Lowe, Kevin2

There’s a sizeable and growing segment of Edmonton Oiler fans who believe their team’s plummet to rock bottom these past eight seasons begins at the top. I have a difficult time disagreeing with them.

Frustrated fans most often point the finger of accusation and contempt for years of ineptitude at president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe, who was kicked upstairs into that position in 2008 by owner Daryl Katz after acting as GM for eight years, starting in 2000.

Those who believe that Lowe, at or parallel to the top of the decision-making pecking order as GM or POHO these last 14 years, should pay with his job for yet another season of dismal disappointment seem to have found a like-minded ally in National Post columnist Bruce Arthur.

When the subject of the Oilers, waxed 8-1 by the Calgary Flames at Rexall Place Saturday, came up on TSN’s The Reporters Sunday, Arthur, a regular panelist, offered comment on Edmonton’s rebuild, the exchange between Taylor Hall and coach Dallas Eakins and another sweater-tossing episode.

Arthur also made a comment that, unless I’ve got it all wrong, seemed to be directed at Lowe. It’s a comment, I suspect, that had Lowe’s critics nodding in agreement.


Lowe, Kevin

Host Dave Hodge started proceedings, then tossed it over to Arthur. Here’s a partial transcript, which also ran in editions of the Edmonton Journal today, of what they said.

Dave Hodge: “Calgary-Edmonton. I throw the names out, you can throw a jersey, you can throw a water bottle, you can tell me how it gets worse for Edmonton than losing at home 8-1 to Calgary.”

Bruce Arthur: “Eight years of rebuilding. How many times during that span have the Edmonton Oilers fan base said, ‘Is this as bad as it can get? Is this rock bottom? Is this … really, can it get any worse than this?’ Last night they’re playing a Calgary team that is not as talented as the Edmonton Oilers. And they get drilled.

“And you get the jersey thrown on the ice by another disaffected fan. By the way, if you’re an Edmonton Oiler and you’re offended by a fan throwing the jersey back, I don’t think you should be as offended as the fan who bought the jersey and paid full price for it.

“Dallas Eakins didn’t look like he lost it on the bench with Taylor Hall when the water bottle sprayed him, but that looks small. The Oilers at this point … people use them as an argument against tanking. What they should be is an argument against relentless ineptitude from management, and at what point do people above the general manager’s level begin to pay for it?”

“Relentless ineptitude from management.” “People above the general manager’s level” – that would be Lowe and only Lowe, at least in terms of hockey-ops. Biting stuff from Arthur, to be sure. Did you read or hear the comments? Did you nod in agreement? Have you asked the same question?


Daryl Katz

The last time I tossed the spotlight in Lowe’s direction – a couple of times within a week, if I recall correctly – most people gave an unreserved “hell yeah,” although one person accused me of having a vendetta against Lowe (I don’t) and said I should leave him alone (I won’t).

Firing Lowe tomorrow wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference in how good the Oilers are here and now. It wouldn’t make the players play better or play harder or play smarter. It wouldn’t make the power play better. It won’t change the standings.

Firing Lowe tomorrow won’t undo the lousy signings and free agent acquisitions made by departed GM Steve Tambellini. It won’t immediately effect some of the questionable tactical decisions made by Eakins. It won’t make the defensive group in place now good enough or deep enough.

All the above said, continuing to hire and fire GMs, coaches and assistant coaches and to bring in and ship out players and turn over the entire roster, as has happened in recent seasons, without addressing the one constant since 2000 – Lowe – before firing up the hockey-ops carousel again is insanity.

How can Katz not make that change this off-season? How can he not offer the people who buy the tickets to watch his team something resembling a clean slate at the top after eight straight years out of the playoffs? Why should fans, having seen what we’ve seen, demand anything less?



. . . I tweeted last night that I didn’t mind seeing some frustration and emotion on the bench between Eakins and Hall, considering how badly the Oilers were playing. The problem is nobody wearing Edmonton silks did much to direct any of the same toward the guys in Calgary silks.

