In the final installment of the draft series dedicated to the possible first round pick, we arrive at William Nylander’s resume. Choosing Nylander could be awkward, but it might be a wise choice. Let’s have a look.


  • Craig Button, TSN: Nylander boasts high-end skills highlighted by excellent puck control.
    His confidence with the puck is outstanding and he has as much patience
    with it as any player in the draft.
  • Red Line Report: while William Nylander has recently rebounded from some early doldrums,
    we have soured somewhat on all the drama that surrounds his attitude.
    Having said that, we can’t knock him out of the top 10 because, well…
    he’s very likely the most purely skilled offensive player in this draft.
  • Report is here. 
  • Goran Stubb, Central Scouting:“William
    is an exceptional talent with all the tools needed to become a star.
    He’s an artist on the ice. William is an excellent offensive player with
    an extremely high skill level. He’s not a selfish player, but does tend
    to hold on to the puck too long at times. He needs to improve his
    defensive game, but he’s a fun player to watch and a real
  • Report is here.

u18 scoring

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Nylander is dominating the scoring at this year’s U18 tournament, and the Oilers have scouts observing the action in Finland.


pronnman nylander


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William Nylander is the son of Michael Nylander. There is some history here, but if Nylander was the right pick I doubt it would impact anything. Still, it’s part of the story.



Nylander’s closing fast based on reports, but I don’t think he’ll go in the top three overall. The Edmonton Oilers, if they pick third overall, will select one of Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart, Sam Bennett or Leon Draisaitl.

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      • Romanus

        On the first goal I also see 2 guys cheating for offence in the neutral zone while the puck was in their end and were lucky the defense got the puck out and to them. This also has him ready to be an oiler.

    • bwar

      Truth be told the line regarding him being the most skilled player available actually scares me.

      No more high skilled soft players need apply. We need a skilled junk yard dog………Sam Bennet most fills that need.

      Let’s not give KLowe any ideas here!

      • Sorensenator

        While you’re probably right, and the Oilers years for top draft choices weren’t McDavid’s and MacKinnon’s, you still get quality players in this year’s draft, and if we can’t build around Eberle, Hall, Nuge, Yak, Nurse, Schultz, and #3 overall, who I consider all quality players, then what do you do? Not all #1 overall picks are Crosby, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be good players. How many do we need in the top 10 in scoring?

          • Sorensenator

            Not even close.

            If MacKinnon was drafted just 2 weeks later he would be 1st overall in this year’s draft. He doesn’t turn 19 until the end of August. What he has done as a true 18 year old in the NHL is fairly unprecendented, and sees him trending towards generational.

            • Sorensenator

              What if Mackinnon doesn’t do well in his second and third season?? In RNH’s first year he got 52 pts in 62 games which is awesome for a rookie and Mackinnon got 62 pts in 82 games which is also great. RNH didn’t do that good in his second or third season. We can’t judge a rookie by his first season.

            • 24% body fat

              Mackinnon is great and will be great,

              but Mackinnon is surrounded by a good mix of players all who have skill. He is not expected to take the load on his shoulders as hall is. He has two or three other players who can play center and bump him down the depth chart and hold him accountable for his play.

              Right now it is much easier for Mackinnon to succeed than it is hall

            • 24% body fat

              how did I miss the most obvious.

              the way I see it, if you use Crosby as a pillar lets say 100 OV rating, the list of first and future firsts is something like this

              Crosby 100, he is just that much better

              McDavid 97, Suppose to be the next best thing

              Stamkos 95,

              Tavares 94,

              Mackinnon 94,

              Hall 94,

              Ovechkin 94, Can score but his career will be short and he just isnt a winner in team perspective

              Kane 93,

              Nuge 92,

              Yak 91

              Reinhart 91

              Erik Johnson 88, hes good but there is much better out there

          • Lowetide

            Don’t think Hall equals MacKinnon, both different type of players. Also MacKinnon can exhibit his outstanding skills as he is playing for a much better organization.

            As for Nylander or any other prospect, how many draft picks do the Oilers get between the top 3 selection and the 93rd selection?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Could we get a Jake Virtanen too LT? That kid looks like a keeper as well.

      This statement is Madjam approved.

      ….and Wonger wants something on that Nick Richie kid as well. Aquiring the picks to get these kids is a mere formality from what I hear.

