GDB 19.0 Wrap Up: Canucks @ Oilers

*sigh* Final Score: 5-4 Canucks

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The laws of probability state that the Western Conference losses can’t go on forever.  So far this season, the Oilers have actually been able to play the Canucks fairly well, but haven’t been able to score.  At some point, the dam has to break, right? RIGHT?!? Unfortunately, even though the Oilers were able to score they couldn’t keep the puck out of their own net.

Turnovers were the story tonight, and the Oilers gave up a lot of them.  I would argue that any time the Oilers had the puck there was a 50% chance that they would pass it to a Canucks player – it was ugly. To make things worse, the Canucks were able to cash on a lot of these turnovers. The Canucks were also able to cash on the countless odd man rushes that the Oilers so graciously allotted them – such gracious hosts we are.

We wrap.


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  • Scrivens played the puck and we didn’t get scored on!
  • Pinizzotto made the most of his limited minutes. Gordie Howe hat trick
  • The Oilers were able to claw back from a 2-goal deficit even though they may not have deserved it. At least they made the game interesting.
  • Ryan Miller played like garbage and it gave the Oilers a chance regardless of whether or not they deserved it.
  • I thought Teddy Purcell played a solid game.
  • I refused tickets to the game and drank rum at home instead.



  • Another awful start. The Canucks were all over the Oilers early in the first period. In fact, that whole period was dog shit awful.
  • Scrivens needed to stop the Chris Higgins goal.
  • I’m losing years of my life to this team.
  • HIT THE NET! So many wasted opportunities.
  • 900,000 turnovers.
  • DP with a goal disallowed with 10 seconds left. Kicking the puck in should be allowed, in my opinion.


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  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    Hey Hallsy–how much longer you going to tolerate being a part of this circus? You going to wait til this trade deadline to quietly ask for an out? This summer? Going to give it one more year of suck to tip you into asking for a trade?

    Sadly think its about time we start taking bets on where Hallsy ends up after he asks for a trade

    • bazmagoo

      Man that was a solid 20 seconds, lol. Eakins should have been canned 20 games into last season, only on a team where losing is accepted would a coach with his record still be behind the bench. #BecauseOilers

  • Anton CP

    Not that I don’t think this team isn’t a tire fire or anything, but at least a loss to the Canucks wasn’t also accompanied by the team simply running the Oilers and getting away with it. At the very least, every game against the Canucks this year, there’s been push back, though not on the score sheet.

  • Rust In Peace

    At the time I thought they were out of their minds to trade for the rights of Belov 2 and I guess I was right. The dude just flat out sucks.

    I would take Belov 1 over him at this point.

  • Simmerdown

    The Canucks reactions after the oilers scored were of absolute disgust. Teams in the NHL have absolutely no respect for the oilers. It’s gotten bad people. It’s been bad for awhile but now it’s gotten brutal. I’m sure the Canucks coach was pe’od after the game.

  • PimKing

    On the disallowed goal did Miller touch the puck before it crossed the line? I was at the game and it looked like he did, was hard to tell though and whoever runs the jumbotron(if you can call it that) never ever shows replays unless it’s an oilers goal,what’s up with that anyway… if Miller touched it before it went in that should be a goal! If that’s a a rule it should be changed.

  • Fossil

    I fortunately was at last nights game. I stopped going last year because it is to hard watch NHL hockey players make such basic mistakes that kids in peewee wouldn’t make. IMO this team will never get better with Shultz, Eberle, Yakapov and Eakins on the team. Shultz has no shot, can’t hit the net and has no defensive understanding of the game. Eberle is scared of his own shadow. On every shift last night he turned the puck over to avoid a hit. In his first year he actually drove the net. Yakapov tries but is so confused by this coach he is lost. Eakins is out of his league, by a mile. There are other players who are also a problem but I am not including them as they have little or no trade value. It is so sad.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Racial slurs and inflammatory, racist content.

    Please ban this individual. The organization may be pathetic but our fan base needs to uphold integrity and decency. Racism has NO part in our lives. Remove this poster and make it known that this deplorable writing has no place on ON.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Easy champ. The mods are not a hivemind and they aren’t omnipotent. I know it was a whole 25 painful minutes, but they got there. I’m sure the mods were just busy doing usual 2014 Oilers fan stuff like finishing the last bottle of scotch in the house, having a little sob. tying the fancy noose, and contemplating cheering for the Flames, same as all the rest of us.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    Kinda like this new ill humored Baggedmilk hombre.

    Can you show up this Friday before 4 pm to the Oilers dressing room?

    You’re our new 2nd line center.