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It was a tough season for Sam Gagner. His coverage (as reflected by the photo above) was beyond the pale, his offense was in the pail, and, for part of the season, he was spitting chiclets into the pail! What an awful year. The sun comes up, and it’s time to talk. Do the Oilers move on from 89? What should we expect in return?


Many Oiler fans I speak to don’t believe Craig MacTavish will be able to find a trade partner for Sam Gagner. I respectfully disagree. He’s established himself as an offensive player of note and with goals being a priority every offseason I suspect there will be interest from several cities.


centers sledgehammer

This is the Vollman Sledgehammer for all the players who spent time at center this season. You can make your own Sledgehammer below, courtesy Rob Vollman.

Player Usage Charts.

The bubbles represent “Corsi on” which is shot differential*. Blue bubbles are good, but there’s no blue bubble in the chart. The best way to explain it might be this: Arcobello’s bubble is the color of small crime, like you took a Coca-Cola from the pool hall. Nuge and Gagner’s bubbles would be a larger crime, maybe theft over $1,000 or something. Gordon and Acton need a lawyer.

However, that’s only one side of the issue. Nugent-Hopkins is facing the toughest available opposition, so despite a big break on zone starts (he gets the cherry minutes there, close to 60% because offense). Gagner faces the second toughest opposition, but also gets great zone starts because offense.

Gordon? He’s over at Shawshank, in the laundry room. Gordon’s 5×5 zone start is a bear, and he’s facing the other team’s best offensive players—this is probably worth $3 million a year, but there are days when Gordon probably feels like driving to the airport and heading to Cancun.

Ryan Smyth is in a tougher part of the graph, and Arcobello gets under 50% zone starts but isn’t facing the toughest opps available.


The real issue for Gagner in this graph is the location of his bubble. A man with his experience — even an offense-first player — should be trusted with more severe zone starts and to take the tougher opps from the 21-year old phenom. Gagner never was that player as an Oiler. The big pants were worn by Horcoff and now Gordon this past season.

And that’s really the issue with Gagner, and the reason he’ll be dealt to the Islanders or the Hurricanes or the Panthers. The Oilers need a more complete player, certainly until RNH can handle the Kopitars and the Toews of this world.

And Gagner isn’t that guy (see photo above) because he’s never been that player. Not in junior, not in 2007 as a rookie nor in 2010 or 2012. Not before Kassian and certainly not after.


Sam Gagner has value. A team that can move his bubble down toward the Arcobello bubble, and maintain the quality zone starts, is probably getting a 50-point player.

Edmonton? They need a more complete player. Full stop. That’s it, that’s all.



Zack Kassian is a dink. However, he may have done the Oilers a favor. This season, where Sam Gagner’s limitations were on display while his offense struggled, pointed out a major hole in the team’s center depth chart.

The Edmonton Oilers may choose to move him to the wing, but at this point we’ve probably seen the end of Sam Gagner’s Oiler career as a center. The market for centers who can score against the soft parade is strong, but Edmonton needs a more complete pivot.

Surely the 2013-14 season proved it beyond a doubt.

* From Extra Skater

Corsi is the number of shot attempts by a team or player. In
other words, it’s the sum of a team or players’s goals, shots
on net, shots that miss the net, and shots that are blocked.
It’s used as a proxy for puck possession: since we can’t (yet)
measure how long a player or team has possession of the puck,
we use corsi as an approximation.
We’re interested in puck possession because you can’t score if
you don’t have the puck (and the team that has puck more often
usually wins).
For players, we usually measure “on-ice” corsi, or all of
their team’s shot attempts while they’re on the ice.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    MacT needs to capitalize on the impending craziness to come out of Philly, holmgren will FOR SURE do something dumb post loss tonight and the oil need to be all over that. I think everyone not named Giroux is available tomorrow

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Yeah, like there’s a killing to be made dealing with the laughing stock of this league for 5 yrs now. There’s nothing here for Paul Holmgren.

      Holmgren is far better off to take another run at Shea Weber. Watch Holmgren land the Oilers first next summer for his underwhelming Braydon Coburn (only to help make room for a Weber type contract). MacTavish is so desperate to do something, any warm body will do. Even if that player is gone in two yrs.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Can’t believe there are fans than want to keep gagner still. Said last year we should’ve traded him at his highest value.

