GDB 50.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Flames

It was fun for a while? Final Score: 4-2 Flames

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the Tank for McDavid bandwagon or hoping for wins, there’s something about the Battle of Alberta that always gets the blood flowing.  For Oilers fans ELPH can split a household in two.  On one hand, if you’re not going to make the playoffs you’d may as well get the best draft pick possible.  On the other, enough is enough for the love of Gord.  Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, there’s no happiness in a loss to Calgary.  None.  I would rather hockey cease to exist than cheer for losses against the swine from the South.  ELPH? Sure, but not against Calgary.

Tonight’s game was about as Jekyll and Hyde as a game could be for the Oilers.  For 40 minutes, the Oilers looked like they were going to walk away with two points – no problem.  Then, for some reason, the wheels completely fell off.  The Oilers were running around in their own zone, and they allowed the Flames to completely dominate the play.  It was amazing to watch, actually.  The Oilers couldn’t even put together a 4 foot pass without giving it to the Flames for an odd man rush.  If not for a few posts by the Flames, in the 3rd period, the score would have been even more lopsided than it already was.

This game leaves an especially bitter taste in my mouth, because a) it’s the Flames, and b) they were playing quite well through 40 minutes.  I just don’t understand how this team can find new and creative ways to shit themselves on a regular basis.  Metaphorically speaking, the Oilers leave buildings with turds running down their legs more often than a toddler.  On the bright side, it’s Saturday night and we’re all set for a night of hate drinking! *sigh*

We wrap.



  • Jordan Eberle’s 13th goal of the season came from a great 2nd effort on the draw by Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.  Nuge made some kind of diving pass, and Eberle finished it off with a nice wrist shot.
  • I really dig the way Benoit Pouliot drives the net.  He scored (his 11th) as a result of driving to the net, and keeping his stick on the ice.  It’s amazing how simple can work sometimes. 
  • Actually, the Eberle-Nuge-Pouliot line was the most dangerous line of the night.
  • I know, I know, enough about the 4th line… But I like what Rob Klinkhammer adds to that line. He’s definitely not the same player as my beloved DP was, but he does his job well.  You have to respect the hustle.
  • The Oilers only embarrassed themselves on HNIC for 1 period tonight.
  • The #Tank2015 faction sleeps well tonight.



  • Taylor Hall missed his 3rd straight game with a bone bruise.  This hasn’t been Taylor Hall’s year.
  • As much as I love the Battle of Alberta, they’re definitely not the same as they were back in the day.  For the love of Gord, the BOA needs another playoff series to revive the rivalry.
  • I found it pretty entertaining how in love with Johnny Gaudreau the HNIC crew was.  They even compared him to Patrick Kane!  It was almost cute.  I bet they have his picture posted on their lockers.
  • The patented Oilers 3rd period collapse is almost to be expected this season.  After leading for 40 minutes, the Oilers completely imploded and allowed the Flames to score 4 straight goals.
  • After being perfect for 40 minutes, Ben Scrivens gets tagged for 4 goals on 12 shots in the 3rd.  He finished with 29 saves and an .879 save%



Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.51.07 PM


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  • Armchair_Gm

    I was at the game Saturday. The Oilers looked great in the early going and then ran out of gas a little over half-way through. Nothing ha s changed. This isn’t a team. It’s a bunch of young guys punching the clock, waiting to go play somewhere else.

    You can’t win hockey games when you only play for 20 or 30 minutes. When the puck dropped in the third, they got their asses handed to them and they just stood around and watched it happen.

    No reason to find pride in Oilers colours these days.