Edmonton Oilers load up on aggressive defencemen at the 2015 Draft

The Edmonton Oilers walked away from the 2015 NHL Draft with fewer prospects than most expected after making a number of trades, but even so the team managed to add some depth to the organization, primarily on defence, with its later picks at the annual event.

Edmonton’s selections are as follow:

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  • No. 1 C Connor McDavid
  • No. 117 D Caleb Jones
  • No. 124 D Ethan Bear
  • No. 154 D John Marino
  • No. 208 G Miroslav Svoboda
  • No. 209 D Ziyat Paigin

After McDavid, there’s a link tying together the Oilers’ defence picks beyond just their position. Jones, Bear, Marino and Paigin all have something in common: competitiveness. Aside from Paigin, none of these guys are terribly big, but all of them rate well in terms of engaging physically with their opponents.

Jones, the younger brother of Nashville’s famous Seth, stands just 6’, but gets top marks for his competitiveness. Asked after being selected whether he played like his brother, Jones said that he did but quipped “I’m a little more of a physical and aggressive player than he is.” International Scouting Services (ISS) identify those as his best qualities, while also acknowledging that the player possesses a range of skills.

Like Jones, Bear is a guy with a lot of good points to his game but no really outstanding areas, save for his work ethic. ISS pegs “Intensity level” as the greatest strength in his game and their regional scout Mike MacPherson says that he “stands out for his compete level” and “works especially hard on the d side of the puck.”

Marino is another defenceman who is good at a lot of things, but again the standout quality is the way he engages. ISS praises his work ethic and regional scout Ed Harding says that he “plays hard” and has “very good” intensity.

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Paigin might be my favourite pick of the group. The 6’5” rearguard played in the KHL last year and plays what ISS describes as “an active, intense defensive game.” According to their write-up, the 20-year-old “thrives in physical play, likes to finish hits and mix it up along the wall.” The Oilers have gone back to Russia a fair bit in recent years, and appear to have done pretty well so far; it’s possible they landed a gem here.

Svoboda is the long non-defenceman of the group; he’s a big 20-year-old Czech goalie who showed well at the most recent World Juniors but is still very much a project.

Peter Chiarelli4

Not all of these picks will turn out for the Oilers; in fact, given where they were taken it is entirely possible that none of them will. Still, they do give us good insight into what Peter Chiarelli’s philosophy for the team will be. Edmonton didn’t spend the draft looking for Coke Machines, big players with marginal abilities in other areas; instead they drafted players who do a lot of things well but whose standout skills are things like work ethic, physical engagement and competitiveness.

It’s probably not a stretch to expect Edmonton’s NHL acquisitions to follow a similar pattern.


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  • Chet.

    I think as a group, the Oilers fan base has got to be one of the most well-read and studied as far as drafts are concerned. Not a stretch to figure out why, with all our hopes over recent years put into drafting.

    But the kind of complaining I’ve been reading this time around is baffling. The draft looks pretty good to me. Got Talbot and some other good stuff, and still have all crucial assets.

    Looks good from here…

  • The Goalie 1976

    when people rag on the Griffin trade, remember this… draft picks are not a guarantee of a good player.

    It’s more likely that the 16th and 33rd would be like trading Marc Andre Pouliot and David Musil for Griffin (who is 3 years more developed, and ready this/next season, not 5 years from now.)

    This is what moving the needle forward means. No longer waiting on draft picks, getting people who can compete right away and contribute to this cluster.

    Griffin is not a sure thing either, but this is progress, not waiting for ‘next year.’ We have endured enough of that in the last 9 years.

    Let’s start trying to win games this season.

    • Craig1981

      Some people will argue its like trading MA Pouliot and Musil for Hedman.

      Some will argue its like trading Parise and Eriksson for Plante.

      It could turn out to be either, but it most likely will fall somewhere in the middle……..hopefully like a Parise and Eriksson for Hedman.

      • The Goalie 1976

        Yeah for sure, it’s a risk I’m willing to live with.

        One thing we know for sure, today and for the next 3 seasons at least, those draft picks can’t help the Oilers win at all.

