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The Edmonton Oilers have Leon Draisaitl and Darnell Nurse on the roster now, so the most NHL-ready prospect in the minors is probably Laurent Brossoit. Will we see him in Edmonton this year?

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Laurent Brossoit made his NHL debut with the Edmonton Oilers on April 9, 2015. He stopped 49 of 51 shots, and those totals represented the most shots on goal for an NHL goalie debut this century. San Jose’s coach that night, Todd McLellan, noticed him and with Edmonton’s goalie situation open for competition this year—these are important months for Brossoit’s career.

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  • Age 20 (2013-14) 10GP, 3.99 .876
  • Age 21 (2014-15) 53GP, 2.56 .918
  • Age 22 (2015-16) 4GP, 2.45 .926

Brossoit is showing significant progress and is contributing to a much brighter outlook for Edmonton in net across the pro level. Along with NHL goalies Cam Talbot and Anders Nilsson, Oilers fans can be hopeful of the future in goal. He improved in his second season, partly because of approach:

  • Laurent Brossoit: “I simplified my game. I used
    to think that the harder I worked and the harder I moved, the harder it
    is to score on me. But I’ve kind of learned through all of the goalie
    coaches I’ve been fortunate enough to have been coached by that I am big
    enough so the less I do is more. The more positionally sound I am and
    the more calm, cool and collected I am the harder it will be to beat


One area that may give Brossoit an edge over one of Talbot or Nilsson next season? Contract and cap hit. His base salary is less than $700,000 according to NHL Numbers, meaning he can be renewed next year at well under a million. Source

Brossoit gets a bit of a break in terms of waivers, he won’t be eligible for the waiver wire until the fall of 2017. Based on what we’re seeing right now, he could get an extended look this season and it’s possible he could be in the chase for backup in the NHL fall 2016.

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Note: Brossoit is playing tonight, 3-3 tie in the second period.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I have to say thanks to Cowtown. LB has progressed rather nicely within the system. He has the eye of the management as well. Could he be here next season as a backup? I can see him becoming a fan favourite in the near future.

  • CMG30

    We can thank Calgary all we want or sending LB to us but they’ve done really well drafting goalies of late. Ortio and Gilles are both very good prospects and LB wasn’t having a great first pro year so it made sense for the .

    • CMG30

      I think Calgary is about to pull and Edmonton and start running good players out of town. Fans down there aren’t use to all this losing. It makes people do crazy things.

  • MattyFranchise

    Ladislav Smid didn’t just play his heart out for the oilers, he earned respect from everyone inside the organization. He gave us blood sweat and tears. Everytime I hear an ignorant fan say anything even remotely close to negative about a guy like Smid, a part of me hopes McDavid demands for a trade next week. Laddy Smid was nothing but a warrior for us! He had more heart in his hair clippings than anyone on our defence now has in his entire body!!!… Trying not to name names…. Schultz

  • MattyFranchise

    Man it really grinds my gears!! Same kinda thing as when people talk smack about Hemsky! News Flash… Hemsky was the only reason you’d even bother to watch the oilers play for about 10 years!!

    If I never hear the names Lowe, Mctavish and Howson ever again it would be too soon!! I never thought I was a hater… But looking back on it now, man. How can you argue against History? After we miss the playoffs this year we’ll be tied for the longest drought in NHL history… Guess who’s been running the show all that time??