. . . Ben Scrivens hoisting the jersey back at the fan who tossed it on the ice didn’t bother me, but I thought his words after the game were over-the-top. Seemed like the time-tested us-against-the-world ploy, to me. The way the latest editions of the team have soiled the Oil Drop with hideous efforts like Saturday, Scrivens and his teammates might want to consider how much respect they’ve shown the uniform they wear.

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  • The coaching carousel goes further than most of us have discussed. How many different coaches has Sam Gagner had since stepping into the NHL? We expect these kids to learn how to play with all of this turmoil going on around them?!?!

    It’s really time to have some consistency, just for the sake of having these young guys training through the summer knowing what to expect come training camp.

  • Unfortunately Saturday will be my last game for a while. I am a Season Ticket Holder who has had enough and I gave my remaining tickets away and donated some to charity. I kept the one Saturday night game against the Flames so I could take my two kids.

    If I had any remaining tickets this is what I would do and I encourage others to do the same. Turn your kids’ jerseys inside out. Lets ramp up this chess game up another level. Its one thing for the staff at Rexall to toss a young guy out. We all know they will pull the old “He was being unruly, too many beers” BS. I’d like to see Rexall staff walk up to 8 year olds and try telling them to turn their jersey back out and then tossing them out. They can’t and they won’t.

    I would also like to see 25 people outside of the Oilers head office waving signs and reversed jerseys too. Its time to ramp this up a bit. Anybody else here tired of the way this organization treats it’s fans?

  • I’m going to stop all this fire Kevin Lowe stuff right here. Every year, somebody has taken the fall for the Oilers. Tom Renney, Steve Tambellini, Ralph Krueger…fine, it is what it is.

    This was supposed to be the year where we expected the onus to be on the kids. If that is true, then we should be saying it’s the responsibility of these kids to be better next year. No more excuses, the solution must come from Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, RNH, Nail Yakupov. I can’t think of a better way of sending that message other than to keep the management and coaching team together for a change.

    • Your arguements are exactley why I think Lowe needs to go. I too question the commitment of the kids, as well as several other players on this team. Unfourtunatley, I do not trust this group to take off the tunnel-vision blinders, and asses this group with out Bias.

      Someone new needs to be brought in at the top, and re-asses the organization down. If they feel the right people are there, then so be it. I don’t think the current group can do that.

      Secondly, Lowe is in charge of the Oilers, period. All short comings fall on him at this point.

      • You might be looking at another rebuild in that scenario. New leader, new management team, new coach, new players that fit the type of game that the leader wants to play.

        Maybe this is the wrong group of players and that’s the right play, but in my personal opinion, I think there’s a good group of players that want to win and we just need a couple more pieces to the puzzle to ice a winner.

  • Bob Nicholson to replace KLowe is the right move.

    President should set the tone and strategy
    of the franchise and have worldly connections. He should have experience
    running a business ($145M of revenue for
    the Oilers is NOT a big business, with cost
    assurance is NOT a low margin business, hockey
    in Edmonton is basically the only game in
    town) this should be a fun business to run.

    At this point you need new corporate strategies
    and a new corporate direction to attract the
    best from around the world, to come to Edmonton.

    • Rick Stroppel

      The right move would be to eliminate the position altogether. It is unnecessary and ridiculous. The GM runs the hockey ops. The president manages the overall franchise.

      “President of Hockey Operations” post was created only because Lowe had run the team into the ground as GM, and Katz didn’t want to fire him. It’s an ego title. Lowe does not run the business. All that Lowe does is basically supervise the work of MacTavish. Ridiculous to pay someone over a million bucks anually(USD)to do that job.

      I think you are confusing Lowe’s position with Laforge’s, the real president. And last I heard, Laforge actually reports to Bob Black. So in a sense, Bob Black is the real president of the Oilers.

      • TKB2677

        I like the position POHO, I fully understand there
        is the business side and the hockey side.

        I think the POHO is a very strategic position.

        GM run the near term issues with the team,
        winning this year and next.

        The POHO runs the long term, consistently
        winning for decades.

        I think hockey’s funding and solidity in the
        States have just significantly change to way
        an organization needs to operate.

