GDB 61.0 Wrap Up: Ducks @ Oilers

After last night, that ELPH was pleasantly unexpected. Beers all around! Final Score: 2-1 Ducks.

Today’s game was almost like a science experiment. I had to watch to see if the Oilers could find a way to match their mind numbingly awful performance from yesterday. If they were able to, I may have had to rethink the impossibility of catching Buffalo in the McJesus race. With the start they had tonight, I think the Oilers might get closer to Buffalo than we had originally thought. A Taylor Hall and Jeff Petry-less Oilers is a scary thought for the rest of the season.

Despite the awful start, the Oilers were able to wake up in the 2nd. Between the 1st and 2nd, the Oilers looked like a different team. I bet it was coffee enemas. Anyway… The Oilers tied the game early in the 2nd period on Teddy Purcell’s 8th goal of the season, of a great little backhand pass from Nail Yakupov. Actually, the Purcell-Roy-Yak was producing chances all night long. Here’s hoping that MacT can get Roy locked up shortly.

The 3rd period seemed to pick up where the 2nd period left off. The action was end to end with a touch of sloppiness that only 2 teams on the 2nd of back to back games can provide. Case and point was the 2nd Ducks goal which ended up being the winner. Scrivens took in a weak shot, bobbled and dropped the puck only to have Schultz inadvertently kick it in. If that’s not the Oilers season in a moment, then I don’t know what is.

Even though the Oilers lost tonight, this loss was infinitely easier to take than last night’s loss. The Oilers actually showed some willingness to battle, and engage. That being said, a loss is a loss and we’re one step closer to the dr…. OMG THE OODLE NOODLE DELIVERY GUY IS HERE!

We wrap.



  • Teddy Purcell’s goal (his 8th) came from a great little backhanded passing play from Nail Yakupov. Again, the line of Purcell-Roy-Yak was producing chances all night long. 
  • The Oilers have 6 guys out with injuries, and they were able to stick around with the Ducks. It was nice to see the team put in a better effort in the 2nd half. 
  • Ben Scrivens played reasonably well in the 2nd half of a back to back. I’m sure he would love to have that 2nd goal back, but what can you do. Most of the night, he seemed to be controlling his rebounds a lot better tonight, and he kept the Oilers in it. Scrivens finished the game with 19 saves and a .905 save%.



  • What a start! You have to love seeing the Oilers down by a goal just 45 seconds into the game. Luckily the end wasn’t as bad as the beginning.
  • When things go bad for Justin Schultz they go really bad. The 2nd Anaheim goal went in off Jultz’s skate when he was trying to make a play defensively. To be fair to Schultz, Ben Scrivens probably shouldn’t have let the puck in the first place.
  • Seriously, Ben. I love you, but you have to hang on to that puck.
  • John Gibson is exactly the kind of young goalie prospect that the Oilers needs. He’s annoyingly good. He finished with 26 saves and a .963 save%.
  • The only two games next week come against Minnesota and St. Louis. That should be fun! 



Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.40.00 PM


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I extended the photoshop contest deadline for entries because, frankly, they were too funny to stop. Next week is also a light Oilers week, so I thought we could all use a little entertainment during the week. So fire up your photoshop machine and get the awkward family photos coming in. To submit an entry, you can email it to me at I’m looking forward to this.

  • Serious Gord

    The oil played with a reasonable level of effort while the ducks steamrolled them for the first fifteen minutes but then stopped skating and damn near lost the game.

    I need to make a mental note now for playoff pool time…

  • Julien’s oilers look more structured and competitive. No Hall, no Lander, no Petry. Why isn’t Jultz on the IR? He’s gotta be injured, otherwise Uh-Oh! Also; Hamilton on last minute? Maybe time to try the Curtis version.

  • tealyn

    Does Oodle Noodle seriously deliver? This may the best hockey new of the year for me, only because I heard it here, thanks ON, pls confirm that they deliver…

  • freelancer

    I would love to see what Nelson could do with a healthy roster.This team obviously needs (goalie,defense,etc) but the compete on this team has been very impressive. Aside from a few bonehead plays we kept up and even pushed the tempo in this game.

      • freelancer

        Yes I did. By no means am I saying this is a team that plays it’s best every night and they definitely haven’t been perfect under Nelson, last night and Toronto come to mind big time. All I’m seeing is it’s nice to not have the immediate reflex to turn a game off when the other team scores first.

  • Mangiant

    I was at the game tonight.

