Tkachev: Realistic expectations


Vladimir Tkachev picked up two assists last night, and instantly his hype reached unhealthy levels. Have Oilers fans not learned from the past? I recall many fans and some media blaming Craig MacTavish for holding Rob Schremp back. The Oilers also held back Linus Omark in the eyes of many.

In both cases the players were over-hyped due to their offensive exploits in junior or on YouTube, and after they left Edmonton people realized that the Oilers hadn’t held back their talents. Their talents just weren’t good enough to be NHL players.

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Please don’t do the same for Tkachev, the kid doesn’t deserve it.

Tkachev is the new shiny toy in Oilersnation right now. The 141 pounder has become the toast of the town, but I’ve already seen incredible overvaluations of his talent and potential. He turns 19 on October 5th, and he currently stands 5’8″ and 141 pounds. Being that small is a major issue.

How much do you think he will grow over the next three years? If he adds 20 pounds, he would be increasing his weight by just over 14%. If he gains 30 then we are talking an additional 21% of his current weight. That is a significant amount in a short period of time.

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Many want to look at best case scenario, and 30 pounds is the best case. He has a slight frame. He is not stocky like Marty St.Louis, so comparing the two isn’t accurate because their body configurations are incrediblly different.


Those are St. Louis’ legs. He has a freakishly strong lower body, which allows him to compete against NHL defenders.


I said prior to last night’s game that I would sign Tkachev. He would get the standard three-year ELC. The benefit to the Oilers is that he still has two years of junior eligibility. They can send him back for two more years and the only time he counts as one of their 50 contracts is between July 1st and Sept 30th, or whenever he gets sent down.

The only tough negotiating point for his agent and the Oilers should be determining his base NHL salary, and even that can’t be that hard. The Oilers could give him the AHL max, and likely will because he would have KHL options, and a few performance bonuses, but he does not deserve close to the max salary.

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Greg Chase (7th round pick) got $745,000 on his new ELC deal. He has $232,500 of performance bonuses in year one, $182,500 in his second year and $122,500 in his third. He had 85 points in the WHL last year and he is 6’0″ and 189 pounds right now. Is Tkachev suddenly a better prospect? Nope.

Bogdan Yakimov’s (3rd rounder) base salary is $842,00. Mitch Moroz (2nd rounder) has $875,000.

Is Tkachev suddenly more valuable than Yakimov, who has four goals in five games between rookie camp, U of A Bears and NHL preseason? Hardly. Is he ahead of Moroz on the organizational depth chart, based on 20 junior games and a rookie camp? Not in my books.

Yet, last night after his two-assist game many on twitter were suggesting the Oilers have to give him $900,000 because he is a free agent and has options.


His option is that he can spur the Oilers and become draft eligible next year. He might score 100+points in the QMJHL. He likely will play for Russia at the World Juniors, so even if he kept up his 1.5 points-per-game pace of last season, he still would only be at 90 points if he plays 60 games. The Q only plays 68 games, and he’d miss some due to WJC.

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If he does score 90-110, will he be a first round pick? Very doubtful, due to his size.

When he was 17, Nic Petan scored 46-74-120 in 71 games for Portland in the WHL. He turned 18 a month before the 2013 draft and he was taken 43rd overall by the Jets. He was 5’9″ and 170 pounds.

He then scored 35-78-113 when he was 18 and he signed an ELC with the Jets. In the first year of his deal his base salary was $692,500, year two was 842,500 and year three was 832,500. His max performance bonus is $232,500.

His Portland teammate, Brandon Leipsic, is also on the smaller side standing 5’10” and 175 pounds. He was drafted in the third round in 2012 by the Predators. He scored 49-71-120 in 68 games the year after he was drafted and at the end of that season he signed a three-year ELC.

His base salary was 642,500 in year one, 692,500 in year two and 625,500 and his max performance bonus was $282,500.

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Those guys were excellent junior players and produced huge points, but their lack of size was, and still is, a concern. Tkachev is currently 30 pounds lighter than both of them. Leipsic averaged 1.76 points-per-game when he was 18, so the suggestion that Tkachev’s offensive potential means he deserves close to the max salary is flat out incorrect.

Those are just two examples, but you can find many more small, skilled players who weren’t given the max salary, mainly because of the fact they will have a harder time succeeding in the NHL.


