If you’re looking for an article that throws management, and the team, under the bus you’re going to be disappointed. These here words are dedicated to haute couture, hockey psychics, and a photoshop hero that deserves your praise and worship. There will be no Oilers related rage here so proceed with caution. You can’t say that I didn’t warn you. 



Back in October, Wanye announced that the Nation had formed a partnership with Violent Gentlemen to release a new line of NationGear original tees that you’ll love enough to be buried in. The complete VG/Nation line isn’t 100% complete just yet but I’m going to give you a sneak peak at some of what we’ve been working on since the announcement. The catch? Once these sneak peak designs are gone they’re gone until the official VG launch later this summer. Normally I would encourage procrastination, but this is not one of those times.

In total, I’ve put up 6 new VG designs on the NationGear store and they will be listed there until we’re sold out. If your size is sold out that means you waited too long, and likely won’t have another chance at getting one. This isn’t one of those times where I say something is a limited run and then bring it back – snoozing will result in losing. Got it? Good. As if you didn’t need any more incentive, we donate 10% of all NationGear sales to Earth Group in an effort to help them combat world hunger. So you won’t just look great, but also have a reason to feel great.



If there’s one thing that we love at Nation HQ it’s photoshop contests. No matter how poorly the Oilers are playing I always look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Nation citizens are geniuses, and I’m always happy to give these warlocks a platform to showcase their photoshop skills. As always, you guys stepped up, refuse to disappoint, and gave Jeanshorts and I a hearty chuckle as we weeded through the entries to come up with five finalists. Well, the voting is over and it’s time to acknowledge and praise the hero that walked away with a box full of swag.

I want to congratulate and thank Jeff for putting in a hero’s effort, and coming up with the winning entry. Not only was the picture topical and hilarious, it embodied the spirit of the contest and looked great all at the same time. I tip my hat to you, Jeff. Maybe one day I’ll bring you down to Nation HQ so you can teach me how to do more with photoshop than to put oversized heads on people. 

To the rest of the top 3, I will be contacting you shortly to arrange prizes. I’d also like to give another shout out to High Stick Vodka and the Pint for providing the prizes for another great contest. Just in case you don’t believe my math (smart), and want a look at the results, here is the voting breakdown: 

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.03.01 AM



As per tradition (well… not an Oilers tradition) the playoffs are back and that means the NationDrafts playoff pool is here to give you a chance to flex your hockey IQ. Think you know hockey? Prove it. Show the world how smart you are by selecting the best possible team from the draft boxes provided to ensure that you walk away with a truckload of prizes

A portion of NationDraft entries will support our friends at Earth Group. Earth Group is committed to supporting the global fight against hunger by providing 250,000 school meals in developing countries each year. It’s a great cause that we’re happy to support all the while having a great time. Sign up today for just $20 at www.nationdrafts.com and get started on your march to Internet glory!