oilers lottery

One week ago, we were comparing Dylan Strome to Noah Hanifin, talking about small steps next season and trying to figure out the real meaning of 11.5%. This Friday? Absolutely insane.


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It’s still beyond belief, suspect I’ll need to see the young man in training camp before it will register. Oilers fans who had long since given up on the team sent me texts with dozens of emojis (well no, but the words were all in caps) in an amazing mass return to the Oildrop. It was too long away, but the lottery win gave life to young and old, across the universe.//


Bob Nicholson emerged on Monday to tell us he was the de facto head of OEG, responsible for all departments, business and hockey ops. It was a power drive worthy of Bruce Springsteen and the timing (as we’re trying to piece things together) may have had something to do with an event in faraway Boston.


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Chiarelli fell out of favor with the Bruins and came available last week. I thought the Ottawa Senators made the most sense and didn’t think for one minute the Oilers would go that route. Edmonton? Well, Oilers fans were talking McDavid for sure and that had changed, but picking the coach and possible goalies were the normal conversation.


I spoke to Sarah Connors of Stanley Cup of Chowder and Kirk Luedeke of Red Line Report and New England Hockey Journal this week, and both gave the impression that Peter Chiarelli did a very good job during his time in Boston. The record suggests the same, and he is coming to a team in the Oilers with far more natural talent.

  • Chiarelli: “This team has got a lot of good pieces. The way I manage there’s nothing
    really flashy about it, although in the past I’ve made some trades and
    I’m not afraid to do that, it’s about getting to know the players,
    instilling an attitude and a philosophy about winning, the sacrifices it
    takes to win, sacrifices on … and off the ice, the mentality that we
    all have to embrace.  There’s really nothing magical about it, there’s
    nothing magical about me. It’s about hard work, connecting,
    communicating, and that’s what I plan to do.”

I think we’re going to see some veterans here over the summer. Justin Williams, Brent Seabrook, Antti Niemi, Carl Soderberg, that kind of player. I’m not really one for ‘attitude’ and ‘mentality’ because for me the young group’s dedication has never been the issue. That said, those things wouldn’t necessarily be obvious from afar.

I think roster makeup is the number one culprit, an example being too many young defensemen playing too high on the depth chart. Chiarelli is going to take a machete to that defensive depth chart and buy a veteran goalie. The way is clear.


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!!!!! Incredible.

  • Petrolero

    It’s is so mind numbing how a single event can change so much in an instant for so many people. This is a domino effect. By the end of summer the Oilers could go from the depths of the NHL to serious contenders with the changes already made plus the possible addition of Mike Babcock, Milan Lucic, Brent Seabrook, Antii Niemi and who knows what else.

    I’m still trying to process all of this. I believe Nicholson already had an idea about what he wanted to do but he was going to take it slow and let men like MacT either sink under their own weight or learn to swim. Then the lottery happen and it was the catalyst that started the cascade of changes.

    The MacD effect: I’M LOVIN’ IT!

  • gus1000

    I think the free agent market is much better for us now with Pete on it and the savior coming. Maybe a Beauchemin to eat minutes and pair with a youngster. Franson and Green are also options.

    I think Babcock is truly an option as coach, and that Detroit is going to want to deal Howard for a pick to get rid of the salary. Mrazek is clearly the guy going forward.

    There are still cap teams that may need to move players to get under the cap as well, I’m looking at the Blackhawks in particular. A veteran defender will probably be available there for a pick or two as well.

    I don’t think we need to gut the core to improve, now that we have a management change and a star like McDavid. This will be a great summer of changes.

  • Christian Roatis

    I write over at FlamesNation and have to say I’m happy for the Oilers. Here’s to the Battle of Alberta being a spectacle again in the near future.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    After digesting all this news (truthfully, I’m still chewing on the McDavid win!!), I really like it. Nothing is a sure thing, but Chiarelli is a SOLID hire. Probably the best candidate. Possibly a dream candidate.

    He’s a smart, level-headed guy that has the balls to make a bold move. That’s scary, but hey… we can’t get any worse.

  • hagar

    I dont’ know, maybe Mr. Chiarelli, or someone from organization read this post

    Chris Ehrhoff, please

    – Pens is out –

    – UFA –

    – excellent left d-liner –

    – experienced mentor for young compatriot, Leon Draisaitl –

    – not serious argument, but anyway – Cancer, ideal fit for Scorpio /Oilers’/ –

    And Marek Židlický

    – UFA –

    – strong right d-liner –

    – ‘The Red Wings were in need of a veteran right handed shot to fit in on their powerplay, and Židlický filled this quota almost immediately after arriving in Detroit’ –

    – Aquarius, another fit for Scorpio /yes, like Great One/ –

  • hagar

    This is a gm that wants heavy hands.. whether some of you like it or not, our new (and real) gm, will do what it takes to get the heaviest of hands starting number 1 dman.

    I have zero doubt about that.

    Stamp it, check it done.

    This guy won’t Fkk around on what this team needs, and the first thing even before a goalie, is a punch your mom dman.

  • hagar

    How do I know this??

    Because EVER SINGLE GM IN THE WORLD beyond our old boys would have done that 9 freakin years ago!!

    Lmfao!! The fact we don’t have one single starting dman is so far beyond comical, that Peter will simply make it happen, and be a wizard.

    We are so used to ineptitude, let’s all brace ourselves for real hockey again..

