Mark Fayne and Murderer’s Row

Mark Fayne

The Edmonton Oilers have made a pile of moves this summer, but the addition of Mark Fayne to an often overmatched defence corps might be the biggest.

He has something of a track record against good players.

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What He Said

Jason Gregor had a nice piece on Fayne a couple of days ago, and he included some quotes from the defenceman which were revealing.

Particularly interesting to me was his comment on the matchups he faces:

Over the past few years I’ve developed into more of a stay home, shutdown guy playing against tougher opposition on a nightly basis. I think I’ve done my best when I am challenged the most, and I have to be aware of who is on the ice at all times. It’s a good challenge that I like taking on.

(emphasis mine)

Sometimes, players say things that don’t check out when you dig into the data. In this case, Fayne may well have understated things.

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Murderer’s Row

Fayne’s played in the Eastern Conference for his entire career, but even so his most frequent 25 opponents feature some of the game’s biggest names. Fayne’s been on the ice against John Tavares more than against any other player in the league. Claude Giroux ranks third, Eric Staal fourth. Other notables include James Neal, Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin, Phil Kessel, Evgeni Malkin, Marian Gaborik and Tyler Seguin.

It’s a pretty impressive group.

Fayne’s posted a positive Corsi against that list of 25, nearly three full percentage points better than the average opponent those players face (and keep in mind that as a rule they’ll have been playing against good defencemen).

It’s not all him. He played most frequently with Andy Greene and Henrik Tallinder, and he played on a New Jersey Devils team that more often than not has been a strong club during his tenure.


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Now, he’ll play with an Edmonton Oilers club that has no recent history of success. There is no Greene or younger version of Tallinder to be his partner; he’s likely either getting a second-tier veteran (Nikita Nikitin or Andrew Ference) or a rookie still finding his way in the majors.

But the key point here is that Oilers aren’t bringing somebody in to play a role he hasn’t had success in before. Fayne’s spent significant time assigned to some of the toughest matchups in the league, and he’s done a nice job in the role. This could be a major add for Edmonton.


    • You’re quite the idiot to be making any judgement at this time. Obviously your criteria is much different than mine. I’ll decide if it was a good move once he gets a chance to lace up and actually hit the ice. After all that is where the game is won and lost. Victory in July !!! You make me laugh.

      • Sounds like you are a complete a$$ Old Time Oil Fan.

        The comments section is a place for people to express opinions. I think most fans are excited about some of the moves adding experience and size to the team.

        It is fine to disagree or argue an opinion, but you attack him for expressing an opinion.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        He’s the idiot? MacT is doing his job as the GENERAL MANAGER to ice a NHL caliber roster. How the player preforms is the player him self and the coach. You’re the idiot. MacT took the weaknesses in our own zone and size on this roster and added both.
        He has created the bottom 6 to fill those two voids voids VERY well, along with adding 2 actual NHL d-men.

        I believe @OilPain is not an idiot. He appreciates the fact MacT is doing the job he needs to.

  • OilPain

    With Smith no longer behind our defense and Ramsay running that show, combined with some actual experienced NHL defenders…
    If this team can actually make that first pass out of their zone to our forwards I think that alone will see plenty more wins

  • Oiler63

    Hi Jonathan, an off topic question, how do you like Slava Voynov? Do you think he is a legit top 2 or #1 D man Oilers can use? The reason I’m asking is LA’s D is very deep, and with so many UFA’s and RFA’s to sign next summer, maybe Voynov and his over $4M cap hit is something LA is willing to move as early as next season.

    • Craig1981

      Are you having weird sensations in your head? That “funny feeling” might indicate this signing might be another good move by MacT.

      Perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order?

  • Lexi

    Fayne was basically the Stralman or better, as a 25 yr old on the New Jersey D that went to the finals in 2011-12 with a very mediocre Brodeur in net. I’ve got to think he is still a legit top 4 man for years.

    After 2008-09 the Kings had still not made the playoffs and they signed Scuderi who was the perfect small signing that helped them get the D depth for he next four years. I see some hopeful parallels with Fayne.

