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The Edmonton Oilers are busy getting ready for the 2014 Entry Draft, and looking forward to adding a big piece of the future at No. 3 overall. Today, the club gave fans an update on prospect progress from the 2013 crop, and passed along some interesting items along the way.

Oilers Senior Director of Player Development Rick Carriere spoke to Chris Westcott from the Edmonton Oilers website, and gave interesting updates on
all of the picks from last season. It’s a great article, suggest you
read it, but for our purposes I wanted to highlight a few noteworthy

  • Carriere on Marco Roy’s injury-riddled season:  “He struggled with injuries. He had a wrist injury at the start of the
    season that he kind of left here with and it took him a while to recover
    from that and as a result he was probably a little behind everybody in
    his league. The Quebec league starts a little bit earlier than the WHL
    and the OHL. He missed a few more games than what he probably was hoping
    to. But he got in and in November, he got a concussion. It wasn’t
    diagnosed early so he played a little longer and went through the Subway
    Series and then he comes out of that and he’s diagnosed with a

Roy began the season 8GP, 2-11-13 but after the concussion faded (31GP, 12-10-22) as the season wore along, finishing 39GP, 14-21-25. He was recently traded to Quebec, where he’ll be a Rempart in their Memorial Cup hosting 2014-15 season.

The concussion diagnosis is especially concerning, and something to track into this season. The Oilers had terrible luck with QMJHL first-round pick Marc Pouliot, and his draft year +1 went in similar fashion. He never did recover as a prospect after enduring several injuries as a teenager.

  • Carriere on Kyle Platzer’s season: “He’s got an excellent shot. He shoots almost like an American Hockey
    League player now in his release and velocity on his shot. It’s the same
    thing with him in that he needs to build up his body and be a little
    bit stronger and work on his acceleration. You’ve got to have that other
    gear to his game so that he’s a little bit more effective offensively.
    Defensively, he was always pretty sound.”

It’s sometimes difficult to see a player in your mind’s eye based on scouting reports, especially the deeper draft picks. Carriere’s description gives us a very nice idea about why Platzer was taken one year ago.

  • Carriere on Greg Chase’s season: “The things he was working on this year, and I think he improved quite a
    bit on too, was his play without the puck defensively, with his
    positioning, going into the corner, battling for pucks and finishing
    checks. Offensively he brings a lot to the table, as we saw with his
    point production. I see a steady progression with Chase.”

This is really good news. Chase is an impressive offensive player—I rate him as the best offensive forward in the system—but if the agitating center is also working on his play away from the puck, well, we’re talking about a real gem here if things keep rolling along.

yakimov common

So far, the Oilers have signed the following players from the 2013 draft:

  • Darnell Nurse signed in July 2013. It’s an entry-level deal that slides with each junior season played—meaning it resets if he’s sent back to junior and won’t begin until he turns pro.
  • Bogdan Yakimov signed in May 2014. He’ll turn pro this fall, likely with the Oklahoma City Barons.

Based on the progress reports, I expect we’ll see Marco Roy, Jackson Houck, Ben Betker and Greg Chase sign in the next twelve months. As for the others, we aren’t certain when Slepyshev plans to come over, Platzer needs to show more offense, while Muir and Campbell will be in college.

We can’t judge this draft for several more years, but early returns are solid. Some of these bets look very good one year later.

(OKC Barons photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Oilers “so called experts” really tend to gloss those selections over, lumping them into that hope vault thing they got going on there. Still passing off hope as a viable form of entertainment.

    No surprises here. Not one non superstar in the bunch, according to the Kool aid perpetuators of this draft class. Hard to believe the Oilers did so well, considering 92% of kids drafted fail to achieve their NHL dreams. Que the, we couldn’t believe he was still on the board when we drafted him shtick.

    Well done to all involved in this propagandiant effort.

