Dangle: Here Come The Oilers

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Oh hello, OilersNation.

Today I wanted to talk about the Edmonton Oilers. No, not just Connor McDavid – THE EDMONTON OILERS. Well, and Connor McDavid, too. He is their leading scorer. Kind of important. ANYWAY.

I made a video about the Oilers for Sportsnet because the Oilers have kicked ass lately. As an outsider looking in, I love it. You deserve it and I hope it keeps up. D’awwwwOK NOW FOR THE VIDEO.

  • LibrarianMike

    For those who say Galchenyuk is better than Yak because of their point totals… let me point something out to them:

    Yak: 203 GP, 44G 54A, 98P

    Galchenyuk: 204GP, 44G 68A, 112P

    What’s the likelihood that maybe Gally had better linemates that could convert on offensive chances more than Yak’s linemates in the past couple years.

    No knock on Gally either, great all around player. But people only like to look at certain facts when dubbing Yak a bust.

    Also for those who say anyone can play with Mcdavid, what about the statement that anyone can play with Crosby?

    Certain players complement each other well, Yak and McDavid have that and its awesome to watch! Credit to both players.

  • Mantis

    Considering the teams we played in the first 10, I’m not really too disappointed with that result. It could have easily been worse. That said, some improvement over the next 10 wouldn’t be amiss.

  • tomger

    I made a video about the Oilers for Sportsnet because the Oilers have kicked ass lately.

    I know they set the bar low over the last 10 years… But they’re 4-7