Among the possible matches for the Edmonton Oilers’ laundry list of problems are the Ottawa Senators. A team that made the playoffs, has three good goalies, runs on a budget, and has some horrible contracts. Oh, and their GM isn’t going to buy anyone out. It’s too good to be true. Or is it?

The Blog 6th Sens delivered some interesting news a few days ago and Oilers fans will be interested in what they had to say.

  • 6th Sens: Bryan Murray indicated in an interview that he has no intention(s) of buying out any of the Senators’ contracts.
  • 6th Sens: What Murray did say is that he could use one of his goaltenders as bait to dump a bad contract in a trade.
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Interesting. For the record, Ottawa’s goalies are:

  1. Craig Anderson, 406 career NHL games, .915 career SP
  2. Robin Lehner, 86 career NHL games, .914 career SP
  3. Andrew Hammond, 25 career NHL games, .942 career SP
  4. Chris Driedger, 1 career NHL game 1.000 career SP
  5. Matt O’Connor, newly signed college man

There is a lot of talent there, but issues impact the group. First of all, there’s the matter of money, always front and center with the Ottawa Senators. Anderson ($4.2 times three, then UFA); Robin Lehner ($2.25M times two, then RFA); Hammond ($1.35M times three, then UFA) are the NHL options for next season, with O’Connor possible if things break right.

Anderson has the most trade value, Lehner’s injury (concussion) impacting the asset in a trade.

  • Bruce Garrioch: The Senators would like to clear up the crowded crease before the draft
    if it’s at all possible. After signing Hammond to the extension, the
    talk is Murray has been fielding calls on Craig Anderson and Robin
    Lehner with significant interest in both. “Five or six teams have called
    and there has been some discussion and there will continue to be. We’ll
    see what comes of it,” Murray said. It’s believed the Edmonton Oilers,
    Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks are among the teams looking for
    goalies. The 23-year-old Lehner is the most attractive option for
    several teams because he’s got upside potential while Anderson could
    help a team that wants to contend immediately. There won’t be any
    shortage of teams looking for goalies because Calgary and St. Louis may
    also be sniffing around. Source

The team has indicated Lehner is back to health, but for me the most valuable goalie is Anderson. What would Edmonton need to do? Send value for Anderson, and take back one of these contracts:

  • C David Legwand, $3M cap hit times one year
  • L Colin Greening, $2.65M cap hit times one year
  • D Jared Cowen, $3.1M cap hit times two years

I could list Chris Phillips but we’ll go with this group. So, the deal might be:

  • G Craig Anderson ($4.2M times three) and D Jared Cowen ($3.1M times two) to the Edmonton Oilers

Wow. that’s $7.3M dollars in cap hit—an absolute monster—in exchange for something of value to the Ottawa Senators.



You make the call! I think the Oilers can afford to take on significant cap room, and trade back some talent in exchange. However, $7.3M is a lot of coin and Anderson—while he has value—isn’t worth that kind of Denver boot.

I’m not sure about this deal. Martin Marincin (maybe $1M cap?) and a pick (3rd?) should get it done, but is it worth it? This is one of the issues with acquiring a veteran G like Anderson. At what price? Peter Chiarelli has to be careful of the cap and that’s a major deal.

Winning games in 2015-16 is important, but acquiring Craig Anderson commits him to a major contract through 2018 summer.

What is fair value here?

    • There’s not many teams looking for a starter this year, Ottawa has to move one of theirs, and their budget is an issue. Whoever gets Lehner or Anderson will likely win that deal.

      Marincin and a 3rd seems like a low ball offer for that kind of quality, but Anderson is old and expensive so you never know. GMs can get crazy from time to time.

  • CDNinATL

    Murray has high hopes if he thinks he can unload a bad contract and get something of value back for Anderson. I have been a proponent of Anderson with the Oil for some time now, but if that is the price, then look at other options. It will be interesting to see what the Sens actually get for Anderson.

  • JOFA

    I think the writer here is missing the fact that Anderson is the contract the Oilers would be taking off their hands. He can be had for Montreal’s second rounder and a prospect like Khaira.
    Go Oil.

  • JOFA

    I think the search for a goalie should be for someone with long term potential. In Pete we trust to identify and acquire a good fit for the organization. Talbot, Jones, Gibson, Raanta, Darling, Mrazek, Lehner, Hammond, Allen, Vasilevskiy, Dubynyk, Bernier, Hutchinson, and others all could be had for varying prices.

  • knee deep in it

    Talbot and jones are looking for 3 mill this year and then ufa next year. Both la and the rags cannot afford this because of their cap situations. If we gave them scrivens at 50% retained , the cost for a good NHL backup would be 1.2 mill. They can afford that.

    I would guess we would need to add slightly but it should not be a lot. Maybe a 3rd.

  • JOFA

    If Oilers management wants Niemi, here’s what they should do.

    Talk with San Jose, and trade a fifth round pick (or less, if possible) for the rights to Niemi. If he isn’t going to sign, you then flip his rights to another interested team and go hard on a deal for Anderson or Talbot or whoever.

    I know that we’re entering a new era with McDavid and different coaches/executives, but I wouldn’t leave anything to chance at this point in terms of getting the guy we want. Unless McClellan was already discussing this with Niemi prior to signing on with Edmonton, in which case, don’t get busted for tampering. (We all know this happens though, see: Hamhuis with Canucks.)

  • Leaking5w-30

    Neimi or Anderson I don’t care which just get a proven guy to play net we can try the experiment on a back up position right now we just need a proven net minder. Remember a decent goalie can hide bad D Carey price makes pk a Norris contender every year

  • JOFA

    If we are going after a goalie thats about to be past his prime, we may as well go after Niemi and NOT take on a bad contract. We don’t have as much cap space as people think. I think i heard around 4-6million? I could be wrong but it’s in that ballpark. Oh and it wouldn’t cost us a thing. Niemi is the better stop gap.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Anderson is an adequate NHL goalie who would be a clear improvement over what the Oilers have. That said, I think the price will be too high (Bryan Murray seems to enjoy trying to gouge the Oil, for some reason) for a 34-year-old guy who’ll only take a team so far. Especially if it means taking on an additional crappy contract as part of the deal. No thanks.

    I know getting yet another team’s backup is not terribly popular around here, but Lehner, while more of an unknown, could probably be had for a lot less, and would be a better value. He’s younger, got a big frame, and has comparable stats, albeit over a much smaller sample.

    At least this off-season, I have confidence that PC will do SOMETHING. That’s a nice feeling.

  • D

    Anderson and Cowen would be interesting.

    Cowen needs a change of scenery. He has 212 games of NHL experience, so he hasn’t hit that magic 300 games mark where defenceman seem to figure it out. But, he is injury prone.

    Anderson is a gamble, but worth it if you want immediate improvements.

    I would do that trade.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    Whatever we do towards goaltending, do not get Niemi. He got surpassed by Stalock last year. He is an overrated goalie that played for two elite teams with elite defensemen. He would get sunburn from the red light going off behind him here in Edmonton.

    I would much prefer either Talbot or Ramo. Just me.