    • PutzStew

      I just wanted to say I watched Brodeur in the playoffs that year and he defied his age, and was stellar in net! He really gave the Devils a chance, and this by no means takes anything away from Fayne.

  • PutzStew

    I really like the new additions but we need to be reserved and take a wait and see approach. There are definitely some positives going into next season.

    1. goaltending will be better
    2. coaching has continuity and added help in Ramsey
    3. maturity of the young players
    4. defence is better
    5. forwards are deeper
    6. prospects look good

    No hype no promises let’s just go into the season quietly and play better hockey. The fans deserve at least that.

    • Serious Gord

      MAYBE. That’s the operative word.

      1. Goaltending is the least experienced in the league by a wide margin. It could turn out to be even worse than last year.

      2. Ramsay is old – is he pat Quinn old or Scotty bowman old?

      3. Maturity should help, but another miserable season could see maturity combined with atrophy in competitiveness and desire to win.

      And players like Hendricks, Gordon and Ference maybe maturing into obsolescence.

      4. Defense is better? Again a big maybe. And the roster may not be settled there yet.

      5. Forwards are not deeper at center. And that’s saying an awful lot considering how weak the team was last year.

      6. Prospects are still prospects and shouldn’t be relied upon to do any heavy lifting.

      Being meek about what the team looks to be is to be irrelevant in the conversation.

        • Craig1981

          Though anyone that disagrees with Serious Gord is OK in my books, I think center depth isn’t any better than last.

          The Negs at center are:

          -Subtraction of Gagner (regardless of how much you liked him)

          -Lander off a TERRIBLE showing last season

          The Pros this year are:

          -Healthy RNH

          -Draisaitl (a mystery right now)

          -Arco had a strong showing

          It seems really close. Goaltending, and Defense are far better though! Wings are very close, IMO

      • Craig1981

        OK, here are my issues

        1. Are you aware Fasth is 32 and has played 226 professional games? Scrivens is 27. Unproven maybe, but not inexperienced

        2.Age on a coach isn’t a big thing IMO

        3. You might be right

        4. Dear lord was out D bad last year, it must be better. Swapping out players that are not in the NHL this year with proven Dmen has to be better doesn’t it?

        5. Yup, agree

        6. I only think there will be one rookie penciled in this year….and thats on maybe the 3rd line.

        • Serious Gord

          1. Lots of career AHL goalies who fail at the nhl level.

          2. Age can be a factor we saw it first hand with pat Quinn. I (we?) have no idea if the same is the case with Ramsay. We do know that he is a hero of Eakins much as Quinn was a hero of tambellini and a good friend of lowes (via hockey canada). Let’s hope it hasn’t blinded management to ramsays possible deficiencies.

          4. Defense might – on paper should be better – but it might be worse if both smid and Petry are gone and Ference has deteriorated even further by the start of the season. Amazing but possible.

          • Craig1981

            1. That’s not an argument. You said inexperienced, my points proved you wrong….I accept your apology.

            1b. I wouldn’t call them AHL goalies. Fasth has played a total of 194min in the AHL and Scrivens is entering his 5 season in the NHL. Again unproven starters, which is why I think MacT picked up Fasth rather than just Scrivens.

            2. I don’t think Quinn did poorly. Did you see the team he coached?? Gilbert Brule was the teams 3rd leading scorer. I know for a fact in my profession (like all others) you can put a a far better work team together from past coworkers than thumbing through resumes. This “hero” thing is just you ranting and making stories that aren’t there.

            4. That is what people are saying, the start of this season out D is better.

          • Serious Gord

            1. It is an argument – and a sound one – experience in leagues other than the nhl – the closest being the ahl but all being inferior to the nhl is often no indicator of how that player will do in the elite nhl.