Tkachev is in a very unique category. Very few 18-year-old players who weren’t drafted are then signed later in that off-season. However, we do have a very recent comparable.

Last summer, Sergey Tolchinsky wasn’t drafted, but the Carolina Hurricanes signed the diminutive forward to a three-year ELC deal after he attended their prospects camp. He is now listed at 5’8″ and is 165 pounds on the Hurricanes website.

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He received $600,000 in the first two years of the deal and $575,000 in the third. He doesn’t have any performance bonuses in his contract. He played junior last year, after signing, and will be back in junior this season. He had 91 points in 66 games in the OHL this past year.

We need to stop overrating players or believing they will be the next savior. Tkachev is highly skilled, and he’s worth signing to an entry-level deal, but the Oilers don’t need to overpay him. There is no reason to.

How many inches will be grow after the age of 19? How much weight can he put on that small of a frame and still be agile on the ice? His body type is a concern.

Schremp was a 1st round pick, Omark was a 4th and Tkachev wasn’t even drafted, yet the expectations of what he can become are already on par with the overzealous prognostications of Schremp and Omark.

There is absolutely no reason the Oilers should give him anywhere close to the rookie maximum deal.

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They should sign him, and then send him back to junior and let him develop.

We’ve all seen what happens in Edmonton when you over-hype and over-rate a player. Tkachev doesn’t deserve the same scrutiny.

  • pkam

    Sign him regardless! There is no harm in doing so. He may never play in the NHL but one has to admire his pure “get up and go” type of attitude.

    He is RUDY.

  • pkam

    I wouldn’t knock the guy because he wasn’t drafted. He’s a) small b) Russian c) went back to Russia and didn’t even finish the year in the OHL. Teams must have looked at that and thought why bother, he’s going KHL anyways. We should sign him, give him a poster of St. Louis legs to put on his bedroom wall and have KATZ courier over protein powder and steak to his billets house every day. Does he have potential, obviously. Does he have to grow, obviously. Was Datsyuk 150 pounds on draft day, I think he was. Worst case scenario he paid for another Omark and let him walk. Best case, we have a top 9 forward four years from now.

  • pkam

    Jason, I think you put way too much stock in size. It seems to be a crusade for you. Although odds are against him, talent is talent.

    More undersized players not making NHL clubs, especially to play in the bottom 6, is one of the inefficiencies that remains within the league (and should be exploited by smart GMs)

  • Gregor

    If you are so convinced he will never make the NHL why do you care so much about the NHL portion of his contract?

    NOBODY thinks he is a sure fire NHL player, we just happen to think that he is better than some of the guys who were drafted and should be signed, even if it is for a bit extra due to the fact that he has another option.

    We are talking about a guy who is a long shot but he is better than many of the team’s prospects and if he does manage to make the league the extra money will have been worth it. If he doesn’t it will never matter.

  • oilbaron

    what was St.Louis body type like when he was 18 years old? You show a picture of a mans legs who is over 35 years old? I agree with allot of what you said but showing that picture does absolutly nothing. I would love for you to find the picture of St.Louis legs at 18 then post Tkachev’s legs side by side to get a better example of what Thakavec MIGHT become with proper diet and exercise. He seems to me to be a late bloomer/developer. The kid needs more time.

  • brodiesten

    Looking thru the 2015 Almanac shows Tkachev and Yakimov sharing for the first time ever – the Calder Trophy . Also shows Tkachev holding the Conn Smyth trophy as Oilers win Stanley Cup . What a story book ending . I guess things good come in small packages ?

  • Jason Gregor

    Gregor’s criteria against the kid ever playing in the NHL is his current weight and height and then using St Louis as what someone has to look like if they’re going to play in the show.

    Everyone understands the odds of having a career in the NHL regardless of size/weight. No one is comparing the kid to Kane but either is anyone buying Gregors argument as presented. If the kid is good enough in all other areas he will play for an NHL team when he matures as a player and person.

    What’s even worse is have Brownlee chime in to a question asked of you.

  • Jason Gregor


    I don’t care when a player is drafted or what round. Drafts are a crap shoot.

    The fact is several people gave you legit small NHLers who are effective at the game.

    Also I doubt the legitimacy of the report that he is 5’8 141 when I have several sources including his OHL team stating he weighs 163 lbs

    • Jason Gregor

      So due to a few good preseason games he now deserves the max ELC?