      We’re thinking of starting a very affordable all rookie line in October. Bennett/Virtanen/Richie.

    • Zarny

      Firm pass.

      Has nothing to do with dad’s history with the Oil. The last thing this organization needs is an 18yo diva who needs to work on the defensive side of his game but doesn’t see it.

      • Oilers Coffey

        The Scrivenator saves the day.
        Anything Nylander should be thrown out the window. Or wait the mother will veto the kid going any where near the Oilers.

    • Sorensenator

      Bennett, Bennett, Bennett.

      Draisaitl has the size advantage, but I’m kinda tired of having guys on this team who have to be reminded to use their size out on the ice. You don’t have to tell Bennett to do that.

    • 24% body fat

      I’m thinking the Oilers best bet would be to trade away their 3rd overall pick…either to move up or most beneficial…down in the draft. Why? Well…with Calgary picking right after them the Oilers simply can’t win with their pick. If they get the better player it will be because they picked third…but if the player Calgary picks pans out better then it will be rubbed in the Oilers’ faces for the next decade…not to mention what would happen if the Canucks find a steal that outperforms the Oilers’ #3!

    • Lowetide

      As an aside, if you’d like to see more of these just let me know. If there’s a player you’d like to read more on, just post it and I’ll see what I can do.


      • Lowetide

        Show the Virtanen highlights and let the viewers decide . he was rated NBR.3 earlier in the year . Coutourier was rated high and slipped – have a feeling Virtanen would pan out here .

      • toprightcorner

        Hey Lowetide, I’m a Calgary fan and wanted to say that your work is excellent. Since season’s end I have been frequenting the oiler site more often than the Flames site as you have similar content but way MORE of it.

        I have read a lot of concerns over Calgary picking right after Edmonton. Here is my hope. I hope that Calgary and Edmonton get the two best picks of the whole draft as decided ten years from now, so that when both teams are relevant again we can troll each other by arguing over which of us two winners really won the draft.

        Here is my best of luck to you all, and thanks for all the fantastic content keeping me excited for the coming draft.

        And here is to hoping that neither of our management groups screw this up.

        • Edsez


          edit:well, except for that whole Calgary fan thing

          Alberta used to be Death Valley for road teams way back when …. I’d like to have the Battle of Alberta mean something in the standings again.

      • toprightcorner

        Oilers finished 121 out 122 teams. This is a comedy the Oilers. Shocking if they average it over 8 years Oilers would have finished last.

        Ha Ha Ha KLowe Ha Ha me they are still paying this guy

    • Edsez

      Oilers appear to be ready to address a top two defenceman by dealing their first pick , whether we agree or not . Thus , I figure we are looking at dealing with Anaheim as they have two first round picks (10th and 28th ) . If we can get the 10th pick out of them (swapping first round picks) , there is a chance to pick up a very good pick still , with someone like Virtanen if we are lucky should he slide that far. This season our defence was made to play above their heads and often it showed . We need a defensive anchor so they can get down to playing our defence in roles they can be successful at . Petry and J.Schultz played above their heads and one has to wonder if Schultz and Petry will show much better with a reduced role -I believe they will ? Our focus might be better looking at what we might get in first round with a swap of picks . Seeing as we have no second rounder , it would make sense to acquire one in same trade if possible . Perron , Yak or Gagner could be in play ? I’d say a 70%chance we deal the pick .

    • number99

      Latest from Kyle Woodlief

      1 Sam Bennett C 6-0, 178 Left June 20, 1996 Kingston

      2 Sam Reinhart C 6-1, 182 Right Nov. 6, 1995 Kootenay

      3 Aaron Ekblad D 6-4, 217 Right Feb. 7, 1996 Barrie

      4 Leon Draisaitl C 6-1, 209 Left Oct. 27, 1995 Prince Albert

      5 Michael Dal Colle LW 6-2, 171 Left June 20, 1996 Oshawa

      6 Nikolaj Ehlers LW 5-11, 176 Left Feb. 13, 1996 Halifax

      7 Jake Virtanen LW 6-1, 208 Right Aug. 17, 1996 Calgary

      8 Nick Ritchie LW 6-3, 232 Left Dec. 5, 1995 Peterborough

      9 Robby Fabbri C 5-10, 165 Right Jan. 22, 1996 Guelph

      10 Haydn Fleury D 6-3, 204 Left July 8, 1996 Red Deer