go to a game. I usually have something better to do than watch them on tv. So I don’t care. Send them to Kansas City. Or anywhere else. They are a blight on the image of Edmonton we can do without.

    • 2004Z06

      I believe he signed a 35 year commitment to the city when the new arena was awarded. The team is the 6th highest generating gate in the NHL.

      Why everyone is so afraid of the Oilers moving is beyond me.

      He can’t move the team even if he wanted to.

  • outdoorzguy

    As much as I despise Kevin Lowe and what he has done to this once proud organization, the priority is to fire the coaching staff. Look at all the teams that have made changes this year. None with our crappy history. Cut our losses. Someone has to be brought in who has experience at this level of hockey and can relate to the players. Lowe is just a pimple on everyone’s ass. He really serves no purpose, his job is redundant and yes he will eventually be gone. I just hope hope he isn’t around if the Oilers win another Stanley Cup because I’m sure all we hear from is I told you so. I hope he never sees a seventh ring.

    • oilabroad

      Agreed 100%… on paper this is a much better team than last year, but the results are significantly worse. That is not on KLowe, that is Eakins and the coaching staff. MacT can spin it all he wants, Eakins was not ready to be an NHL coach

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Heard this morning that Mark Messier has been hired by the Oilers. Perhaps this is old news but I have not heard this before and I am not certain what role he has been hired for?

  • reaperfunkss

    Ugh… another loss. Another tweet from Stauffer soon to tell us that the Oilers will turn things around. Bla bla boa

    this sucks… I preyed to make it through cancer so I could see another playoff game and I get treated to this? yikes

  • reaperfunkss

    Tier one fans, you are in the best position to start the chant, “FIRE LOWE, IT’S TIME TO GO”. Regardless of whether the Oilers are playing lights out, or stinking the place up, you have the voice that will be heard and talked about on TSN, Sportsnet…..The chant must carry on at all of the remaining home games. The tier 2 fans will be sitting at home being your biggest cheerleaders. The organization will flex their muscle trying to stop bumper stickers from being handed out, and they won’t allow any posters in the Arena that may bring attention to the fans displeasure of Lowe, Eakins or the overall gong show we see so often—-but the organization can not stop the chant or ban the fans. We are allowed to cheer and we are allowed to chant. Being a tier 2 fan myself, I will sit with pride at home listening to all the tier one fans making us proud.

  • paul wodehouse

    People will never stop going to the games in this community.. Just head onto the Oilers twitter page, they constantly tweet the happy fan photos and you’ll get the sense that these people, with money to burn mind you, simply view this thing as a “social event” who want their team to win, but don’t demand any accountability. Oilers management knows that.

    Just look at these family of tools:

    Walking dollar signs. “Oilers fans” have their offspring in Oiler silks before they’re old enough to understand the life-long disappointment they’re getting themselves into.

    Anyway my point with all of this is Katz and co sees success by revenue, not on-ice performance. Are the fans happy? Are the seats filled with paying customers? Good. Then why should we change anything, we’re getting what we want. $$$$.

    The team could go 0-82 for an entire season, they’ll still have “fans” going for the socializing and “something to do”.

  • reaperfunkss

    After reading your article in the journal, I’ve come to the conclusion I would want
    Jonathan Willis to be my boss. If you think the Oilers should keep Kevin Lowe after this team has finished 30th, 30th, 29th, 24th and probably 29th again then there is no doing anything wrong in your mind. I guess all you have to be is the president of operations and your safe from whatever your employees do.

    Even if Kevin claims that he has no involvement in the day to day operations or at least isn’t the final say, he is still the guy who hired the people that does make the decisions and they are doing nothing to make the situation better. The guy did zero interviews for the gm position and ended up hiring a rookie gm who was part of the problem when this ship started to sink. He keeps around
    the two assitants who have know business coaching in the NHL. To add salt to the injury he hires Messier to an adivisory role after failing to convince him to be the coach.

    Kevin Lowe needs to go and the replacement needs to be allowed to bring in his own people and not be pressured to keep people like Dallas has to.

  • oilabroad

    What Eakin is trying to do with Yakupov? He was scoring goals before, put him on wrong situation tonite he got another -3. Are they trying to make him playing poorly so he will not get $6 millions next year like other young guns? Every game you see other team scored a bad goals on them, it’s simple, just throw the puck toward the net. Why can’t Oilers shoot more? Other teams scored weak goals because they throw puck at the net, if you don’t shoot you don’t score. Why don’t they do this each game, throw the puck at the net then 3 guys go for the rebounds? It’s so simple, they kept passing the puck around and turn over. Oilers had Chicago numbers last few years until Eakin coach this team, now they are spanking us.

    • reaperfunkss

      We can spank Hawks back in the time because that Hawks never really have strong goalies. Crawford may as well be the clone of Fleury since they both are the same type of goalie that winning games by behind a strong team.

  • reaperfunkss

    Folks, that 2 goal loss was a moral victory. That Montreal can contain and beat Chicago Saturday like they did while we can take on a huge team on their 2nd game in a row is very Oilers of us.
    Keep purchasing tickets!!!