        Griffin makes them a better team right now. He will either make the team, or be the 1st call up in the minors.

        This is trying to win now. And Griffin is only 21 and can help for the future.

        This could easily be a win-win for both teams. It’s weird to see the Oilers actually trying to win now. Just can’t get used to it LOL

    • O.C.

      Agree on your points although I dont think Pouliot is a good comparison on Barzal. Barzal would of been in the Draisaitl conversation last year.. certainly top 10.

      My main concern however is it appears they at least outwardly have little data on Reinhart in his 1st year of Pro. They Luuuuuuv him from the Oil King days. But the most recent year needs to be taken into consideration on wether he can still reach his percieved potential. All I hear from Bob Green is I didnt see him play in the AHL but from his junior days i know what he can bring. I can only hope they have a much larger book on Reinhart beyond his last day as an Oil king or this is a poor bet.

      I’m certainly not saying I have all the inside info on how they came to the conclusion this was a deal worth making. But with what looks to me like a struggle in his 1st year in the AHL coupled with what looks like a homer pick raises some red flags. Hopefully over the next few days we hear more detailed info as to where his development is at.

      • Zarny

        Umm no…Barzal would not have even been remotely close to Draisaitl last year.

        Draisaitl had 105 pts in 64 games his draft year. Barzal had 57 pts in 44 games. Over 64 games, Barzal was only on pace for 78 pts which is 27 pts shy of Draisaitl.

        Ehlers went 9th overall last year with 104 pts in 63 games. Barzal wouldn’t have gone ahead of him. He would have been in the group with Ritchie, Fiala and Perlini and it’s entirely possible Barzal goes after all of them.

        So instead of 16th overall Barzal is maybe 10-13th last year. And that’s a good example of what scouts are actually talking about when they say drafts are “deep”. It amounts to a few players in each tier of prospects. It certainly doesn’t mean a 16th overall pick this year would have been top 5 the year before I’m afraid.

        • Canadian Hockey Fan

          I don’t like everyone bringing up Barzal. Chia already said he wouldn’t of drafted him. we could of had Svechnikov, Samsonov, Carlo, Roy, and a number of other fantastic players with both those picks.

          I don’t mind the deal, Im just worried that all 3 of our top young dman are all lefties. maybe its not a huge deal, but the fact of the matter is we now have another high end defensive prospect close to being nhl ready.

          only time will tell if the trade is win or a bust.

          Im just glad im not a bruins fan… those trades were horrible and I didn’t even like their picks

        • YFC Prez


          As you can see the average expected draft position “this” year was 6-12th pick. So saying he would be in the convo with Draisaitl isnt that far off. And most definitely he would of been top 10. His draft position absolutely was affected by his knee injury. But don’t fool yourself this player is an extremely high rated prospect. As were other players left on the board at #16.

          As far as I am concerned this was an overpay for Reinhart when you add in #33 + #57… But at the same time I am not damning it as a mistake. Oilers are desperate to push the needle and they decided it was worthwhile to let go these bullets in order to get a player they must at the very least see in their top 4 sooner then later.

          Again i’m no expert. And i’m hopeful as a fan they are correct. But i’m more then certain a lot of talent was left to make this happen.

          • Zarny

            Barzal was ranked 9th by McKenzie, 11th by central scouting and 8th by ISS. Button had him going 13th in his final mock draft.

            Rankings are a bit like election polls; there is only 1 that really matters and Barzal went 16th. He most certainly would not have been in the conversation Reinhart, Bennett and Draisaitl last year.

            I agree 16 + 33 is a hefty price. Whether it’s an overpay will depend entirely on how Reinhart progresses.

            There is no point in fretting. Many expected Talbot to cost 33 + 57. Had they moved 16 + 79 for Reinhart and 33 + 57 for Talbot the optics might be better, but same end result.

      • The Goalie 1976

        I’ve been reading a bunch of articles, and it sounds like he should push this season to play, but would have been in tough to crack the NYI, as they are very deep on D. Not a problem the Oilers have LOL

        I’ve also read that he does not have skating or speed problems, he get’s around just fine. If Lowetide says he can skate, then I’m good with that.