            2. Stauffer and others have spoken and written at length about how Quinn was past it.

          • Craig1981

            OK, lets clear this up:

            1. You said “Goaltending is the least experienced in the league by a wide margin. It could turn out to be even worse than last year”

            2. I said “Fasth is 32 and has played 226 professional games? Scrivens is 27” (The Ducks tandem has played a total of 31 NHL games and are aged 20 and 24) YOU WERE WRONG

            3. Yout then abandon your original point and said “Lots of career AHL goalies who fail at the nhl level”

            4. I then corrected you and brought up that neither goalie would be considered an AHL player with Fasth playing 184 min total in the AHL (and Scrivens has played in the NHL for the last 5 years) I suggested the term unproven starter….AGAIN you were wrong.

            5. You then brought up a new point “experience in leagues other than the nhl – the closest being the ahl but all being inferior to the nhl is often no indicator of how that player will do in the elite nhl”

            6. I am saying both goalies have had a season the last 2 years in the NHL with .920 S%. They both have had success in the NHL. They are unproven starters, but NONE of your previous 3 posts are correct

          • Sorensenator

            Smid was terrible last year, if he was one of the Oilers best D at the time, Mac T would not have moved him, guaranteed.

            Ference is a fitness machine, I am not worried about him deteriorating for at least another two years.

      • Do what Weight did?

        Reading your six points, I’ve got to ask: Did you just call yourself irrelevant to the conversation?

        Pt 1. Could turn out to be
        Pt 2. Is he Quinn old or Bowman old?
        Pt 3. Should help. Miserable season could see
        Pt 4. Big maybe. May not be
        Pt 5. This point is assertive. Good for you
        Pt 6. Shouldn’t.

        Let’s face it. Your objection isn’t that Dan… Is meek. You’re objection is that he has good things to say.

        On top of that, the only thing ‘meek’ about Dan’s post (to which you are responding) is that he says things look good, but that we can’t anoint MacT saviour or the team playoff-bound until we see them play. Sounds like measured optimism, not weakness.

        For a kicker, a little irony. You’re calling a guy out as meek because he advocates a ‘wait and see approach’. Later on, RexHolez is praising you, all the while condemning those who ‘still think these old boys walk on water’. That’s not Dan.. Do you guys even read the posts or do you just love patting each other on the back for anything negative?

      • nuge2drai

        1 Agree goaltending is a question mark. Scrivens played very well at the end of last year, but has not proven that he can sustain that performance throughout a year. Fasth has played only a few NHL games.

        2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you were highly critical of Eakins last year as being too young (or at least too inexperienced). Please let us know what the age limits are for NHL coaches.

        4. I think it is a reasonable expectation to replace the likes of Belov and Larsen with established NHL defencemen will yield an improvement. I don’t know enough about Fayne, Nikitun or Aullie to comment on specifics, but Faynae and Nikitun are proven NHL defencemen.

        5. Center problem must be addressed. If it is not, then MacT deserves to be criticized.

        6. Agree. One thing the Oil fans should have learned over the last number of years of that 18 year olds almost never help a team win. Even if they might put up some nice scoring numbers etc., their overall game is almost never good enough. If they address point 5, then maybe 6 falls off the list.

        Gord, you seem incapable of rationally analyzing any Oiler move. You seem to be coming from the assumption that anything they do must be wrong and once a move is made you quickly ratioanlize why it is bad and why MacT must therefore be an idiot.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        Re point 3. Given forwards start to drop off after 30 and dmen after 32…

        Gordon is 30 and there may not be much drop off, if any.

        Gordon and Ferrence are definitely in the range where drop off is likely. With the increased depth on the wing, I think Gordon is likely to be limited to 4th line minutes. If so, any drop off may not be a problem.

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          Oops, “Gordon and Ferrence are definitely in the range where drop off is likely. With the increased depth on the wing, I think Gordon is likely to be limited to 4th line minutes. If so, any drop off may not be a problem” I meant Hendricks, not Gordon.

  • Do what Weight did?

    Despite what may be considered a “handicap – a true blue Oil fan” I am looking forward to an improved season. All of the arrows are pointing the correct way. And not just the usual hopefulness we all share this time each summer for last entirety. Kool-Aid be damned, we actually have acquired some experienced NHL players and second to that, they have something to offer!