    It’s ok to lose a trade if it brings a different element to your team people! Not to mention we can get a centre in ufa

    Options: grabovski, statsny (unlikely), goc, ott, hell even bolland makes us better. Deal with the cap situation later, we just need to improve!

    Trade options:

    Gagner for Wilson, gagner for bailey, gagner + 2015 2nd for anisimov, gagner + prospect for vermette. These are all realistic deals.

    If we keep the same top 6 and don’t look elsewhere, we are bottom five again

    Then again, some people enjoy the kool aid.

  • bazmagoo

    First Hall demands a trade, then team sets record for consecutive seasons outside of the playoffs at 11. Then maybe (yes, maybe) Lowe gets fired, start another rebuild, and possibly make the playoffs in 2020.

    Far outside of the realm of possibility?

  • 1979

    Okay so the year was terrible and it has been 8 years on the outside. Everyone desperately wants the rebuild to be over. Teams are paying Ferraro to suggest trade scenarios that clearly see the Oilers on the short-end of the stick, and the fan base is continually calling for bold moves. However, if you look at the D prospects (Nurse, Marincin, Klefbom, Gernat, Simpson), the amount of quality bottom 6 prospects (Moroz, Chase, Kaira, Yakimov, Pitlick, etc…), and solid top 6 pieces (Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Perron, and Yak), plus some real possibility in net and a nice piece in Gordon, it actually isn’t difficult to see this team becoming a legitimate contender in 3 years if they bring in the right piece at 2C and our prospects round out.

    To me, the worst thing Mac-T could do is trade Eberle or Yakupov etc… unless the Oilers were getting a clear upgrade for their team. If we want a big d or 2C trade then Trade the draft pick, one of our d prospects, Gagner, etc… not one of our best pieces. if that isnt enough then free agency and development it is. Nobody wants to hear it, but teams in the Oilers position who start trading guys like eberle for big guys who score half as much or when the value is low like Yak delay their rebuild not hasten it.

  • bazmagoo

    Yaaaaaawn… I couldn’t even make it 3 posts in on the first blog I have read in like 3 weeks..

    The Speculation.. the opinions…

    Pretty sure we need some learned people with phd’s to figure out this emotion that is only produced by oilers fans…

    Is it surprise? Nope!! Nbo surprises here!!
    Is it anger? Nope!! That well is dry like a dog’s pecker pissing on everything in the yard.
    Is it shame? Nope!! Even a naked fat guy standing in front of the entire Victoria secret list of girls will eventually stop feeling shame once he is used to it..
    What is this feeling? We all know the feeling.. describe it!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The closest I can describe is the feeling when you either lose money for no reason, or you NEED to pay for something you have zero return on..

    That might not make sense to others.. but that’s the feeling I think I feel..

    Just a feeling that can not be changed.. it is what it is kind of thing..

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Watching these amazing playoffs have just sucked everything I have for oilers emotion out of me..
    Gagne is soooooooooooo far away from our problem…. these teams are playing at a level so far beyond the oilers’ best games this year, it is just a joke.
    I don’t care that the oilers beat some elite teams during the season.. those teams are showing just how far ahead they are when they actually try. Every shift looks like the best 2 minutes a game the oilers can ever put up in a game.
    The kings would have won their last 4 games 15 to 0 if they played the oilers like that.

    • Spydyr

      No kidding.
      If the GM of LA Kings could add any of the Oilers to his team right now for these playoffs how many players do you think he would take? Maybe two to three players, that’s it. Hall, Nuge and maybe Perron. No goalies, no defense men, and just those forwards. Thats how far away we are from being competitive in the NHL playoffs.
      We have so many holes to fill I can’t see us being a real threat for many years from now.

  • paul wodehouse

    …I’m officially off the Couturier bandwagon…seven games in the playoffs way less than half a point regular season per game he skated a lot against the Rangers but had no impact…sometimes big just means big …b-bye

    • I am fully on board the Couturier band wagon. You say .5 ppg in the regular season but don’t give credit that he’s doing it in a shut down role with Read. He had a 26.2% O/D zone start in the playoffs! What do you expect him to do with that? I say he’s exactly what the Oilers need in a 2nd line center. A hard minutes player with unrealized offensive potential because of the role he plays in Philly. Hell, put him with Hall and (insert name) for the best on best match-ups and I think many would be surprised.