        I guess I’m just sick and tired of hoping on these 17 year old draft picks to save the franchise, it’s been 9 years.

        Listening to Lowetide on the radio, he likes Griffin and has no problem with his skillset, just concerned about the ‘cost.’ However, it’s not like the Oilers scouting staff have been reliable at identifying talent.

        I’ll bet that Chia didn’t trust them at all, so chose to trade all those picks for players that are more likely to contribute (Griffin, Talbot) Can’t blame him for that, our scouting staff totally sucks, this was a safe play.

    • So what part of “not waiting for ‘next year.'” works with the general consensus that Reinhart is a project?

      By loading up on 3rd pairing D men, depending on emerging talent and might be’s we’ve basically conceded next season’s final position is going to be in the double digits that start with a 2. Not sure about you guys but haven’t we had a gut full of development?

      Man I hope I’m wrong but we’ll be putting Talbot in front of 50 shots a night in the Western conference unless we can acquire some legit top 4 D talent. I’d hate to see him get Dubnyk’d.

      • camdog

        I’m really hoping the Oilers bring in a top 4 d-man this off season. If Nikitin is bought out I think it’s a given.

        Personally I’d rather keep the skilled forward group together before I started trading Eberle’s or Yakopov’s for significant help on defence. If the forwards can’t learn to back check or win a face off well then those guys will have to be replaced.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    I am blown away with oilers fans thinking we had a horrible draft. None of you will ever be happy. I like all of Chiarelli’s moves. You can really tell that he has credibility out there in the NHL because MacT would have never been able to pull any of those moves if it meant saving his life. From what I gather… There was no way Boston was going to do chiarelli any favours. We were offering higher picks for Hamilton but they did not want him to look good so in bitterness they toss him to Calgary for lower picks. It doesn’t even make sense to me why they would trade Hamilton. In my opinion The Bruins are on the way down. Don’t know how else to explain that one because we had the better picks to offer for what they were asking and they release him to Calgary? Spiteful. The talbot deal was a master piece. We finally get a goalie on the rise and he is not good enough. Of course he is not!!! But do you all know how hard it is to get a top pairing defenseman? No one wants to give a player like that away. And with Eddy Lack… Do you really see the Canucks trading within their own division and possibly have Lack haunt them?… What makes you all think that Chiarelli didn’t offer? Talbot had better numbers yet he is the inferior goalie to Lack? Yeah that makes total sense… I like all the moves. I like all the changes. You oilers fans will never be happy with anything cuz you all think you can do a better job than any other GM out there. Wake up and Assess the whole situation before you comment because changes are finally happening and trending positive so let’s all get on board with this and enjoy the upcoming season.

  • The Goalie 1976


    This is the mandate for our new Oilers under Chia. For one, I really like it. Bye bye to people that don’t / can’t compete (Marincin, hopefully Schultz) and hello to Griffin and Gryba.

    The west is tough as hell, guys like Marincin can’t help move the needle forward.

    Griffin kind of reminds me of a young Robin Regher for the Flames. If he can be 75% of that player, the Oilers will love him. He’s a bulldog, and the functional toughness we are forever searching for. Jason Smith 2.0

    Love the Oilers much more today than yesterday.

    …now just find a way to dump Schultz and Niki…..

  • Randaman

    Very pleased with the results so far.

    Hopefully risk = reward with Cam & Griffin. Time will tell but I am optimistic that Cam will see the potential here and Griffin can be a steady top 4D

    Bring on July 1st

    Stoked for next season

    P.S. I love the new jersey

    • Quicksilver ballet

      If you are an old timer like me you would remember that these colours were used when the Oilers were in the WHA. I would call it more retro than new but I do agree that they look awesome.

      • Alsker

        Trust me, you’re not the only one who remembers them. Infact I remember playing the RCMP’s from Sherwood Park in the Ardrossan tourney years ago and they ended up with the old jerseys. Hated those jerseys as the RC’s kicked our as*es every year.