        The KHL is going to change the way teams
        procure players in the next five years.

        Player development systems, AHL, ECHL
        and CHL ownership are all questions the
        POHO will need to solve CORRECTLY.

      • Serious Gord

        sort of agree. I think there is room for a POHO and GM as long as the GM is more of an assistant – a data collector / assessor / capgeek. Thus it could also be GM and Assistant to the GM.

        And your point is valid re the motivation for creating the POHO position itself to save face for LOWE.

        • I also think the idea of having both is meant to limit the scope of the GMs duties more. Let him focus on the team while the President oversees him as well those assigned other area under the hockey ops umbrella. (scouting, player development, etc.)

          • Rick Stroppel

            That is what the asst gm’s are for. But now they are called senior vp’s and GM. Ridiculous for a small business.

            There is MacTavish…
            his lieutenants are Howson and Olcyk.
            there is also another guy who helps with hockey admin who doesn’t even get an assistant gm title(can’t remember his name)

            Lowe’s position is superfluous. Get rid of it, and get rid of the ambiguity that hangs around over who really calls the shots.

            This is why I feel Burke should just be named permanent GM in Calgary. He will always be running the show anyway. Anyone else appointed GM will just be an assistant like Nonis was.

            Lowe said himself that he is basically an advisor to Katz and a mentor/sounding board for the GM. So name him Senior Adviser/Community Ambassador. Have him out in the community representing the team and helping to sell tickets and raise corporate support. Remove him entirely from the hockey decision making chain.

  • TKB2677

    I think Mac T is on the right track with what he is doing player wise. It is going to take more than the 1 off season to fix the many holes in the line up but what he has done so far is a pretty good start.

    It remains to be seen with the coaching hire. I think new assistants need to be hired. With Eakins, I think the problem is the personality. It seems to me that the players don’t “like” his personality or approach. I think some of the problems are a lot of the high end guys were coddled. As much as I liked Kruger – apparently all the players did – they seemed to be completely lost 5-5 and there was never a time when he seemed to call out the players or say they needed to be better in this area. Everything was positive no matter what. It seemed to me to be a lot of the “participation philosophy”. They’d get their ass kicked 5-5 but “at least we tried”. There didn’t seem to be a lot of accountability with Kruger. I’m sure most of the guys would easily go have a beer with Kruger and listen to him talk because Ralph was a motivational speaker and they probably all came out feeling like god every time he talked to him because all he did was tell them all the good things they did.

    With Eakins, it’s probably the opposite. He said it right off at the beginning. “We aren’t a young team anymore” so all of a sudden the built in excuse of “we are just young and learning” didn’t fly anymore. Kruger said that all the time “we are young, we are leaning the game”. No all of a sudden, Eakins is going to Hall, Eberle “you’ve been in the league for 4 yrs, you could know better”. They suddenly have expectations of just free wheeling isn’t good enough anymore. I think there 5-5 play is a lot better but I think there is a lot of push back from guys that just “don’t like Eakins”.

    IN hindsight, they probably should of kept Kruger and hired Eakins as an associate like the original plan was. Have Kruger around to be positive, give out hugs to those that need it when big, bad Eakins is mean to them. But they needed a hard ass to get them accountable. So I don’t agree with firing Eakins because at some point you have to make stand and stick with a guy from some continuity. If you keep changing out the coach and starting from scratch, how do you hit the ground running like most other teams that have the same coach year after year. But if everyone hates him, it’s pretty tough to keep him if the players can’t put their dislike for a coach aside and play like a pro.

    As for Klowe, if firing him makes everyone feel better, then go for it. I think when he hired Tambo, he wanted a guy that could have major input on. I do think Klowe wasn’t totally involved with the day to days and based on what I have heard and read, he definitely wasn’t as involved with Tambo as people originally thought. Case in point, some of the apparent trades Tambo passed or and his reluctance to be more aggressive. I think with the hiring of Mac T, Mac T is a guy the he trusts and lets him go without a lot of input. I think Mac T will be a good GM.

