You Can’t Beat Jeanshorts & Baggedmilk

It’s playoff time again… well… not for the Oilers but for pretty much everyone else! With the return of the playoffs comes the return of the playoff pool. What is the NationDrafts playoff pool? Nothing major… Just an opportunity for you to show the world how smart you are while supporting a great cause at the same time. 

The great thing about the NationDrafts pool is that it gives all you armchair GMs a chance to show your skills. I see you guys in the comments at the Nation, bragging about the kind of roster you would put together to make a run. Well… Since you know who the best players are, and which players belong on a winning roster, I want you to show me. 

I’m challenging you to beat me (BAGGEDMILK HATES JEANSHORTS) and Jeanshorts (JEANSHORTS HATES BAGGEDMILK) in the standings. Why? Bragging rights for life. If you beat me (and I mean IF) in the standings, I will bow to your excellence for the rest of time. That being said, I think know I can beat you.* I think my mind genius is so powerful that I will be looking down on the rest of you from atop the NationDraft standings. The challenge has been set. 

*I didn’t finish in the top 100 last year, so… Wait what?



The goal of the pool is simple. You pick the best roster of playoff bound players as possible and try to accumulate as many points as you can. Sounds simple enough, right? Well… We’ve thrown a few curveballs in the mix. Some of the players listed aren’t even going to the playoffs so choose your team wisely. Is there a cost? It’s $20 to play and a portion of all proceeds will go to our friends at Earth Group to help provide food for needy folks around the world. Let’s not pretend for a second that you wouldn’t spend $20 on something way dumber than this, amirite? 



This year, I raided Wanye’s wallet and found some great stuff to give away to people that will try to be smarter than me.

The prizes are:

  • Grand Prize is a $1500 VISA Gift Card
  • 2nd prize: $500 VISA Gift Card
  • 3rd prize: $200 VISA Gift Card
  • 4th prize: $100 VISA Gift Card
  • 5th – 10th prizes: $30 iTunes Gift Card
  • 11th – 20th prizes: $10 iTunes Gift Card 
Draft for glory and show us what you’re made of. Enter the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff pool here: