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Curtis Hamilton scored a massive goal for the Oklahoma City Barons deep into overtime this week, and there were several other major performances across the prospect pool.


  1. R Matthew Ford 5GP, 1-6-7
  2. C Jason Williams 5GP, 0-4-4
  3. C Connor Jones 5GP, 3-0-3
  4. L Ryan Hamilton 5GP, 3-0-3
  5. F Kellen Jones 5GP, 2-1-3
  6. LD Brad Hunt 5GP, 0-3-3
  7. R Andrew Miller 3GP, 1-2-3
  8. LD Jordan Oesterle 5GP, 1-1-2
  9. L Josh Winquist 5GP, 1-1-2
  10. D Martin Marincin 5GP, 0-2-2
  11. C Jujhar Khaira 3GP, 1-0-1
  12. L Curtis Hamilton 5GP, 1-0-1
  13. L Mitchell Moroz 5GP, 0-1-1
  14. C CJ Stretch 5GP, 0-1-1
  15. G Richard Bachman 4GP, 0.84 .973
  16. G Laurent Brossoit 2GP, 3.46 .909


  • Two OT games so far, a split against the Comets in Utica. The Barons play at home this coming week, beginning on Monday.
  • Darnell Nurse is with the team, but hasn’t played yet.


  1. C Connor McDavid, Erie Otters 17GP, 19-24-43 (not an Oiler but draft eligible)
  2. C Leon Draisaitl, Kelowna Rockets 17GP, 8-16-24
  3. C Greg Chase, Victoria Royals 10GP, 7-4-11 (Junior career is over)
  4. C Marco Roy, Quebec Remparts 12GP, 3-8-11 (knee injury, may be back this week)
  5. D Darnell Nurse, SSM Greyhounds 14GP, 3-5-8 (Junior career is over)
  6. D Ben Betker, Everett Silvertips 9GP, 1-2-3 (Junior career is over)
  7. G Keven Bouchard, Val d’Or Foreurs 4GP, 4.03 .877


  1. LD William Lagesson Dubque Fighting Saints 8GP, 1-1-2
  • The Soup Fascist

    How comfortable would folks be with Bachman as a backup with the Oilers if Chiarelli can find a 60 game NHL starter and magically move Scrivens ?

    For the “goaltending isn’t an issue” crowd. Please stop. It absolutely has been as bad or nearly as bad as the porous defense.

    Bachman has had a very good couple of months.

    • OtOil

      nope! No way unless he is 100% ready.

      Goaltending isn’t an issue. DD proved that a so-so goalie can take a team into 2nd round. Check his numbers as an Oiler, and in his playoff stint. same-same.

      More, and more it seems to me that the old time Oilers fans had it right all along… Old boys club was failing the team.

    • A Little Less Concerned

      Are you really that comfortable to hand over the reigns to someone with little NHL experience vs someone that has been known to do the job? Skrivens has disappointed this year, but he has proven that he can compete at this level. Do we really want to “DD” Skrivens? A bad year is a bad year, it happens. But how many people would love to see Dubby between the pipes for the Oilers right now?

      He has his warts, but he has experience. Don’t throw that away over one year. An AHL starter really needs to show that he has what it takes before he can usurp even a mediocre black.

      • The Soup Fascist

        No. I am not comfortable. I would like a killer starter and a competent backup. I don’t see that in the cards though. At best we will get an actual NHL starting go goalie – which would be a big improvement.

        Your point is valid about not judging on one year. However what has Scrivens done in his career to demonstrate that he is a bona fide #1? Man, his bad starts and stick handling gaffes are tough to forget.

        I don’t think he is a starter and does he have the makeup to thrive in a backup role? I really don’t want to piss away a bunch of games next year, finding out.

        • pkam

          Scriven played 32 games in Toronto and post 0.910 SV%, he also played 19 games in LA and post 0.931 SV%. Even after a terrible year in Edmonton, his still post a 0.905 NHL SV%.

          Bachman played 32 games in Dallas and post 0.903 SV%. Including the 10 games in Edmonton, his NHL SV% is 0.904.

          Scrivens has 129 NHL games and Bachman has 42. Excluding the terrible number from last year, Scrivens number will be way ahead of Bachman.

          But you have more confidence than Scrivens as our backup? And you know that Scrivens will have another bad year but Bachman will be just fine? Isn’t this what we believed about Dubnyk and Scrivens last year?