      Who cares if Kane, Datsyuk and St.Louis are successful? What about all the small guys that aren’t?

      I wrote I WOULD SIGN HIM, I wouldn’t pay him like a top draft pick. Simple.

      • pkam

        So if he insists the max ELC and we let him go and another team sign him to ELC, do we look very silly doing all the work and give him the best opportunity to showcase him to another team? Do you really believe no other team will offer him the max ELC?

        If he does not pan out, what do we have to lose? But what if he does gains 2 inches and 30 lbs and turn into a top 6 F in 4-5 years? What would you think when you look back?

        Can you imagine if the team sign him to a max ELC happens to be the Flames or Canucks?

        I assume the difference between your expectation and the max ELC is not more than 200K. Does it really worth the risk to let him walk?

        • Anton CP

          Again, the difference between Oilers signing him and other teams signing him will be quite different. A team with good size maybe able to use his speed and skills to open up the ice a bit more. However Oilers is not a big size team, size will always be a concern for Oilers to compete in Western Conference. I doubt Tkachev will be asking for max ELC since his more realistic expectation is ANY contract from NHL franchises. If he is asking for max ELC then clearly he is delusional and why would anyone wants him? There’s really no risk for losing him. Sign Takchev is like buying a lottery ticket, you have some hope there that you may strike the gold but in most cases that you are just missed it again.

      • I wrote I WOULD SIGN HIM, I wouldn’t pay him like a top draft pick. Simple.

        Point is, he isn’t a draft pick. You keep using that as a negative for him, but at the moment it is to his benefit because he can say no to an offer and go back into the draft right away. Draft picks cannot. His situation is rare enough that pretending this would be a precedent of any real effect is ridiculous.

        He’s a boom or bust player. If he actually makes the NHL he will more than earn the rookie max. If he doesn’t he will never see it.

        Of course they should try to sign him for as little as possible, but if he is going to walk over pocket change you give it to him despite the fact that it offends your sense of contract honour regarding what people have “earned”. (as though anyone signing an ELC has earned any of it)

        • Touche Jason-Comprehension at its finest…enlightened yet?

          On tomorrows show Gregor and Brownlee will be telling their listeners why the Oilers should now sign Tkachev to the maximum.

          Still waiting for the 21st pick (1st round) we should have received for Symth if we could have traded him at last years deadline or the 2nd line centre for Gags.

          • pkam

            It’s Jason’s call — as it is with every writer here — and not mine how many comments dripping with contempt and sarcasm he’s willing to take from you.

            Same for me. My number is none, and by including my name in your last bit — how Jason and I will be doing a flip-flop about Tkachev — you’ve opened that door. Conduct yourself accordingly from now on.

  • Anton CP

    I would still sign him. I’m not saying give him the moon, his expectations should be realistic if he has a good agent. All 30 teams in the league had a chance to draft him and retain his rights for two years without a contract but surely picked a few guys who will be busts within 5 years. All that’s changed since then is a solid rookie camp and a couple of pre-season assists.

    Regardless of expectations, I’m pulling for him. I like to see the little guy overcome his genetics.

  • Anton CP

    I don’t think the expectation from Tkachev is really there, one thing about St. Louis that he is playing at Eastern Conference for most of his career. I don’t know how effective that Tkachev will be by playing a size up Western Conference, he may have a better chance to play for Eastern Conference.

    Anyhow, sign Tkachev has no down side. Expectation is really not there but anything he can do will be a pleasant surprise. It is not like Oilers or any team for that matter will be looking at Tkachev and think he is the franchise then build a team around him. At worst if he can’t settle down in AHL then he may just return to Europe.

  • pkam

    Its very possible that Tkachev hasnt hit weights in the gym yet.
    At 18 I was 5’6, 138lbs ran 3 miles in 23 mins total, I started hitting weights and at 20 I was still 5’6 but 170lbs and ran 3 miles in just under 20 mins.

    Its very possible for a young athlete to gain a ton of weight and maintain and improve physical shape.

    Datsyuk was under 155 when he was drafted. I know we shouldnt compare him to NHL superstars but what we’re saying is size at 18 yrs old should never ever hold you back. He may have narrow shoulders simply because his frame hasnt finished growing.

    If Curtis Hamilton abd Kale Kessy have contracts than Tkachev deserves close to rookie max. May not be fair if u compare it to Yakimov and Moroz..but each situation is different. All your doing is paying a bit extra to keep him from goin back into the wont ever hurt the Oilers cap wise.

