WWYDW: Andrew Ference and the Captaincy


One of the subplots of this fall’s Oilers training camp will be the role of team captain Andrew Ference. The defenceman took a step back last year and saw his ice time reduced as the season wore on; arguably he isn’t among the top-six defencemen on Edmonton’s roster at this time.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask if he should or shouldn’t play, and what should happen to the captaincy in either event.

Status Quo?

Todd McLellan3

Ference talked to the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson on Monday about the subject, and his comments are well worth reading. Of particular interest was Ference’s admission that he had already discussed the matter with new head coach Todd McLellan:

I brought it up … I like things out in the open. I don’t like walking on eggshells or awkward moments, player to coach, player to GM. This isn’t a vanity project. We should want everybody pulling on the same rope for the Oilers.

While Ference isn’t expecting any changes, he has a name in mind of a player that he’d pick to replace him as captain if it comes down to that. He didn’t divulge his preferred candidate, but did stress that it’s necessary to have a leadership group rather than a single leader within the room.

As he generally does, Ference comes across as mature and intelligent in his discussion with Matheson. He’s a professional, and his comments suggest that he would understand if the new coach wanted to make a change and that he wouldn’t make an issue of it. That, of course, makes him sound rather like the kind of player a team wants as its public face and internal leader. But then, that’s been true his whole career.

So, what do our readers think? Should Ference stay in the lineup and/or stay captain? If not, who replaces him?


  • TKB2677

    From my perspective, I want the Oilers to be dressing the best defense core they can on a nightly basis. If Ference ends up being one of the best 6, then by all means he should play. What I don’t want to happen is the Oilers dressing a guy like Ference or Nikitin or whoever for other reasons like contract or who’s the captain. It’s supposed to be icing the best team that give you the best change to win. If sitting some older guys for younger guys gives you the best team on the ice, then do it. Goes the other way. If the older guys are better than the young guys, sit the younger guys. It should be all about trying to win. Politics, optics, hurting a guys feelings, all that crap shouldn’t matter. It should be all about who’s the best guy on the ice.

  • TKB2677

    Get you hands on the trash button , as I think they are holding off on a new captain until Shultz shows his Norris Trophy form this year and solidifies top 2 defenseman on team . I believe he is respected by all our youth , playing with all of them last 3 years or so and being just slightly older, and maybe a leader of them . Maybe Eberle second , seeing as he seems to do the most commercials .