In their search for legit help on the blueline, Edmonton must look everywhere and that includes the team down the QE2. The Calgary Flames are in a different part of their rebuild, and although the price would be high, Mark Giordano could be a perfect fit for the Oil.   

Giordano is in a really productive part of his career. At 30, he’s played over 300 games and displays a wide range of skills and a great deal of leadership. He should be able to play deep into his 30’s and can supply any NHL team with a steady reliable player in all situations.

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Here’s this year’s sledgehammer, Giordano is such a nice player. Toughest opposition and some unattractive zone starts (Brodie too) and even with that he’s pretty close to even at Corsi. There’s all kinds of positives—25 minutes a night, six goals on the power play—and he’s a solid defender. The only negative you can find is his size (6.0, 200), but he’s strong enough to win battles.

This is an unusual graph, there’s no one in the "two-way" upper right quadrant and just two in the "shutdown" group. Only Giordano is playing the toughs, which suggests to me the Flames tried a few partners and then moved on. Calgary’s defense isn’t very good here, basically Giordano, Wideman and Brodie, little wonder they’ve added pieces.

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Bouwmeester and Butler were the shutdown defenders in 11-12, neither doing a terribly good job. Giordano got the zone start push but still played the toughs—this season really differs only in zone starts—and when they dealt Bouwmeester they moved Giordano into the more difficult role. Considering the quality of the team, and the quality of competition he’s facing, Giordano looks like a pretty solid option. Consistent, with some offensive ability, and he’s a lefthander who could probably work with both Petry and Justin Schultz. He did miss 18 games earlier this season due to injury, but that’s an occupational hazard. 

Note: The Sledgehammer graphs above are here, and thanks to Extra Skater for the playing card.





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The Oilers have a high draft pick, and the Flames are rebuilding. I’m not going to get into the value of a top 5 pick and Giordano’s worth compared to Michael Dal Colle or Leon Draisaitl, but there should be a deal in there somewhere with additional talent involved to make things equal. 

Mark Giordano closely resembles exactly what the Oilers are looking for this offseason.

  • brackenbury

    Low tide suggesting making trades with the team down south is not a good ideal. First of we should never metion the flames with out being passed off secondly I do not want anything that has worn the burning C. To be waring our oilers logo.

    We don’t need mad flame disease in oil country

    • #ThereGoesTheOilers

      Haha… I’m not sure if you remember but your captain Andrew Ferrence use to ply his trade for the flames… I’m pretty sure he’s helping the Oilers a lot more than the vets you had before.

      But as for Gio going to the Oilers, never going to happen.

      • #ThereGoesTheOilers

        I have no issues with ex flames dawning our oilers creast as long as they come from other organizations other than our rival down south, I prefer to have flames and oilers battle it out on the ice and grab a beer after the oilers win.what I don’t want to see is two organizations holding hands on and off the ice and play patty cake with each other.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    As a Flames fan I think we can accommodate! Eberle plus 2014 1st.

    Before the tarsiers get on board don’t worry. Your leadership has proven they are not capable of pulling the trigger on a major trade. Read my lips…we do not want your garbage in return for a captain and top defenseman! Open your eyes McT….you will always be a sewer team unless you have the guts to give up some core assets!

  • Bob Cobb

    As an Oiler fan, I can’t believe I am agreeing with a Flames fan, the Flames aren’t trading Giordano. The guy is overrated anyway, Calgary does that to all their players, I can’t believe some people actually thought he should be on Team Canada. You need help Lowetide, I think 7 am is a bit early to be hitting the sauce.

    • brackenbury

      Dave BB would b foolish for not considering a deal for the pick and perhaps some other assets. At this stage of calgary’s
      Rebuild it makes some sense to consider such an offer. Are
      You just sour because the oilers dumped smid on u? Or is it
      That the oil dumped S.Staios on the pumpkin head gm?
      Maybe third time is the charm?

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Another Flames fan here. I second this… BIG TIME. Gio is the heart and soul of the whole team and is a tremendous leader for the young players that will be coming the next few years.

      If Gio were traded the Flames would suck hard and for sure sink to the bottom of the league. I don’t think that would promote the proper team mentality.

      • Burnward

        Hate to break it to you skippy but the Flamers are at the bottom of the league as I write this. All biased aside trading a 30 yr old dman for a top 5 pick doesnt sound to horrible for a rebuilding team

        • T&A4Flames

          Do you even pay attention to hockey? Your crap team is well below us and we have games in hand. You occupy the WC basement and only the sad sack Sabres are below in the league.

      • Burnward

        If your going to suck you may as well be the best at it,get some high picks this year and next year.I hope you get to pick 1st in 2015,and we get to watch a real battle of Alberta again.

        • TDM

          No offence, and I appreciate you wanting us to get mcdavid in 2015, but how’s that strategy of sucking hard to accumulate picks working out for you guys? I know I’ll get thumped on the trashes for this, given that it’s ON, but I think you guys have been conditioned to overvalue the influx of top flight picks over how you develop them. I’m not opposed to getting high picks, but trading a guy like Gio who is going to be a significant developmental role model in our transitional period doesn’t interest me. I think, perhaps incorrectly, that you guys have had to resort to prospect porn because things are so bleak up there. I just don’t want to overvalue picks that are unproven at best as part of our rebuild model in calgary.

          • Edsez

            You are right,our young guys were thrown to the dogs,I wouldn’t trade Gio either.But you need to get some top picks.With all the losing in Edmonton,it is still fun to watch players like Hall,and Nug develop.I too remember when Alberta was called death valley.

          • Zarny

            @ Albertabeef…do thee numbers look familiar to you….30, 30, 29, …those are the Oiler recent finishes in the standings or draft positioning..whatever makes you feel better. Oh by the way there is another 29 in your near future.

          • Tikkanese

            Ok – I’ll try this a little slower for you. Edmonton is BELOW Calgary – that’s why they are looking UP to them. I was saying something NICE about your team. I’m an Oiler fan, but I can see simple comments are still beyond you Flames fools.

      • brackenbury

        No doubt about it. U need a couple solid veteran guys around
        For mentoring the kids that r going to come up through
        The system. Flames have a terrific player in MG.

      • T&A4Flames

        i dunno, man. the 2nd ad 3rd picks (Reinhart and Dreisatl), along with Monahan, Bertschi, Backlund? that’s a pretty attractive core. You’d be a fool to not at least consider it.

  • two smokes

    Wow I never would of thought oilers fans would be
    Be so in favor of making trades with the flames, my references to not making trades with the flames is very simple why would you have a enemy play for you and expect them to give you full commitment.
    Am I the only one who is oppose to this? Wow

    • J.R.

      My man….

      Put down the PS3 controller, case up the Call of Duty, put away the espionage novels and chill out…

      This is hockey not the cold war!

      Players are not spies, double agents, or enemy combatants!!

      Give your head a shake!

      The NATION is trashing your post cause its SH3!T and lacks logic…not because we are in favour of “the enemy” playing for us…whatever that means….


  • bwar

    Giordano will never report. Same can be said for numerous other top end veterans in the NHL!

    The Oilers are a loser franchise that after 7.5 years is in need of a major overhaul. They live for draft day and the rest of the league is aware of this. Being traded to the Oilers also means existing player value will severely diminish due to week franchise, inability to attract top talent and win games as well as incompetence in team operations and player development!