GDB Wrap Up: Canucks @ Oilers


WE DID IT! Ryan Smyth was wearing the C! Well done, Nation! *standing ovation* Final Score: 5-2 Oilers

For 1270 games Ryan Smyth battled his way through the NHL and played with everything he had. Whether the team was battling for a playoff spot or finishing up another lottery season, you knew what you were going to get from #94 – hard work and an honest effort.  Ol’ Smytty scored 386 goals and most of them were from within a few feet (read inches) of the goal line. He was one of those players that you couldn’t help but admire because of his work ethic, willingness to sacrifice, and ability to put the team first.

Ryan Smyth was the heart and soul of this franchise. Whether he was parking himself in front of the net or picking his teeth up off the ice in the playoffs, Smytty gave it his all. He was never the biggest or fastest guy on the ice, but you knew you could always count on him to get the job done, and for that I thank him. He will go down as one of the greatest Oilers ever, and I’ll miss him. We salute you, Smytty. Thanks for the memories. I couldn’t be happier that he ended his career as an Oilers captain. Thank you, Ryan Smyth.

Oh yeah, and the Oilers won. Cool!

Let’s wrap up it..

The Bright Side

  • #SMYTTYFORCAPTAIN WORKED! Thank you to everyone that RTd and Tweeted for us!
  • Shout out to Andrew Ference for passing along the ‘C’ to Smytty. He made a lot of fans tonight
  • The fans showed Smytty all the love he deserves. It was awesome to see
  • Ben Scrivens we speak your name!
  • Canucks came out to pay respect to Ryan Smyth and I admire that

The Face Palmers

  • My man tears prevented me from watching big chunks of the game
  • Alex Edler and Ryan Kesler doing everything they can to maintain douche status
  • Draft Whiners are upset with the win

Best of the Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 8.43.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 8.44.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.42.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.05.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.09.34 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.26.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.54.16 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.50.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.55.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.57.05 PM


  • Spydyr

    Thanks for the memories Smytty.

    28th it is.If I never have to cheer for the Oilers to lose again for draft position that would be great.

    Enough of being out by Halloween.Mac-T make the trades to balance this team.It is time to start moving forward instead of backwards.

  • Edsez

    Thanks Smytty … I hope to see an announcement this summer of a continuing role with the Oilers organization for you

    It was a memorable game with the tears and the cheers, the 1st line was strong, Scrivens was great and even the AHL guys didn’t look out of place

    Let’s hope this season-ending thumping of the Canucks becomes a tradition

  • vetinari

    They should have had a 2 part ending to the game. The first part dedicated to honouring Smyth. The second half to boo the oilers off the ice with Smyth off the ice.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    If Smytty was a soldier, he’d have a jacket covered in medals. He went to the tough areas and took the pain for his teammates. He’d get stitched up in the trenches rather than wasting time in the dressing room. I hope his enthusiasm imprints on his former teammates.

  • Batfink

    Was a emotional and timely send off. Well done.

    A testament to character of the man, beyond what he contributed as a player , when on ice officials wrap there arms around the guy and The Canucks come back on the ice to recognize Smythy.

  • Batfink

    Was a emotional and timely send off. Well done.

    A testament to character of the man, beyond what he contributed as a player , when on ice officials wrap there arms around the guy and The Canucks come back on the ice to recognize Smythy.

  • Bryzarro World

    I got to grow up with Ryan and watched him for years. Was always the bright spot in a troubled org. Sad to think that this will be the last time we get to see him lace it up.

    He should have never tossed on another jersey and for that we can thank the big douche but what’s done is done.

    Thank you for the memories and all the blood, sweat and tears you gave us over the years. Your spirit and passion will truly be missed.

    You’re a warrior Ryan and I wish you all the best in the new life you get to live.


  • I’m hoping someone can honestly break this down for me… Is Aaron Ekblad any better than Adam Larsson was a few years ago? No one has been able to give me a decent answer. I’ve never seen him play aside from a few games at the World Juniors.

    A few years ago, they said Adam Larsson could be the next Nick Lidstrom. Larsson spent most of this year playing in the AHL. A defenceman 3-4 years out from being NHL ready doesn’t help the Oilers next year. Frankly, depending on another teenager, regardless of position, won’t help them unless you guys want a shot at McDavid.

    Not to mention, a lot of people had Seth Jones going 1st overall last year only to see him slip to 4th.

    • Zarny

      Think about it this way…did they name the draft after him 3 years ago? No, despite his “exceptional” status in the OHL. He’s not even the consensus #1 player this year.

