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It’s hard to believe, but the Edmonton Oil Kings’ training camp gets underway late next week with rookies arriving. The club has seen several changes and graduations to pro hockey, and for the first time in a long while will not feature any Edmonton Oilers’ prospects.


The Oil Kings won the Memorial Cup in the spring, capping off a terrific three-year sequence that saw the team go deep every year. With success comes opportunity, and head coach Derek Laxdal moved on to coach the Dallas Stars’ AHL farm club the Texas Stars. Steve Hamilton was the obvious choice, and took the opportunity a half-second after it was offered.


The club would later add Ryan Marsh from the Golden Bears to their staff.


The Oil Kings have done well at the draft table over the years. In 2014, there was no Griffin Reinhart or Curtis Lazar, but five names were announced during draft weekend:

  • No. 45 overall Brett Pollock (Dallas Stars)
  • No. 133 overall Dysin Mayo (Arizona Coyotes)
  • No. 161 overall Brandon Baddock (New Jersey Devils)
  • No. 162 overall Aaron Irving (Nashville Predators)
  • No. 193 overall Edgars Kulda (Arizona Coyotes)


With the graduation of Mitchell Moroz, the Oilers have no Oil Kings bubbling under. Edmonton’s NHL team has selected two Oil Kings over the years—Travis Ewanyk and Mitchell Moroz—and both are now in pro hockey (beginning this fall). The Coyotes have drafted three Oil Kings, the two prospects above and Henrik Samuelsson. No other NHL team has selected three players from Edmonton’s WHL team.


Among the prospects who have been drafted by NHL teams, two have made their way to the NHL:

  1. Tomas Vincour (2009 draft) 88 games
  2. Mark Pysyk (2010 draft) 63 games

The complete list of drafted Oil Kings is here.



Curtis Lazar may end up staying in Ottawa for the season. If he does, the Oil Kings will have a young group who are building toward something very good in the next year or two. If Lazar gets sent back, I think Edmonton has a chance to be near the top of their division.

It is NOT reasonable to expect another WHL championship. It’s been a helluva run, and the Memorial Cup this spring is my favorite Edmonton sporting memory in years. I’ll cheer like hell for these kids, and they’ll probably surprise us again with how far they go.

They certainly did a year ago. 

  • WeridAl

    Pipe dream to think Lazar get’s sent down. Even with Lazar, Oil Kings will be in tough just to make the playoffs. It all depends on if Jarry get’s sent down, best bet Pittsburgh sends him to the ECHL, if this happens EOK are in trouble. Santos was a great cheerleader on the bench, but he’s not the answer. EOK will also be missing at least 50% of their top6, and without their leader on D in Rienhart things will be tough. Face it, this season will be the start of a rebuilding cycle, and some of the players will be traded for picks, or younger players. Will be interesting to see what this big Russian D EOK picked up in the draft looks like. Notice you forgot to mention Gernat, & Musil as EOK alumni. Clearly you didn’t do your homework on this piece Alan. Best bet the Calgary Hitman will be the team to beat in the WHL this season.

      • WeridAl

        You beat me to the punch! Haha! Nothing more embarrassing than calling someone out, only to be wrong and left looking foolish! Here’s to hoping the OK’s young guys can pull one off based on grit and determination! Looking forward of the Big Oil season!!

      • WeridAl

        Depends if the Penguins affiliates sign a goaltender. Losing Samuelsson, Petryk, Moroz, Kieser, Rienhart, Lazar, and Corbett will put a massive dent in EOK. They may even lose Kulda, but that is up to the Coyotes. Coyotes need scoring help and might rush some the kids.

    • Lowetide

      Good point on Calgary, they’re going to be a strong contender this season. Of course, we thought the same last year, but with a new coach and a loaded team, this should be fun!

      Jarry has to play in the NHL or juniors, ECHL is not an option (he and Lazar have one more junior season of eligibilty).

    • WeridAl

      You should re-read the piece before ranting and looking foolish and INCORRECT.

      Gernat and Musil weren’t drafted when they were members of the EOK. They played for them later, as did Pelss (RIP), but the article was about who was drafted as a member of the EOK.

      Also, Jarry is 19 and was drafted out of the CHL, so he can’t go to the ECHL, just like Nurse can’t go to AHL.

      So instead of ripping on LT, maybe get your facts straight first. It is embarrassing how often posters post incorrect stuff trying to correct the writers on this site. You don’t know more than them.

      • WeridAl

        My mistake about Jarry, forgot about that dumb CHL rule. Note I never said the Oilers drafted Gernat & Musil when they were Oil Kings, I just mention that they were alumni. Ottawa fans are chopping at the bit to get Lazar, and his showing at the WJC camp this summer was out friggen standing. If you saw the games this summer you would know there is no question about Lazar making the Senators. If any one had watched the Oil KIngs would know the team really was hurting with Reinhart out, was like they were 2 different teams. Reinharts play was the key to the Oil Kings, and with him gone its really going to hurt. Hopefully Mills can step up or this Russian can preform. Jarry can be outstanding, but he can be a Dubnyk. Always gave us heart attacks in the 3rd, letting in a bad goal and than standing on his head to win the game. Lazar will be missed, but the loss of Reinhart is the killer and that is why the Oil Kings could be in a fight to make the payoffs.

  • WeridAl

    Allan………just a shout out to you for trying very hard to make the long summer enjoyable by reading all your interesting articles…….especially all the prospects you cover on your website.

    I love reading about all the prospects and how they are preparing for the upcoming season……..keep up the great work!

  • Bucknuck

    Cole mothertrucking benson though. His career perfectly coincides with Oil King success. Not an accident. 5’1 with a loaded gun. He pops 50 this year. His brother is but a sliver of his potential. All hail Cole.