  • camdog

    Only Oiler fans would bitch on the day we get the best player in the world,and the best goalie available.

    Anyone with a pulse could see Sweeney gave to Chiarelli. He had no intentions of letting the Oilers have Dougie Hamilton,and went as far as trading him,to make sure the Oilers couldn’t offer sheet him. Sweeney and Neely should be fired,for what they pulled on Friday. Clearly improving their team wasn’t the main priority,and that’s a real shame. So to the Oilers fans that are complaining,maybe take it easy for a bit. We could be the Bruins…

  • Serious Gord

    I was pretty vocal yesterday with reservations re the Reinhart signing, but today I have a much better opinion. Hamilton is good, yes, but he had Chara as a partner – he wont be so lucky in Calgary. We picked up Reinhart and Gryba, 2 solid, heavy players who will have the backs of our forwards (look out Kassian, Rexall just became hell for you) Our forwards can beat Calgary hands down now we have a new coach. We grabbed Talbot, who IMO will be a better tandem than Fasht was with Scrivens, and with free agency just around the corner, a pick up like Franson (who wants term badly) could make this team a dream. Canucks are reeling – they have old players, no NHL ready prospects and goalie hell again. Flames were a ‘one hit wonder’ last season. I like that. To me the draft for the Oil was more than ok. Not amazing, but much better than ok. Oilers have greatly improved from top to bottom. One or 2 more D and a couple of buyouts and look out league, we are now a force to be reckoned with.

    • CMG30

      I still have reservations about the trade. Reinhart is still a fine prospect and he may well turn out as expected. BUT he hasn’t been trending well as one would hope in the AHL. At this point I would say Nurse is 2X the prospect Reinhart is. It’s doubly discouraging when Green admits that they never really followed Rienhart since he was drafted. Reading between the lines: they basically traded for him based on their assessment of him from the 2012 draft.

      Talbot is the biggest deal for the Oilers(excepting C-MaC of course). He is still a bit of a risk due for a few reasons but he also stands to be the solution if he pans out. If the Oil can FINALLY get solid goaltending (as opposed to consecutive years as league worst) I’d wager that alone is worth 10 spots in the standings.

      Finally Calgary: I stand by my assessment that picking up DH kind of screwed them long term. Yes, they are a much better team with him, but they’ve never laid the foundation for long term success. It’s the difference between Toronto and Chicago. Toronto threw away their draft picks on Kessel whereas Chicago paid their dues and stocked the cupboards before taking the next step. The result? Toronto spent years flaming out in spectacular fashion. Toronto has now decided they were wrong and took a mulligan on the whole thing whereas Chicago paid their dues and built a juggernaut able to replace unaffordable talent with cheap, home-grown players.

      Calgary has made themselves just good enough to almost, sort of challenge for playoffs every year. But, by failing to lay the foundation of a feeder system stocked with high-end prospects, they’ve got no way to sustain any success they might have. Basically they’re back to the days of Kipper and Iginla where it’s one-and-done or just-missed. Either way, I doubt you’ll see them draft in the top 10 for the next decade. All they can hope is to find a ton of diamonds in the rough.

        • BigMcD

          An Oiler fan , but have to give Flames credit for their fast rebuild . They were a big winner as well this draft , and they have a lot of youth trending much better than our own . I suspect they might even trade Giordano for much more seeing as they now have Hamilton . Bouma, Jooris and Ferland nothing to sneeze at either .

        • BigMcD

          You forgot Jankowski. He’s down to 7 years away from proving he was the best player in his draft year. lol Actually, he is trending to possibly be a 200 foot 3rd-4rth liner which would seem like a victory but to think of the guys the Flames could have drafted is enough to make me puke.

      • BigMcD

        Didn’t Chicago go get Campbell and Hossa to help accelerate things which it did? It won them their first cup, then It put them in cap hell and they had to lose some pieces but they developed a winning culture of high expectations that continues. I think getting a player at age 22 and 1 week without giving up anyone from a system ranked in the top 3 in prospects was a smart move but thats just my opinion. You may be right and it may back fire but the Flames sure don’t have a huge right handed shot with offensive skills anywhere in their system and I don’t know how else they were going to get one.