    • Wax Man Riley

      An excerpt from the article (which judging by your comment, I’m sure you didn’t read):

      Carriere on Kyle Platzer’s season: “He’s got an excellent shot. He shoots almost like an American Hockey League player now in his release and velocity on his shot. It’s the same thing with him in that he needs to build up his body and be a little bit stronger and work on his acceleration. You’ve got to have that other gear to his game so that he’s a little bit more effective offensively. Defensively, he was always pretty sound.”

      That sounds like someone evaluating a player, not trying to trick the fanbase into thinking he is a saviour.

      Please read the article and post something constructive, don’t just scroll down to be the first person in each article to poop on The Oilers.

    • YakCity1039

      You and RexHolz keep talking about “Kool Aid”. Are you buddies?

      Anyways, if you knew this town you would know that they are more critical of this team than in any other city. If you are looking for “kool aid” fans I suggest you look west.

  • bazmagoo

    Even though last season sucked, I think a couple of smart moves in the off season by MacT and we could be in the hunt. Personally I’d just like the team to be in a position where we don’t need to rush our prospects into the NHL. We seem to be getting to that point, so overall we are trending in the right direction in my opinion, even if 2013/14 was a miserable campaign. If Nurse and the #3 selection end up playing in junior next season I think that would be incredible, unless they make the team based totally on merit.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Flyers big splash at the draft will be finally landing Shea Weber. This will be half the battle to their back end woes/rebuild on the fly for Paul Holmgrens Flyers.

    We thought there were bargains to be had in Philly now. Wait and see how asking prices fall once they have Webers contract to factor in on that equasion.

    Coburn would be a required free throw in on that package leaving town. Jeff Petry and a non first round selection or two, in exchange for Couturier and a salary dump (Coburn/Hartnell) may still happen yet. That would be a 4.5 million dollar swing in the Flyers favor alone.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        You got me there Private eye.

        He’s untouchable. Just like Tyler Seguin was last summer. Famous last words muttered by management weeks before said player is dealt. You must be left scratching your head wondering why teams don’t publish a “these guys are available trade list” no doubt.

        You rule PE.

        • Sorensenator

          How do you compare Tyler Seguin to Shea Weber in terms of being dealt? Seguin was a loose canon and undisciplined in Boston; he didn’t fit their team structure. Shea Weber is the rock and captain of Nashville. Dave Poile has no reason to move him under any circumstance.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            “You’re” able to count, well done PE.

            I’m half way to a hundred, while the rest are in single digits only.

            Life is always more interesting when the ship disturbers get involved. I’m just kinda into this whole rocking the boat/cyber violence thing. Try not to be one of the many sheep here PE.

            Strawmen aren’t always bad. I am one of the few propping your comments. You must be “the other guy” propping your own comments as well, no?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            ….and yet you chime in and do the exact same thing. Grow a pair, kid.

            Pot meet Kettle.

            Feel free to slag me some more if you’ll feel better about yourself. Something tells me you desperately need this victory for your self esteem.

          • Reds

            Great comeback. Really enforcing your point.

            Anyways, you’re off base if you think every draft pick should be a star.

            Hopefully you won’t need to resort to the usual the pathetic name calling or grammar policing. That’s embarrassing.

    • YakCity1039

      I know the flyers and every other team wants Weber on their blueline. But with his contract (so much paid out his first two years) and the cap is going up a lot, why would the Preds trade him?

      • Quicksilver ballet

        The Preds have their own cap, despite what the other teams spend. Probably about 5 million higher than where the cap floor is for all teams. They’re a have not market, heavily dependant on revenue sharing to break even/reduce losing money. Revenue is less than half what it is in Canadian markets. Down there, they’re most likely the 4th/5th concern/draw amongst sporting options down south. I’m sure some non pro college/University teams make more than the Predators over a season.

        Beer budget teams like Nashville limping along hoping to resemble something that appears competitive. That’s their best case scenario. They have too many eggs in this one players basket (Weber) Their blue line will be fine without Shea Weber. What they need to do is move that 7.8 million dollars up and divide it into their top two lines. The 8-10 million per yr they receive in revenue sharing alone pays most, if not all of Webers bonus every summer. They have little to no equity invested into that relationship. One could certainly make an argument it’s the Canadian teams paying his salary/bonuses.

