The Nation Awards: IT’S VOTING TIME…


On Tuesday I asked you for the nominees. Today we start the voting to determine the winners. The PHWA may not let you help with these kind of decisions but we certainly will. 

After going through hundreds of comments, tweets, and emails we’ve compiled a list of nominees that any award show would be proud of. We’ve also eliminate the ‘Biggest Liability’ category after your feedback that it was too similar to another category. 

Without further adieu let’s start the voting…

1) While the rest of the world is talking about who the best player in the NHL is, we want to know who’s the best at being the worst.

2) Last year the entire league was ready to write off Devan Dubnyk as an NHL goaltender. Fast forward 12 months and that same Devan Dubnyk has been nominated as one of the league’s best puck stoppers. We want to find the next Devan Dubnyk.

3) We all know the guys like Toews, Kane, Keith, etc that led a team like the Blackhawks, but we’re looking for the glue that keeps the whole thing together. We’re looking for a player that gets his nose dirty, plays the hard minutes, but doesn’t necessarily get the credit they deserve.

4) There’s always “that guy.” That one player that drives you nuts, runs around the ice, takes cheap shots, and probably won’t back it up when shit hits the fan. Or just a guy whose face screams “HIT ME WITH A BLUNT OJBECT!” 

5) As Oilers fans we’ve seen players come and go over the years. Some of these players go on to other organizations, while others disappear after they’ve finished their cup of coffee. Some may see this as a slap in the face while we see it as a tribute to a player that will have played more time in the NHL than we ever will.

6) In Craig MacTavish’s season ending presser he qualified the progress late in the season by the ability to make six or seven passes in succession. Whether you consider this improvement or not is another matter entirely, but we’re taking this gem of a quote to create a category for the player that showed improvement throughout the year.

7) Pretty self explanatory, right?

8) Choose your favourite manscaper! Wait… 

9) As an Oilers fan you have the unique opportunity to nominate and vote for any of the three head coaches the Oilers have used this year. That’s awesome (mostly sad). Maybe the coach of the year wasn’t even an Oilers head coach — that’s up to you.  

10) We’re looking for the play that made you laugh and cringe at the same time. Worst play of the day? Forget it. We want the worst play of the year.

11) This is the category where you nominate whatever keeps you sane after what was another miserable season as an Oilers fan…

The voting will run through the weekend and we’ll be announcing the winners early next week right back here on the Nation. Have fun, vote, and share with your buddies – these awards are all in good fun!