Kelty Auction #9 & #10 – Summer Refreshments


It’s the final day of auctions and we’ve got some items today that are perfect for the summer. Our friends at Kegs and More Liquor have donated a couple of summer refreshments that will be great for whatever you’ve got happening this summer. What am I talking about? Today we’ve got a 30L keg of Sleemans and a tequila gift basket from Sauza tequila. These items are for Edmonton only, because you’ll be picking them up from Kegs and More directly. As always, I thank you guys for your time and your donations.

You guys have really outdone yourselves to help someone you don’t even know, and we’re very proud of that. Our readers our the greatest people on the Internet and we can’t thank you guys enough for helping Kelty.  They never asked for any of this, and you guys really stepped up to the plate. A million times – thank you.

To submit a bid, just fill out the form below with the required information. All we ask is that people with serious bids apply to help us keep this organized and run as smoothly as possible. I will be updating the article as bids come in to let you know where we’re at and who is the leading bidder! The auction will close at end of day today (11:59pm) and the winning bidder will be notified by email. 



Whether you’re having a team event, or a shaker with your friends – a keg of Sleemans is sure to get things started.  We want to thank our friends at Kegs and More for donating today’s items and they couldn’t have been nicer about it.  They didn’t want a plug of any kind, but I’m giving them one anyway because they wanted to help in any way they could.  If you’re the winning bidder, you’ll be grabbing the keg from them directly – their store is located at 17404 – 105 ave here in Edmonton. 

WINNER – Ken Hoffman – $200



Good thing that you just bought some limes huh? For this one, Kegs and More have offered up a gift basket of Sauza tequila.  Sauza is like taking a trip to Mexico without the sweating or the plane ride.  It’s great stuff. Again, the winning bidder will pick this up directly from Kegs and More.

WINNER – Mike Riley – $100