    Yes, we are far from being a contender for anything tangible but in my humble opinion, we will not be at the low end of basement dweller status. Lots to be seen and proven yet and the proof will be in the pudding come November/December to see how much of an improvement Mac-T has been able to orchestrate.

    Meaningful games may be upon us? Go OIl!

  • Do what Weight did?

    I note that Serious Gord didn’t take his happy pills as suggested in an earlier post. This website is for Oilers fans, those who support their team through thick and thin. Hell, we have to look at the positives as we are ALL ticked off by the performances over the last 8 years. To constantly belittle what MacT is doing and being negative all the time reeks of infiltration from a Flames or Canucks fan. Either lighten up Gord, as previously suggested or join a forum for grouches. I am sure there are forums under Rants Anonymous or Grouch of the Day. The Oilers don’t need your kind of comments, and neither do the fans. But again, I forgot, as someone else has previously said; you know it all and no-one else is right or has a right to an opinion.

      • PutzStew

        I think the sentiment is the “constant” negativity gets tiresome. And although i support yours and everyones right to state their opinion here it just gets kinda boring to hear the repeating same ole MAcT promised Bold! This team sucks and continues to suck etc etc.

        There have been some postitive moves by MacT this summer. It remains to be seen how much of a positive effect they have. But maybe we can sometimes acknowledge if a move was clearly a good one. Mark Fayne has a track record of being able to handle the toughest defensive assignments. Analytics like him. And he’s signed to a very palatable $3.6 Mill/per contract as a free agent. This is an undeniably good move by MacT.

        • PutzStew

          There has been positive moves made every off season through out this (these) rebuild(s), and yet the Oilers still suck.

          Remember the Summer of Steve. Not too many people were critical of those move at the time either. Maybe some fans have just evolved to the point were “good” moves mean nothing until this team is a winner.

          • Do what Weight did?

            You criticize those who suggest the team could be improved, and yet you unfalteringly cling to the certainty that the 2014-15 Oilers are losers. Neither one has happened yet. To believe that you can know the Oilers fate next season – for better or for worse – is deluded.

            I’d say there’s a real chance we get McJesus next year, a pretty good chance we miss the playoffs, but also a small to medium chance (maybe 20-40% to put a number to it) we make the playoffs. Can you admit the playoffs are at least a non-negligible possibility?

      • PutzStew

        Yes. It says so in the 2014-2015 Edmonton Oilers Fan Hand Book.

        Section 3, Paragraph 5

        “No fan is allowed to expresses displeasure of the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club by damaging or placing Edmonton Oilers on ice surfaces, nor may they be critical to Kevin Lowe, Daryl Katz, Craig Mactavish, Katz’s Kid or any other management figure. Should a fan feel the need to display any displeasure, as mention above, then it is asked that said fan refrain from doing so and instead “Ba” like a sheep.”

        There you go. And it’s on the internet so it has to be true.

      • Do what Weight did?

        Oh RexHolez. Nobody is asking for sheep. We’re just asking a select few of you to stop being jerks. The original comment that started the whole Serious Gord to Max to you (the quoted post) thread was one that advocated for a wait and see approach, while acknowledging that the recent moves seem positive.

        I would describe ‘sheep’ as people who blindly maintain/support a point of view without a reasonable weighing of the facts – be they for or against. It seems to me like you, and a few others like you, are sheep yourselves.

        It’s impossible to know in July if signing Fayne will improve the Oilers. A reasonable person, not covered in wool, would at least acknowledge that there is potential there. From what I recall from the pre-free agent day blogs, multiple articles were written about which D-men the Oil should target, and the overwhelming conclusion from said articles was that Fayne was the ideal FA to pursue. And still, you insist that everything MacT does is baaaaa-d.

        Ps. RexHolez… King of the Holez, right? Good name for you

      • Do what Weight did?

        Funny how you call other sheep when you are unable to go in any other direction then the ” oilers” suck” try to have a original thought. Time to readjust my previous I.D.I.O.T.S list (Individuals Disrespecting Intelligent Observations Through Stupidity.)