    • misfit

      Couturier will be entering his 4th season. Another offseason of training and will even be a better player then he was this season. I think it would be wise to target him, especially if Holmgren is rattled at the moment.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    it’s time for Sam to go. in fact overdue. now we’ll see this summer just how good, or not, MacT really is! but don’t expect any miracles. he may be able to fill some holes, but unless he makes a BOLD move, there will only be a slight improvement in the standings next year. gawd, you gotta love the “old boys club”….

  • Spydyr

    “Edmonton? They need a more complete player. Full stop. That’s it, that’s all.”

    Some of us have been saying this for years now. It is nice more people are seeing the snow on the pants or um the light.

  • camdog

    Upon reflection this team would be further ahead if we would traded Gags last season and held onto Horcoff.

    If we trade Gags now and draft a Centre, we well need another veteran Centre to hold fort until the kid is ready in 2-3 years. Around and around we go…

    • Spydyr

      How do you (the collective) view Vinnie Lecavalier? Not getting any love from Phili at the moment. Benched the 3rd periods of the last 2 games. Is he a guy that can help bring RNH and Bennett (fingers crossed) along? This is the kind of move that good teams would do. Vinnie may not be the answer, but the player profile fits.

  • CMG30

    I’ve always had high hopes for Gagner but I have to grudgingly admit that he’s not the right 2C for the Oilers next season. Edmonton needs a complete 2C and Gagner has come to a point in his career where it’s obvious that he will not be that player.

    Having said that, don’t just give him away for magic beans, Edmonton does that far too often with players who still have value. Perhaps MacTavish even needs to take a page from Burke and hold on to him (on the wing) if reasonable value can’t be found. This would finally send the message to the league that the firesale in Edmonton is over.

  • TKB2677

    Wasn’t lowtide a big Gagner booster for a while? On the odd time that I listened to his show, He was always gushing about Gagner and not giving up on him.

    THe faster the Oilers can get rid of Gagner the better. I know they are trading when his value is low but as long as he is on their team, the Oilers will NEVER be good. Don’t get me wrong I used to really like Gagner and I thought that they picked the right guy when they chose between him and Coglina but WOW am I disappointed.

    Gagner hasn’t improved in 7 freaking years. He’s no better now than he was his rookie season. Changing coaches as many times as has happened didn’t help but most of a player developing is ALL ON THE PLAYER. Coaches don’t have any impact on a players offseason development. A coach can’t make a player stay out late after practice. How a 7 yr NHL center can still be as bad at faceoffs as he was his rookie year is baffling. How a 7 yr player can still be as bad, maybe worse defensively as his rookie year is baffling. How a 7yr NHL player who’s supposed to be offensive hasn’t surpassed his rookie points total is baffling.

    I’m willing to bet that when Gagner is traded, the will force him to be moved to the wing and he will probably score a lot better than the Oilers. But on the Oilers, Gagner refuses to play wing. On the rare occasion the Oilers try him on the wing, he dog F’s it so bad that they put him back at center. Gagner on the Oilers is never going to score more than what he has to date which is below average for a 2nd liner. There is 7 yrs of evidence to prove that.

    If all the Oilers can get for Gagner is a decent third liner with size, then do it. At this point, people need to stop thinking Gagner is worth much and should be focusing on getting an NHL player back that actually helps the team. Gagner DOESN’T HELP the team, all he is doing is filling up a roster spot.

  • How the hell did Boyd Gordon get 20% offensive zone starts? Was it his birthday? Was Eakins feeling nice? It works defensive minutes or it gets the hose again.

    Seriously, jokes aside, I absolutely love Boyd Gordon. We need one more of him so the original Gordon doesn’t get burned out / traumatized a la Horcoff.

    • D

      Isn’t Hendricks a centre? I wonder if they try splitting them up and putting Hendricks as the pivot on a hard nosed fourth line, then surrounding Gordon with a bit more firepower.

      Gordon, Winnik, and Downie might make a pretty versatile third line.

      Where as Pitlick, Hendricks, and say Pinnizoto could make up an effective and relatively inexpensive fourth line.

  • You can’t just give away Sam Gagner though. There are some very big holes on the main roster as well as the prospect depth. If you get the Sam Gagner trade right, maybe you don’t have to part with Jordan Eberle.

    • TKB2677

      HAHAHAHAHA. Here is the response of a typical clueless Oiler fan. Gagner is worth NOTHING. When you trade Gagner you take what you can get for him just to move on. If they got a useful 3rd liner with size, I would do cartwheels. The Oilers to trade him, might even have to take back salary. I bleed copper and blue but I have faced reality here.

