Now that the World Hockey Championships are over, we should get some closure on the Todd McLellan-to-Edmonton rumors. If everything falls into place on the coaching front, we should be able to talk about trades by this time next week—and maybe something will actually happen on that front in the next two weeks.

Which brings us to this: What assets will Peter Chiarelli have to deal this summer?

  1. The No. 16 overall selection, 2015. This is a significant pick in any year, very important this time because of the quality and depth in this draft. This year’s draft is extremely strong at the top end and a team looking to add a major piece might be interested in trading with the Oilers. Edmonton is in a position where there’s no need to ‘trade down’ in the round, so clubs without a first round selection could be interested. Teams without a pick—NY Islanders, Pittsburgh, Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago—could target the Oilers second first-round pick and offer a veteran defenseman to Edmonton.
  2. The first-round pick, 2016. Dangerous pick to trade, because the Oilers have a good chance of being a lottery team again next season (remember, new lottery rules include more teams). Having said that, because of that possibility, this pick could have enormous value to building teams.
  3. The No. 33 overall selection, 2015. Another valuable piece, I think it’s a good thing the second round+ goes on day two, probably creates a lot of chatter about the pick overnight, maybe some good offers too. I’m more open to trading this pick for a goalie than the first round pick, just based on value, but honestly wouldn’t trade either for anything short of a veteran defenseman who could play top 4D who is also under contract.
  4. D Martin Marincin. Despite some flaws in his game, MM is big, can skate and is learning a very difficult position at the NHL level for a bad team. Given a chance to help in a limited role (before taking on more responsibility) Marincin should have a long and productive career. 
  5. C Boyd Gordon. It’s not ideal, but with the development of Anton Lander (and McDavid straight ahead) there’s some logic in the idea of moving Gordon—especially in the walk year if he’s not part of future plans. Clearly a move that couldn’t be made before the new coach has a chance to review the roster, but from an asset point of view this might be a good time to move him.
  6. D Justin Schultz: I’m fairly certain there’s an NHL team out there who had a good value on him on draft day, and we know for sure Edmonton had competition when Schultz signed as a free agent. The difficulty now is the next contract and it will impact a trade return immensely. Still, I think Chiarelli might look at Schultz as a trade option.
  7. L Matt Hendricks. Coming off a fantastic season, it’s absolutely worth asking why he’s on the list. Hendricks has two years left on his deal and might fetch something of value, or be a useful addition to a pick or prospect package. I’m fine with Hendricks returning but Chiarelli has to listen if a team comes calling. 
  8. C Bogdan Yakimov. Big C’s are always in style and young Yakimov was close to a point per game in the dozen games played before his season ending injury. NHL teams are always looking for big pivots with skill and Edmonton might be able to afford dealing him. 
  9. L Anton Slepyshev. Edmonton is rumored to be signing him but the young Russian scored 10 goals in his final 19 KHL games. Again, not someone you’re looking to move but if there’s a needed asset to send a deal over the top, he might be it. 
  10. R Nail Yakupov. I saved him for last, because I don’t want to see him traded. Oilers fans like me are going to see some of our personal favorites sent away, and it’s absolutely true you have to give in order to get. I’m sincere in saying the idea of trading Yakupov is noxious to me, but Peter Chiarelli’s job is to grind this roster into a useful group. That probably means trading a winger for more quality up the middle. I’m hopeful it won’t be Nail.

    Who goes? Who stays? It’s likely to be a busy week and when the new coach is named the Oilers themselves will have a better idea about how to proceed. For Edmonton Oilers fans, one thing is coming clear: In some ways, progress is going to involve seeing some of these young men heading to new NHL cities.

    Chiarelli is a veteran GM with a good track record. This should be fun, and maybe a little bit scary.

    • OtOil

      Unless the brass are convinced that Yak has only middling potential it makes no sense to trade him. If he can pick up where he left off in the final 30 games last season he could either become a real keeper or someone who could land us a top D man and fill a major hole. Then we can expect a fair return, though I would hate to see him go.

    • BabyNugeMonitor

      Trash this all you want but as much as I enjoy watching Yak play… but dammit what a defensive reliability… IMHO the Oilers should look at trading him after they rid themselves from Schultz

    • Dipstick

      The 16th pick will have maximum value immediately after the 15th is chosen. Chia should offer the pick to a few likely interested teams, asking a significant overpay. If there are no takers, take the best C or D available (there will still be a few really good ones by then).