    Most likely he becomes a great ahler..wont ever play more than 50 nhl games and go to play in the khl. But what he does possess is NHL level talent, great vision and obviously great work ethic and commitment to north america, i think its worth to spend a contract on a player like that..

    Where theres skill and drive..theres always a chance no matter the size.

  • Jason Gregor

    TKACHEV – reminds me of another small forward I liked watching play back in the 60-late seventies . FRAN HUCK – 5 feet 7 and all of 165 lbs . Regina Pats 63-64 played 62 games and had 86G,67A=153points and physical enough to amass 104 penalty minutes . 64-65 in 56 games amassed 77G,61A=138points and 136 minutes . Was an integral star with Canada’s National teams back then . Also played for Minnesota Fighting saints of the WHA . Played in NHL with Montreal , St.Louis and Winnipeg . 73-74 in Winnipeg (example only ) in 74 games had 26G,48A-74points and 68 penalty minutes . He was small , fast and skilled and played with quite an edge despite size .

  • pkam

    I am not sure what the issue is. Gregor said sign the kid. He passed through the Draft. Every team had the opportunity 7 or more times to select this kid. They didn’t.

    So the kid should count his lucky stars. Take what is offered. Or walk for a better deal. Much like Jason’s own brother did. It might work out for him. Or, he could wind up missing his chance before he ever really had one.
    It is entirely up to this kid. The comparable players Gregor offers up, are very solid examples. If you over pay every player signed by 200k that is 4.8 million on your salary cap. Boy. That could go along way towards that second Line centre, or Stud Dmen we need. You delete Ferrence add that 4.8 million, and your at top pairing free agent dollars.

    • If you over pay every player signed by 200k that is 4.8 million on your salary cap.

      This is an important fact often overlooked. A little known NHL rule is that any player signed to a slightly higher than normal contract due to special circumstances triggers an automatic raise for the entire roster by the amount of said overpayment.

        • The point is that a contract signed under special circumstances is not a precedent except to future contracts falling under the same special circumstances.

          You should probably also know that this massive overpay, which concerns you so deeply because of the cap, is unlikely ever to be subject to the cap because he is still a longshot to make the NHL.

          I will do my best to “get a grip” but only because you asked so nicely.

  • pkam

    Word has it he is willing to accept a much lower ECL contract, provided he can convince the Oilers to give him a box of Krispy Kream donuts every day until he grows up!

  • pkam

    Preseason in Edmonton is here, time to keep expectations in check. Tkachev has already shown more willingness to keep a play alive then Schremp and Omark combined. I think the NHL isnt a huge mans game anymore, you dont have the hulks of mugging running around and beating the ever living crap outta small guys anymore. Tkachev can play in this league and the Oilers would be stupid to not sign him.

  • bazmagoo

    The Oilers can’t afford to nickle and dime prospects, their willingness to pay a little bit extra on these deals could potentially be the only advantage we have currently.

    I don’t think paying Tkachev $900,000 IF he makes it to the NHL is going to hamper us cap wise, so why not offer him a little more and get him on board?

  • Kodiak

    Gregor, why haven’t you addressed TigerUnderGlass’s comments?

    If you sign Tkachev to max ELC, how is that hurting the team? If he doesn’t become an NHLer, he doesn’t see that money. If he does he’s obviously beaten the odds and we will just be happy he’s signed. Not sure why you’re so fixated on this.

    • Jason Gregor

      Pretty simple. He was just passed over in the draft. Somehow in three months he is worth as much as a 1st round pick? Why?

      Sign him to that deal and every agent will say you signed an 18-year-old undrafted kid to a max deal. I want my 4th, 5th or 6th round pick to the same deal.

      Oilers reek of desperation by giving an undersized, unsigned 18 year-old the ELC max contract.

      None of you talked about him all summer, but now magically he has a few good games and those who want to sign him believe he should be treated like a 1st round pick. It is asinine to look at him as one.

      The Oilers don’t have to sign him to the max, because if he goes back in the draft and gets drafted he won’t get it, because he won’t be a 1st round pick at his size.

      Why do the Oilers have give him the max? Because a few fans suddenly think he is the next wonderkid? It makes no sense and the organization would look incredibly desperate.