      • BigMcD

        Do you not follow the prospects? Take a look at the ratings from every major rankings org. Calgary was ranked 4th in the league for prospect depth going into last year. They are for real. Just because it took us 9 years to get a number 1 centre does not mean we did the rebuild right. We pissed away 8 years of growth with terrible drafting, worthless player development and poor free agent signings. Calgary accomplished more in 2 years than we did in 8. How sad is that.

      • YFC Prez

        YES, you’re so right. No more high draft picks for Calgary means they’re going to be screwed for years to come. After all, it’s not like they have a young core already in place or anything…

        Also, maybe try having some idea of what you’re talking about before posting…seems to me that they’re pretty good at drafting outside of the first couple of rounds. (Giordano – undrafted, Brodie – 4th round, Gaudreau – 4th round, Ferland – 5th round, Jooris – undrafted, etc)

        You sound petty and jealous when you make poorly informed arguments like that, no different than Flames fans unwilling to acknowledge the organizational strides the Oilers have made recently or the effect McDavid will have.

        Hopefully, you’re capable of more than that.

  • Craig1981

    It’s not what I was hoping for with such a deep draft, yet if they get a generational player, a solid top 2 or top 4 shutdown guy in Reinhart, and a starting goalie in Talbot, then that’s better than most drafts….and they have a chance to come out of this draft as good as any team.

    The fact we need to give up a 2nd and a 3rd in the next 2 years for management scares me a little for our depth, but I do think we are far better off than a year ago.

    Edit: Willis is totally right about the 3rd. Still have the same worry about depth in the AHL though

  • The Goalie 1976

    I’m happy we didn’t trade Nurse and the 16th for Hamilton. Nurse’s compete level, heart, and work ethic is miles ahead of Hamilton. Nurse was flying all over the Otters(except McDavid) in that playoffs series

    • The Goalie 1976


      I’m not sure I would trade Nurse straight up for Hamilton. (sounds crazy, but hear me out)

      IF Nurse grows as projected, he has lots of qualities that Hamilton will never have. He’s just 2/3 years behind.

      The potential of Nurse is just too much to give up on, he has absolutely every quality you need in a d-man

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have to award the Oilers a C on this draft. Not great considering they did come away with a generational player and a new starting goaltender.

    The inability to address the top pairing blue liner positions is a concern. Whatever they do over the next month or so. Do not trade that first selection next June. This could go south quickly again having nothing but a bunch of 5 thru 7 blue liners on staff.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    I would consider the 2015 draft a huge success. McDavid, Reinhart, Talbot.

    We basically traded:

    Perron for Reinhert


    Petry for Talbot.

    I would do both those trades again. In a cap world these are GREAT moves.

    Looking forward to July 1 and spending Perron and Petrys cap space (8+ mil)…

  • camdog

    looking at what the canucks got for lack and Chicago got for raanta, the oilers made some really expensive bets this year… lets hope they don’t go broke

    im not exactly impressed

  • O.C.

    Considering that nobody is gunna help the Oil get better cuz they’re all pissed off and jealous over a us gettn McDavid I think PC did pretty good in the draft. The Hamilton move proves that! COWTOWN! really! I bet if u asked Hamilton what team he would rather go to…It would be Oil country! and I’m not saying that as a Oil fan. Players around the league what to play here now! The UFA market is going to prove that when PC offers Green a contract to come in and be our # 1 D-man and help move our younger D along. I’m willing to bet that PC has already talked to Green and sure other teams I’m sure have to but now Oil country has the it factor! McDavid-Hall-Nuge-Ebs-New building coming, coaches etc…….Without dealing with teams about players…just players and agent but players tell their agent where they prefer to go. PC will make a couple signings on free agent frenzy day and like I said its gunna be Green and if not well he’ll trade over the summer to get at least another top 6 guy but all we can do Oil fans is wait and see. I just look forward to kicking Cowtowns ass!!!

