Martin Marincin of the Oklahoma City Barons is among the AHL players who could find themselves in a new city as we approach the deadline. Although most teams look to add veterans as insurance, a player like Marincin has added value in that he has NHL experience and is a player with substantial potential. Here’s a look at the promising AHL players in the West Division.


  • D Martin Marincin: Rangy defender who looked solid in 40+ games a year ago in Edmonton. He has been less than expected this year but offers a team some cover for this season and a lot of potential in the future. Currently in the NHL.
  • C Anton Lander: Two-way center may have turned the corner on his NHL career this season. Edmonton had given up on him—at least placed him on waivers—but he may not be available should a team call about him. 
  • R Iiro Pakarinen; Finnish winger has adapted quickly to North American hockey. Scored 17 goals in half an AHL season and is currently in the NHL. Brings a physical element, can pass well and has some touch around the net.


  • R Rocco Grimaldi: Small winger with offensive ability and a real dynamo. He won’t back down but at 5.06, 160 there’s legit worry about his ability to stay healthy.
  • L Connor Brickley: Physical winger plays a rugged game NHL fans will enjoy. He’s scoring well (47GP, 17-12-29) in his first AHL season.
  • L Garrett Wilson: He has a power-forward profile and is scoring (50GP, 17-11-28) enough in the AHL to be considered a prospect of interest.

ranford ferguson 1415

Brendan Ranford of the Texas Stars


    • L Brendan Ranford: Bill Ranford is his uncle, Brendan is a completely different player. Undersized with just average or a little better speed, his puck skills are very good and that might give him an NHL chance. Currently ranks second in team scoring.
    • R Brett Ritchie: One of the better PF prospects in the minors, Ritchie has played in NHL games this season. 6.04, 215 with substantial skill.
    • C Justin Dowling: Not much fanfare but for the Stars that’s nothing new. Brenden Dillon, Antoine Roussel and others have come through their system with success. Appears to be effective in multiple areas without possessing a dominant skill.


      • D Keegan Lowe: Defender with good size and speed, and is improving consistency. Lowe is not as naturally talented as his father but has worked very hard to get where he is today.
      • D Trevor Carrick: Smart blueliner with some skill (plus shot) he’s in his first pro season and is miles away. Still, a talented young player.
      • L Brock McGinn: Blossomed in his final year of junior and has played well as an AHL rookie. 14 points so far this season, he has some edge to his game. Like Carrick, he’s going to take awhile. 


      • C Tyler Graovac: Impressive young player who is surging in his second pro season. Good speed and skill, he has 34 points in 50 games this year.
      • R Zack Mitchell: Smart player with some skill, he graduated from the OHL this season and has posted 23 points in 53 games. That’s a solid total for a role-playing AHL rookie.
      • D Matt Dumba: A unique talent who has been famous for awhile, Dumba has 14 points in 20 AHL games and has been in the NHL for most of the season. Rambunctious player, needs to be a little more reliable defensively but a real talent.

      Up next: The Atlantic Division of the AHL. (All photos by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Ah, the perils of being a laughing stock franchise.

          If only the Oilers spineless owner could be replaced. It starts at the top. Solid ownership holds their people accountable.

          • Scary Gary

            That would be pricey not to mention the compensation.

            Restricted Free Agent (RFA)

            Player has been tendered a qualifying offer by their Club and are subject to draft-choice compensation and right to match. The draft choice compensation scale is based on compensation offered by the new Club:

            21014 OFFER COMPENSATION

            $1,110,249 or below None
            Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 Third-round choice
            Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 Second-round choice
            Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 First-round and third-round choice
            Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 First-round, second-round and third-round choice
            Over $6,728,781 to $8,410,976 Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
            Over $8,410,976 Four first-round choices

        • Paq Twinn

          I wouldn’t ever want Keegan Lowe. Not because he is or may become a solid NHL Defenseman but because the large majority of fans here will not give him a chance because of his father. Unfair, unjust but most likely would happen.

        • bradleypi

          Why in the world would Mact trade any one of them guys? Wow you guys are just making up things now just to get mad at management. Nelson obviously loves lander and lander obviously loves playing for Nellie and looks like he is turning the corner, what possible reason can you give me for trading him?….. and as for marincin and pakiranen, what would you get for those two? A 2nd or more likely a 3rd rounder? What’s the point? Why not keep these guys and see if they turn into players? They’re still young. Wow oilersnation is a confusing place. “Keep a Ufa in petry but trade young guys for nothing”. Absolutely insane

        • Armchair_Gm

          You would need to give up klefbom or yakupov for ritchie. He will be a 40+ point player for years to come and adds a physical element. True power forward

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          Not sure how Keegan Lowe makes your promising list. Going from mediocre .19ppg and -7 (63 gms) in rookie season to .18ppg and -11 (45 gms) seems something other than promising.

        • Bob Cobb

          Really? Man I am glad you are not the Oilers GM or the team would be even further behind were they are now.
          They aren’t trading a defenseman they’ve developed, outside of Petry, that’s young and can be part of the core group going forward. Lander, they don’t exactly have a strong group of center’s and you would trade one that is on the verge of becoming the player the Oilers thought they were drafting. Pakarinen, to use your words “Brings a physical element, can pass well and has some touch around the net.”, again not something the Oilers have in abundance so not going anywhere.

          Personally the only Oiler player going anywhere will be Petry, maybe for a pick and a prospect in the AHL, I don’t expect Craig to do to much at the deadline.