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The Edmonton Oilers drafted Leon Draisaitl from the Prince Albert Raiders at No. 3 overall in the 2014 draft. Draisaitl is the fifth Raider Edmonton has drafted, and the fourth taken in the first round. It is NOT an all-star cast.


What can I say? In the history of the Oilers, Prince Albert does not inspire good memories. Here’s the list:

  1. Emanuel Viveiros, 106th overall in 1984—He played 29 games in the NHL, but never for the Oilers. Edmonton traded Viveiros, Marc Habscheid and Don Barber to Minnesota in
    exchange for Gord Sherven and Don Biggs on December 20, 1985. He was a ridiculous offensive defenseman at the junior level, and MacT keeps trying to grab a Viveiros when he hires Brad Hunt and Phil Larsen. 
  2. Kim Issel, 21st overall in 1986—He played 4 games in the NHL, and was traded by the Oilers in 1991 for Brad Aitken. Issel was a huge winger (6-4, 200), had some talent
    (played on a Mem Cup winner) but the Oilers had so much depth in those
    days it was tough for even the first rounders to make an impact on the
    major league roster
  3. Scott Allison, 17th overall in 1990—A big, physical winger taken in the days after Edmonton’s final Stanley, he was a good junior player but never made it to the NHL. Played pro forever, retiring in 2005.
  4. Steve Kelly, 6th overall in 1995—The speed demon, and for Oilers purposes a little extra emphasis on demon. Kelly was chosen ahead of Shane Doan with chants of “DOAN! DOAN! DOAN!” reaching deaf ears. If we’re making a list of wasted 6th overall selections, the Oilers did very well (Coffey, Smyth), and also drafted Sam Gagner, Steve Kelly and Boyd Devereaux.

…and now Leon Draisaitl. I think he’ll pass this group by Christmas.


Zach (the Oilers have drafted only two Zach’s, Stortini and this young man) was plucked from the University of Michigan, and the Oilers have enjoyed success there. Mike Comrie, David Oliver and Mighty Dwight Helminen all came via Michigan and played in the NHL. 



  • Vernon Vipers: Liam Coughlin joins Kyle Bigos and Kellen Jones.
  • Omaha Lancers: Tyler Vesel joins Jason Platt
  • Val d’Or: Keven Bouchard joins Jonathan Fauteux and Mathieu Roy


  • WHL 15 picks out of 55 overall (27%)
  • SWEDEN 6 picks out of 55 overall (11%)
  • NCAA 6 picks out of 55 overall (11%)
  • QMJHL 5 picks out of 55 overall (9%)
  • BCJHL 5 picks out of 55 overall (9%)
  • USHL 1 pick out of 55 overall (2%)

The Oilers avoided the OHL (7 total, 2008+), Finland (4) and Russia (2) this time around.



Lots of talk about Edmonton not getting great value from this year’s draft, but I think it’s completely reasonable to include the value from the draft picks sent away.

  • 1st round: Leon Draisaitl
  • 2nd round: traded (with Magnus Paajarvi) for David Perron
  • 3rd round: Ben Scrivens
  • 4th round: William Lagesson & Zach Nagelvoort
  • 5th round: Liam Couglin
  • 6th round: Tyler Vesel
  • 7th round: Keven Bouchard

Chances are that the picks we’ll be talking about 5 years from now are Draisaitl, Lagesson and Nagelvoort. Let’s not forget the trades that brought in actual NHL talent.

    • Spiel

      @Reg Dunlop..

      I know what youre saying bud about Draisaitl maybe not being fast enough but… for example.. Gagner wasnt the best skater himself and he made the Oilers.

      I am with a lot of people out there saying Draisaitl should stay one more year in junior at least… but if he porves himself within training camp and the first nine or so games like Monahan did with Calgary last year… then this is not the end of the world type stuff. Besides, Draisaitl will have better wingers than Monahan does with the Flames… and this is a big plus IMO.

      I’m one who does hope for MacT to sign one more NHL standard centre such as say Ott or even Mueller to go along with Arco … but in the end… it is gonna be totally up to Draisaitl himself to show and determine… to the fans and the team… whether or not he can play with the big boys of the NHL…

    • Lowe But Now High Expectations

      Hall – RNH – Eberle
      Perron – ????? – Purcell
      Pouliot – Arcobello – Yakupov (Purcell and Yak can switch depending on Centre)
      Hendricks – Gordon – Lander/Joensuu/Pinnizotto (any would be fine cus each fits the bill. Two way forward, big forward, or grinder)

      Nikitin – Fayne
      Marincin (or Aulie if we decide to go with experience) – Petry
      Ference – Schultz

      Scrivens – Fasth

      I think the oilers are icing a deep line up but the problem is that the rest of the west got stronger as well. Depending on San Jose, Edmonton is Top 10 in the west and with an addition of a Second Line Centre who can score, we should be strong contenders for making the playoffs