    • camdog

      I don’t believe that anybody needs to “help the Oil”. Their was a time when every Albertan believed in earning their own way, I don’t like this culture of entitlement that’s been creeping into the province.

      • BigMcD

        Ok help is the wrong word but Oil fans get my point that other teams are going to ask more from us or take less from another team just so they don’t move the process along quicker for Oil country

        • camdog

          I’ve been an Oiler fan since the early 80’s when I was running around in diaper’s. The Oilers have won more cups in my life time than any other NHL organisation.

          The Oilers currently have won 4 first overall picks due to intentionally losing. By shear luck/incompetence Hall, RNH, Yakopov and McDavid are Edmonton Oilers I don’t expect other organisations to give the Oilers a break.

          On Friday the Edmonton Oilers selected one of the best talents to come into the NHL in my lifetime. Rather than celebrate MacDavid Day many Edmontonians have decided to turn the Hamilton trade to Calgary into a pity party. Granted Oiler fans deserve better for their support of the hockey team, however said it has never been other organisations that have stood in the way of Oiler success, it was always PISS POOR OILER management. Sorry for the rant, it wasn’t all really meant for your post.

          • smith

            I don’t care about Hamilton and where he’s goin! I don’t think we intentionally lost to get any of those picks the last few years especially this year. you can give that to Arizona and Buffalo and look what happened…the rest is history! McDavid is here. My point is that Oil country is tierd of losing and the hockey world laughing their asses off at us and loving it cuz their all jealous of what we got this year and what we’ve had since the beginning(1979) We’ve been spoiled having all those great players and cups! nobody but Oil country wants us back winning again and we will win again and it won’ t be nxt year. I think most Oil fans would be happy nxt year if this team is at least in a playoff hunt in the spring and not looking forward to nxt yr in Dec. It could be worse! Look at Toronto! There was 6 teams the last time they won anything! And they’re laughing at us! Good times ahead of us Oil country just may take a bit longer. GO OIL!!!

      • BigMcD

        That’s in DC dude! and his play time was cut coz he didn’t play that well for them this year. Its a what have you done for me lately attitude in sports and in life! Green needs a new start and he’s the best available UFA D-man that shoots right! We should have kept Petry…played way better under Nelson but he’s gone and we need a vet that can skate and make that pass out of our own end…29 yrs old! in his prime and if anyone can bring him back to his level he was at a few years ago its our new coach TM. PC is gunna go after him and even if he gets a better offer money wise from another team…I don’t think it will matter coz their millionaires anyway…Players want the chance to play with Conner and turn this team around! The eyes of the hockey will be watching and wanting us to fail! Those days are over my friend…GO OILERS GO!!!! Yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about

  • BigMcD

    Terrible draft day. We took McDavid #1. That decision was made two months ago when we won the lottery. My Grandmother could have made that call. So then what…..

    We needed Top 2 D Top 4 D and Goalie. Hamilton was the guy. Picked up by Calgary for #15, 45,52. We get Reinhart for #16, #33. Unless Boston had to have #15 and could not live with #16, the difference between Reinhart and Hamilton was #57. That is a no-brainer. Another wet behind the ears, 3rd/4th line D to go with Klefbom, Nurse, Marincin and Schultz. Sure they let Marincin go. But then they could have done that with Hamilton.

    On the goaltending side I would have taken Lack over Talbot. Lack went for virtually nothing at 66th and 7th round in ’16. We gave up #57,79, 184-209. Perhaps Vancouver did not want to trade within the division but they had done so before.

    I am disappointed we have Talbot and Reinhart rather than Lack and Hamilton. Still don’t have top pairing defender and our picks are done. Not as good as it could have been……

    • pkam

      Didn’t you know that we will never get Hamilton unless we are willing to part with Nurse.

      So you will rather trade our 16th, 33rd and 57th and Nurse for Hamilton, then our 16th and 33rd for Reinhart? In other words, do you think Hamilton is worth Reinhart, Nurse and 57th?

