GDB Wrap Up 64.0: Kings @ Oilers

I guess the decade of greatness will be starting another day. Final Score: 5-2 Kings.

The problem with having a bunch of days off between games is that Oilers fans are starting to realize how much fun it is to do other things. People are starting to find hobbies, and having the weather warm up will only make things worse. After yesterday’s botched Petry trade (okay, I’m bitter)and following the press conference (read: elderly babble), my faith in the management of this organization is at an all time low. Needless to say I was enjoy my Oilerless break. 

Unfortunately for me and everyone else watching, this game was a disaster. Frankly, it was another shining example of how far away the Oilers are from being able to compete in the Western Conference. Craig MacTavish can ramble off whatever nonsense he wants, but this team isn’t good enough and it’s not even close. The Oilers were outclassed in every aspect of that hockey game. The Kings made the Washington Generals feel sorry for the Oilers tonight. 

I’m actually at a loss for words as to what I’m supposed to say about an “effort” like this. Saying the Oilers suck once is easy, but saying it dozens of times per season can get difficult. Let’s try this: Picture a shit on the floor of your house. Imagine that this shit on your floor is not your own turd, but the turd from a stranger that has broken into your house just to leave it there for you. Imagine your frustration as you gaze upon what lay before you. Picture it, the horror of it all.

We wrap.



  • Nikitin looked good out there tonight. *rimshot*
  • Visually the commercials were better than the hockey game. 
  • Luke Gazdic scored (his second) on a nice tip on a shot from the point. Jordan Oesterle picked up the assist on the play which happened to be his first NHL point. 
  • Teddy Purcell had some nice touch on his ninth goal of the year. He finished off a nice passing play with Nuge, and Justin Schultz for a power play goal in the third period.
  • As far as I know, no jerseys got thrown on the ice. Yay?!
  • Jarrett Stoll didn’t score!
  • We’re keeping our tank game strong. Buffalo’s lack of goalies or NHL calibre players doesn’t care or intimidate us. We’ve tanked before, and we can do it again.



  • Matt Greene scored tonight… of course he did. 
  • I was bummed to be watching the Oilers/Kings game when there was a goalie circus going on in the Leafs/Panthers game. They almost had to put in a third stringer, and that’s something I would have wanted to watch. Such is life.
  • The Kings absolutely owned the Oilers in front of the net tonight. They could make their way to Scrivens whenever they felt like it. 
  • This was not a great night for Ben Scrivens. I’m not saying he had much help, but you know he’d like to have a few of those goals back. He finished with 24 saves and an .828 save%. 
  • There was no E in that ELPH… 
  • Craig MacTavish thinks we’re only a few players away. Awesome…



Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.07.54 PM


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  • Jayz

    Was at game tonight .
    Ferknucle needs to find something else to do, to small and slow .

    Best part of game was in the second when stubborn fans tried to get a wave going, about 35 try’s later it got going.

    Shoulda gave my cat a bath … Would have been more entertaining 😉

  • AJ88

    What exactly were you expecting playing the SC champions who are basically playing playoff hockey right now? The Oilers do not have a legit #1 goalie, they have an inexperienced defence group for the most part and appear to be inept offensively. The Oilers I agree are in a sad state right now but your blogs seem to be written to only to get a rise from your negative followers. How much of difference will a legit #1 goalie and a legit top pairing defenceman make to this team? This off season will be telling for MacTavish.

      • pipes101

        Ya come on Baggedmilk! Stop complaining all the time! Geez all we need is a couple major pieces after 6 years of rebuilding. how about you focus on the positives for a change like how they had enough pucks for the game, and how all the name bars on the jerseys stayed on!!! Just imagine if we had doughty and stop being such a Debbie downer!!!

          • Rob...

            The highlight of the game was the replacement of the broken glass in the first intermission. They replaced it with a dirty, heavily scuffed sheet that had a fan in the stands trying to mockingly clean it with his jacket sleeve, while staff were trying to magically remove the scuffs from the ice side.

          • AJ88

            Give me a break and get off your high horse. We’ve been watching the same group of management make the same mistakes over and over and over again for years upon years. The fact that we even bother to comment or watch at all is shocking. You can hope and pray and dream all you want, but don’t get a stick up your rectum when people make simple observations about how pathetic this team is

          • ubermiguel

            You berate for BM bashing away, yet your posts are bashing BM – which is easy to do when he’s down.

            Maybe you can post a positive post-game review of yesterday’s game?

      • AJ88

        My point…I am trying to figure out what you are trying to accomplish by your constant bashing of a team that you say you’re a fan of. To just bash away after a loss, especially against the SC champions who are very desperate for wins makes me think you must have roots to the Toronto media. And yea, how about writing something that has some type of positive Oiler solution – that’s might take some “nuts” to do on this site.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Say what you want about MacT, but he knows how to build one hell of a 4th line. Oddly enough, that is where he played most of his career.

    He probably has some distorted sense of reality that leads him to believe it is the most important part of the team. Feeds his ego, you know.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Oil last 5 games in April vs Sharks, 2 Kings, Canucks and Flames will determine which team make playoffs I think.

    Yab ba do or don’t, don’t win many games because Arizona and Buffalo are tanking too. 1 points behind Coyotes, Desert Dogs stuck at 47 points forever (since Jan 1st til now they won only 6 games, what gives?). With last 18 games I don’t think Arizona will win another game.

