Most Oilers fans (and surely all the bloggers) are casting about for solutions to Peter Chiarelli’s problems. It’s a tough gig, because solutions are not plentiful—but the New Jersey Devils may offer Edmonton an opportunity for one stop shopping.


Scott Cullen of TSN is a frequent guest on the Lowdown and offers a strong reason for rebuilding via recent article about the Devils:

  • Cullen:Part of the reason to take a long-term approach with this team is
    that there simply isn’t reason to believe that one or two moves in the
    offseason could push them into the playoffs. It’s time to re-stock the
    cupboards and, to be more specific in New Jersey’s case, that means
    adding skilled forwards because they don’t have many on the roster with
    few, if any, in the pipeline.  Source

The Devils are a wonky group for sure. Cory Schneider is a world class goalie, signed to $6M a year through 2022. They have a plethora of young, talented blue like Adam Larsson, Eric Gelinas, Damon Severson and Jon Merrill. Up front? The talent is old and plentiful:

  • Patrik Elias is 39
  • Dainius Zubrus is 36
  • Michael Ryder is 35 (and UFA)
  • Scott Gomez is 35 (and UFA)
  • Martin Havlat is 34 (and UFA)
  • Mike Cammalleri is 32 (and UFA)
  • Ryan Clowe is 32
  • Tuomo Ruutu is 32
  • Jordin Tootoo is 32

That’s 9 forwards, three lines, all getting up there. Travis Zajac is 29 and Adam Henrique—The Kid!—is 24 years old. A team like Edmonton should be able to help New Jersey by sending youthful forwards to the Devils. 


There are a few players who might fit with Edmonton’s attempt to turn north, and Schneider would be the top option. His .925 SP was good for No. 5 overall this season, and that’s the kind of spike Peter Chiarelli is no doubt looking for when upgrading the goaltending this summer.

Andy Greene is Mark Fayne’s former partner and they were very effective together as Devils, perhaps they could do it as Oilers. The Devils have a large group of kids coming up, and may require a veteran, but since they’re likely in a rebuilding phase perhaps Greene will come available. He’s signed for $5M through 2020.


IF the Devils decide to trade Schneider and or Greene—and that’s far from certain—a team like the Oilers would have to give up young NHL players, prospects and picks.Nail Yakupov? The pick at No. 16? Leon Draisaitl? It could be any number of picks and prospects required to acquire both men.

What would be a fair price for Schneider and Greene?

  • Stompinstoms

    I would like to go just one day without hearing a fellow Oiler fan drooling and fawning over the possibility of trading for Milan Lucic. Just one day.

  • JBear

    I hate to say it guys but this is going to be another rebuild year. Unless PC really works some great, unbelievable magic our D core is going to look like


    After the 2015-2016 season NN’s contract is done and Nurse is in. My question is: what do you do with Schultz? Do you give him a 1 year deal and potentially end up with another Petry (but able to sign a good UFA)? Or do you sign him to a 2 year deal, and give him big minutes while Klefbom and Nurse develop and get their big contracts?

    • A-Mc

      By and Large i think you’re right, but i think 1 exception will be that we’ll see a lot more Nurse than we think is appropriate. He is already better than NN or Ference, and brings more to the table than a guy like Marincin (But w/ a lot less exp of course) so if any of those guys slip even a bit i could see Nurse getting the call right away.

      I’d venture a guess that we’d see Nurse up with Fayne, Schultz with Klefbom again, and Ference w/ Marincin (or something like that).

      Because of the youth spread through out, the 3 D lines would likely play even amounts of minutes.

      I am almost certain that Nikitin will be an absolute bust beyond busts for this season and will somehow magically remain “injured” throughout most of it.

      • JBear

        Excellent points.

        I’m going to venture that NN actually has a career year (contract year amirite?) or at least a decent one.

        Your pairings I actually like. Though of course they aren’t great those pairings did show signs of decent play last year. Ference with Marincin is a good third pairing.

        • A-Mc

          Hopefully NN can have a 9 Million dollar “career year” so that we dont look quite so stupid for signing him for what we did. *sigh*. In that regard, i HOPE you’re right!

  • A-Mc

    The only 2 players i would be even remotely interested in are Schneider and Larsson.

    Schneider: @ 6M/yr i’m not convinced the return on investment is worth it for this team. The Defense is just too bad. I wouldnt take on this contract until the rest of the team is sorted out, and even then – i would likely cringe at what would be going the other way to NJ. The only way i do this one is if NJ surprises me and does something like a Yak for Schneider deal, and even then i may not do it for cap reasons.

    Larsson: This is the defensive star for the NJ devils. He’s their taylor hall in many ways, so first off i can’t see them parting ways with him unless a really good player is going the other way. Does Eberle for Larsson work out? likely not, and i’m not sure i’d even do that. Larsson is a relative unknown to me so i’m not sure what i’d give up in order to get him.. but thankfully NJ would make the decision for me by laughing in my face at the thought of moving their young guy.

    Basically: EDM + NJ trades? Nothing to see here folks.. carry on.

    • Poutineman

      Larsson isn’t their defensive guy, he projected offense and D as a high draft pick but has ridden the pine a lot. Gelinas and Severson have shown very good offensive potential. Only last year did Larsson make a little progress, but overall he’s been a let down. He could surprise in the next couple of years, it takes Dmen longer, worth a chance if the trade was right. I’d go for the other 2 guys too if it was a reasonable cost

  • Bucknuck

    I really liked Ference’s year end wrap-up speech and what he said but that goes for a few of the other players to, including Schultz at least he knows that he needs to be better and has a lot of work to do to make an impact.
    The years wrap-up speeches said a lot about what next year will be like and how much some of the players have grown like Hall and Ebs and it shown at the Worlds in terms of experience and i feel like its different this year then the other years even though we were still at the bottom, you have to lose to know how to win and i think the losing is over.

    Klefbom, Nikitin
    Schults, Marincin
    Ference, Fayne


    I think Fayne is the odd man out, but that depends on Nikitin and his commitment to training. Also Marincin can be moved it Nurse makes the team and He can play with one of the Vets or Klefbom maybe. It all depends on what we can get.

  • A-Mc

    Why people always looking for other teams players? It’s the coaching that will whip the players into form.

    UFA not always work with older players, they just want a paycheque.

    Look at Nikitin, David Clarkson signed with the Leafs was a disaster (lucky Oilers didn’t get him).

  • Bucknuck

    I doubt they would trade Schneider, with their bias for sound goaltending (Brodeur legacy), but if they did, it would probably take a substantial payoff.

    Greene is 32 and costs a lot of dough. Not sure I trade a lot of assets for that.

    If it were me I would start the conversation with Yakupov and fully expect them to want more back for Schneider.