      Tell me one good reason why he should get the max? Explain why the Oilers should do it? No other team wanted him. None of them brought him to camp. Why do you think he is so valuable?

      • Jason Gregor

        @Jason Gregor
        One reason…the Oilers ARE desperate, and that minor league salary range is so small, it’s hardly worth worrying about.

        A second reason: what oilers fan (post-80s) doesn’t love an underdog? I’d enjoy cheering for him for the next few years (even if he never gets out of the minors)

        I think people are also pretty ticked because of the “smurf ” thing.

      • Kodiak

        What he’s worth is completely irrelevant. It’s a matter of owning his rights or not owning his rights.

        Tkachev is a free agent to us, not a draft pick. He isn’t in the same situation as Greg Chase (who was also overpaid for his draft pedigree without the big deal made about it and the worry of every agent of a 4th, 5th or 6th round pick asking for the same deal). Chase and every of our other draft picks are Oilers property. There is no urgency to get them signed. Tkachev doesn’t sign, he’s gone. If you think there is value in his game and skill level, you pay to retain it. NO ONE is saying he should be treated like a 1st round draft pick. What some of us are saying is there is probably no harm in giving in to his demands a bit if we are wanting to sign him. Paying him max doesn’t make a difference if he doesn’t make the NHL.

        Oilers just overpaid Nikitin by $2m/yr, Pouliot by $1m/yr, Schultz by $1.5m a year and previously Ference and Gagner to large overpays and you are worried about us looking desperate by overpaying a small skilled forward $200k that he might never see? Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

        The he went through the draft so obviously he’s not any good talk is a little much, too. There are a lot of circumstances not hockey related that can affect a player getting drafted or not. LT had him ranked 153rd in this years draft. I guess he must be out to lunch in your books ranking a russian smurf that nobody wanted that high. Giordano, St. Louis, Kunitz, Glencross, Dan Girardi, Hiller, Penner, Burrows, Dan Boyle, Rafalski, Borje Salming, Joe Mullen, Ciccarelli disagree with your passed over, must be no value line of thinking. Datsyuk was passed over in two drafts so obviously he doesn’t have a hope of making it either. I can’t say Tkachev will ever be like these guys but you can’t say he won’t, so what’s the harm in making him Oiler property, even at an overpay he may never see?

        • Jason Gregor

          Every NHL team overpays for free agents. Edmonton is no different.

          Which teams overpay for undrafted, undersized 18-year-old forwards?

          You can sign Tkachev without overpaying. Did any of those players you compared him to, which is always best-case scenario, get overpaid in their entry level deal? Nope. They earned it. He should be no different. Craig Button, who watches the players often just said he wouldn’t overpay him. Are you saying he is out to lunch too now?

          I never said he had no value. I said pay him fair value. Why you choose to ignore that is beyond me. So your rant about other players “not agreeing with my saying no chance” holds no weight. If antying, it suggests you are more focused on putting words in my mouth than debating what I actually wrote.

          If he had no chance, I would have said don’t sign him. Pretty simple.

          You want to pay him at any cost, which no team has ever done, fine.

          I prefer a team to not look desperate and give a max contract to a player who hasn’t proven anything, and has a major size concern.

          • You can sign Tkachev without overpaying.


            You are arguing against people who believe the Oilers should hand him a max contract no matter what number he would take. These people you disagree with so vehemently do not exist.

          • Kodiak

            I think Craig Button is out to lunch regularly, yes. He ranked Ehlers 65th (drafted 9th)and Virtanen 43rd (drafted 6th) in this years draft. Need I say more.

            Please explain how we can sign Tkachev without overpaying? Although you don’t seem to understand this, we all would rather not overpay him. What is being said is that if we had to overpay him it really wouldn’t hurt anything other than to tarnish the Oilers stellar reputation of not looking desperate. So please, explain how we can sign him without overpaying? We’d all love to hear it.

            The only reason you can come up with to not sign him to a contract that may be more $$$ than it should be is because it would make us look desperate. LOL. We should be desperate to improve this team any way we can. We are the laughing stock of the league already. What harm is there in signing a player to a contract he may never see? Heaven forbid someone criticize us for it. The Flames signed 4th rd pick, 5’7″ 150lb Johnny Gaudreau to a hefty contract and I didn’t hear any criticism about it.

            Lets look at it another way. What’s the worst that could happen if we signed him for max elc? He never makes it, the organization gets criticized for the signing and Katz is out a couple bucks in signing bonus.