        • Sorensenator

          Here is how I see it:

          Nashville like you suggest is a beer budget team, how many people do you think would go to the game if they lost their lone superstar? They have already lost one in Suter.

          Secondly, the Preds have wayyyyy too much money tied up in Weber, not to mention 42 million more in signing bonuses Weber is entitled to.

          From the outside looking in, it would make sense for the Preds to expend some of their defensive depth to find a little more scoring ability. It’s funny because Weber usually leads the team in scoring as a defenseman.

          There has been no talk, no speculation, no hints that Weber may be on the way out of Nashville but quite the opposite.

          I think you voice your opinion on what is best for the predators and speculate on the actual possibility of it taking place which is like zero.

          I think it’s good you think outside the box and to try and not be a “sheep” however you are nowhere close to outside the box but more towards the distant edges of space.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Nashville is a have-not team?

          Did you know that Edmonton was 19th in the league in average attendance at 16,828? Pretty good number for this hockey-crazy city. Any idea who was 20th?

          Nashville, with an average attendance of 16,600.

  • YakCity1039

    I think this 2013 draft is what’s going to set the Oilers up to succeed. Nurse is going to be that top-2 defender we need, Betker could be a Jason Smith type dman, Marco Roy can become the Andrew Cogliano of Anaheim we need, Yakimov can (hopefully) develop in to much more than a 3rd line center, Houck, Chase, Platzer can be guys who will be 3rd/4th line checking/energy players who can produce offensively and step in on a top-6 role when needed, Slepyshev is kind of a wild card but if he does play NA hockey, he can be an x-factor, Muir and Campbell can be guys who play anywhere in the line-up, Muir more of a top-6, and Campbell a bottom-6. This draft is going to change the Oilers.

  • NewfoundlandOil

    Quicksilver and private eye,

    Thanks for flinging your poo all over another good blog by LT. One can only stand back in amazement.

    2013 has brought some nice prospects. Can we expect 5 years from now that this draft yields Nurse and Chase as NHL regulars. That would be success IMO.
    yakimov or Roy would be a bonus.

  • YakCity1039

    EARLY INDICATORS : OILERS ON THE RISE ALREADY . BODOG SPORTSBOOK : HOCKEY FUTURES 2015 STANLEY CUP ODDS . Oilers tied for 21st @ 50-1 with Carolina , Ottawa, Jets and Coyotes . At 66-1 is Flames, Panthers, Predators and Isles . Last is Buffalo at 75-1 .

    I wonder what some additions might catapult us up to ?

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Quick, do you even read your posts before you hit ‘submit’ these days? I like reading different views, but you’re basically spewing crap.

    Is it weird that I miss DSF?

  • knee deep in it

    Oilers Senior Director of Player Development Rick Carriere provides his thoughts on each of those prospects and their development in an exclusive interview with edmontonoilers.com.

    For the director of player development, he seems incredibly ill informed about our Russian projects and the year they had. This concerns me.

  • Do what Weight did?

    I’m impressed with our 2013 draft. If you have 2 players inked to ELCs and 1 under a tryout a year later is pretty good. I just hope we send Greg Chase, and Nurse back to junior. I expect Yakimov to switch between Bakersfield and OKC for the season.

  • Zarny

    The concept was to rebuild through the draft. So far, other than a few kids drafted 1st overall the Oilers have nothing to show from the draft. Hopefully Marincin and Klefbom break that trend this year.

    On F, the Oilers don’t need all-stars. They need Chase, Moroz, Yakimov, Slepyshev…anyone really, no need to be picky…to contribute like Clifford, King, Pearson and Toffoli do for LA.

  • We are now seeing how development is more important than just picking a name off a board. All of our drafts seemed to look good 1 year in. Talk to me in 5 years and let’s see how they are developed. Remember when Pitlick/Hamilton were going to be great utility additions? Yeah….