GDB 26.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Jets


C’mon really? Final Score: 3-2 Jets in OT.

My PVR is so full of shows that I’m behind on.  I have hours and hours of TV to catch up on.  This dog shit run of Oilers games is cutting into my love of enjoyable television, and completely removing happiness from my TV watching experience altogether.  Do you know how many episodes of Walking Dead that I have to watch?  I finally got caught up on Sons of Anarchy.  Frankly, there’s so much to watch that I don’t appreciate you wasting my waking TV hours with losses.  Don’t win games for me, Oilers, I’ve already decided that you hate me. But for the love of Gord, will you win one for my love of watching TV!? No? Okay then.

Tonight’s game was another edition of the ongoing Moral Victories saga that is the Oilers rebuild.  The Oilers had a 2-1 lead with 5 minutes left to go in the 3rd period and blew it.  Once again, the Oilers were unable to close out a game when they had the chance to do that.  In Nashville, Jordan Eberle couldn’t score on a penalty shot in overtime. In St. Louis, the Oilers blew a 3rd period lead.  Tonight was just another version of the same terrible movie.  We’re basically watching the Hangover 3 out there.  At first, moral victories are okay, but after 11 straight losses this is getting tiring to watch. 

We wrap.



  • Teddy Purcell is still rocking a moustache.  If he plans to keep it until the Oilers win a game, he may be sporting that stache for the rest of his life. 
  • Nugey’s goal was the result of throwing the puck at the net.  The Oilers need to shoot more, and it’s infinitely frustrating that people have been saying the same thing for years.
  • Ben Scrivens was dialed in tonight. He bailed the Oilers out on more than one occasion. 
  • It was good to see Perron score again. I hope he’s getting back into last year’s form again. He’s a lot of fun to watch when he’s playing his best, and his goal was a beauty.
  • This was the best game I’ve seen Leon Draisaitl play in a while. His vision and passing abilities are already at a high level.
  • I really liked the Yakupov – Draisailt – Eberle line tonight. They were generating chances all night.



  • The Jets were crushing the Oilers up and down the ice, early in the first period. They were throwing the body around a lot.
  • I’m pretty sure the fans in Winnipeg gave Scrivens the bronx cheer after he stopped a puck in the first period. *sigh*
  • Jacob Trouba is an Oilers killer. Ridiculous. 
  • The Oilers had a hard time with the Evander Kane – Dustin Byfuglien combo.
  • Yakupov can’t buy a goal.  The kid is working so hard and I feel for him, because you know how badly he wants to score. 
  • The Oilers gave up the tying goal with under 5 minutes to go.  They need to be able to lock these games up. 
  • Eleven. Straight. Losses.


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  • charlie manson

    Just read a article in the journal,Dallas Eakins saying “this won’t break me”,”I’ve been through worse in my life”…..this is the problem,it’s not about you.It’s your job to coach a hockey team and give it 110% to try and make this work,problem solve so the team can start fighting for wins….if he doesn’t give a crap,why in the world would the players?!?!?! This is a Nhl caliber coaches mentality????? wow

  • Andy7190

    Basking in another Oiler victory . Maybe only a one point victory , but it helped catapult us up to 29th spot in the standings . Looks like we are on the up and up now with the recent other one point victories . Those two point victories could be coming soon so hold onto your hats and sweaters . The sooner we start getting 2 point victories the less New Age will have to write about . Go Oilers Go.

  • Newj

    People people, it’s glaringly obvious no matter how bad this dirt farm we call a hockey team finishes , we will lose the draft lottery. After all we know a thing or two about losing. If anyone wants tickets check the landfill as I have started throwing them in the garbage. I offered tickets to a homeless man last week and he was as insulted as if I was giving him a half eaten sandwich. He told me he had better things to do. PEOPLE!!!! …. A homeless man living in a box had better things to do than to go watch the Oilers. Give this team to Quebec City and let them try to figure it out, I’m tired if this loser organization embarrassing a once proud city.

      • Zarny

        Gord, there is an excellent video on Copper and Blue by Ryan Batty. Sums things up nicely. Meanwhile over at Lowetide, more defense of Dallas Eakins. (Barf) Does Lowetide work for the Oilers too?

        P.S. Cat puked on Oilers carpet again.

          • R U Kidding Me!

            Just like the Oilers. Can’t make this stuff up. Anybody know how to get the picture off my phone and post to ON?

            The cat’s doing fine , bad batch of Fancy Feast (Purchased at Rexall no less)
            Daryl, can i have a refund or do you just take my money even though the product was inferior?

  • Andy7190

    FIRE MYLES FEE, the Video Coordinator.

    It has become abundantly clear that the firing of Freddie Chabot was not nearly enough to get at the root of the problem.

