Johnny Boychuk is pure Edmonton, even down to the name. A rough and tumble defender with a big time shot, Boychuk is a Stanley Cup champion in Boston and one of the trusted blueliners for the Bruins. Boychuk is 30-years old, in mid-career and on top of the world. He’s also an attractive option for the Edmonton Oilers. Could they get him? Would he play here?



This is a nice player, 30 years old and a veteran. Healthy, decent offense, plays 20+ minutes and is part of a strong possession team. Should he arrive in Edmonton he’d probably lose a couple of percentage points from that Corsi For 5×5 % number, but it’s still impressive.

For those who don’t know the player well, here’s the Hockey News:

hn boychuk

Boychuk’s scouting report (and this is why I chose him) is a very similar one to what many feel Jeff Petry is all about, save for two things. “Loves to initiate contact” and “Owns a heavy point shot.”

Johnny Boychuk makes $3.366,667M annually, and is a free agent next season (2015 summer). He has a NTC but that runs out in May according to capgeek.


Let’s not worry over the question of Boychuk’s availability. Let’s assume that he wants $5M on his next contract and the Bruins decide to deal him this summer instead of next in order to max value. What would you consider fair price?



Let’s start with Jeff Petry as the asking price. What, aside from Petry, is fair value for Johnny Boychuk?


  • Harry2

    Boychuk looks great… when paired with Chara.

    Really no different than how good Komisarek looked with Markov , or Smith/Staios/Bergeron when paired with Pronger.

    I think Johnny is a fine hockey player. I just wouldn’t want to over pay in a trade or UFA offer for him.

  • Harry2

    If the Oilers could bring home all the Alberta talent currently playing in the NHL and the Alberta WHLers we could vie for the SC every year. The irony is the homegrown players prefer the non-hockey cities of the US where you take your life in your hands driving to the rink but remain anonymous. The Oil need to stop already with the soft US college trained Yanks and draft more from the WHL.

    Boychuk might help but remember he is playing as a part of one heck of a team. Ference’s signing looked good too but his value was over-estimated and his game was exposed too. Bit players on strong teams don’t seem to look like such a bargain when placed on a weak roster. MacT is shy on judgement when it comes to judging hockey flesh. Think Grebeschkov, Acton etc. etc.

  • Duchess

    Just like when the oilers traded Gilbert for Shultz. I liked Shultz at the time but thought he was a guy they needed to pair with Gilbert.

    Feel the same way about Boychuk. Would be a good fit here paired with Petry. Petry for Boychuk doesn’t solve much.

  • Mason Storm

    it would be great to add a Dman like Boychuk, but trading Petry to get him, is that really an upgrade? Slight, if at all. Ideally, you add a Boychuk and keep Petry. I would rather trade Petry + (say Gagner) and a get a clear upgrade. Like a number 2D.

  • Bucknuck

    Perty is quickly becoming the new Dubnyk… Its there, we see it… but it never shows up on a consistant basis.. i have learned my lesson in supporting duby for to long.. i wont do it for Petry.. This D man has to go. nail in the coffin for me was when that fleet of foot, that slick moving Erik Johnson walked around him like a friggin pylon.. im done with Petry.. he is 25 and i am sure not seeing him trend up.. im done!!!!! he has to go.. get out the suck and bring in the good..

  • Greenlingj

    Pretty accurate observation the Boychuk may become available with Seidenberg returning next year and Dougie Hamilton probably needing more minutes.

    The only caveat is how long does Chara plan on playing? Chara looks like he could play forever, but he’s older and he’s done it all, so that would be something the B’s would need to know before they part with Boychuk.

  • gus1000

    It’s not that Petry is a bad player, but he has cost us games by himself a few times this season. The loss to CBJ this season as an example, he gets manhandled off the puck, they score. The game winner, he was badly beaten and way out of the play. He seems lost a lot.

    I don’t care how much he hits, I want him to play tougher with and without the puck. This doesn’t mean hitting, this means not losing the puck battles. This means actually going into the corner and digging for the puck. This means when he gets the puck, not getting knocked off it coming out of our zone causing turnovers. This happens too often.

    I think he is a great 3,4,5 guy who can eat a ton of minutes, but he needs to start eating his Wheaties.