The Edmonton Oilers aren’t far away from announcing their rookie camp roster and soon after it’ll be the real one. And then? Music! Skates cutting ice, errant passes, goals from center ic—well, you get the idea. Who’s coming camping?


  1. G Cam Talbot (Edmonton has a starter, many fans wanted a more veteran option. I like the bet)
  2. G Ben Scrivens (Keeping Scrivens as backup is the play here. He should regress to the mean)
  3. G Anders Nilsson (Fascinating deal made by Chiarelli, looking for depth)
  4. G Laurent Brossoit (Final year of entry deal, massive season for the young man)
  5. G Eetu Laurikainen (Excellent bet. This is the mark of a smart team)
  6. G Ty Rimmer. (He’s the depth G once again but goalies are voodoo and he has talent)
  7. G Keven Bouchard. (Junior goalie will get a look in Penticton).
  8. G Jordan Papirny (Confirmation of attendance on Guy Flaming’s Pipeline Show).
  9. D Andrej Sekera (Oilers needed him badly, he’s an outstanding addition)
  10. D Mark Fayne (Should flourish under McLellan, take on bigger role on team)
  11. D Oscar Klefbom (Talented blue, range of skills, McLellan has a real talent here)
  12. D Justin Schultz (Training, working hard, McLellan could do wonders for him)
  13. D Nikita Nikitin (Pressure will be on, hopefully he’s healthy, back stands up all year)
  14. D Eric Gryba (Tough, defense-first addition. Oilers clearly felt a need)
  15. D Andrew Ference (This may be a tough year for the captain. Pressure is on)
  16. D Brandon Davidson (Inexpensive defender, NHL option)
  17. D Griffin Reinhart (Big, strong defender close to NHL-ready or already there)
  18. D Darnell Nurse (I remain convinced he plays in the NHL this season)
  19. D Brad Hunt (NHL recall option depending on who is hurt/struggling)
  20. D David Musil (Stay-at-home D continues to matriculate)
  21. D Jordan Oesterle (speedy D, still on learning curve)
  22. D Dillon Simpson (Looking for him to move up the AHL depth chart in 15-16)
  23. D Martin Gernat (Should ask for bigger font on his name bar in effort to get noticed)
  24. D Ben Betker (Big, strong, pretty fast. Raw, interesting blue)
  25. D Joey Laleggia (First question: Exactly how much offense does he generate?)
  26. D Nick Pageau. (On an AHL deal and could spend much of the season in the
  27. D Caleb Jones. Fine young prospect, 2015 selection.
  28. D Ethan Bear. He had a fine year in the WHL, interesting player.
  29. D Kevin Davis. (Mobile defender, lists him as TC invite).
  30. D Colton Waltz. (Tough defender. lists him as TC invite).
  31. D Loik Leveille. (There’s a chance they sign him. list.)
  32. C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Fantastic hockey player)
  33. C Connor McDavid (These are the good old days. Enjoy them, even before they start)
  34. C Anton Lander (If he can deliver a strong season, the Oilers are going to be good at C)
  35. C Mark Letestu (Swiss Army knife will spend the season at C)
  36. C Leon Draisaitl (He’ll play in the NHL this season. How much?)
  37. C Bogdan Yakimov (Watch the Bakersfield boxscores for Bogdan box cars)
  38. C Jujhar Khaira (Needs to emerge as an offensive option)
  39. C Kyle Platzer (Actual NHL players often make themselves known as AHL rookies).
  40. C Phil McRae. (AHL veteran signed to deal with Condors). J
  41. C Alexis Loiseau. (Signed to an AHL deal, he may be
    this year’s Josh Winquist).
  42. C Marco Roy. (Signed to an AHL deal, former second-round selection).
  43. C Tyler Soy. Skill F, lists him as TC invite).
  44. C Cole Linaker. C from the bud, lists him as TC invite).
  45. L Taylor Hall (His next 80-point season could be 2015-16)
  46. L Benoit Pouliot (MacT’s best move? Probably)
  47. L Lauri Korpikoski (I think he’ll be high in the order many nights)
  48. L Matt Hendricks (We shouldn’t expect a season like last one)
  49. L Luke Gazdic (His roster spot to lose)
  50. L Ryan Hamilton (He’ll walk the streets of Bakersfield)
  51. L Anton Slepyshev (If things break right, he could see NHL action)
  52. L Mitch Moroz (Plays like a Bruin, he’s healthy and will get noticed)
  53. L Kale Kessy (If that speed spike last year was no fluke, he’ll be a factor)
  54. L Josh Winquist. (AHL contract, he’s a fine prospect).
  55. L Connor Rankin. (AHL contract, rugged and can score).
  56. L Braden Christoffer. (AHL contract. Tough winger with skill,
  57. R Jordan Eberle (Ridiculous hands, scorer’s touch. Extremely valuable items)
  58. R Nail Yakupov  (Use that hammer, Nail!) (Sorry)
  59. R Teddy Purcell (He’s like a good No. 6 hitter. End of the offense, but a good option)
  60. R Rob Klinkhammer (Crash and bag, he can play. 12-14F)
  61. R Tyler Pitlick (Avoid knee on knee contact Pitlick!)
  62. R Iiro Pakarinen (There’s an opening here)
  63. R Andrew Miller (Perhaps the most skill of the bubbling under RW’s)
  64. R Greg Chase (I hope he runs over people in pre-season. A lot. Get noticed, young man)
  65. R Matt Ford. (AHL contract, he’s a veteran mentor for Bakersfield). 
  66. F Rihards Bukarts. (Little ball of something else. lists him as TC invite.) 
  67. R Cole Sanford. (Scoring W, lists him as TC invite).

