WWYDW: The Trade Deadline

Craig MacTavish2

The trade deadline is a high point of every hockey season, one of those rare moments down the stretch where fans of all 30 NHL teams really have a good reason to pay attention. The best teams add players; frequently enough, so do clubs in the middle of the pack. At the other end of the spectrum, the worst teams load up on draft picks and prospects and (sometimes) even sign pending free agents rather than renting them off to the highest bidder.

So, for this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask how our readers would handle the deadline.

The Important Names


Naturally, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins aren’t going anywhere. But this is the time of year when all those third and fourth line guys suddenly matter a lot, too. Looking at the Oilers’ salary chart, these are the players I’d guess are most worth talking about today:

  • Jeff Petry. No surprise here. Edmonton’s best defenceman is a pending free agent and a re-signing seems increasingly unlikely. For a while, there was a common suggestion that he’d likely only garner a third-round pick in trade. Now, the market is picked almost bare, and the right-shooting, in-his-prime Petry has deals like the Andrej Sekera trade (for a first round pick plus good prospect Roland McKeown) as a point of comparison. I’ve long held the belief that this was going to be a deal for a second-round pick; after the Sekera move it might even cost more.
  • Derek Roy. G.M. Craig MacTavish has indicated the Oilers are unlikely to deal the pending UFA centre and may even look at re-signing him. Is that the right course of action, or would Edmonton be better off moving him for a mid-round pick and looking to trade, the draft or free agency to fill his current spot?
  • Matt Hendricks and Boyd Gordon. Both names have come up and it sounds like there is interest around the league; MacTavish has indicated he’d rather keep both. Frankly, it’s hard to blame him given the performance of that line this year, but it’s worth asking if the team is well-advised to keep a well-paid veteran pair that will be 34 and 32, respectively, by next October.
  • Nikita Nikitin, Andrew Ference and Teddy Purcell. We talked about this trio last week as buyout possibilities, but there might be another way. Are these skaters – in particular Ference and Purcell – movable at the deadline if Edmonton retains salary? Should the Oilers consider such a move and what would the deal need to be to justify such a trade?
  • Martin Marincin. The Oilers could always do something unexpected, like add talent, at the deadline, with players like Dion Phaneuf and James Wisniewski (he has a no-trade clause isn’t afraid to use it) plausible fits from the rumour mill. If they do, Marincin’s a prime candidate to be part of a package going the other way. Is that something Edmonton should think about?

Let us know in the comments what strategy Edmonton should pursue.


  • Anton CP

    Does Ference hold any sway over Boychuk. Two Edmonton boys that paired together in Boston and won a Cup?

    I’d be willing to eat some salary to move Purcell or Nikitin since that cap scenario is not too different from a buyout. There seem to be a rash of injuries out there so I’m sure many GMs are all ears. Boston could really use a RW.

    Given the price paid for Sekera, I’d be surprised if the Oilers do not land a 1st for Petry. If the Oilers don’t win the lottery, maybe you could package picks to move up.

    • Darth Oiler

      Looks like the Islanders are going to announce they are signing Boychuk 7 yr @ 38.5 mil.

      Jeeze imagine what JT is going to get?

      Oilers are not getting a 1st rounder for Petry- 2nd rounder I would bet.


  • Kevwan

    The Oilers should do the following between now and the beginning of free agency:

    Trade Petry to Tampa for one of the two 1st round picks they have.

    Dump Nikky and Teddy, maybe even Ference. This will give the team around 30 Mil in Cap space (more if they get rid of Ference).

    Re-Sign Yak to a 2 year, 3 Mil per season contract; Roy to a 2 year, 2.5 Mil per season contract; and Marincin to a 2 year, 2.5 Mil per season contract.

    Trade the pitts and tampa 1st rounders along with schultz to chi-town for seabrook (they will need cap relief)

    Hopefully draft one of connor or jack, if not go ahead and draft strome.

    Throw a mega offer sheet at Dougie Hamilton (8 years, 7.5 mil per). Now thats a bold move.

    Throw money at boychuk or franson in free agency (6 years, 6.5 mil per).

    Sign Ramo to a 2-3 year contract at 3 mil per.

    If those things happen, the team can trade fayne and either marincin or ference as well for some veteran winger. Maybe even replace gordon with hendricks for 4th line.

    Next year’s line up:

    Hall-(Connor/Jack/Strome/Drai)-A veteran winger



    To me that looks like a playoff team, and a team that will be much better then the current roster. The oilers should take advantage of teams that are in a cap crunch like the bruins and hawks. If boston matches the offer-sheet, oilers can keep fayne. If not, I think it would be perfectly alright to give up 4 draft picks for a stud D man who will be 29 when the 8 year contract expires.

  • Darth Oiler

    Trade Hall, Scrivens, and Petry to the Ducks for Gibson, Fowler, Rickard Rakell,and a First

    Trade Pens 1st, ducks 1st, and our 2016 1st and 2nd and martin marincin to Arizoina for OEL and Mikkel Boedker and the right to swap 1st this year if arzoina is picking higher.

    let the hateing beging

  • A-Mc

    I hate these kinds of threads now because i put in a bunch of effort day dreaming of all the good scenarios that COULD happen with the Oilers… But then it never goes down that way. The Oilers always find ways to disappoint me, so now i try to be an observer instead of a willing participant.

