In the last three seasons, the Edmonton Oil Kings have 50 wins each year. Incredible. That kind of domination—in any league—is outstanding. In a junior league, when turnover year over year is massive—it is worthy of special attention. The Edmonton Oil Kings are a quality junior organization, and a major producer of pro talent.

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The Edmonton Oil Kings didn’t take long to establish themselves as one of the class organizations in Canadian junior hockey.

The three 50-win seasons in a row is a rarity, we’re talking so uncommon not even the current Portland Winterhawks have managed the feat. The Kamloops Blazers of the late 1980’s (Hitchcock/Renney) are the only current franchise to manage the feat.

Even more than the wins (and the WHL championship so early in franchise history) are the top quality prospects being produced by the organization.

High draft picks like Griffin Reinhart, Curtis Lazar, Henrik Samuelsson and Mark Pysyk; overachievers like Tomas Vincour, the Oil Kings have been an absolute pleasure to watch. The club has produced:

  • two NHL players (Vincouer and Pysyk)
  • 25 players who made it to minor pro
  • many top-flight prospects (Reinhart, Lazar, Samuelsson, Pysyk, Moroz, Laurent Brossoit,Tristan Jarry, Keegan Lowe, Martin Gernat, David Musil, Dyson Mayo and Aaron Irving).

I grew up in a part of the country that counted junior hockey as the best available. Edmonton is fortunate to enjoy junior and NHL hockey. I’m thrilled for the Oil Kings, and am absolutely impressed by their exceptional three year run. 

No matter what happens in the postseason, this version of the Oil Kings has delivered beyond anyone’s expectations.

A rare item. Well done. 

The Oil Kings wrap up their schedule today at Rexall, if you want to see them in their final regular season game this season. The club will look much different next year, it’s a chance to view this group for the final time. Playoffs coming up!

  • It is hard to believe this team is owned by the Oilers, it is a polar opposite as an organization.
    I have never been to a game but will this play-off, not sure my reason but I think it is psychological, too many 2 hour drives home feeling I’ve been kicked in the nuts and then robbed as a 20 year season ticket holder of the team they share the building with.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Thank God for the Oil Kings. It is good to watch some great hockey, played by PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY CARE at Rexall Place.

    God knows the pros who play there seem to be lacking in that quality.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I hope the Oilers can scoop up the likes of Laxdal from the Oil Kings, and Nelson from OKC to be assistant coaches next season. Those 2 coaches IMO know how to coach young hockey players. Plus if Eakins still cant get the Oilers to start winning, Nelson would be a great replacement.

    Make it happen MacT, let Smith and Bucky be scouts or something.

    GO OILKINGS bring the mem cup here, show the big club what it takes to WIN!

    • Citizen David

      I’m interested to see if Laxdal moves on after this year because the next couple of years will be recession. I would love for the Oilers to get him.

      The Oil Kings have been a pleasure to watch these past few years. It still hurts me that Lazar is not an Oiler.

  • Its an amazing product that doesn’t get nearly enough fan support in this Oiler sick town.
    I enjoy how Dlax coaches and how adaptable he is to players strengths…. tremendous coach.

    I also enjoy the opportunity to assess the talent and potential pros (oilers) on other teams who get no recognition in the various draft publications.

    From this last month I have been given pause by the following three young men.

    Wyatt Johnson (c)…. rebels
    Elliot Peterson (c)…. Hitmen
    Sawyer Lange (d)….. Raiders.

    The oil could do worse than one of these battlers with a 5th round pick.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      +1 in the great job the Oil Kings coaching staff has done with the players. Even the young guys get the systems and can play them properly.

      That being said, the Oil Kings show fans the importance of having a solid blue line. Look at the players they have had drafted over the past couple of seasons from the blue line. It is fun to watch the backend control the game and set the table for the forwards with fast and effective puck movement.

  • Very incredible feat. 50W in 72 games is phenomenal.

    Also these players are all more likely to have that “it” quality down the road in their careers. Knowing what it takes to win as well as having many more “at-bats” in tough games.

    I will be watching these players as they spread out from here.

    It was only a few years ago that the Oil Kings were at the bottom of the league.

    I have been thinking Oilers should make room for Nelson in the NHL handling the D and Laxdal either as the head man in OKC or as a assistant in Buchbergers spot.

    One of the few weaknesses Oil Kings have is their power play, despite having a few aces. Lazar, Sameulson, Moroz, Corbett and Reinhardt should not be a bottom tier PP in the WHL this year. I know they don’t all play together on PP1 but that is outstanding WHL talent this year.

    • Yeah for whatever reason people seem to miss out on how good junior hockey is.

      I think it would change if the CHL was more prominently broadcast and the NHL scheduled no Canadian games that night. Similar to the NFL and NCAA.

      Friday night hockey in Canada means no NHL home games and CHL is broadcast. Rogers is attempting but not more than a attempt.

      Also back to back games OK’s at 5 and oilers at 8 on Saturdays both at home.