    We started so badly. Shortly after the goal, Scrivens gave away an easy puck that resulted in a bad chance again… when will that guy learn? The crowd started booing after that… thought it was going to be a bad night. Fortunately they picked it up halfway through the first (shots went from 1-6 to 7-7 by the end of the 1st).

    Other than that, we really need to keep Roy. He was all over the place. Yak had a great chance off his hard forecheck work, and he also prevented at least one breakaway.

    He has the work ethic, and still enough skill to lead by example. Unlike Mr Ference, who seems to only have the former.

  • YFC Prez

    I really miss it when DSF was our resident super troll. We would never see him start more than half of his comments with LOL. And he didn’t use the same formula for his comments over and over.

    The new kids just can’t compete with the old vets. Oh well. At least we still have serious gord around these parts right ? I’m just not too sure if he should fit into the super troll category or the old grump category.

    • It’s just sooo formulaic…

      Bomb thread with inflammatory comment

      Reply with multiple versions of “I know you are but what am I?”

      Yell from room for mom to get more pizza pops and Mountain Dew

      Take notes for next “Thread domination” story to share with friends when skipping 3rd period Health.

      Sit back in game chair to revel in your awesomeness

      • RomZ

        My favorite was when he listed off any other teams prospects, and point totals to show much better they are than oiler prospects.

        Also cherry picking stats to support his ridiculous arguments.

        • Got to give DSF credit, he would actually give examples with stats. Cherry pick albiet like you mention, but the effort was there. This new guy doesn’t do anything, very lazy troll.

    • Spydyr

      I’m trying my best to hold up the “old grump category.”Also known as folks who are old enough to remember when the team won Cups and Lowe was a 4-5 defenceman.

  • rnj

    If Jeff Petry and Jultz could switch places that would be fine by me… you know, Petry staying and NOT BEING INJURED while mr Schultz gets traded. Of course that is only a dream. #Norrispotential #6years40Mdollarcontract #Craigsonit

  • Anton CP

    It is as much as you can expected out of nearly half of the rosters made up with AHLers. So they lost but it is more of GM and scouts’ fault for this team lack of depths.

  • Anton CP

    Talk about tanking, Arizona has 47 points, 10 points from 5 wins over Oilers this season. So without those 10 points, Coyotes has 37 points, Oilers has 44 points as of now.

    Leafs are really tanking too, Oilers lost last 2 games, I m happy with that. 29th spot is great for 13.5% for lotto draft picks.

    Play competitive but don’t win too many games down the stretch please.

    Buffalo will get 30th for sure.

        • YFC Prez

          Is there really though. Comparing the current version of Dubnyk to Scrivens is a no brainer. But when Dubnyk played behind this oilers his performance left a lot to be desired. Not really all that much better than the 2 goalies we currently have.

          This is why I say the defence needs to be upgraded before any more goalies are swaped out.

  • YFC Prez

    Oilers hung in there with the Ducks. Ya, I know their first line was sleep walking a bit, but that’s their problem. I think Getslaf and Perry might have forgotten to take their wallets out of their back pockets, and got weighted down a bit.

    Point: Oilers will not and don’t win to many games scoring one goal a game. Yes there are warts on the backend, but the front end is not much better. Trouble ahead.

    PS: It seems the only deflection scores the Oilers make are into their own net.Thank you Ben.

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  • bradleypi

    It’s the posting of controversial opinions or even just uncommon opinions in an inflammatory style to start an argument. Even if most people are smart enough to ignore the comment, you need just a few posters to get involved with the troll and then discussion is taken over by an idiotic argument that 90% of posters are tired of seeing.

    ON’s comment boards are terrible. The posters are generally OK, but being sports guys as opposed to internet guys, they’re not as savvy about trolls as people on gaming/computer forums are.

    Second, the technology behind the ON comment system just begs for trolls. No forced registration, the voting system doesn’t bury unpopular/troll comments (check out Reddit for comments done right), all comments are displayed in chronological order rather than threaded for relevancy.

    I’m honestly amazed trolls haven’t overrun this place, though I recall seeing the comments system get shut down once.

  • Rob...

    I’d go a step further to differentiate from a devils advocate. A troll is someone who isn’t entertained unless they are upsetting or infuriating other people. Their goal isn’t to have an intelligent conversation, it’s to bait (sucker) others into posting angry tirades in response to their comments. Contrast that with a devils advocate who is looking to either tear down or build up a side of an argument by advocating for the opposite opinion.