        1. Serious Gord . 2. Rex Holez 3.Putz Stew 4. Quick silver ballet 5. Madjam 6. Big Bear 7. Fresh Mess 8. Kozy Mel 9. DSF

        We are now accepting nominations

        P.s disagreeing is good, debate is good, being contrary on everything with out reason or foundation …… Welcome to the I.D.I.O.T.S list!!

        • Craig1981

          I have wondered what happened to old DSF. I actually don’t recall # 3, 6, 7, 8. I am quite surprised newagesystems isn’t on there….he was special. I would bump DSF past QSB since at least 25% of the time he makes a valid thought.

        • djc

          Save yourself a lot of aggravation and just skip over the comments of any of the people on your list. They just want an audience and attention and you keep giving it to them by reading their comments and wasting your time replying.

    • PutzStew

      It is also a good place to make fun of delusional individuals who support the Oilers through thick and thin, even though the Oilers treat them like something scraped off the bottom of Klowe’s shoe.

      • Do what Weight did?

        So you’re here to make fun of people are you. Are you able to admit that you’re just here to troll?

        The majority of posters on this site – despite what you might assume or try to project – are aware that we’ve missed the playoffs for the last 8 years. We also know that Tambo and MacT have been trying, unsuccessfully, to dig us out of the whole for nearly as long. Our problem isn’t that we’re delusional. It’s that we’re objective.

    • Serious Gord

      What balderdash.

      I have a right to my opinion and never have I said others didn’t. Demanding more from ones team and it management is a legitimate enterprise of a fan.

      And nowhere have I ever said I “know it all” nor that “no one else is right”.

      (Thanks for reading – I’m flattered)

      • Do what Weight did?

        More flattery for you Gord – I keep reading.

        I don’t think anyone would object to demanding more from the Oilers. Problem is, that’s not what your doing. You’re calling others meek and irrelevant. You’re over exaggerating negatives and unknowns while dismissing positives.

        To your credit, you are far more reasonable than a couple other chronic complainers to post here so far.

  • PutzStew

    Love everything I’ve read about Fayne since he’s signed and even prior to, so I hope he lives up to his billing.

    That defense with Petry and Schiltz signed looks balanced and the best in a number of years, add to that the veterans MacT has signed and traded for everything looks to be really shaping up. At least on paper…

    One glaring hole is that 2nd/3rd centre spot. Who would we be willing to move next years first rounder for? Is there anyone that would be worth it?

  • Do what Weight did?

    I am a very positive person as I find being negative a waste of time. Every morning I wake and think, well nothing has gone wrong yet, so it’s a good day. The Oilers are still in line for a playoff position, I haven’t checked my lottery tickets, so I may have won, and the sun is shining so my garden will thrive, or, it’s raining and my plants get a well deserved drink. My boss is a jerk, but that’s his problem, not mine, and if I find a penny on the ground, I pick it up because as obsolete as it it, it’s still money. I support the Oil Pipelines as it will bring hundreds of jobs to Canadians and I support the Oilers. Life is good – some of you should wake up and smell the roses rather than have your nose in the compost heap. .

      • Do what Weight did?

        Agreed. Hold off on the parade. But how do you figure that Fayne was a 4/5 D-man? Unless my reading skills have dropped off sharply, I believe the whole article was written around the premise that Fayne plays more minutes against the elite scorers, and that his numbers are very good in those situations. I would say the D that play (and outperform their teams) against the toughest opposition would generally be considered top pairing guys.

        On another note – it’s nice to see a new and deserving candidate for the ‘who should we have one the ice in the final minute to protect a one-goal lead?’ role?

        • Do what Weight did?

          The 4/5 D-man comment is based on TOI. While he was the 3rd D-man on the Devils in overall TOI, he was 6th in TOI/Game. This suggests that when other players were healthy (Volchenkov, Salvador), they were given minutes before Fayne. He was also 4th in Devils D-men in PK TOI, suggesting he was not on the first PK unit.

          TOI is pretty basic, but in this instance I think it shows that Fayne was not a top option for the Devils.