    Petry is gone and the Oilers will sit on their hands.

  • CMG30

    Well, I think we all know what the Oilers should do and it starts in the front office. But that’s never going to happen so no use flogging that particular horse.

    I guess all that leave us Oiler fans to do is burn all our Oilers memorabilia in a sacrifice to the gods of hockey so that maybe, just maybe, they grant us one summer of competence out of this sad-sack organization.

  • SuntanOil

    Zarny, ToDs,SSB et al;

    Since Monahan came as advertised, all the Flames fans believe they can do no wrong at the draft table now. If I were a Flames fan (spits at the thought) I would be very concerned that he missed the majority of one of his most important development years with an injury, in particular when it was suggested at the draft that his frame would not support the muscle (and thus strength) to dominate at the NHL level the way he does in Junior. Think what you will, and I wish the kid the best, but if Bennett suffers another injury next year it will at best delay his development and likely hurt it.

    I remember when we were over the top about Gagner and Cogliano the way the evil from south of us is about Monahan and Bennett. Ahhh… … … good times being so naive.

    Then again, after Baertschi, Backlund, and Jankowski (best player in the draft), Calgary may also know a thing or two about draft disappointments.

  • I wonder what it would take to get OEL out of Arizona ? Eberle ? Edmontons 2 first round picks if they fall to 3rd ? if they get a first round pick for Petry , 3 first round picks? Him and Boychuck would sure fix the oilers defence.

  • Spoils

    what does it take to get Seth Jones?

    I think Ebs/Petry/(Prospect or pick) for Jones… I might go as high as swapping out Hall for Ebs in that deal!

    They need to ride Shea Weber this year. He is a generational player and they should do everything to get a cup out of him.

    We need a real D if we want to win as our youth matures – Jones/Nurse/Klefbom feels like a great core.


  • Zarny


    Most defensemen are still effective at 36-40 years old? Compared to what?

    The chatter in Boston this year is Chara looks like he has a piano tied to his back compared to his play from 30-35 years old?

    That doesn’t mean he’s bad; he is undoubtedly still a very good Dman. But he hasn’t been as good and you’re talking about a Norris winner and a player with a reputation for being a fitness freak. And the question has been asked in Bos whether it’s time to trade Chara and his $6.917M cap hit.

    There is virtually no Dman that is as good from 36-40 as 30-35; maybe Pronger. Boychuk certainly won’t be. Gonchar isn’t. Streit isn’t at the same level he was in his late 20’s and early 30’s.

    And assuming the cap will always go up is one of the reasons Chi, Bos and LA are cap crunched.

    Don’t get me wrong; I like Boychuk. But his play doesn’t have to drop off much from this year for him to only be worth $4.5-5M a year. Overpaying Boychuk by $1M+ per season is no different than overpaying Gagner or Horcoff.

    • TKB2677

      What about 6 years. That gets him to 37, which seems to be the magic number where defencemen can’t hack it anymore, unless your name was Lidstrome or Scott Niedermayer.

      I really think you are underrating his play this year. Points aside, that guy does it all on the back end, and against the best competition every night.

      Have you seen him play the Oilers? It’s like watching the Oilers vs Boychuck. The guy is the complete number 1 d man package, and those guys are rare, and worth the money and term. Especially on a team like Edmonton, who has been crying for one of these guys since Pronger left.

      I ask, if not Boychuck, then who? The only other possibility might be a guy like Seabrook, but that’s costing more than just money.

      • Zarny

        There is no magic number. Players depreciate at varying rates but 34-37 is certainly a very common age when most players start to significantly decline.

        I am not underrating Boychuk’s play this year. However, you might want to check a player usage chart because neither Boychuk nor Leddy play against the top competition in NYI. That would be Travis Hamonic.

        Boychuk and Leddy are actually used more like Seabrook and Keith. They play against good competition (2-3 lines) but not the top competition like Chara, Hamilton or Hamonic.

        I agree overall Boychuk has filled the role of 1 D this year, but he isn’t being used as a shutdown guy. The thing is…this is the only year he’s done it. Ever. And he’s 31 not 26 so you’re likely seeing his career year.

        That doesn’t mean he’s going to fall off a cliff, but take a look at how much Ference’s play has declined from 31-35. To think there is no way Boychuk will be similar because he’s had one good year is just naive.

        Maybe it won’t happen or maybe it just won’t be to the same degree. But committing big dollars over 6 years to a player who has done it once is how you end up with David Clarkson and carries significant risk.

        • Zarny

          Fair points.

          But, I don’t think Edmonton will have the luxury of not taking some risk until they start winning and can attract free agents based on their record.

          And in that, they have very few alternatives to try and turn the D around.

  • Zarny


    I would certainly take Boychuk over Petry for at least another year or two. Beyond that though I think your risk goes up significantly.

    I agree, I want no part of Phaneuf @ 7M for another 6 years.

    It does matter how you structure a contract IF you need to trade the player because they don’t live up to the contract.

    • pkam

      For rich teams, they wouldn’t care about the salary, it is the cap that they care. Since the cap is the salary average, why does it matter to them?

      For poor teams, isn’t front loaded contract what they need to help them reach the floor?