  • Sammy D

    Hey Jonathan,

    How about an article where you use stats to see which team is the worst team in NHL history? We are already almost there at 8 seasons without playoffs and rapidly moving towards the record of 10. But how do you define the worst team of all time? We know that Washington has the single season record, and there are people out there who have done winning % over the past post-lockout years, but there is no all time study on futility.

    Now I have no idea how to statistically show that the (Oilers, Islanders, Panthers, etc) are the worst team ever – straight up winning/losing percentage is my best guess, but it would be (to me, anyway) an interesting exercise. Definitely be the starting point of some good conversations/flame wars.

    • paul wodehouse

      DO not think a historical comparision will yield the results you are looking for. A snap shot from 1991 to present may be the best, as any other historical comparison would have to take our 5 cups into consideration (which would make us one of the 7 or so best run franchises in NHL history)

      • paul wodehouse

        I’m not looking for these results – a lunchtime conversation between hockey fans and non-hockey fans turned towards the current Oilers woes and how they stack up against other poor teams. Someone said what you are saying – that the Oilers couldn’t be the all-time worst team because of all of their successes in the 80’s.

        Hence the question. How do you determine the all-time worst team? Can it even be defined?

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I was born in ’91, so I missed the dynasty years. And I’ve been an Oil fan my whole life, so the ’90s lunch pail teams were all I knew.

    It just struck me that I literally have no idea what it feels like to cheer for a hockey team that is expected to win more than they lose.

  • Spydyr

    I have an idea for a silent, non violent protest against this Oiler management group. Wear all your Oiler Jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies with pride. Just wear them backwards. Like the way the rebuild has gone.

    Imagine Rexall filled with fans wearing their Oiler merchandise backwards. That would send a message.

    Out in public other Oiler fans would know who else is not happy with this regime.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Yeah, he was doing it for the Lowe Must Go Facebook group, which everyone should probably join. Before the guy got banned for handing them out in front of Rexall, another guy got kicked out of Caffrey’s for handing them out there. Apparently the organization called the bar and requested they stop it. Caffrey’s is affiliated with Molson, who are affiliated with the Oilers, so I guess it’s within their right, but they’ve gotta be at least a little scared if they’re banning and booting people for handing out stickers.

      • Lowe But Now High Expectations

        This is the kind of stuff that really irritates me. If the Oilers put as much effort into the on ice product as they do in worrying about a couple of guys handing out bumper stickers the fans would be happy. Personally I’ve stopped buying from any Katz company and no more merchandise purchases.

      • 15w40

        This is a very slippery slope they are on, trying to control the message and what the fans are allowed to do off of Oilers property.

        The first step galvanizing and furthering a movement is to try and control or stop it. The discontent is palatable on the radio stations and it is only worsening with each action the hockey club takes to muzzle the fans frustration.

        The more they push back the more it becomes news and the more they look like control freaks and a corporation that is having difficulty handling the situation that there are in with their fan base.

        I think there is a enough good will and patience left to get them through this year into next November or so. But, if this doesn’t show some signs of a recovery in terms of team success, the Oilers may be longing for the days when their were enough fans to be able to ban them from games and that they actually cared enough to start a movement to improve the hockey team.

        I really think apathy is beginning to take root. Once the warmer days of March hit, there will be more empty seats with nothing to play for and people will begin to turn their attention to anything else.

        I haven’t watched a game in it’s entirety for probably 2 months – mostly I catch the highlights. But then again I am only a 2nd tier fan so what I say doesn’t really matter.

        Katz did not get to where he is by being a bad business man. The big difference here is that he is not treating the Oilers as a business but rather a possession to fulfill a dream of being involved with the Oilers. He doesn’t appear to be looking at the team with the same objectivity and acumen that he used in building the rexall empire.

        Until decisions are based on results rather than who he likes to hang out with it will be more of the same. This group may get it right at some point but there is no other organization that would have let it go this far.

        So in short – its his team, he pays for it, he can do what he wants. All the fans can do is go or don’t go, buy or don’t buy.


  • paul wodehouse

    Haha they banned the person from Rexall? I guess I can’t really say I’m that surprised. I’d probably do the same thing in his position.

    I love this whole revolt against Kevin Lowe… it kind of makes me laugh. In all seriousness though… 8 years?!? 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I speak for myself when I say this… but I kind of think Edmontonians deserve a little bit better than this.

    The Oilers are the thing that unites us all into making really bad decisions after a playoff win, and it’s been far too long since I’ve had a fire hose shoot me with water at 2 in the morning on Whyte Ave after a hockey game victory while 50 thousand of us chant “we want the cup”.

  • paul wodehouse

    Impressed with Arco’s hockey I.Q… maybe everyone on the ice knew it, but if it was me chasing the puck down the ice, I would have helped in along before it hit the goal.. would have been whistled down as the Oilers were on a delay penalty call.. Arco knew it and ditn touch the puck. Impressed.