      Ekblad is clearly not a generational player like Drew Doughty who lit up the OHL with over 17 pts as a 16-17 y/o. Last year, Ekblad only had 34 pts. And this year his stats are heavily skewed by PP production. At even strength, Ekblad’s offensive numbers lag Nurse’s.

      Which is why the overall consensus from scouts is that Ekblad is merely the best D in this year’s draft. You would put him in a category with Hedman, Gudbranson and Larsson. Last year he wouldn’t have gone top 5 and may not have gone before Nurse.

      Best case scenario Ekblad is like Hedman. Marginal NHL D who struggles a bit and doesn’t become a top pairing D until his 5th year. Or he could be like Gudbranson and Larsson; both of whom have been healthy scratches and struggled a lot but will likely be very good NHLers once they are 25+.

      Ekblad is likely the best pick the Oilers could make this year, but plan A should be to trade the pick. Especially given the fact the Oilers already have Nurse, Marincin and Klefbom.

      If the Oilers draft Ekblad they should trade both Klefbom and Marincin. You can’t build a D core around 4 20 y/o unless your goal is to finish last 4 years from now and draft whatever 14 y/o is ripping it up right now.

  • Brad 21

    It was a changing of the guard last night. Smytty played with his heart on his sleeve every night. He gave us some great playoff moments to bad they were to few and to far between. He will be missed. I only wish we could put his heart in half this team. If we could then this team would be competitive on a nightly basis, unfortunately it is not so. I could not help noticing that all his teammates were not here 5 years ago he is the last and it was a sad day. Now it’s the kids time to step up and make this team there’s.
    That being said I am glad we won the game last night. Now the Aaron Ekblad talk can cease. This 18 year old defenseman was not going to be a #1 for many years to come and sure as hell was not going to push us into the playoffs anytime soon. Isn’t everybody sick of the losing? One minute people are complaining that we need change, we need to make some trades so this team is competitive and the next their hoping we tank so we can pick another 18 year old that will not make a difference for years to come. Make up your mind people.
    Hopefully Mac T pulls off the trade of the year on the draft floor and gives up that pick. If not then you have to take Sam Bennett it`s a no brainer. Enough talk about Leon Draisaitl the kid is soft. Everybody wants him because he puts up points and is 209 pounds. You think he`s a power forward just because he is heavy. He has whole 24 penalty minutes boy he sure does play with an edge. Not exactly Mitch Moroz numbers is it. You name me one power forward that has come from Germany and I will eat my breakfast good luck. Sam Bennett 118 penalty minutes and 1 inch shorter. The consensus number 1 overall by central scouting all year. Here is there report: The scouts found no reason to move the 6-foot, 178-pount, left-shooting Bennett from his perch at the top. Considered by many to be a clone of Kingston general manager and Hockey Hall of Fame member Doug Gilmour, Bennett finished with career highs across the board in goals (36), assists (55), points (91), power-play goals (10), plus-minus rating (plus-34) and penalty minutes (118).

    He was the top vote-getter in three categories in the Ontario Hockey League’s Eastern Conference Coaches Poll: Smartest player, best playmaker and best stick-handler. He also was voted third for best defensive forward.
    Plays both sides of the puck and a Doug Gilmour clone boy we sure couldn`t use that. PLUS 34 yikes. We have drafted pop machines in the past how has that paid off for us so far. Buffalo is taking Reinhart Florida Ekblad if this kid is on the board and you are not going to trade the pick its a no brainer.
    Look no further then Colorado Matt Duchene 5`11 200 Nathan MacKinnon 6 182 Ryan O’Reilly 6 200 Paul Stastny 6 205 not exactly monster centreman are they. You cant teach heart this kid has a big one. Only my two cents have a great day.

  • Brad 21

    Forgot one other thing Leon reminds me of Chad Kilger 6 4 215. 1994-95 Kingston Frontenacs OHL 65 42 53 95 95 drafted number 4 by Anaheim how did that turn out. Take Bennett period.

    • Rocket

      When the game plan is to draft and develop until you are competetive with the idea is to remain competitive for years to come. Then you do not trade away a top 5 pick. Oilers are a 28th place team this year. Like it or not they will not be in the playoffs next year without selling their soul and a wave of prospects. this is a bad idea on a team so far from a Stanley horizon. Stay the course take the potential 1C or 2C with the 1st pick and 2 years from now you have a budding young 2C ready to move in.