      In 67 games, he scored 10 goals, 37 pts, -29, below 50% faceoffs and is a smaller player making 4.8 mill. You can’t even call him young and up and coming anymore because he has 7 NHL seasons under his belt. It’s pretty safe to assume they what you see is what you get with Gagner.

      Oiler fans need to take off your Oiler colored glasses off and think like a rival GM. Look at Gagner’s 7 years of NHL work, look at his size, look at his contract. For what he brings to the Oilers, Gagner is ridiculously overpaid. He makes Horcoff’s contract look good. I danced and cheered when they traded Horcoff but at least Horcoff could win a faceoff, defend a bit, play on your pp, kill penalties and chip in some offense. Other than chip in some offense, does Gagner do any of the above I listed reasonably well? NO.

      SO if you are a rival GM and you look at the contract then look at what Gagner brings, are you going to give up much? Not a chance.

  • TKB2677

    Here is the thing that bothers me every time I hear about the lock out shortened season and Gagner’s point “projection”. This is all just speculation. If Gagner had of kept scoring at the pace he was, then sure he COULD of scored 60+ points. But he didn’t. None of us have no idea what would of happened if that was a full season.

    That was 1 season. What about the other 5 seasons before never getting past his 49 pt rookie total? What about the 5 seasons before of never scoring even 20 goals?

    The fact remains, 6 out of the 7 seasons that Gagner has been with the Oilers, his scoring numbers are below average 2nd line numbers. He’s getting paid as if he is a very good second line player and he isn’t. He has 6 seasons of evidence that say he isn’t a good second line player. So I find it ridiculous that the Gagner lovers cling on to 1 shortened season as being reason to say Gagner is great.

    Here’s another damning thing. Look at his numbers when he played in Europe. Gagner signed in the Austrian league which isn’t even a top league in Europe and scored 20 pts in 21 games. If you are in a second tier European league, playing mostly against guys who if they are lucky, might make a few NHL minor league teams but never the NHL, shouldn’t you be lighting it up? When Eberle played in OKC during the lock out, he DOMINATED. He had 51 pts in 34 games. Gagner in a second tier league couldn’t even score a point a game.

    • D

      It’s still relevant data. I think you need to look at the player career context of that data. You’ll note that the other kids taken in that Gagner draft year, Voracek, Benn, Couture, JVR, all had great years/career years last year. Even Patrick Kane had a bounce back year. That’s the magic 5 year bump that we expect out of young players so seeing Sam up there was very encouraging. Is he still on pace for that? Maybe. The one thing that concerns us is the lack of defensive game. That’s the argument for trading Sam because RNH isn’t ready to shoulder the load himself and we’re not trading RNH.

      • TKB2677

        You are making my argument look even better.

        Gagner GP 481, 295 pts

        Career high in goals, 18. Over his career, averages 14.
        Career high in pts is 49. Over his career averages 42 pts.

        0.61 pts per game.

        Vorachek GP 449, 291 pts
        2 – 20+ goal seasons
        1 – 62 pt season
        2 – 50+ pt seasons
        1 – 49 point season

        0.64 pts per game

        Benn GP 344, 272 pts
        1 – 30+ goal
        4 – 20+ goal seasons
        1 – 79pts
        2 – 50+ pts
        1 – 60 pts

        0.79 pts per game

        Couture GP 297, 221
        2 – 30+ goal
        4 – 20+
        1 – 60+ pt
        3 – 50+ pts

        0.74 pts per game

        JVR GP 324, 192
        1 – 30+ goal
        2 – 20+ goal
        1 – 60+ pts.

        0.59 pts per game

        I’d take every single one of those players you listed over Gagner in a heart beat. The only guy that anyone can argue against is JVR. He started his career off really slow so his numbers are down but he looked pretty good this year in T.O scoring 30 goals and 61 pts. But even if JVR’s brutal slow pace, he’s still barely behind Gagner in pts per game.

        Here’s a question. How do the Oilers EVER get better if they don’t move any of their players? I don’t like the idea of selling when Gagner’s value is so low but he’s hurting the team with his play, is clearly not the answer as a second line center or even a second line player given their current make up. If they are ever going to get better, they have to move on. They have invested 7 years into Gagner and he’s still not paying dividends. When’s enough enough?