    But because Klowe has been around during all the bad years, people want him gone. The need blood. I’m not convinced that if they fire Klowe, all of a sudden they will shoot up the standings but it will make many fans feel better.

    • Spydyr

      I appreciate your post but what if Eakins is just a poor coach ? We should know for sure about after 20 games next year. Personally, I think he is all hat and no cattle.

      • TKB2677

        You could be right. If that is the case, bring in some assistants that can fill in the holes in his coaching abilities. Mac T brought him in to be a young coach that would grow with the team. If the Oilers are every going to move ahead, they can’t keep bringing in new coach after new coach. Every good team isn’t coming into the next season having to start over. They come in, with the same system, same coach. They take a practice to refresh then it is straight to refining things so when the season starts, they hit the ground running.

        The Oilers are 2 steps behind every season because they have to learn a new systems and style of play, then take the first month to figure it out in real games.

        Here’s a great example. In the glory days, it is common knowledge that though Sather was the head coach, Sather was the motivator while Muckler was the systems guy. Why can’t there be something like that?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Hard to beleive that Katz would tolerate going down in history as Wang and Snow or another Bill Wirtz show. Yes he has lots of money but he must have some pride?

    • Serious Gord

      Pride can be blinding. Just look at the guy one step down from Katz on the org chart. Lowe is in the top two three worst GMs still employed and has been for years now, yet he remains in place.

  • TKB2677

    LoL, from the Oilers web site on klowe.

    “Lowe has been instrumental in the renewed success of the team both on and off the ice and will continue to work towards the continued success of the franchise in his new role. In recent years, Lowe has been assisting the strategic rebuild of one of the outstanding franchises in the League and was an integral part of the management and scouting team that selected Taylor Hall with Edmonton’s first ever number one overall draft pick in 2010, as well as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in 2011 and Nail Yakupov in 2012.”

  • Joe Mamma

    I agree that the way the Oil treat their fans these days is cowardly, despicable, and heavy-handed, but let’s be realistic here guys and gals. This is not a free speech issue. You have the right to express yourself however you see fit. True. But the Oilers and Northlands have the right to refuse service as they see fit. Also true. Hate to burst your bubble, but freedom is a two way street folks. Is throwing out anyone that shows disdain or discontent for the team a good way to do business? Probably not. But, like it or not, it is their right. We don’t have to like it, but those are the facts.

    • Serious Gord

      I agree this is not a free speech issue.

      It is however and marketing and PR issue. And we as clients/fans should be shown respect for differing with how the team is being run and not doing so has consequences…

      • Joe Mamma

        Agree 100%.

        I’m just tired of these self-entitled, deluded pantywastes whining that their rights are being trampled on. It may be bad PR, but it is still their right to refuse service, as with any business.

        • Joe Mamma

          Stand in line like a good little sheep.

          I was refused entry to an Oiler game because I wouldn’t let a Northlands Gestapo run his hands up and down my body. I made my decision. I cancelled my season tickets and have not gone back. What about my right not to be assaulted?

          I guess “rights” are only valid if YOU and your ilk get to decide what those rights are.

          Be your definition, my business should then be able to refuse service to anyone who “is not like me.”

          • Joe Mamma

            Take it easy bud, don’t give yourself an aneurysm.

            Guess what, that is exactly right. If you own a business, it is your right to refuse service to whoever you want, for whatever reason you want. You want to turn away paying customers, that’s your prerogative. You don’t want to submit to the security protocols of a private business, then don’t go there. Freedom doesn’t just apply when it agrees with your terms, sunshine. Deal with it.

          • Joe Mamma

            Ya I couldn’t find the part where private businesses have to let people into their establishments if they refuse to be subject to a search for contraband and weapons. Because it doesn’t exist.

            Next time you walk into a bar, a restaurant, hell even your local corner store, have a look for a sign in plain view that says “We reserve the right to refuse service.” And that is NOT in contravention of the Aberta Human Rights Act. Please feel free to quote the section/sub-section that does.

          • Here is what you said.

            If you own a business, it is your right to refuse service to whoever you want, for whatever reason you want. You want to turn away paying customers, that’s your prerogative.

