Introducing Matt Henderson


From the day I started working at OilersNation I came in with the goal of trying to produce the best Oilers content on the Internetz. After realizing that I can neither write nor produce top level content, I quickly figured out that I would have to do some digging around for writers to add to our already stellar lineup.  Today, we take another step towards that goal. Today, we are proud to introduce Matt Henderson as the newest OilersNation writer. Who the hell is Matt Henderson? Let’s find out.

Before handing Matt the keys to dad’s van, I made sure to sit down with him and ask a few questions.  I wanted to know what drives this person to write about such an awful team, and will he use his hockey related rage to stab me in the future. Here’s part of that conversation:

Baggedmilk: Who are you, and what are you doing here?

Matt Henderson: My name is Matt Henderson and judging by the fact that I woke up in this empty room with a laptop shackled to my wrist I gather I’m going to be writing for OilersNation for the foreseeable future.

BM: When and how did you first discover OilersNation?

MH: The site wasn’t that old when I first discovered it. I had been commenting on Sportsnet and TSN articles mostly and looking for a place to regularly show up and hash things out with other Oiler fans. I checked my account and it says I signed up in 2009 but the site was around before then and I was here in the comments section. I’d say you could probably load up any article from 2 or more years ago and you can see me hashing out thoughts with guys like David S., The Towel Boy, or Ender The Dragon. Those were some crazy days.

BM: You love writing about the Oilers, are you some kinda sucker or something?

MH: Obviously I have some kind of brain damage, but it only affects the part of my noggin that adjusts expectations based on prior results. I do love writing and talking about the Oilers though. I just wish that we weren’t Charlie Brown with the football every single year.

BM: What would you say is your area of expertise?

MH: My area of expertise is actually Late British Iron Age/Early Roman Iconography and culture change, though I also have experience with coastal Ecuadorian archaeology too. As far as Hockey goes I don’t know if I have a real area of expertise. I am keenly interested in the practical applications and stories that fancy stats can provide, but I also love Hockey Fights and believe in momentum. I like logical and evidence based arguments but there’s always room for character and grit in a story too.

BM: What can readers expect from you?

MH: As far as expectations go, I think you can expect me to be sarcastic and opinionated. I’d like to think that I use evidence to back up my points and some halfway decent logic, but you can also expect me to get a little emotional too. I’m all over the place. This is the mind of an Oilers writer with losing shellshock. It gets weird sometimes.

BM: Will you bail me out of jail? It’s part of the job, you know.

MH: Listen. If you just unlock these shackles I wont even report you to the police.

BM: What is one thing you would change about the Oilers if you could change anything at all?

MH: I would find a way to get ahold of a top tier Defenseman. It’s the team’s biggest hole. They’ve fired enough coaches to prove coaching isn’t the issue. They’ve drafted enough forwards to ice a semi competent top 6. Goalies are generally available for less than top dollar. 30 minute a night Defensemen are impossible to find. If I could magic genie that one for them I think the Oilers would be well on their way.

BM: Where can people find you?

MH: I think the car ride was maybe 40 minutes and we definitely went over some train tracks. There was a short gravel road section near the end. If someone can ping my cell phone then I’m hoping I can be found soon.

For Oiler stuff you can find me at where I am one of the main Oilers writers and obviously now here at as well. I try to avoid my family and other obligations by interacting in the comments sections all the time. I am also pretty much always on Twitter and you can find me there @Archaeologuy.



What changes? Nothing! What do you mean “what now?” Stupid graphic.  All this means is that you’ll have more fresh content to read on a daily basis at OilersNation.  Adding Matt to our roster will bring more analysis and opinion pieces on what is happening with this garbage fire of a team that we somehow love.  

Please take a minute to welcome Matt, ask him questions, and pick his brain. He’s a good dude, and I think you guys are going to appreciate what he brings to the table.