            What’s the worst that could happen if we don’t sign him because he asked for more than the base elc? He becomes Marty St. Louis or Theo Fleury and hoists a cup with the Flames. I’d take the risk of being criticized a little bit more than we already are and see what this kid can become for us as opposed to for some other team.

      • pkam

        Johnny Gaudreau, 5’9 and 137 lbs at his draft year, was a 4th round pick by the Flames in 2011. He was signed last year to a contract very similar to Monahan’s.

        I believe Tkachev didn’t get drafted because he had very small sample size in juniors. He was probably not under the radar of any team. I would not be surprised if no team includes him on their draft list. But now he will be under the radar of most teams with the help from the Oilers.

        I don’t know how many teams are interested in him, but I find it hard to believe that not even one team is willing to sign him at something similar to Johnny Gaudreau.

      • Sign him to that deal and every agent will say you signed an 18-year-old undrafted kid to a max deal. I want my 4th, 5th or 6th round pick to the same deal.

        Nonsense. Precedent doesn’t work the way you think it does. Context matters.

        now magically he has a few good games and those who want to sign him believe he should be treated like a 1st round pick. It is asinine to look at him as one.

        He’s not a draft pick at all. That is the point. An extra 200K to a player is worth the free prospect.

        if he goes back in the draft and gets drafted he won’t get it, because he won’t be a 1st round pick at his size.

        This has NOTHING to do with what he will get next year or his relative value compared to drafted players. This about not walking away from the possibility of getting what amounts to a free draft pick over couple hundred thousand dollars.

        If he plays as well or better next year than this year he will likely be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Are you suggesting that temas wouldn’t pay 200K for a free 2nd or 3rd?

        You have been pretending that fans everywhere are demanding the team immediately offer a max contract and beg on bended knee for his services so they can place him on the top line next week. This is nonsense.

        What people have been suggesting is that IF NECESSARY giving a guy an extra 200k to essentially buy an extra draft pick is not a terrible idea, especially given the fact that if he does make the NHL it will be as the type of player who will earn it. I have yet to see people suggesting anything like what you claim they are suggesting.

  • Young Oil

    Times a changing in hockey ? After watching junior tourneys and most recently U.S. prospects game , you have to be impressed at the caliber and athleticism of players being developed today . NHL talent and size at such a young age . So is hockey going like so many sports and getting younger or going like football where they are not drafted to in their 20’s ? Can you imagine holding Gretzky . Messier and Coffey back in todays game because they were not developed fully into their bodies , etc .? They are like sponges and adapt very well , while those that don’t rarely do anyways .

  • Zarny

    Just a interesting fact St.louis didn’t become a regular in the NHL until, and put up any points (18-22-40) until age 25. Could be because of his size and having to grow into it a bit. Tkachev has a loooooong road ahead.

  • Zarny

    Glad you put this piece up. It’s amazing how polarized Oiler fans (at least) are on this. Some think every player needs to be a caveman, some think any player with skill is a good bet because skill.

    The reality of any really small player making it are really low, there are only a handful of them in a league of 600 players.

    The other factor here is that it’s preseason. It is a totally different thing when real games start. There will be far less time and space which will make Tkachev seem like a different player, far less effective. He is a smart player and skilled but he hasn’t shown world class skill or speed as I see it, and he would need that.

    Might as well add that his buddy in offense Yakimov won’t make the team because of his speed. He’ll go to the Barons and if the skating coaches can’t get him to accelerate a lot faster he’ll be in the same boat as R Hamilton – NHL hands and size but not fast enough.

  • Zarny

    If I were Tkachev’s agent I’d be shopping him in Europe or Russia were he would find a job easily, because the odds are so slim he’ll make the NHL without a miraculous late age growth spurt.

    He would make a lot more money compared to what he’ll make here for the next few years and probably have a better time playing on ice that suits his skills more.

  • pkam

    You know Oiler fan is desperate when he starts salivating over a player so small he wouldn’t look out of place on a playground slide.
    Beer leagues are littered with super-talented players who were an inch or two small.
    This guy’s short enough to have his own HIstory Channel show about midgets.

  • Kodiak

    Gregor is bang on. There is simply no way that a guy can go from undrafted to top 10 ELC money in 4 months based only on a couple preseason games. That is laughable and anyone suggesting it should be embarrassed. Is laughable.