            What you said is false.

            If you could not find contradictory information on the Alberta Human Rights Commission web site it is because you did not look.

          • Joe Mamma

            For a guy that cries that everyone “misunderstands” what you’re trying to say all the time, you sure take things literally and cling to semantics a lot.

            It is clear what I meant. Can a person be refused because of colour, creed, or sexual orientation. Of course not. But if you appear suspicious, if you are intoxicated, if you refuse to be reasonably searched for weapons or contraband, or if you should say, I dunno, walk into my place of business with a sign saying how much my business sucks, that business owner has the RIGHT to refuse you service and/or entry. And that has nothing to do with human rights. Are we clear now, Captain Literal?

          • Zamboni Driver

            This is beyond idiotic.

            Think REAL hard about what segments of the population might be adversely impacted if this were true.

            For one second. Stop obsessing over whether the oilers need a real good LH #7 D-man, and use a different part of your brain.

          • Joe Mamma

            Please see my last reply on the subject and quit being so damn literal.

            It never ceases to amaze me how many people throw out the “use your brain” comment around here without first using their own.

          • Joe Mamma

            Take it easy bud, don’t give yourself an aneurysm.

            Guess what, that is exactly right. If you own a business, it is your right to refuse service to whoever you want, for whatever reason you want. You want to turn away paying customers, that’s your prerogative. You don’t want to submit to the security protocols of a private business, then don’t go there. Freedom doesn’t just apply when it agrees with your terms, sunshine. Deal with it.

  • fasteddy

    I wish all you Negative Nancy’s would think before you yap….the rebuild did not start 8 yrs ago; it started with drafting Taylor Hall. The team tried valiantly to go the free agent route prior to that, with very limited success. How many teams have “done things the right way”, and become perennial powerhouses in the salary cap era? Very, very few. Every team makes player personnel mistakes, and every team makes trades they regret. We have young players, we can’t overpay to fill in the roster with veterans in a salary cap world. We need to do exactly what we are doing; manage our assets carefully while making smart moves along the way. Trading a star player with many years ahead of him, (Hall, etc), for a contract like Weber’s for example, would be asinine. He has like 12 yrs left on that deal, has won exactly nothing for Nashville, and will likely be on the decline in the not too distant future. Yet our management are considered idiots for not making ridiculous moves like this…..I think ive figured out who the idiots are…

    • Joe Mamma

      Wow…a team out of the playoffs for 8 consecutive years is confirmation that “we need to do exactly what we are doing”???

      Who cares when the “official” rebuild started. The fact of the matter is they failed to make the postseason for the 8th straight season…which is the 2nd longest playoff drought in the NHL over the last 25 years (and will be tied for the 4th longest drought in NHL history).

      It would be one thing if we actually witnessed some progress. 24th last year and maybe 17th-20th this season. But we are back in 29th place. This team is actually regressing. Isn’t the point of a rebuild to actually build something??

      • Serious Gord

        Very, very unlikely that a 29th team reaches the playoffs the following year. It is even more unlikely when there aren’t wholesale changes in management or the team.

        Thus it is almost a certainty that the oil will tie the panthers for the worst playoff drought in NHL history.

        And if we are here again next year – outside looking in – does anything change? Perhaps not if its a near miss.

        But what if its practically over by xmas?

        And looking nearer term – what of the team goes 0-9 for the rest of this season?

        The constant going on nine years now is that this team is a failure, yet with the SINGULAR exception of the coach ALL of the management is the same people in different positions for some as it was eight years ago. HAs that happened in Professional Sports EVER?

  • Serious Gord

    Daryl going into your brand new palace with this hockey team? Yikes this has to be the the lowest point in oilers history. Daryl don’t hide in Vancouver anymore try to make your hockey team respectable so we aren’t the laughing stock of the entire hockey world any more.

  • SSB1963

    For people throwing jersey’s over the glass, if you don’t like the game or how the team is playing fine! don’t come again. But please don’t disrepect the jersey and every plyaer who are worn it before.

