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The NHL draft is two weeks away, and Oiler fans have yet another lottery pick to ponder. Have you been reading up on it? Maybe running a You Tube video or two of past Oiler picks? Well, if you want a crash course on this year’s edition, read on.

2010 seems like years ago (I mean MANY years ago) and for Edmonton’s hockey fans the draft has turned into an all-too-familiar annual highlight. As a fan, I cannot wait for this team to draft 27th overall on merit. That day is at least one year away.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a draft guide, I would highly recommend Red Line Report and Corey Pronman at ESPN. Both are well written and have strong opinions, and both are different enough to be worthwhile. Historically, I have found Red Line to be more in line with the Oilers thinking on these things, but that’s just my guess.

There are some outstanding sources available free of charge:

  • Cody Nickolet, WHL From Above.    This is an outstanding resource for WHL prospects, Cody has a final list and a Mock Draft. Well written, and he also gives a range of where he believes these prospects will land.
  • Brock Otten, OHL Prospects.   A terrific website that breaks down the best OHL kids, and that’s a long list. Brock’s evaluations are splendid and thorough, you’ll walk away from the site with a really good feel for the entire OHL crop this season. 
  • NHL.com    has a nice spot where they collect stories and update things. I find it wise to spin through there every day or so for an update.
  • Elite Prospects   This is a great place to read more about the European kids, often you’ll get a very good bio from Future Considerations.
  • USA Today    They run Woodlief (Red Line Report) articles but also have Kevin Allen and others who update during this period.
  • Kirk Luedeke, NY and NE Hockey Journal.    Kirk does a wonderful job with USHL, college and eastern seaboard high school kids, and this is information that isn’t readily available. Helluva nice guy, too. 

Beyond that, I would suggest Oilers Nation and the other Nation families do stellar work, Jason Gregor has interviewed Stu MacGregor and Kyle Woodlief in recent weeks. I’ve passed along some statistical breakdowns on the top players in the draft over the last few weeks, and will be adding to those beginning this weekend.

If you’re a fan of the draft, stay tuned! Fun days ahead! 

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  • Sorensenator

    Draft Draisaitl. Much more bigger, tough to handle, and even more skilled than Bennet.

    Bennet in my mind is more like RNH and we don’t need anymore small forwards. The only players in the top 5 that fits our team is Ekblad (If he’s available) and Draisaitl.

    • Sorensenator

      I agree Ekblad and Draisaitl are the only two that fit our team need.

      Bennett is feisty but he will get rag dolled in the NHL unless he drastically improves his strength.

      We need size and strength incorporated into the lineup, and in a hurry.

  • Sorensenator

    IMHO I think we need to find a second first round between 7-15 to draft Alex Tuch. 6’4″ 215 lbs. Perhaps another lucic or Burns. This kid will be the steal of the draft. Now what can we do to acquire this next superpower forward.