If there’s a silver-lining to the 5-0 speed-bagging the Edmonton Oilers took from the New York Rangers at Rexall Place Sunday, it’s that coach Dallas Eakins and his team have just seven games remaining in their dumpster fire of a season and only four of those are at home.

While there’s very little new to report in terms of the overall ineptitude and futility that’s been fodder for discussion most of this season, the particulars from this no-show included another feeble night by Edmonton’s power play, which went 0-for-5 and allowed not one but two shorthanded goals, and failure to score a goal of any kind for the ninth time in 2013-14.

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Save for the lucky stiff who won $53,250 in the 50-50 draw, the faithful who hung in long enough to see who won the dough headed for the parking lot sour as the Oilers lost their 20th home game and hit 40 losses overall, dropping to 26-40-9, in the final game of a six-game homestand.

With road games in San Jose, Anaheim and Phoenix before they return home to close out the campaign against the Ducks, Colorado, Los Angeles and the Vancouver Canucks, I can’t remember a season – I got to Edmonton in 1989 – in which the fans have been pummeled numb to this degree.

As I wrote that last paragraph, I listened to 630 CHED analyst Rob Brown say he thinks all the changes this off-season will be with players, not with management. All the changes? How many people veered off the road on the drive home when they heard that?


Dallas Eakins 17

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  • I don’t know about you, but I feel my stomach contents rushing up my throat every time somebody refers to the Oilers as this young, exciting club loaded with offensive talent (I’ve been guilty of that myself a time or two). The Oilers have scored 184 goals in 75 games. Only three teams, Florida, New Jersey and Buffalo, have scored fewer.
  • Eakins, at least, seems to recognize characterizing the Oilers high-powered on the attack is bogus. He addressed it tonight in his post-game availability with media. Addressing it on the ice in the style the team chooses to play is a different matter. Nine shutouts, six of those at home.
  • If the Oilers had a power play that ranked in the top five or six in the league, you could at least make an argument that 13 shorthanded goals against isn’t a big deal. When the Oilers are sitting in the bottom third – they’re listed 23rd at 16.2 per cent – all those shorties are a big deal. The Oilers need to get back to the drawing board next season and they need somebody new drawing it up when they do.


Nail Yakupov

  • After scoring 17 goals in 48 games last season, Nail Yakupov has 11 in 63 games this year and is out with an ankle fracture. I laughed at people who suggested he’d score 35 this season. I had him pegged for 25, which puts me in the ranks of the over-optimistic as well.
  • Speaking of over-optimistic, I wrote after the 41st game that the Oilers would be better in the second half and that I could see them playing at or near .500 (in terms of available points) even with a tough schedule. They’ll need one more to match the 62 they got in 2010-11 under Tom Renney and they hit the road 13 off the 74 they had in 2011-12.

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  • Bloodsweatandoil


    Would you want to have a teacher tell you all of your classmates are stupid, they have been stupid the last 5 years?

    Or do you want a teacher make you better and believe in yourselves? Instead of degrading the whole class?

    Eakins comment after the game was unacceptable, he said the team has been near the bottom in goals scored last 5 years. It’s his job to get them better and score goals. The power play allowed 2 more shorthanded goals tonight, who has the power play here? It’s a joke and the fans has to put up with this?

    Time to fire this clown Eakins.

    Patrick Roy get the Avs the chance win 50 games this season after they finished 2nd worst last year with same young team and unproven Dmen.

    No excuses, they just keep on winning.

    Eakins can’t coach in NHL level, we have seen it this year.

  • 15w40

    Another embarrassing year is almost behind us. Pretty sad when the home town fans look forward to the end. Is KATZ really not seeing the mismanagement of this team?

    There must be a Judgement Day for this Management and Coaching Staff. The smoke and mirror show has run its course. There are players on this team that fall into the floater category as well but watching the Oil struggle for as long as they have (this year is very obvious)the main reason for such dismal outcomes has to fall upon Management and Coaches.

    Gong Show through and through. Us fans have been more than supportive and still have nothing to show for it. Up to KATZ now to take that step forward and correct the teams Management. How much more of this crap can he ignore? There better be more than just players being changed this summer…..

  • Spydyr

    I see Bruce McCurdy finally included Eakins in his post game review and rated him a 1. So Eakins lovers tell me again why we need him? Tomorrow is April fools but the joke is on us fans every freakin day.

  • It would appear that Eakins has already had his
    year end review with MacT, why else would he be
    spewing all this stuff about how he and MacT will be fixing things this summer moving forward,picking the right players etc etc. Very scary.

    He also takes great measure to point out that the team as not been scoring for the last 4 years..
    well egghead, thats why you were brought in was to change that… you didnt do it.. not even close.

    It will be a tragic if Eakins is not fired at seasons end, along with the other clowns behind the bench.

    He just dumped all his player under the bus, to make himself look good.

    Not only is he a bad coach , he is a coward.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Yeah. Kevin Lowe was really awful on the PP last night. Can’t believe he pinched and they gave up two shorties.

    And Eakins. That floater. He’s young with a huge upside, skates like the wind and won those world juniors.

    Don’t get me started on MacTavish, with that killer one timer, he should have way more than 11 goals.

    • Spydyr

      Who cares if it’s the players screwing up the end game? I don’t give two poops if the players are spoiled dorks that don’t listen! Be a freaking managment and fire them! Do something!