    Whoever win lotto pick, the next team get 2nd pick, so stay in 29th please Oilers. Don’t move up to 28th spot.

    • TheBirdOfAnger

      Yea, Arizona has shown some strong commitment to the tank. But it is hard to hold together a dynasty of failure, with all those high draft picks interfering.

      The Fall for Hall, the Fail for Nail, can’t remember the RNH slogan. We have done pretty well at tanking over the years. You can’t win them all.

      I think we will have a good shot at last place next year. Petry is just the first of many moves to assure a last place finish next year.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    Thank gawd for PVR, just fast forward and watch the oppositions score go up. Then you still have a free evening to do stuff. Apparently this draft will change everything according to macT, I think this has been the plan for 20 years. Hasn’t quite worked out.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    So what happens this November when the team is once again in the middle of a massive losing streak? What’s the excuses going to be then? The core needs a shakeup, it has for years. It’s the wrong mix and MacT doesn’t have the balls or intelligence to deal with this part of the lineup. Prepare for no playoffs for awhile folks.

    • “…The CORE needs a shakeup,…” I agree 100%. The Club should have taken the Coyotes approach THIS year. This team isn’t going anywhere for awhile, (makes me sick) and it’s more than 2 or 3 players away from being decent. The Coyotes have planned for the future the right way: Draft picks, very nice prospects. They have put themselves in a position for a very nice pick for this years draft, and next. The Oilers? We will be back here Next year at the Same time wondering WTF? Generally, I am optimistic person. Half Full kind of guy, etc…but this? It is testing me every damn day. Sad and frustrating.

  • Joe Mamma

    “The problem with having so many days off between games is that Oiler fans are starting to realize how much fun it is to do other things.”

    HAHAHA! Good one bm!

    I realized that by November 1.

    I honestly pity you that you have to watch this craptacular tire fire all season. Since game 5 or so, I just get up in the morning, check the box score, shake my head, and go on with my day. There are so many things I’d rather be doing than watching the oilers circle the drain. Like getting a root canal, for instance.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    This management are too arrogant to admit failure ex: rebuild(s), nikitin etc. The only way it gets shaken up is if a new management are hired, until then Katz and Lowe will just keep laying blame on coaches, GM’s and trainers.

    I think MacT has the balls to shake the core up, Lowe just needs to give them back to him.

  • Rob...

    Was at the game. Schultz was bloody awful again. -2 doesn’t do justice to Yaks scoring chances, and Eberle has fallen back into his rut. Should have traded him while he was hot.

  • 15w40

    I hear that Austin Matthews kid is pretty good.

    The NHL is going to have to implement a few more hurdles to oiler proof the draft it looks like.

    They may have to implement a 1st round moratorium to the Oilers until this reign of terror is over.

  • pipes101

    The way I see it we are 3-4 years away from playoff hockey. Mact keeps talking about bringing in players through the draft And waiting for them to develop. I highly doubt he brings anything but a golie this summer. It’s going to be another rough 3-4 years. And let’s hope the scouts can pick some players.

    • Derzie

      A plane hurtling towards the ground will never reach cruising altitude. Similarly, the Oil are an infinite amount of time away from winning until they pull out of their tailspin by trashing everyone at the top. 3-4 years at the current rate will be that much deeper into the ground.

      • pipes101

        I think you need pilots to get the plane off the ground first before you have to worry about any tail spins. 7 top 10 picks in the last 8 years(3 1st overall). The passengers are all on board, they’re just sitting on the runway while Mac and Lowe try to figure out how to turn on the engine

  • Yakcity7

    Man This speed reading thing really works. I’ve been practicing this for awhile and finally got it reading bagged milks post tonight. Turd on the floor= Oilers and MacT a moron. Done

  • Yakcity7

    Man This speed reading thing really works. I’ve been practicing this for awhile and finally got it reading bagged milks post tonight. Turd on the floor= Oilers and MacT a moron. Done

  • I am surprised we only lost by 3. That was what I call a respectable loss to a team that is 5 years ahead of where we are at today.There was a time when LA got their show ran just like we did last night.The cycle plays out and if MacT’s prognostications turn out to be true we’ll be at LA level by 2018-19. It is painful to watch some nights but I do like what were seeing from Yak. He was pushing the play forward. MM was good too.

    Could we please get a goalie who isn’t so Jeckle and Hyde? Consistent Ben is not.

    The team was overmatched last night but they competed as best as they could against an opponent that is far better than the Oilers.It will interesting to see how they play against Chicago this week.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Buff- 43 pts
    Edm – 46 pts
    Arz – 47 pts.

    All teams have 18 games remaining. If they all play the Tank game and aim for loosing every remaining game, this will be interesting, because Buff and Arz play each other two more times before season end. ??

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Boy that $150 I spent on NHL Gamecenter Live this year is looking better and better and better.

    We’ve relegated the Oilers games to background noise on my phone while we do something else.

  • Spiel

    The Oilers are 9 years into a history making decade.
    One more year of no playoffs and the NHL record for consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance is tied. Two more years, and the franchise will have done what no other franchise has ever done.
    All this during an era when a salary cap and floor are in place to assure parity. Bravo Oilers!