    Myles Fee, the video coordinator of the Edmonton Oilers too long has sat in the shadows and picked over the wrong bits of film.

    He must go! This will have an immediate effect on the team, and with the new goaltending coach, the corner will be turned and the fenwicks and corsies will finally be proven right!

    BOLD moves must be made!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Seems to be imposters again. I am in to my 5th year of defensive synopsis for hockey. Oilers need to follow the reports from the booth and the option is to keep rimming the puck in the defensive zone. This allows stagnant neural field pressure and gives options to the trailing winger on the breakouts. Once this is established the neutral zone blue lines need to be penetrated by the speed center breaking hard into the boards. Dump it in on the goalie the more the goalie has the puck the higher the chance of a offensive zone regroup. Winger in the corner the 3rd winger and the defenceman on the string side need to do a stick exchange so they are both ready to pull the trigger by the circles. Center gets puck from corner winger and fires the puck into the boards for a bank pass drop. This leaves the option winger open on the weak side available for the cycle and offensive zone swarm.

    According to my book and also the create a play game mode on NHL15 if they all do a left crossover along the top circle they will break down the defenders.

  • Natejax30

    8-11 games decided by one goal…lol…we are the 2013-2014 flames…

    My Bantom coach used to say “on your first shift, get a hit and get in the game, get the puck deep and get on it hard”.

    The Oilers need to stop playing soft, hit everything that moves, no matter what. Put some fear in the opponents that they are going to be pressured and hit every time they touch the puck, we give the opponents space on the wall and in thier zone all the time, and it’s frustrating.

    The Oilers need to play a dump and chase game to the point where the opposition is turning back at the blue line, then they can start carrying it in if they are given the opportunity. They do very well when they dump it in with pressure, and they created a ton of chances last night when they did this rather than try to carry it in and lose it at the blue line. This is NHL, not Junior, you can’t carry it in against these defencemen all the time.

    The Oilers NEED to learn how to play high slot and pinch the D-Men along the wall and hold the puck in, that’s how every team plays us and they always keep the puck in, and they always have support. That is how the new age NHL is done, catch up Oilers.

    The Oilers have to learn that after trying to shove the puck up the boards and getting stuffed 10 times in a row, it’s time to try a new avenue to get the puck out…good grief.

    Hockey is not about where the puck is at any given time, it is about assessing where the puck will be and getting to that spot hard. And we teach in Tyke to always face the puck (Shultz, please learn this).

    Watch Calgary (I know I know), on the backcheck they have 1 guy peel off to the red line when the other team dumps it in, this forces the opponents D-Man on that side to hang back and cover (this creates a 4 on 4). Then they have a stretch pass or a free exit up the wall where the defender can’t pinch, they use speed and grit to force the puck out. Stuff like that is fun to watch.

    Better game last night (2nd and 3rd anyways), but we need grit, miss Pouliot.

    My 2 cents…

    • Natejax30

      Where do you think the Flamers came up with those nice tactics? What kind of System does the Coach use?These sure as hades arent the same Flames,no way,everything they do is different now,syncronised,smooth,seamless,how did they do that?

      Maybe Eakins needs to bow down and beg Calgary for help in that department,it has to be the Flames System …..give us the goods.

      Then again maybe Burke would tell us if someone asked him.

      • Natejax30

        I believe that the coach and management are responsible for implementing a system that works for the players the flames have. I believe that the players in calgary have bought into the system and they have strong leadership on the ice…

        I also believe that if the flames didn’t have success early in the year with those systems, that they would be where the oilers are today, because they (the players) would have lost faith in the systems implemented. I also believe that there would have been changes in coaching and the systems themselves and the dice would have been rolled.

        Fact is…winning creates confidence, and confidence is contagious, and that leads to great efforts to be a part of it… There is no Corsi or fenwick for that, only true desire, heart, and effort (grit). There is bonding where everyone lays it on the line for each other…all from a bit of success early….look at Colorado last year, the flames this year, it’s a mindset, not fancy possession stats, and like it or not, the flames are exciting to watch. I can only pray that my oilers get there one day soon.

        Signed….an atom tier 3 coach who knows nothing about Corsi….

  • Zarny


    The Oilers are built to play soft.

    The goalie implosion and Timbits moments over the last 2 seasons has simply diverted attention away from the fact the Oilers’ rebuild has never had the right mix of players.

  • Namicus

    At the beginning of the season, I was all like: “Man, I can hardly wait to watch the game”.

    By game 10 I was all like: “I’ll pvr the game and check the score to see if it’s worth watching later”.

    Now I’m all like: “what? The Oilers played a game last night? Had no idea cuz I was doing something else that was actually entertaining.”