        If you invest in a stock and you hold onto it for 7 years and in that time the stock continually under performs. Then after year 5, you decide to hold on to the stock for 1 more year. The stock takes a slight upturn so you get all excited. Then in year 7 the stock tanks (like Gagner’s season). Do you continue to hold onto it, probably continue to take a beating on it and pray somehow it bounces back into a winner even though for the most part over the 7 years it’s been a dud or do you cut your loses and move on? After 7 seasons, it’s not like Gagner hasn’t been given a chance.

        • misfit

          Finally hearing some sanity on this site. Gagner does not have seven years NHL experience. He has 1 year of experience 7 times. He has not modified his game to meet the needs of his position or his team.

          Gagner is a sub standard #2C because he can only play half the rink moderately well. In the defensive zone he is a black hiole of ineptitude. As long as the Oilers continue to consider him a viable alternative at #2C they will continue to be a non playoff team and they will never be a legitimate contender for the Cup.

          The Oilers have a chance this draft to acquire a high quality prospect to fill the #2C role. If they pass on this opportunity they will regret it for the foreseeable future. Almost every successful team has had dominant #1C and #2Cs. Until the Oilers have that, they will continue to wander in the wilderness.

    • Maybe doing 30 seconds of homework before you post up might be an idea. It’ll help minimize the stupid.

      “17 teams have their second best scoring centre scoring at a slower pace than the Sam Gagner’s 0.627 points per game pace from last season. That means by re-signing Gagner, the Oilers have a second option at centre ice behind RNH who is a more proficient scorer than what over half of the league’s teams can utilize as their second option. Again, the notion that Gagner can’t score at the level required on the second line again is a pretty shaky argument.”


      • There shouldn’t be any argument that Gagner can score at a 2C rate.

        However, I also don’t think there can be any argument that he is less than a 2C center in pretty much every other aspect of the game.

        His best fit would be 2C on a team with a significant physical presence who are solid defensively. Basically the opposite of the Oil.

        • Sam may not be a NHL center but he is a NHL player.put him on the wing were his defensive responsibility is much less.i would love to see him in foot races with other teams defence men.the wingers cover the point not the front of the net.

          • Other than the first year when the “kid line” was on fire for the last 15 games, his performance as a winger has not been any better than at center.

            The following year the kid line started the year but was so ineffective it had to be split up very early. Since they Gags has had occasional stints on the wing and hasn’t shown anything better than at center. Putting him at wing is just shuffling the deck chairs.

          • I am the Liquor

            Oh don’t get me wrong .I agree it is time to part ways with him. but if we get nothing for him do we have anything in the system that can replace the 50+ points we will loos

  • D

    The problem for Mac T is that he’ll need to see what he can pry out of free agency before making trades.

    If he can buy a Stasny, or Legwand, or Richards if he gets bought out, then Mac T will have an easier time trading Ganger to a team loaded with D that needs help in scoring.

    But if he can’t get that guy, but can pull out some D in free agency, well then you have to trade Gagner for help at forward. And no one is going to trade one of their second line centres to downgrade to Gagner. So what the heck do you do then?

    Here’s hoping Mac T can grab Stasny, even though I think Colorado will likely keep him.

    After that, and I know this is unpopular, but I’d pick up Heatly for dirt cheap and run a line of Heatly, Stasny, and Perron. Then trade Yak and Gags for as much help on D as you could get.

  • 1979

    I think the trade the Oilers should pursue is Gagner for Kulikov. Frankly, that’s the trade they should have made last summer, but whatever.

    Talon does not appear to be a fan of Kulikov. Kulikov is coming up on that 300 game mark where defensemen finally seem to “get it”.

    Florida needs right wingers, a role that Gagner could fill.

    A little bit of a gamble for both teams, but one where both could win.

  • Zarny

    How do you let Gagner go when your replacement will be more negativity . The group think is all of one mind and the only way to impregnate that is to fire the lot of them and put in another think tank . MacT. and think tank has had all year to try and bring in better players by way of trade , etc. , but failed to do any upgrades during the season . Actually , they made us even weaker with some very questionable people let go for practically nothing . Horc, Hemmer , Schultz , Smid ,etc.. Where are the upgrades ? None , they don’t exist .

    We need a new group think as this one continues to flounder .

  • misfit

    Offer the sun and the moon to Stastny in the offseason. If he agrees, then you can move Gagner to any team you like without having to get a centerman in return (which isn’t likely to happen anyway). If not, then it might be best to keep him for another year.