      • Zarny

        I am sure I didn’t put in Nurse’s name. Sure they wanted Nurse and there was no way which was the right call. They ended up sending him to Calgary for less than we would have given them – without Nurse. Hell, I would have thrown in Marincin. Another inexperienced D instead of 6’5″ 212 22 year old top 2 D. Ya I’m disappointed.

        • pkam

          Does it really matter who do we add to the package? Didn’t you see that the new Bruins management want to freeze Chiarelli? They asked for a price that a GM with half a brain will not pay.

          I know you’re disappointed but it is not PC’s fault that Sweeney purposedly traded Hamilton to Calgary for less.

          • Zarny

            They just weren’t going to trade with Chia. They were very unhappy with his cap management and recent trade record. When he started talking about an offer sheet, that would have made it a definite no way. But, over time, the ice will thaw and these teams will be willing to deal again.

          • CMG30

            If Sweeney is still in Boston in a year or two…

            Turning down better offers and getting a fraction of the value on a potential franchise player with a better offer on the table is the way to run a team into the ground.

            BTW, Chia should totally offer sheet DH in Calgary to make them pay the price for a player like DH.

          • BigMcD

            Sweeney better hope his picks turn out or he won’t be there long. They needed to get the Boston boy to make people a little happier and he didn’t. An offer sheet is a possibility if he gets to July 1 unsigned but remember who will be up for one in 3 years. I don’t know if Edmonton wants to go that route especially since they seem to be heading in the right direction now.

    • I have a feeling that you would have been unhappy with anything that Chiarelli did. I bet if he got Lack and Hamilton you would also have found something to be unhappy about. We did not have to fill every hole in the roster at the draft. There’s free agency, and possible trades still to come. I am fairly confident that Chiarelli will be going hard after a first pairing defenceman.

    • BigMcD

      Of course Hamilton is better ! You’re really smart! Edmonton offered more than Calgary did but Boston did not want to help Chiarelli.
      Get a number 2 dman via free agency and the defense starts to take shape, and let McLellan get what he can out of these guys!

    • Serious Gord

      I think both the deal for Reinhart and for talbot were cooked up long ago. Reinhart they were pursuing at least as far back as February according to green. And Sather and the old boys have been buds for decades with uncle glen throwing them a bone many times in the past.

      If that is in deed true then PC was was just a grocery clerk at the draft.

  • hagar

    I rather have 2 blue chip prospects in Ilya Samsonov (future number1 goalie) and Brandan Carlo (tough right handed shutdown dman) then a questionable Griffen Reinhart. MacT and Howson have there fingerprints all over this trade and why are they both still in this organization blows my mind

  • 24% body fat

    We need to draft like winnipeg, they just take the best available player no matter the position. Skill, skill and more skill.

    So many good and high rated players fall to them. They will have and abundance of quality prospects with value and will be able to deal from positions of strength to fill in their needs, if there are any.

    Cam we please start doing this going forward. Dont worry about the player type, just maximize asset value.

    • Serious Gord

      Interesting take. Certainly will be interesting if it yields results. Certainly makes sense if wpg is prepared to deal their surplus talent once it’s developed (and that may be the key – how good they are at developing players) to fill holes in their lineup.

    • The Goalie 1976

      Yeah totally.

      That is such a piss off that Boston gave Hamilton to Calgary when we offered a better/equal pick package.

      Damn, it’s like the Schneider BS all over again. But then we can’t be surprised the Boston wants to stick it to their former GM, and also that Vancouver wont give Lack to us for peanuts to help make us better.

      I wouldn’t either.

    • Alsker

      I agree, today it looks like the team that “lost” this draft weekend was the Bruins. Giving up three roster players (I include Sodenburg) will put them near the bottom of the league this year. Some failed attempt to try to get into a position to draft Hannifan really blew up in their face,

      There is obviously bad blood between Neely and Chia, so I expect Neely will blame the implosion on what Chia left.