  • Just back from 40 day snowbird holiday , devoid of internet and hockey . Now that was great relief from the troubles of our hockey club obviously . Sad to see our club is still so bad . Obviously this club needs new management , coaching and scouting in the future if it ever hopes to contend again . No one receives a passing grade and the long term results of this group are reason for them all to be gone , lock , stock and barrel ! Our youth of players are all underperforming under their tutaledge . Their long term poor results in management , coaching , scouting and development are all reasons an entirely different group and philosophy is required here before we see an upturn . Keeping status quo just makes cellar dwellers of our club inevitable for many years to come .

  • Chongler

    I took a night off from the Oilers and watched Dr Pol. Glad I did.

    I am at wits end.I can’t defend a coach who has turned this team into a such a bipolar disaster.
    As much as there is no consistency from the players there isn’t any from the coach either.

    Talk about mind games.

    2 more short handed goal for 13 on the season is unforgivable.

    The good thing is Dr POl was a nice family night. I slept better than I have in a long time. I think I am going to shut her down for the season and focus on the Oil Kings. Eakins and this team has sucked the hope out of me enough for one season. I’m done.

    Next time I post it’ll be for the draft lottery. Enjoy the last 7 games.

  • Bloodsweatandoil

    I have posted some of this at the beginning of the season on ON: Just my thoughts only…..

    I feel Eakins was wrong for this team in many aspects and the turning points for resentment by the current players probably started early.

    -The hire of him and the embarrassing dismissal of Krueger, the guys respected Krueger and “played” for him

    -The Eakins fitness and diet regime, I am pretty sure the guys were in pretty good skating shape prior to his arrival, correct me if I am wrong, but prior to Eakins arrival, I have never heard the Oilers called slow and unenergetic, always quite the opposite…

    -Eakins dismantling of the dressing room by removing any reference to past glory and history. If I am a current player for the Oilers and I am walking by those pictures and testaments, that would put some spring in my step to be just like those guys, probably would be inspirational…It would be anarchy in Toronto and Montreal if a newby coach tried that.

    -The acquisition of Ference and making him Captain immediately. I think this is where the dominos fell loudly. Out of all the prior Oilers, 4 years or more; Management showed no faith in them and made an outsider the leader. I strongly feel that the “C” should have went to Hall. This was never Ference’s team, seems to me that Ference quit being a leader in January.

    Swarm this, swarm that, obtuse powerplay etc, combined with Dubnyk totally forgetting how to goaltend, this team was done in October.

    Where there is smoke there is fire, Eakins is the root of this seasons demise. He is too much in the players heads, too much dictating and not showing or leading, Eakins is just a great talker. Optional skates for the guys, Eakins in the bleachers during practises/skates on game days. I could see that if the Oilers were in the top 10 of the league, not holding down bottom 3 worst for last 4 years…

    Traded Oilers to other clubs not prepared for real practises with their new clubs and stating OMG!! Oiler’s practises were never this hard!

    As indicated that Eakins is probably back next season and is having input into what players to acquire, he is just admitting that he cannot coach this current group, this tells me that the room is lost or probably has been since September.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    as much as it pains me to, i need to give DSF some credit.

    prior to the start of the year, he made claims that the Oilers could/would even finish behind the Flames this season. I, like many, ripped him to shreds. I even proposed a wager, which thankfully he didnt have the stones to accept at the time.

    DSF takes alot of abuse around the interwebs, and most of it is justified. However, in this case, he was bang on.

    I will now go watch the “Boys on the Bus” VHS 10 times to repent.

  • vetinari

    I had the chance to watch the game last night but I took a pass because I’ve watched at least 60 or so Oilers games this year and they aren’t getting any better– in fact, they seem to be regressing.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    Dallas Eakins is a joke as a coach in the NHL. If they keep this clown on over the summer then write off next year as well. I know the Oilers can’t continually change coaches every year and I might add that firing Kruger was a huge mistake, keeping Eakins on is just wasting another year so cut your losses. If one of the upper management in Edmonton can actually show some balls and admit they made a mistake hiring this guy that would add some credibility to an otherwise shambles of an organization.
    The Oilers are without a doubt the worst run and coached organization in the NHL. If Eakins is so clear on what he has to do to make this team win why hasn’t he thought about sharing his vast knowledge this year? I know why, because he is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass now about how smart he is. Give up Eakins you are a JOKE

  • 15w40

    •After scoring 17 goals in 48 games last season, Nail Yakupov has 11 in 63 games this year and is out with an ankle fracture. I laughed at people who suggested he’d score 35 this season. I had him pegged for 25, which puts me in the ranks of the over-optimistic as well.

    Well, he could have scored 30g, if he’d been utilized in a shooting postion on the first pp, which is where you would normally put a world class shooter. But no, never blame the coach, just blame the player and the fans, hey Matty…..err, Brownlee.

  • 15w40

    I was glad to see an Edmonton pro sports team that actually doesn’t lose on the front page of the SUN this morning…13-0.

    Congrats to the Edmonton Rush on a historic year…

  • TheresAlwaysNextYear

    Here’s my problems with the Edmonton Rush: The on-floor product is great.

    However, from a purely marketing perspective, they have failed.

    First, what is a “Rush” exactly, and how does that have anything to do with Edmonton? Oil Rush? Reaching.

    Second, bland bland jerseys. People like to buy things that look good. Simple pattern, bright colours – note to Rush Marketing Staff.