          • Joy S. Lee

            Thanks for the numbers. Did you watch Scrivens play this past year? Forgetting about the numbers for a second… let’s talk about what you saw from his actual play. You saw what from Scrivens that indicates he is a bona-fide NHL goalie?

            I’ll give him his competitiveness/battle-level, intelligence, and commitment to the team. Beyond that, he can’t hang onto the puck – often from routine shots; can’t play the puck very well, and he’s not very big. From what I can tell, I like him, but he has a lot to overcome to be a #1 netminder, and not a lot of time to figure it out. I’d say the odds are stacked against him, and he’s got a much bigger contract than a guy like Bachman.

          • pkam

            When did I say Scrivens can be our #1?

            I just want to point out that Bachman is not better than Scrivens when fans think Bachman will be fine as our backup but Scrivens won’t.

            Scrivens was playing really good in the 21 games and post 0.916 SV% after he was traded here the previous year, then he struggled last year.

            How many NHL games had Bachman played last year for the Oilers? 7 games and a 0.911 SV%, and 0.916 SV% in the 3 games the previous year. Only 10 games and Oilers fans believe Bachman will be better than Scrivens.

            Don’t forget his SV% was around 0.900 in Dallas. How do we know for sure that Bachman will not struggle next year like Dubnyk and Scrivens did the previous 2 years?

    • SSB1963

      One question for you. Go back and look at Scrivens numbers when he was a backup with the kings and tell me you wouldn’t have made the same deal. Goal tending is one part of the problem but definitely not the only problem.

  • B_Oliver

    I would be OK with Bachman getting a 2-way contract at a reasonable price. Who knows, maybe Niemi’s knee starts acting up early in the season and Scrivens is still trending down, Bachman could step in and prove himself.
    I think with his 4 starts at the end of the year he proved himself.

  • B_Oliver

    I mean, he actually looked solid in front of high scoring dallas and high pressure kings. He has always posted close to league average numbers, and now he is seriously moving mountains in the AHL…

  • B_Oliver

    I see no reason why Bachman wouldn’t re-sign here or that the Oilers wouldn’t do so. No other team in the league has goalie depth as poor as ours and I don’t see him getting a much better opportunity anywhere else in the league. Yeah, sure, he’s trapped between a rising star prospect in Brossoit and NHL ‘tenders on top, but as I say, I can’t think of any other organization in the league where he’d be in a better situation by leaving. At best he becomes the next Hammond story, at worst he continues on as a good AHL starter on AHL contracts unless he manages to earn a chance to go to a european league for better money.

  • B_Oliver

    I think LB deserves a shot @ the Goalie job. Maybe not right now but I think he can be the #1 down the Road in the Oilers goal. I saw him on several occassions during his time with the Oilkings. Awesome that guy.

  • B_Oliver

    Michaels Brossoit is not having the best playoffs, he needs at least 1 more year in the AHL as the AHL starter. Bachman could end up playing 15-20 games in the NHL next season who knows.

  • B_Oliver

    Bachman keeps getting better. You can clearly see the guy wants to be in the NHL. Chiarelli KEEP HIM. If we get Anderson great. We could see a very tight battle between Scrivens and Bachman this September.

      • B_Oliver

        When is Greg Chase going to be tearing up the AHL? He looks like a good 5v5 scoring right winger[doubt he will make it as a centre]. Something this organization is lacking believe it or not is right handed shots. I heard you say something about him needing to play a more “complete” game, care to elaborate?

  • Johnnydapunk

    I think Bachman would be great as a backup as he has proven capable when needed in the NHL and been on fire in the AHL. It just leaves the question as to where would Scrivens fit in?

    Scrivens has not been terribly stellar and I’m not sure if he ever will be the goalie the Oil need, maybe a decent goalie coach could sort some of his positioning issues as his awkward saves scream that he is out of position, and on a defensively weak team like the Oil, it means lots of bad goals.

    If the Oil can find a taker for Scrivens and find a proper starter, they would be in decent shape in net.

    The Oil also need to sort Defencemen out as that would make goaltending a bit less of a worry (still a worry but good defence makes an average goalie great) but I don’t think much can be done until the playoffs are over and free agents can be spoken to.

    Overall I’m pleased with the progress that has been made so far, never would have ever thought the Oil could have the chance at not one but 2 highly rated coaches, it’s a weird time to be an Oil fan right now but I don’t mind one bit.