  • The Goalie 1976

    Edmonton & the oilers will always be a bunch of bums in the city of chumps. Teams that tank like yours will never rise to the top. To many pretty boys…

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I think Chia has figured out the Oilers do not have the size up front to compete with the big teams in the west,instead build a big agressive D to battle them. As long as the D can transition the puck to the skilled forwards efficiently I think it’s a good plan

  • Craig1981

    2016-17 signed players








    That team has good bones if they get a starting goalie out of Talbot

    • The Goalie 1976

      you know, Griffin, Klef, and Nurse, are a damn good 3 players to build the defense around. Just sooo young.

      The future looks really good with those 3, they just need to upgrade the veterans for the present. I’m ok with Fayne, but they need to find a way to dump Ference for somebody better

      (and dump Schultz too LOL)

      • Craig1981

        Totally agree. That is why I don’t hate the Reinhart trade. In the 2016-17 season. Kelfbom will be the same age as OEL was this year, Rienhart same as Faulk and Fowler, Nurse as Hamilton and Brodin.

        I just hope 2 of the 3 turn out as expected. I would be ecstatic if they all turned out, but I am doubtful.

        I hope Shcultz gets moved too

    • The Goalie 1976

      Umm draiststl as number 3 centre umm no. Reinhert and nurse for a combined 9 nhl games played on a line together… No, if you don’t put Gordon up there that means we’re trading him and he will give us some value maybe you can package him Shultz and a pick maybe a 2 rounder and you could potentially get a solid top 4 player

      • Craig1981

        I posted for the 2016-17 season not the upcoming one. Reinhart and Nurse will have one more season in them by then. Still a young team…but like I said, good bones to build around

      • The Goalie 1976

        yes, I don’t think Draisatle will stay that low in the lineup for long, but it sure is nice to have some depth at center.

        Perhaps he plays a wing/center mix like Malkin in Pitt, or who knows if both of Yak and Ebs will still be on the team. Either could be moved for a good d-man.

        It’s a nice problem to have, dealing from a position of strength. Also, nice to let Leon progress at his own rate, without rushing him into failure (the old Oilers way)

        Might be a nice trade deadline for us, assuming we take a step forward and finish like 10th or something. Gordon could bring a good return at the deadline, also Purcell, and even Hendricks.

        We took steps forward this weekend, but there it lots of highway left.

    • pkam

      You seem to forget a lot of Oilers. The roster will look more like this:









      Reinhart and Nurse start the season in AHL, perhaps Drisalte too if we add a 3rd winger.

      • MillHoodsHockey4Life

        2016-17 not 2015-16. To me it looks like most of PC’s moves aren’t necessarily focused on this year but having flexibility in contracts and picks for the future. No one was going to do him any favors, especially in the West or Boston. Minor deals now, which I’m not thrilled with but small steps in the right direction, but I’ll judge the off season more once free agency begins.

  • Alsker

    Intensity, compete, aggression. Damn good traits for defenders to have(taking notes MacT). The draft still looks fairly peaks and valleys though. McJesus, Talbot definitely the peaks, cost of GR and return for MM definitely the valleys. The late round D the rolling hills in between. Now lets swap Jultz for the rights to Sekera and this looks a he[[ of alot better.

  • TaylorKB

    I like the deals except for the 16-33 one. i like Griff but not for that price. Only about 20 other players i would have gone after.Feels like a missed chance to bring in a 1-2 def. Happy Mcdavid is on board. Wished we would have got a 1-2 def though.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    Why does everyone just assumes Nurse has made the team? He might need some seasoning in the AHL. Oilers are playing with fire if they are going to go with Nurse/Klefbom/Reinhart/Schultz on D…they need to find an experienced D man or two to help these kids. Kind of hoping Chiarelli can unearth some gems via free agency or the trade route. Wish they would buy out Nikitin and Purcell and get some players who compete.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Oilers screw themselves royally at the draft. The Eskimos not even close to being prepared for the opener.

    This weekend was so full of promise Friday afternoon 😉

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    Not a huge fan of the Reinhart and Talbot trades. I thought a lot was given up for these players. Both are unproven. I don’t mean to sound negative, but look at the facts. Talbot has 2 years NHL experience, behind a great Ranger defence. Reinhart is still young, but Hamilton was a better pickup by the Flames. We can only hope the moves pan out.