    • SSB1963

      give it a rest. the only disrespect happening is the play on the ice. Look at the team that’s been assembled to play with that jersey on, and you’ll see disrespect

    • Serious Gord

      It’s a jersey. A textile.

      The throwing of the jersey with the team logo is a comment on the CURRENT management and team, not those who came before.

      Throwing it is a sacrifice in the name of all the greats who played on the team in the past and those who cheered them on. It is not a gesture of disrespect to those people.

      Further to this, No non-oilers fan would go to the trouble and expense to do it or to wear their jersey backwards, or to put a “fire Lowe bumper sticker on their car, or blog on this site arguing for lowe’s removal.

      It is oilers fans acting out of their love of their team who do such things. Respect their motives.

      • Zarny

        That is complete and utter garbage.

        A team’s jersey and logo are timeless. They don’t only represent the current management and team. They represent every team including the greats you speak of.

        I don’t give two sh*ts about whatever motives the jersey throwers want to drivel about. When you throw that jersey on the ice you disrespect every player that has ever worn it.

        And quite frankly unless you walk away and absolve any association with the team it just makes you a spoiled brat with first world problems.

      • CaptainLander

        Totally agree but is it difficult to indicate in the act of Jersey Chucking that this message is specific to “this” Oiler team and management.

        My solution is for the Oilers come out with a new third jersey. They can say that it is a symbol of the change that will happen in 2014-2015 or some other marketing drivel.

        Then when they start to suck again fans can chuck the new jersey on the ice without fear that they are disrespecting all those that wore the jersey in the past.

  • Joe Mamma

    Seriously, Burke needs to come up here and fight Lowe. The whole city would give Burke a standing O. Lowe should be man enough and step down. He will be the most hated man in Oilers history. His accomplishments as a hockey player are a distant memory. Daryl Katz is not far off either from being the modern day Ballard. They say don’t piss off a hornet’s nest. The fan base looks more and more like a bunch of hornets ready for the killer sting. Hahah.

  • Spydyr

    You know what would get Katz attention more then throwing the Sweater you paid good money for on the ice.Stop buying the Sweaters and any another piece of merchandise with the Oilers name or logo on it.Then stop buying tickets to the games.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I think “Ed in Edmonton” made the point as clearly and briefly as anyone.

    Equate admission to a professional sporting event the same as getting on an airplane. These events could easily be the target of ne’er-do-wells and the ability to search folks attending these events, in my mind, is necessary.

    I think it would be foolhearty to let anyone and everyone walk in with no risk of being searched or questioned.

    Now if we are debating whether an Oilers’ game constitutes a professional sporting event ….

  • Rick Stroppel


    “Arnott played in 1244 games, scored 417 goals and 938 pts. Arnott turned out to be a pretty damn good player and was the big center the Oilers lacked for every day since he was traded in 2002.

    Hall hands down is the best player on the team and is the driving force of the Oilers. The problem with the Oilers is there aren’t enough guys going all together in the same game. Having Hall going while the rest of the team coasts just won’t cut it.

    You trade Taylor Hall, you are trading Arnott all over again and the Arnott trade was a mistake.”

    Jason Arnott was traded in 98′ fyi.

    • “Having Hall going while the rest of the team coasts just won’t cut it. ”

      That accounts for about half the games in the season. What about the other half that Hall likes to sleep through?

      Cherry-picking at the opposite end of the ice, while puck after puck goes in your own net, can hardly be called a “Driving Force”.

      While he’s at it, maybe he could actually finish a check for the 2nd time in his NHL career.

  • Kr55

    Lowe and his friends don’t know how to build an NHL hockey team, it’s really as simple as that. Lowe takes all the credit for the ’06 run, but a lot of the really good vets on that team were Sather pieces, and of course it wasn’t actually a dominant team, we barely got 8th place. The stars aligned that all the newb playoff teams in the west beat the top 4 seeds, we just happened to come out kings of the newbs.

    Until we start hiring people to this organization based on their qualifications instead of based on friendships the oilers will be like any other business in an extremely competitive atmosphere that is unwilling to keep up with the times, sitting at the bottom of the pack.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Jason Arnott, we do remember him, we remember running him out of town! Woe to the player that incurs the wrath of the Oil faithful/Media.

