Meet Our New Partner, Print Machine

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It was a good day, at Nation HQ, when we somehow convinced Print Machine to sign on as the official clothing supplier for Nation Gear!  One of the first things I started working on here was finding a provider that fit in with what we wanted to do and wasn’t afraid of our nonsense or ridiculous ideas. We’ve found that provider and we’re pretty funkin’ pumped about it.

After scouring the Internet and searching the darkest corners of this fine city, we are happy to announce a new partnership for all the Nation Gear that you know and love. Enter Print Machine.  Not only are these dudes dialed in in terms of custom shirts, they’ve also given us the go ahead to think of other ideas, outside of shirts, that may not have been possible before.

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Basically, what that means is more of the stupid ideas that have been rolling around in our heads will soon come to life.

Our Official Retailer

photo 2

One of Wanye’s dreams has always been to have an OilersNation retail store. This partnership is the first step to making that happen.  Starting later this summer, Print Machine will be the exclusive retailer of Nation Gear as well. Procrastinators, this is for you. A lot of times you guys are late to the party and miss out on the limited designs online, now you’ll have a place to grab them.

It was a pretty cool moment to be walking into their shop and seeing a Nation tee hanging in the window. It will be even cooler once we have them stocked up with Nation Gear and you guys are all storming their door like tanned (read orange) babes on Pauly D circa 2010!

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They’re Local

photo 3

One of the things that was important to us, when finding a new clothing partner, was that they be local.  Print Machine fits the bill.  These guys know the city, they’re involved in the community, and despite the decade of shitacular hockey they’re also Oilers fans. 

If you’ve ever had a great (read stupid) idea that you thought should be on a t-shirt/hat/poster/whatever Print Machine is the ticket! These dudes will put your nonsense on just about anything, which is why they’re such a great fit – we’ve got a lot of nonsense to spread. If you’ve got an idea, go see them, they’ll take care of you.

You can check them out online at and their shop is located at 8124 Gateway Blvd NW