    Finding centermen who can play in an NHL top 6 and thrive isn’t easy and, while Gagner has his warts, he’s the best option we have at the moment. It’s better to have a less than ideal 2C than none at all.

    I have questions:

    Are the Hurricanes truly open to moving J.Staal? He’d be a great option, if true, but it seems unlikely.

    We could probably get Umberger (NTC alert), but is he even best suited for center?

    Has Plekanec fallen far enough down the depth chart that the Habs may move his $5M contract?

    Does Lou Lamoriello drink? Can we get him drunk enough to trade Zajac?

    Will Bolland make it to free agency? Would he come here?

  • TKB2677

    See about trading Gagner and a 4th for Sydney Crosby.
    Then send Klefbom Nurse and our 3rd pick to Los Angeles for Doughty and Kopitar
    Finally trade Dillon Simpson Tyler Pitlik and Fasth to Montreal and get price, we all know he wants out of frenchville.
    And then IF you can see about moving your 1st round pick to Boston for Lucic and Dougie Hamilton.

    All moves the Oilers can and should make. We might even make the playoffs

  • Zarny

    The problem is not Gagner himself per se. Last year he would have led 10 NHL teams in scoring. He would have been 2nd or 3rd in team scoring on every other team except Wsh where he would have been 4th. To be fair, he would have been 4th in Pit too had Letang played more games.

    The problem is and always has been that Gagner does not compliment Nuge. Same type of player except not as good with similar deficiencies. If Edm had Toews, Getzlaf, Kopitar, Staal etc or a couple of huge W like Lucic and Simmonds Sam might be a 2C option.

    Of course, the Oilers don’t and their top 6 F are way too much of the same. 2 need to be changed out and in the Western Conference logic dictates one of the changes needs to be @ C and Sam becomes odd man out.

    Gagner will never be world class defensively but nothing is more valued in the NHL than offense. The injury this year was extremely unfortunate as it undoubtedly hurts his trade value but anyone who says Gagner has no value is a fool and clearly hasn’t been paying attention to a league that dished out big money to Leino, Weiss and many others with much less potential than Sam Gagner.

    Carolina is rumored to be looking to shed salary. Jordan Staal would be a perfect fit to compliment Nuge.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    I’ve been asking to see Bennett’s penalty record to see if they are aggression penalties or lazy penalties. Someone named James McKinlay posted this elsewhere.

    “Was interested to see how Bennett’s pims compared to Draisaitl’s pims. I wanted to break down penalties into aggressive and non aggressive. Aggressive include goalie intrf, roughing, fighting, high sticking, crosschecking, charging, slashing and unsportsman/match penalties. Non aggressive, for lack of better description, were the so-called lazy penalties, holding, interference, tripping, hooking etc..

    Draisaitl had 12pims in aggressive penalties and 16pims in non aggressive type. 6 high stick, 2 crosscheck & 4 slashing. 6 tripping, 4 interference, 2 holding and 4 hooking.

    Bennett had 74 aggressive pims plus 1 fight major and 3 unsportsmanlike/match penalties. He had 34pims of the non aggressive type. This kid has anger issues: 24 roughing, 22 high stick, 10 cross checking, 4 charging, 12 slashing and 12 goalie interference. 16 tripping, 6 interference and 14 holding/hooking pims.

    Of course this is all very scientific (not), but it paints a picture of the two very difference styles of play between these two. Bennett scored as many goals in fewer games than Draisaitl and did it with 4 times as much time in the penalty box. 24 roughing, 10 crosscheck and 4 charging to Draisaitl’s 2 crosschecking pims. Size won’t matter because no one will escape Bennett unscathed. Draisaitl might be bigger but who cares if he never uses the size.

    I never saw Bennett play and only saw Draisailt in 5 games all year. So I’m not able to compare apples to apples but from a stats pov, Bennett is a beast.”

  • I am the Liquor

    Yes we should move on.

    No we wont get anything in return.

    Buy him out.

    Otherwise we will be eating salary to get rid of him or taking on another undesirable contract/player in return.

    Should have taken the Clifford deal.

    The other option is to hang onto him and see if by some miracle he can turn himself around and then we may actually get something for him. But that may come at a cost of hurting the teams overall performance on the ice, which may or may not be a bad thing considering next year’s lottery prizes consist of McDavid and Eichel.

    If Sammy can help us get one of those two then it will have been time well spent and we can buy him a fruit cake to take with him to Europe.