    I know it will feel really weird at first.. but this feeling of improvement is normal. Don’t be scared, it’s a normal feeling called “happy”.

  • hagar

    I am going in the future while drunk at like 3am, but I will predict a connor and Yak combo as the future of the team. I predict hall asking for a trade after realizing the world doesn’t circle him.

    I see Connor pulling an epic Gretzky type role, that will set Yak up for shots like Brett Haul used to be.

    Pciture gretzky feeding Brett Haul.

  • Concur

    He gard part will be getting that number 1 goalie and number 1 defense and being able to stay under the cap. If those two are 5 million or higher it will leave little room for other additions.

    Hopefully (Obviously) 2 or 3 of Ference, Nikitin and Shultz a are gone, but their replacements have to be cheaper.

  • 916oiler

    (from article) “I’m not really one for ‘attitude’ and ‘mentality’ because for me the young group’s dedication has never been the issue.”

    I think it has been the issue. Sticking up for your teammate when he’s getting 3 on 1 face-washes as you bow your head down and slink off the ice. Dumping the puck in properly before a line change and making a proper line change.

    Cheating in the zone waiting for your highlight reel breakaway. Trying to stick handle around 3 guys instead of dumping the puck in. The worst of all(Nelson seemed to address this), get down by 1 or 2 goals and watch the ‘give up’ body language.

    The little things that come from the proper ‘attitude’ and ‘mentality’

    I’m ecstatic about management change(finally) and adding a generational talent…. but this clinginess to the holy core… Lowest win total in franchise history. Shake it up !!!!

  • Aitch

    Ebs is the 6th highest scoring right winger since he came into the league. Him and theNuge were amongst the highest scoring players in the entire league the second half of the season. Those aren’t the type of players you should be trading. He’s not the problem.

    Lucic is not leaving Boston. Chiarelli is here because Neely wanted the team to get even bigger and more Bruiny. Lucic is the poster child for that player type.

  • 916oiler

    Maybe a dumb question, i dunno, but what does that tweet that Hall sent out to Mcdavid mean? Left shot black tape….etc? I’m clueless on what that means

  • 916oiler

    Peter Chiarelli: his hire was the most important move (CM has not happened yet) in the Oiler’s organization in 10 years. MacT only moved the deck chairs on the Titanic – he nibbled around the edges. We need to trade draft picks and good young players (we have too many relative to NHL experience) and surround our stars (that may change with CM joining – i.e. we may/should lose one or maybe two) with top NHL experience in defence and goal. Don’t nibble, make major change. Do what MacT was afraid to do.

  • That piece TLP did on Petes firing is really good. Initially I thought, hey maybe noted truculence expert Brian Burke will get a call, Bawstun guy and all. But that Neeley as lord of all things inference makes Burke a non starter.


  • Mac T has to thank Eakins for the position he is currently in…………the biggest, dumbest, move as a GM posssible.

    He lost all credibility in the hockey world with that move. Exactly where were his mentors ( Lowe, Katz, Howson, anyone) suggesting this move may be a tad bit of an overaction to hiring an assistant to RK?

    I hope that PC has someone to question his each and every move……..that’s how good orginizations work.

    • I would bet any money that the Eakin deal was totally a Katz move !!! There was a huge buzz created about this ” super stud AHL coach, the entire NHL wanted him [ supposedly Dallas and Vancouver were in on the hunt etc].Quick deal, Skype and all.

      Katz the I got to have it all Kid,nobody beats me to the shiny marble, made sure the deal went to Edmonton.. via a 4 year contract that only Katz would endorse.

      This was no different than the big chase on Schultz.

      We know how these deals ended up!

      A meddling owner.. { also Yak deal }

  • bazmagoo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t think you can trade RNH, Hall, or Eberle for anyone not named Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Every other trade we lose.

    • bazmagoo

      not a chance….maybe throw in the Yotes 2015 first round draft pick. One more full season under his belt and Kbom will push OEL down the charts, not to mention Nurse in a few pushing him even further. Not to mention that OEL is all the Yotes have right now. There are enough UFAs coming up in 2015.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    With CM in the mix, the Oilers simply (from my arm chair it’s simple) pick up some good (Not Ference, Nikitin, Aulie, Fayne, etc) veteran help on the blue line.

    Get the puck out of your own end in control (a la Pronger) and you can avoid a lot of troubles. I’d like to get a stud back there, but only Buffalo would trade Tyler Myers (2nd rate stud so far) for E Kane.

    Left shooting McDavid will blow up our right wingers stats. Think Gretzky and Kurri. Trottier and Bossy. Backstrom and Ovechkin. Crosby and anyone, Hull and Oates.

    It will be fun to watch CM do some James Nealing. Or Kunitzing, or Matt Moulsoning. Then trade those “30 goal scorers” for some upgrades. Man, the possibilities with McD are pretty awesome to consider. Hmmmm, I bet James Neal is available right now.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Why do people want Lucic so bad? I love his game and I wish he was an Oiler, but I’d rather have any of our top 6 (CM is already counted) than him. He would cost too much for his value. Pick him up at the trade deadline at the earliest, when Boston is back where they belong – in the basement. Grab Chara while you’re at it.

    Guys like Lucic are available all the time. See Ferland (or half the Kings young guys) as an example. They just have a short life span and are more useful in the playoffs. You need them, but they are out there, often on the farm. And almost always younger.

    Maybe Moroz will step up his conditioning and be a factor during next years cup run…