      As much as everyone is all about this team needing better D. It does. it desperately needs Centers. RNH is IT right now?! So taking this years 1st and next years 1st and Klefbom or whatever trade you can conjur up to improve D is robbing the ability to improve the 2C/1C at the same time. And the prospects depth currently for the Oilers actually lies at Defense. Klefbom, Marincin, Shultz, Gernat, Simpson are all young and potential 2nd pair D if not 1st pair. At C for the forseeable future you got RNH and who? Lander? Take Bennet or Draistl if thats whats there. And improve the D in other ways would be the better long term plan.

  • paul wodehouse

    LD could be the next Jason Bonsignor. Where is the edge for a big man?

    Look at Perron.A pitbull.

    I am leaning towards Rheinhart.

    I think that Yakimov will fill that position in a couple of years. He’ll be a perfect 3rd line center when/if he is ready.

  • paul wodehouse

    when we lost the jets i adopted the oilers and Ryan Smyth became my favorite player. he cried because he is leaving the love of his life, nothing to do with toughness. to see a player with that much passion not just for the game but for all the people around it, his city and his fans makes me feel happy to have cheered for him for all these years. thank you Ryan!

  • paul wodehouse

    from TSN a month ago

    “Leon Draisaitl has made a big jump into the top-five in the latest edition of Craig Button’s NHL Draft rankings.

    The Prince Albert Raiders left winger has moved seven places up to fourth-spot in the March rankings…”

    LEFT WINGER? wtf…Raiders website clearly has him playing CENTRE…is TSNs’ Craig Button just a dunderhead???

  • Thank You Smitty’s. The one thing I hope all the young guys learned from last night is that until you quit worrying about the name on the back and only care about the name on the front,you will be wandering in mediocraty for years to come.

      • Rocket

        But insane frustrating!!!

        I average around an 88 to a 94, with occasional lower and higher like anyone else that plays above average amounts.
        I was running through how I would shoot one of the tight par fives in my head, and it would go something like this.
        Drive either into, or catches a tree.. second comes out too high and gets knocked down into the rough.. third is a clean shot into one of the million well place bunkers.. two shots later I am taking a 180 yard 7 at the green, but it lands and actually gains speed and either runs into the water, or into a lye off the green that might as well have been water. Lob wedge onto the green 40 feet short of the hole, and it runs past the hole and off the green again.
        Get pissed off, and try it again, but this time I come up 10 feet shy of the hole, and it rolls back towards me, and settles back in the same spot.
        Finally put it 3 times a foot at a time to get it settled on the green.. take an honest conservative put, and it rolls by the hole, and back off the green at a 90 degree angle.
        I LOVE golf, but when the best players in the world are shooting in the high 70’s or worse, It would purely be to SAY you golfed it. In reality, it would be as frustrating as being an oilers fan.

  • Of the top five guys in the draft I would ask only one question? If RNH was getting unfair treatment by the opposition, which of these draft prospects would come to his defence?

    MacT please draft that guy!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    So, it looks like Leon Draisaitle it is then. When Gagners contract expires in two or three years, Leon should be close to being ready to step in and take his spot.

    Hopefully the sometimes slow footed uninspired/non motivated description of his play by some scouts don’t hold true. All while Aaron Ekblad starts contributing at the NHL level in the coming fall.

  • paul wodehouse

    …memo to Wanye

    please notify your Prince Albert Oiler Nation correspondent that there is an urgent need to find out if Leon Draisaitl plays CENTRE!!!

  • paul wodehouse

    …oh please Q…you’re such a killjoy…the kid is GERMAN…they have vays of being very very goodentog…leaderhosen and weinerschnizel…

    …he’ll start in the fall if they pick him!!!

    book it!!! and why haven’t you emailed me?

    Q? you still there?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I held my breath till I was blue in the face last night, and still didn’t get my way. This is as much I can do without refreshments being served.

      You promise he’ll start in the fall?

      Last email I have was your handle. Everything gets bounced back.

  • paul wodehouse

    …Q…have I EVER lied to you?

    …this kid is the savior…he’ll turn this franchise around like when Landeskog came to the Avs then McKinnon and bingo ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN POINTS…

    click on my screen name and there you will find my email addy…wodehouse.paul

    …hurry now!

  • smiliegirl15

    Watching all those Pronger slapshots and Smyth rebound goals, no wonder he got a puck in the mouth! Thanks Ryan! You were a warrior; I hope those kids learned a thing or two watching those clips about what it takes to make a champion.