          But who knows… 🙂

          • nuge2drai

            You’re totally right, it’s one of the number of questions that surround Fayne, but it’s a measured gamble by MacT and I like it.

            Yes, he can play the quality of minutes, but can he play the quantity? And that’s an important question on a relatively weak D like EDM that has overplayed many a dman in the past. Willis brings up the other questions in his article, can he play with a dman inferior than him, can he play on a defensively inferior team in general?

            These are all questions that need answering, so definitely can’t plan a parade, but the fact that the quality of minutes question has such a resounding yes to it, means exactly what Willis ended his article with “this COULD be a MAJOR add for Edmonton”

  • PutzStew

    I really believe Fayne was an excellent signing and will surprise many just as Hendricks did. Calm feet and will eat the puck if need be.. and try too retain possession. Something we haven’t seen since the 80″s.

    I’m ok with Purcell but have low expectation there. I am however high on Pouliot and believe he may get time on the first line and PP. We need that center in order to be competitive… I would like Eakins to have a decent team to coach as to really see if he has what it takes…

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      Yeah. no real conversations.

      “here’s hoping these fancy stats don’t change much playing on this club. but I have a funny feeling…”

      this guys point is valid. we have seen a lot of players fail when coming here dating way back to 2007. it got trashed big time.

      “Are you having weird sensations in your head? That “funny feeling” might indicate this signing might be another good move by MacT. Perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order?”

      This comment was given many cheers and its a really immature response pretty much saying “i dont agree so youre wrong”. plus its just insulting and dismissive.

      cant believe people agree with that crap.

      • Do what Weight did?

        You’re right Dwayne (cool name btw), taken only on its own, the initial comment is fair and valid. There is no shortage of disappointing acquisitions in the post-Pronger era.

        However, taken in the context of the endless negative spam for which the poster is known, it’s just more of the same complaining, hence all the trashes I assume.

        Furthermore, the ‘insulting and dismissive’ retort was at least a clever way of pointing out that it would be out of the ordinary – a new feeling per se – for Rex to experience appreciating a good move by MacT.

        I, for one, do not dismiss every comment made by Rex because I disagree. I dismiss because there’s almost never anything new to say.

        That being said, how about some real conversation? Is Fayne going to be a key piece in a much improved defensive group, or will he just be the next Whitney/Barker/Belov/Tjarnqvist? Is MacT done? Will/should Petry and Schultz be re-signed?

  • Do what Weight did?

    I like our new D! I hope the on-ice play this season confirms what seem like very promising moves. If Petry and Schultz sign, then our D-Core has added Nikitin and Fayne to the mix, and given up Smid and a group of tweeters like Belov, Larsen and (sadly) Fedun. Furthermore, there are enough legitimate NHL defensemen that we can move forward without a need to rush our crop of young D-men.

    It’s not time to plan the parade, but it’s tough to imagine an Oiler’s GM doing a better job of rebuilding the D without mortgaging the future. The only other team I can think of to land 2 new impact Defencemen through free agency were the Caps. I’m not sure id trade places with them though.

  • Craig1981

    I like the videos of Nikita Nikitin as he looks like to be a fine addition . He has a shot ,can play reasonably physical and can fight when required . Fayne on the other hand might be a disappointment in comparison . Go to Mark Fayne videos and you’ll see what I am talking about . He gets run over by bigger forwards , lacks a good shot and basically a lousy fighter . Will he be any better than Belov or Smid -i’m not sold he is . ran a couple of media basically saying Oilers may be disappointed once again by defence acquisitions . I feel at least Nikitin will show otherwise . Hope Fayne shows more than the videos showed .

  • Poor Fayne,

    He doesn’t realize that now that the Oilers almost have a serviceable d-corps, they are going to trade away one of their best d-men.

    Why? Because Oilers. Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, Mark Fayne.

          • Sorensenator

            If they don’t want to wade into the bonus cushion they have roughly 8.8 to sign 2 RFA D-men. Keeping in mind Nikitin and Fayne combined cost 8.125, that does not leave much for a #2 center.

