Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – October 13, 2015

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We still only have one injury on the Oiler’s roster, and that man is Jordan Eberle. Ebs suffered a shoulder injury on September 29 during the preseason. He is scheduled to miss 12 to 18 regular season games, and has already missed two of them. I think it’s obvious we are missing him in our first two losses of the season. Not that we were playing THAT BAD offensively, but I definitely missed seeing his mad dangles (hockey bro voice) in the corners.

I just got back from my Oodle Noodle lunch trip and found out our poor boy Taylor Hall will be a game time decision for tonight’s game because of an apparent sickness. Here at Nation HQ, we are enjoying watching the Internet tear Taylor Hall apart because he is “sick.” Can the man not be under the weather? Just because he’s ill doesn’t mean he’s sick from partying or from doing something stupid. I missed all the action anyways. That’s the one thing I find happens a lot when I started working here. I can spend all day sitting in front of my laptop waiting for Oiler news to happen, but nothing ever does. As soon as I leave the office for half an hour, my Twitter feed explodes with NHL rumours, Oiler news, and embarrassing pictures of me at the Season Opener party.


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This picture is now being proudly displayed on a very lucky wall at Nation HQ for everyone to enjoy thanks to Jeanshorts. Speaking of the Season Opener party, part of me is glad that it’s over so that we can all stop calling it the wrong name. For those of you that don’t know, since we began planning the party a few weeks ago, Nation Staff have all been calling this party the Draft Party. No, we did not throw a draft party, we threw a Season Opener party. Not sure how it got stuck inside of everyone’s head, but it probably has something to do with us being used to planning draft parties every June. For the first little while, we were constantly correcting each other but after a while everyone just accepted the fact that we will never change and kept calling it the draft party. I can’t even keep track of the number of times I had to hit delete on my keyboard after typing in the wrong party name online. I’m just happy that I don’t have to call it the wrong name anymore.

Back to the party itself, we had a blast on Thursday night and really appreciate everyone’s support. We ended up raising $6300 for our sponsored charity, Little Bits. The party wouldn’t have happened without them, and the money raised couldn’t have happened without you guys! The Nation staff were really pumped to mingle with the citizens, despite the Oilers loss. The bar was going crazy for McDavid to score his first goal though it obviously did not happen. I would also like to point out on the record that I was the first one to show up to work on time on the Friday morning. Nobody else showed up until a good half hour later. I was mainly worried the whole office was mailing it in on Friday and didn’t tell me. 


To celebrate the fact that hope is once again the burning candle it once was, we are proud to launch three new Hope Will Never Die designs to beautify your torso. Look at me trying to be a model above and tell me that you wouldn’t look fantastic while wearing this sweater. You can’t do it, can you? You know just as well as I do that wearing this would make you look sexy af. *imagines*

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