GDB 52.0 Wrap Up: Penguins @ Oilers

That was uglier than the scoreboard says it was. Final Score: 2-0 Penguins.

When Sidney Crosby and Gino Malkin are lining up against any of our centres, I wonder what’s going through their minds?  How the hell did Pittsburgh ever get lucky enough to score TWO of these guys?  Remember, Malkin wasn’t even the big prize of his draft year, Ovechkin was.  The Oilers picked first overall 3 times in a row and are still waiting for that level of dominance (Taylor Hall aside… sometimes).  

For tonight’s game, the Oilers were going to have to pay Bono levels of special attention to minimizing their turnovers if they had any chance at winning.  They were able to do that, but only because they never had the puck.  The only reason the score was close as is it was is because Viktor Fasth stood on his head.  The Penguins were able to pin the Oilers for prolonged periods of time, but Fasth stood tall.

At the end of the night, the only thing that was really left to cheer for was for the Oilers to break the shutout and they couldn’t do it.  There wasn’t going to be another comeback tonight.  It was obvious from the fact that the Oilers didn’t get their first scoring chance until mid way through the second period.  Not to mention, having both Taylor Hall and Benoit Pouliot out of the lineup is never going to help.  Viktor Fasth’s play aside, the only real bright side to really draw from this game is that the Oilers are another step closer to the draft… and we get to talk about Little Buttcheeks again. 

We Wrap.



  • Derek Roy always seems to produce a few scoring chances since he’s been here.
  • The only reason this game didn’t get completely blown out was Viktor Fasth.  He finished with 24 saves and a .923 save%. He’s getting the majority of the starts right now, and he seems to want to keep it that way.  If Fasth keeps playing this well, he may actually wind up as a trade chip at the deadline.  Fasth is a UFA at the end of the season so bringing anything in for him would be a win.  
  • Jeff Petry has to be raising his trade value with the way he’s playing.  Personally, I would prefer that he stayed here but that’s not looking like it’s going to happen.  Oh well, another magic bean will do I suppose.
  • The game ended early and we all have time to do happier things before bed!  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Don’t mind if I do.



  • Not having either Taylor Hall or Benoit Pouliot on the lineup hurts.  They’re both listed as day to day, but who knows.  There’s no point of rushing them back into the lineup at this point. 
  • Sidney Crosby doesn’t come to Edmonton enough.  Regardless of what you think of him, he’s an amazing player to watch and it sucks that we rarely get to watch him play.  As a fan of hockey, I like to see what the best guys can do and he’s one of them.  Almost shockingly, the Oilers were able to keep him in check aside from a few rushes here and there.
  • It annoyed me to see David Perron as a Penguin.  The Oilers have needed a skilled player that was willing to annoy the other team for years.  They had one in DP, but I guess magic beans are better.  No offence to Rob Klinkhammer, I like him a lot, but he can’t put up offence like DP. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he scored too, because of course he did.
  • The Oilers made way too many turnovers against a team that could have made them pay more than they did.  Luckily for the Oilers, Viktor Fasth played well and was able to bail them out.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury got a shutout, and you could see his stupid grin through his mask… yeah, I’m bitter.



Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.40.07 PM


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  • Prongers Promises

    How has YakPuppy not garnered more attention? That had to be the funniest thing I have ever heard an announcer say.

    “Yak is like that puppy you let out of his kennel and its so excited that it just runs around everywhere aimlessly” Or something to that extent.


  • Aitch

    “Sidney Crosby doesn’t come to Edmonton enough. Regardless of what you think of him, he’s an amazing player to watch and it sucks that we rarely get to watch him play. As a fan of hockey, I like to see what the best guys can do and he’s one of them.”

    What a crock! Unless you’re a season ticket holder with an allergy to TVs and computers, you can watch Crosby anytime he plays. I see Crosby play all the time, along with stars from all over the league. Wake up, baggedmilk, this is 2015. You choose who you watch these days.

  • IM80

    Not a Flames fan but you have to respect what they have done this season.

    Come’on Oiler fans acknowledge what they have done, much like 2 heavyweights congratulate each other after a NHL hockey fight.

    I hope they make the playoffs and knock of LA if they should make the post season.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Interesting take on the Oilers over @ The Pens Blog- they were pretty much spot on…

    The Oilers just aren’t a good team (typo time). At all. Their defense is so bad. We were pumped about the Pens going into Edmonton because we wanted to see what makes the Oilers so bad. It’s their defense. It’s Andrew Ference. It’s zero goaltending. It’s lazy, uncreative forwards. It’s the defense not knowing what to do with the puck in their own zone.