          • Craig1981

            Capgeek has them listed at 11.85Million in space. Yak does have a 2.85M in bonuses and $140,000 for Marincin. So that might be your 8.8M.

            Now here is the “BIG BUT” (that would be a great user name). That 3 Million cushion only counts against next year if it is used. I think its safe to use 2/3 of that.

            These bonuses are:

            -top 6 in icetime for forwards (Yak was 9th last year)

            -20 goals (he got 11 last year, but might this year)

            -60 points (he got 21 last year)

            -top 3 +/- on the team of forwards (hahahahaha)

            -allstar game (hahahahaha)

            -.73 PPG(blahahaha)

            -allstar MVP(OMG this is better than dave coulier standup

            I don’t believe Yak hit ONE bonus last year, he won’t hit many this year.

            Fayne and Nikitin were UFAs not RFAs. Apples to oranges


          • Chainsawz

            $11.85 million in cap space.

            I expect Petry to get a 2 year deal at $4 million per. (Comparable: Hjalmarsson)

            I’m thinking MacTavish caves and locks Schultz up 6+ years at $5 million per. (Comparable: Faulk)

            That leaves $2.85 million for a 2C. That’s not a lot. Who are the Oilers going to get with that cash?

            How much do you think they are going to sign for?

          • Reg Dunlop

            Ultimately, salary cap drives moves like the possible departure of Petry. There may be upgrades shaking loose because of other team’s cap issues, it’s nice to be able to act on these. Can’t do it if we have no wiggle room. There will be injuries and under-performing players during the year. Nice to be able to address these things without having to salary dump like the Smid situation, even though other things likely contributed to Smid bye bye. Bottom line is if Petry can be replaced cheaper, by der Bomber or Nurse or whomever, leaving cap room for unexpected additions, that’s a good thing.

            But I hope they keep Petry. And young Schultz.

    • Sorensenator

      Says who?

      Obviously you are talking about Jeff Petry. The advanced statistics may point to a decent defenseman, however I have watched him time and time again turn over the puck and be directly responsible for a goal against almost every single game.

      He has the ability to move the puck well and he is an excellent skater, and has even layed a big hit every now and then but he has these brain dead moments all the freakin time.

      If he can play to his ability consistently then I want Jeff Petry on my team. If not, I want that second line centre because I know we have Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse, Gernat, Musil, Simpson etc..on their way up.

  • Do what Weight did?

    wow, so much drama in these comments.

    Serious Gordon I understand not wanting to be optimistic but try not to let your cynicism overcome your love for the game.

    can’t we just be excited to watch another season of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, YAKUPOV!, Schultz and Perron? These players are making the game more entertaining, and this September they will be older and have more of an NHL caliber supporting cast.

    By the way debbie downers every team is run by a billionaire with an old boys club, at least Mac-T is earning his Rexall dollars.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    A number of MSM types have mentioned we’ve witnessed the death of the defensive defenseman this summer. Isn’t this Mark Fayne to a T?

    Hope his feet can keep pace in this quicker more violent western conference. Guess there’s hope in Nikitin atleast.

  • Devolution

    I think it is great that we seem to have considerably improved the defense in the past week or so, but…

    Let’s not forget that mid-season stretch where the team went something like 10 periods at home without scoring a goal.

    I know part of that is defense not getting the puck to the forwards but still, there is a ways to go.

  • Spurzey

    For those wondering if Fayne can hold up against a tougher west division. Would be very interested to know the stats that Fayne has against teams in the west. Ditto for Pouliot and Purcell. We brought in a lot of guys from the East this summer. Would love to know more about point production, possession numbers, etc vs west teams.

  • ubermiguel

    @ Willis; Do you get the feeling how much MacT uses advanced stats? He’s mentioned them a couple of times, but this signing is the first strong proof I’ve seen.

  • You people are delusional if you think adding a couple third line defenders will make a difference. If they were any good they would have been snatched up by any team other than Edmonton. Centre depth also got worse. Not a bad free agency for MacT given the constraints, but he failed to shore up the centre depth and I can’t think of any reasonable excuse to absolve him of that.