    • OilersSchmoilers

      How’s this for a theoretical trade?
      Eberle to Ottawa in Exchange for Jared Cowen, Robin Lehner, and next years first round pick?
      Ottawa is looking for a top 6 forward, They have too many NHL calibre goalies, and Jared Cowen was frequently a healthy scratch last season which means they would probably trade him if the right deal came along. Not to mention the cap hits are just about even.
      6m to OTT – 5.3m to EDM. Good trade?

        • OilersSchmoilers

          Just because he was scratched a few times doesn’t mean he won’t be a useful player. The guy’s only 24 and went 9th overall in 2009 so we know he has some potential. He’s also huge (6’5,230) and would easily tower over any of the current Oiler blue liners.He’s definitely not a top pairing defenceman, but could really help solidify our third pairing. He’s also one tough S.O.B and would scrap anyone if they were taking liberties on Mcdavid. Id take him over Nikitin or Marincin any day.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      The 1st for Crosby is probably one of the only trades Chia would consider for the first, but he’d have to be pretty dumb to do it.

      If McDavid is as advertised (have you seen him play?!), he will be as good as Crosby in a few years, but a full ten years younger.

      • NJ

        Why would he consider it? Cap hit for Crosby is 8.7. McDavid will be 3 and change with bonuses for the first 3 years and probably 7-9 mil for a couple after that. Crosby is at his plateau.

        I would bet Pittsburgh would do that trade all day long (except for they love Crosby), but it simply makes no sense in a cap world for us to even entertain the thought.

        Plus, McDavid is gonna be better than Crosby! 😛

      • Quicksilver ballet

        If the Chiarelli were to consider trading McDavid why wouldn’t he call Buffalo? Pretty pissed they didn’t win 1st overall so they might overpay to swap picks. Is Eikle that much of a drop off? And if he’s not what would Tim Murray be willing to entice Chiarelli to swap?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      “You have to give to get” is the key. Guys like Pitlick, Moroz etc. have little value except as a throw-in. We have a lot of young talent right now and must land a goalie and 2 D if we are to be competitive this year. We will see some guys/picks go that we don’t want to part with to get quality. I don’t want more 3rd and 4th line players, terrible goaltenders or bottom D like Nikitin or Ference. 2 top 4 D are going to cost us, same with even a middle of the pack goalie.

      The most important move in the pat 10 years has happened with Bob N, Peter C and, hopefully, Todd M. We have had top picks and could not be competitive. I hope we don’t draft better than 16th over the next 10 years and if that is the case, PC/TM will have to have a hard look at scouting. Going forward we have to be able to find the late 1st, 2nd and 3rd round gems, Clearly we have not been able to do that…my mother could choose #1 overall. That is the only way you stay competitive in this league. We’ve bottom fed long enough.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Totally agree. So far on this thread

        16 & 33 picks

        Have all been named as shouldn’t be traded . I know this isn’t any one person, but I find it strange that there is so much loyalty to a group that have been, collectively, the worst bunch in the league over the last number of years.

        People seem to still have the hope that a modern day version of a Omark/Weber trade will happen.

    • NJ

      33rd pick for a skilled face puncher please. This team is not much different from last years when it was ” men against boys” We will all cringe when Mcdavid is getting abused and Hall is tying his skatelaces.

    • Aitch

      11. Anton Lander – with the Oilers possibly employing Nuge, McDavid and Draisaitl down the middle for the foreseeable future, Lander may have more value as a trade chip after the past 12 months that he’s had. Either he needs to become a winger who takes draws for a less capable face off man ( the way Iginla would for a long time) or he becomes your 4th line centre/PK specialist. If you keep him.

      As much as I want him to stick around – his compete level is great and apparently he’s a “hate to lose” player – he’s a carrot I’m dangling to improve in other areas, provided a legit, long-term solution is coming back in return. Otherwise we just wasted 5 years of development on an emerging talent.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Plenty of opportunities/assets now to go after Talbot, and maybe even a Seabrook/OEL blue liner.

      The Oilers are finally open for business again. It’s probable they could be firing on all cylinders as they move into their new digs 15 months from now.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I hope they wait to see who they can pick up in free agency and minor trades. They should be able to improve the D and Goaltending.

      Yak – I like his attitude. I expect he will continue to improve.

      Jultz – I’d like to see what he brings if they get him to 5/4 slot. Bring up his confidence and make him earn his ice time.

      Eberle – If I’m trading a core player, it would be him. Would have to get a very good return. He is an elite player but I thought he was the least physical player in Prague with quite a few skate-bys while the other forecheckers would tend to finish their checks. Maybe not run the player through the boards but disengage them from the puck.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Minor trades will net you minor players.

        Free agency might be used to fill perhaps one hole (potentially upgrade at goal) but not goal and two experienced quality D men.

        As well going the FA route is always expensive, could quickly lead to cap issues if overused.