    The Oilers would have a chance in the NHL if every team they played was only allowed to have 4 players on the ice the whole game. The only time this game where the Oilers sustained pressure was on the PP. It was the only time you heard anything from the fans.

    And about the fans: they’ve gotten used to this, and we’re guessing it happened a few years back. There was some excitement over the summer when Edmonton super-fan and advanced-stats wiz Tyler Dellows got a job with the Oilers. But at last check, Dellows can’t center the Oilers’ first line, so yeah. Sucks to suck.

    Even as people who survived the Penguins’ 2001-t0-2005 era, we still can’t say we identify with what the Oilers have become. In the “dark ages,” the Penguins had no talent. The Oilers have had high draft picks for years, but they’ve all either checked out or just don’t care.

    Overall this game was just as unwatchable as the Devils and Predators games, with the difference being that the Pens convincingly got the two points, as they should have.

  • pkam

    Even though we were outplayed last night, but if the post by Petry went in instead of out, and that rebound didn’t hit Perron’s skate or happened just 0.5 second later, we had a tie game.

      • pkam

        Say what you want.

        We played probably our best game against the Bolts, we had 4 post all went out and we lost that game 2-3. A game we deserved to win but didn’t.

        We played an okay game against the Caps, we had 2 post and all went in, plus another lucky bounce with about 1 minute left to tie the game and won it in S/O. A game we didn’t deserve to win but did.

        We didn’t deserve to win last night but with some luck (like the Capital game), we might get it done again in S/O.

    • pkam

      It’s true. The Pens only managed 2 shots in the third. Sure they have a better team then the oilers, but even the first goal was a cluster of nice bounces. I find people are pretty simple when superstars come to town. That’s Sidney Crosby I heard he’s the best, holy they are soon good. Common let’s get real. It’s wasn’t that lopsided. Ive seen bad games by the oilers and major blowouts and that didn’t even come close. Keep bag licking the star studied teams sheep. If the oilers got 2 shots in a period you would all be crying foul.

  • Aitch

    I was told by a very smart person ,”nothing positive to say ,say nothing at all.Soooooooo how long should one have to wait for his Oilers Nation sticker Need to find something positive of all of this

  • Aitch

    I wonder why Hendy was going after Perron near the end of the game? To me this is very telling ……..just maybe Perron was a real distraction in the dressing room?

    I for one can’t believe that we are going to lose our best defenceman ( Petry) for some magic beans!

    MacT has painted himself into a corner……….I hope he has his dealer hat on for this summer.

  • Zamboni Driver

    In the ongoing (not that funny) ‘because Oilers’ jokes…

    You really now have to consider:

    Three – #1 Overall Draft Choices when the best players were not Stamkos, Ovechkin, Crosby, even Ekblad…

    No no…Oilers with their #1 overalls get a fairly good winger, a 165 lb centre who looks 13, and Yakupov.


    Because Oilers.

  • pkam

    Remember when our biggest worry was not being able to sign Tkachev, and we could focus all of our hate at MacT for only that?

    There’s so much venom now, we don’t even know where to spit it.

    Hope that little guy still turns be our Russian Gaudreau…

  • pkam

    That was one ugly game. Oilers didn’t show up for the game, and Penguins didn’t bring their “A” game, but I guess they saw what was in front of them , so why bother kicking it out of second gear!Fasth made it look closer than it was.

    Both teams were coasting, but for different reasons.

    Nuge and Eberle didn’t even bother taking their skate guards off. Petry and Roy are the only guys that showed up for the game.

    The game spent so much time in the Oiler end, I taught they would have to reflood the ice halfways through the first period.

    • pkam

      I think the game was pretty even in the 1st 7-8 minutes of the game. And the game was in the Penguins zone more in the 3rd period.

      It was the 2nd half of the 1st period and the whole 2nd period that the game was in our zone.

      I was sitting in section 124 last night so I see a lot of action in front of me, except in the 2nd half of the 1st period.

  • nugeformayor

    Can blame perron leaving kn that goof eakins and his balalnces lines that turned to lets not let perron play on top two lines he has to much heart. 28 goals and on third line what a fail!