    Remember that game? The one that he was ‘just not that into’. If I recall correctly that is when he was tarred and feathered and ran out of town. Ran out of town…I am sure there are more examples, but lets start and add to the list it will be fun!


    Yakapov/Hall/RNH/Eberle one or all, cause thats the way we roll over here

    Never underestimate the power of the Oil faithful and media

  • BobbyCanuck

    UK University did a study on what drives the richest and most powerful people on the earth. Once cultural norms and geography where eliminated, it was discovered that all of the billionaires had two personality traits in common:



    To sway Mr. Katz we will skillfully have to appeal to one or both of these traits

  • SimmerDownBoys

    KLOWN & CATTS must go. CATTS sell the team, you listen only to KLOWN who has fooled and failed you. Look at all the issues, KLOWN screwed other NHL teams, example the issue with getting Dustin Penner and now no other teams will deal with KLOWN unless they get a player for nothing. Look at the Devon Dubnyk trade when Barry TROTZ said he picked up some bad habits and then apologized for saying so. WHY? CATTS & KLOWN no other NHL team will ever deal with you fairly for the way KLOWN treated them. You can have every 1st round pick for years to come and still not make the playoffs.

    • TKB2677

      But the way, the owners name is Katz, not Catts.

      So as Oiler fans, we should try to force a billionaire to sell them team because we don’t like how things have gone.

      Are you freaking for real buddy?
      #1 having a billionaire as an owner means financial stability and the ability to keep the team together if/when it gets good. You’d think the days of Pocklington and the EIG selling off any decent players because they couldn’t afford to keep them is enough reason to rejoice at having a billionaire.
      #2 how many people are lining up to buy NHL teams? Not many. The EIG couldn’t wait to unload the Oilers to Katz and they represented all of the richest guys other than Katz in Edmonton. Who the hell else is going to buy them?

      You want Klowe gone, fine. He’s been here during all the bad times so he’s an easy sacrifice. Not exactly sure what firing Klowe is going to do. It’s not like they give him a pink slip today and the Oilers will suddenly go 10-0 to end the season. Then go from last to #1 overall next year. But hey, I have no loyalty to him. So if it makes ragging Oiler fans sleep better, then go for it.

      But trying to force Katz to sell? Seriously buddy, give your head a shake.

  • simplealien

    Nice to see a honest article written.

    This team can only get better by getting rid of the problem(K.L).
    This city will be celebrating if it actually happens until then Katz ain’t getting my money.. My season tickets are done at the end of this year.. i park away from the building etc… The building is dead.. Lowe has killed this great franchise into nothing. I think this is the lowest in Oil history and it has been pretty lowe in his tenure.

  • Eulers


    This clown pulled this anti-semitic BS on Lowetide’s thread earlier in the day and LT warned him against it. Please ban @milo with prejudice.

    @milo: there is no giant media conspiracy that blinds people from the truth, just a lot of decent people who don’t think that others of different religions and backgrounds should be painted with the same brush.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    Sorry to repost it, I was trying to figure out how to alert BBB “Big Bad Brownlee” to remove this.

    I figure that the individual doesn’t actually feel that way, he is a wack job looking for cheep thrills getting under peoples skin.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    If you don’t see the difference between protesting a terrible manager, and spewing hate-filled drivel, that’s your problem, not ours.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    Your logical fallacy is: Association Fallacy.

    You hate Daryl Katz. We get it. You can probably come on here and call him “penny-squeezing, cunning, and deceptive”. Whatever, you can have that opinion.

    Associating those qualities with everyone who may share a religious belief or ethnic background as Katz is 100% wrong, bigoted, racist, politically incorrect and warrants you getting blocked.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems


    Thanks for the free advice. Your wise words were so much more enlightening than the 6 years I spent in University getting 2 specialization honours Science degrees.

    I’m done feeding the troll. Enjoy your remaining time on here. I’m 100% certain you’ll be blocked.