All of the invites (underlined) are listed by  here and here.

I think that’s it, but follow that link. It seems there are new additions every few days.

      • Canoe Ride 27.1

        Oh you got me. Just a big fan of your joke of a team who has been relying on lottery wins for players and sucking slough water for a decade now.

        Nah I’ll stick with the lads with the Alberta crest on one shoulder and the Canadian flag on the other.(of course calgary would think of that. Not an original idea in Edmonton since forever )) The alberta team that doesn’t grovel for scraps at the lottery table

        the alberta team that rebuilds their roster within 1.5 year. Not 10. Enjoy the draft party next year

        • Canoe Ride 27.1

          That’s so funny how Flames fans always hang their hat on not picking first.

          All it says is not only have you had bad results, you also have bad luck.

          The really sad thing is we have had a more recent SCF appearance than you. Seriously sad. Might even drive a guy to show up as a nut job on a rival blog site.

        • BobbyCanuck

          Your original comment was posted at 4:44am. You literally are thinking of he Oilers 24/7

          Face it you love them. More then the Flames. It shows in how defensive you get when you’re called it. Dont worry pal… All those number 1 picks got us McDavid

          Btw didn’t I see you at this years draft party 😉

  • O.C.

    Odd that anyone suggests trading Eberle or Yakupov after looking at the RW depth chart.

    Question… ESPN used to tell their Broadcasters to say “Tebow”, all the time. Kind of like click bait for boggers. Does a standing instruction rest at Oilers radio to say “McDavid” 100 times an hour? Seems like it…

    Happy Sunday.


    • Canoe Ride 27.1

      Um, I think it might have to do with defensive depth chart.

      I love those two as much as the next guy and see your point about RW depth, but we need a playoff caliber D.

      Just look up top ranked NHL defensemen. You get far down the list before you find an Oiler. Nurse is on the way but imagine him developing under a legit 1D beast banging 25 minutes a game.

  • sofarsogood

    Yes I’m going camping. Penticton is going to be busy as they didn’t spread out the activities this year. All on the same weekend with youngstars, jazz festival and dragon boat races. My tidbit for the goalie race is the 6’5″, 220lb very athletic anders is going to give scrivens a good run for backup. The weekend is going to be great as I’m going with cowtown fans.

  • BobbyCanuck

    #14 KGO

    A team that grovels for nearly $1 billion in government subsidy for their new arena

    Rather support a team transparently groveling for a billion, than support an owner that threatens to move to Seattle if he does not get his way

    Tough choices for a 4th tier fan

    • Butters

      Don’t worry, if the negotiations get sidetracked, there will be talk of the Seattle Flames. I don’t want to see that happen, but you might see Murray Edwards at a Seahawks game.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    It feels cold enough outside in the mornings for hockey, yet there still isn’t hockey. Stop not playing hockey. #impatient #addict #mcdavid #squee

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    One great thing that Edmontonians did that changed the hockey world forever is when they sang the anthem after Paul Lorieau held up the mic. You see other Canadian teams trying to emulate this to this day.

    Also note that no other team in the NHL wears provincial, state, or national flags on both shoulders. It’s cheesy and thankfully no other team makes that jersey faux-pas. I’m a bit hard pressed to find other teams in the NFL, MLB, and NBA that do this…it’s THAT BAD of an idea.

    Now speaking of camp invites…

    I wonder which team will be the one that’ll invite Derek Roy. Center depth pushed him out of Nashville, and now (which would’ve sounded crazy a year ago) on the Oilers.