Oilers trade Martin Marincin, then acquire Eric Gryba


When the Oilers acquired Griffin Reinhart yesterday, I felt it meant the end of Martin Marincin in Edmonton and today the Oilers traded him to Toronto for pesky forward Brad Ross and the 107th pick.

Admittedly, I wasn’t as high on Marincin as some others. 

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If Darnell Nurse shows he is
ready to play in the NHL, I didn’t see how the Oilers could start the
season with Oscar Klefbom, Justin Schultz, Nurse, Reinhart and Marincin
in the lineup. You can’t have that much youth on the backend if you want
to win.

Speaking with scouts at the draft, Marincin’s value around the
league was much lower than it was amongst some in Edmonton. Pretty much
every scout echoed my thoughts on him. He has NHL skill and smarts, but has
shown a lack of competitive desire in games. Three scouts who watched
AHL playoffs were disappointed he didn’t dominate at the AHL level. They all
said teams would still take a chance on him, because of his skill, but
his trade value is low.

Ross has signed in Germany. He was suspended in the AHL last season for steroids, and this was really just part one of a two-part trade that freed up a contract on the 50-man roster.


The Oilers then traded Travis Ewanyk and the 107th pick to Ottawa for Eric Gryba.

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We could argue it was Marincin and Ewanyk for Gryba and Ross. Gryba is a 27 years old, a right shot D-man with one year left on his contact, a $1.25 million cap hit.

He is 6’4″ and 225 pounds. He is a stay-at-home defender with little offensive flair. In 165 games he has 4-25-29, and +17 in his career. He is more physical than Marincin. He is a third pairing defender who can kill penalties.

You would slot him behind Mark Fayne and Justin Schultz on the right side depth chart. 

Gryba for Marincin gives the Oilers a more reliable NHL player. It is not a sexy trade, nor does it fill the void in the top-four, but I don’t mind the deal.

Again I will admit much of that is based on Marincin’s inability to show he was willing to battle hard enough at the NHL level. A new opportunity in Toronto could benefit him, but with Reinhart, Nurse and Klefbom on the left side the Oilers clearly felt he was expendable.

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    • bleedingoil

      Either you are foolishly serious or you are seriously foolish……or maybe just a troll. Barzal? You wanted Barzal? Where would he play? He would be behind RNH / McDavid / Draisaitl / Lander / Gordon. Not to mention he is shorter and lighter than the whole lot. The Oilers have enough bodies up front for the foreseeable future. The focus now is on D. The only body available within reason was Chabot. Instead PC took a former 4th overall pick with draft +2 years seasoning in the WHL and 1 in the AHL. He is a former MEMCUP champ that knows how to win. With Aulie not being resigned, Reinhart just turned into our biggest Dman. So instead of selecting another smallish forward with skill that we will bury in the AHL because there is no room in the big house, we got a big, mean player familiar with the city that already has 3+ developmenmt years under his belt. Now about the Marincin thing. Gryba is bigger (22 lbs) and meaner and has out up a few more points. In both of these deals, PC knows what he is getting and has bodies that will have an impact today, not in a few years. PC is done seeing the Oilers develop. The time is now. ELCs will start expiring on our talent and the clock is ticking on Lord Stanley.

    • Zarny

      Yeah the 4th overall with a year of pro experience and looks ready for the NHL will be the bust over the kid who slid from 9th to 16th.

      Mathew Barzal is far more likely to be a “bust” than Griffin Reinhart.

      So many seem to forget that as excited as some were for a prospect like Barzal, those same people were a lot more excited about Griffin Reinhart 3 years ago lol.

  • jonnyquixote

    Chiarelli gave away Marincin for a guy the Leafs weren’t even going to qualify? And we’re applauding him here?

    Question Marincin all you want, but he’s worth more that a German leaguer.

    At Leafs Nation they’re laughing..

    Uggh. Still very concerned.

  • Petrolero

    Who is the top pairing defence man you keep mentioning? Gave away Marincin for nothing and traded 2 good picks for a guy that skates and passes at about 50% the level that Marincin does. Let’s hope Talbot can carry the mail now. I was really hoping that we would get a goalie that wasn’t a little bit of a question mark going into first year AM

  • bradleypi

    YAY! Lol I’m so happy right now. A top line center, atop pairing dman and I know oilersnation won’t agree with this but also a starting goalie all in the fold in 2 days. Great work PC!!!

      • bradleypi

        Nobody here thinks Reinhart will be a top pairing guy? I’m positive he will be. Oilersnation needs to temper expectations just like Chiarelli was talking about yesterday. PC just put together a legit top pair for the very near future. Reinhart and nurse will anchor this team for years. I honestly don’t think the savior that oilersnation is wanting on d is coming. Nobody is giving the oilers there best defenseman. I just don’t see it happening

        • pkam

          Not that I don’t like Reinhart, but I have more confidence in Klefbom and Nurse than Reinhart to be a top pair defenseman.

          If one of Klefbom or Nurse is RH, I think we have a solid top pairing in about 3 years.

  • CMG30

    It’s become clear with these trades that MacTavish has Chiarelli’s ear and is providing significant input.

    That should be a terrifying thought for Oiler fans.


    We just went from the bottom of the American Hockey league for skill to the upper end of the AHL. Which one of these bums are gonna give the puck to our skilled players?