  • A Little Less Concerned

    WHEN IS THE DRAFT???? Is fee agency July 1st this year? When does the Penticton rookie tournament start? I WANT IT NOW!!! are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    • NJ

      Nurse and Drai need time in the AHL. Even if they tear up training camp. I Don’t care I’d you burn 9 games on them, but aren’t you sick of kids being rushed in? There is absolutely no harm in them putting in 30 games in the farm to see if they can really play against men. If they tear it up in Bakersfield… Then they can step into the NHL with confidence and if they don’t, maybe the right decision was made and you haven’t started the season 3-6-0.

      McDavid will be learning too and while we can all agree he is NHL ready, I’m excited for some proven NHL veterans around him. Get it done Chia.

  • OtOil

    If the previous management were still calling the shots, people like Draisaitl and Nurse would be starters for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how Chiarelli handles rookie development. Hopefully he has a better program for player growth and we see players maturing at the appropriate level. Many fans on this site seem prone to rushing rookies like Draisaitl before they are ripe.

    In his opening comments when he was announced as GM Chiarelli said exactly that. Players need to be at the proper level for best results. I hope that is the Oiler organization’s new mantra. Far fewer draft picks will be squandered than in the past.

    • SSB1963

      And yet Nurse was sent back to junior? As for Draisaitl I think MacT was hoping he could make the jump to make up for his not having two bonifide NHL centerman.

  • The_Angershark_Lives

    Bachman was impressive in his call-ups this year.
    Battles so hard (and is gorgeous)(which counts for something)(let’s go with confidence)
    He demonstrated competency in the NHL vs solid teams with a far from solid supporting cast.
    Aaaannnndddd noooowwwww this guy has gone full-video-game in the AHL.

    I would love to see him with 15-20 starts behind a proven starter in the NHL next year. Leaving the heavy workload in the AHL to Brossoit. I don’t know where this would leave scrivens, no where he wants to be I’m sure.

    But great Scott, give this man a kick at the can alongside Scrivens for the backup job. Its far from a ludicrous thought to believe he can outshine Ol’ Benjamin and stick with the big club.

  • NJ

    Look at all the clubs that are having positive results with under 20 years of age players on their clubs as compared to our Oilers . Even Calgary is having good results . Our youngest is now Kiefbom at 20 or 21 . With decent coaching maybe this season we will successfully integrate McDavid , Draisaitl and Nurse . If they have to go to AHL then they are over hyped .

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    unlike MacT, Chiarelli isn’t going to rush anyone into the lineup that isn’t ready. Leon and Nurse will benefit by playing a year in the AHL, however if they show well, they may be called up sometime during the season. this is done by a lot of teams so it’s not unusual.

  • NJ

    Bachman would look good as the Oilers back up goalie until he IS actually the back up goalie, then not so much. He’s had his shot in Dallas and Edmonton and is a really good AHL goalie at best.

    • The_Angershark_Lives

      I would agree if I was a grudge holding ex-girlfriend.
      But he is shining at every opportunistity he has gotten with us.

      Because he didn’t stick as the guy in Dallas could be a FURTHER benefit to the oilers, he is going to be 28 years old next year.
      Why the hell would you value his work from 3 and 4 years ago more than 2 and 1?

      • Wax Man Riley


        His sick stats in the playoffs this year cloud your judgement. He had a few good games at the end of this year with the Oil but was severely average previous to that and in Dallas….he is what 28 and if he hasn’t proven himself by now we have a mediocre back up already signed for next year.

    • The_Angershark_Lives

      Don’t get me wrong, obviously he is unproven still, and would have to steal the backup spot from Scrivens.
      But If you think it’s silly to consider him and Scrivens in the same breath for the back up I would question just how closely you have been following this organization last year.

    • Joy S. Lee

      Isn’t it becoming obvious to you that – these days, at least – you never count someone out based on their past? Look at the number of ‘out of nowhere,’ undrafted players, who are not only making it, but are among the best players on the planet today. Giordano is a great example of that. Others were drafted late, or written off as too small or not good enough, aka Marty St. Louis, Hammond in Ottawa, Dubnyk in Minnesota… there are all sorts of examples. In short, making outright conclusions based on history is an assumption good organizations cannot afford to make in modern-day pro sports.

      You may be right… but you sound so certain, and I don’t see how you can do so against someone who may be playing the best hockey of his life right now. Just because he’s not 19 doesn’t mean he has nothing left to learn. Until this year, it’s been so unusual to see Oilers’ prospects trending upwards… Maybe we should keep the book open until we see just how good he might get…

    • Joy S. Lee

      Count me in… I’d love to see Chiarelli obtain PK’s brother to tend net for the Oilers over the next decade or so, and think LB and he would eventually make for a formidable duo.