GDB 12.0 Wrap Up: Dr. Drai

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Heyoooooooo, Alberta!

It’s Cat Silverman here, reporting as your emergency call-up game day recapper. I’m taking time out of my Halloween here to give you expert(ish) analysis on the Battle of Alberta tonight, since our lovely friends over at Oilers Nation are busy making sure that the streets of Edmonton are filled with giant Eberle faces. Glad to be back!

Since the first Battle of Alberta was a barn-burner in Calgary (and by barn-burner, I mean Edmonton burned down Calgary’s barn by making absolute fools out of the host club), it’s only fitting that their second meeting of the season was just as…. uh, fun.

Edmonton went down nice and early, then stormed back. Then they went down again, then they came back, then… 

Yeah, the Oilers lost. 

The Bright Side

Leon Draisaitl. Holy smokes, that kid can play. 

Some of you may know me as the girl that once (meaning Thursday) jokingly suggested that the Oilers trade Leon Draisaitl to the Arizona Coyotes, using the logic that Edmonton loves to give Arizona really good German hockey talent before they’re fully developed. 

Honestly, I said that because I’m so excited about how Dr. Drai plays and I’m greedy. I want him here in Arizona so I can see him while I’m busy squandering my life away in the sweltering desert. 

Last year, Draisaitl got off to the kind of slow start that would have had more hasty GMs dealing him for a blue line asset this summer, but the Oilers held on to him – and is it ever paying off. He’s already had two multi-point games this season – and he’s only played in two games so far. He was one of the most offensively dominant players all night, and that’s not an exaggeration. I think it says a lot about what the Oilers have that I could see Dr. Drai only getting better from here; all the hype has been around the arrival of Connor McDavid this year (and rightfully so), but let’s not forget that last year’s third overall pick is reportedly heralded as the next Joe Thornton. 

Of course, it would have been even more beautiful if Sam Bennett had been less than impressive, but he had a pretty decent game himself. The 19 year old fourth overall selection, who was the source of a few too many debates in the time following the 2014 draft, got himself a primary assist and didn’t look too invisible.

The Face Palmers

Look, ON. I’m a goalie, so I’m usually the first person to point out when a play normally blamed on the goalie should have actually been blamed on the defense – but my God, Cam. That’s on you, bud. 

The biggest difference between this year’s ‘bad goals’ and last year’s, though, is how Talbot reacts to them. Last year, the team’s defense and Scrivens almost fed off one another in this downward spiral of cringeworthy suck; this year, things are mostly held together. 

That being said, the defense still needs a lot of work. Michael Frolik is an awesome player – I laughed at Winnipeg this summer when they let him go – but seriously, he has no business getting a hat trick against Edmonton with Cam Talbot in net and four goals for the Oilers in the process. 

We knew that Calgary was desperate to win, and Edmonton underestimated what that meant for the team that’s looked like steaming trash so far. Draisaitl, Hall, and the Nuge looked super, but there’s still a lot about the Oilers that needs to be improved upon.

Scoring Summary

1st Period

01:58 CGY Brandon Bollig (1) Tip-in – ASST: TJ Brodie (1), Mason Raymond (1)
11:34 CGY Michael Frolik (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Matt Stajan (1)
13:15 EDM Taylor Hall (5) Deflected shot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (5), Leon Draisaitl (1)
17:27 CGY Michael Frolik (2) Deflected shot – ASST: Kris Russell (1), Josh Jooris (1)

2nd Period

10:38 EDM PPG – Brandon Davidson (2) Slapshot – ASST: Teddy Purcell (2), Taylor Hall (7)
16:30 CGY PPG – TJ Brodie (1) Snap shot – ASST: Sam Bennett (4), Dougie Hamilton (1)

3rd Period

16:30 CGY PPG – TJ Brodie (1) Snap shot – ASST: Sam Bennett (4), Dougie Hamilton (1)
06:40 EDM Leon Draisaitl (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (8)

Best of the Tweets

Eberle’s Halloween from ATB Financial

Who went out tonight dressed as Eberle? The answer should be all of you – but if you didn’t, here’s a message from Eberle himself (via the computer. It’s the same as him talking to you in person, I swear). 

Thanks for having me, folks! Hope I didn’t offended your senses too much. Always happy to be OilersNation’s favorite emergency call-up. 

  • RedMan

    From the game last night all I can say is WOW! it was a crazy game. And it was exciting through out the whole game. Talk about a Halloween game.

    This game had it all, tons of goals, crazy officiating (for both sides), comebacks… and all I can say is that it was exciting. It had tons of moments for both teams to cheer and had a lot of moments for both fans to be polling their hair out!

    And man I was impressed how the Calgary Flames coach was a huge part on how the flames won. His two review calls where crazy smart. impressed.

    Oilers and Flames both have there holes.. and they both seem to be in the Defence, but you can sure say the offence was there. Good Chances from both teams all night long.

    For Flames fans there was lots to cheer for Sam Bennett Producing, Frolik, Hamilton not being in the neg, and Brodie (wow) and more I am sure.

    As an Oilers fan I was Happy to see how well Dri did (3 points), and how Davidson is doing (He plays a good game and has a canon of a shot), enjoying Nurse out there, and McDavid ( he had no points, but was a threat all night long). And how Oilers owned the face off circle nice to see (even McDavid had a 53%.) Can’t wait for the next BOA and Oil should have Ebs, Hendrix and Griffen back which will help.

    BOA is back!

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    Nice to see the BOA ramp up again between the north vs South. Ten years ago both teams sucked and the passion in the fans sucked too! Times are a changing for the good both ways!

  • Leaking5w-30

    Lowetide has some good points on his Blog.

    I dont doubt TMac , but some of his decisions have me scratching my head.

    Time for Pete to look at making a move for a Legit D man. No it wont get us to the playoffs [yet] and deals may just not be there but dammit he better be looking.

    Talbot- WAKE UP MAN ! Nilsson should be starting next , someone needs
    to get on a roll and keep the net for awhile.

  • Leaking5w-30

    The refs? Hartley looking like a baby thawing the flag all game.

    Like I say, go back to your own nation and high five each other. I know it must be exciting to finally get a regulation win.

    It’s kind of sad how excited you all are, especially when you barely pull out a win against such a terrible team.

    And our defence might be bad but with all the cash you guys throw at that defence of yours, why do you have the worst GAA in the league? Will Gio actually be 39 when his contract expires? Yikes.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Poor oiler fans… It’s sad really. I was hoping once they got McDavid they’d stop be an embarrassment to Alberta and even more importantly Canadian hockey. We in Canada call hockey our game, it’s pathetic to have such a ineptly run team in our country.

    Defence and goaltending… This isn’t a news flash. It’s almost like the oilers refuse to improve.

  • Oilfaninvan

    I know Talbot did not look sharp last night, but he’s clearly the best goalie currently on the roster. You have got to give him the net. A 1A and 1B system doesn’t work. Give him the chance by giving him the majority of the games.

  • Soiled Trousers

    So the Oilers are 4-8 and they just lost to the terrible Flames on national television. Their defence is pure stink and Talbot has some crappy numbers this season, despite the “visual” upgrade over Scrivens. In order to even sniff the playoffs the Oilers would have to get around 80 points in the next seventy games. At what point do they admit that whatever they are doing is not working. I don’t profess to be a smart hockey guy and I’m not going to play armchair GM. I don’t know what they should do but I would imagine it would involve something other than shuffling around the bottom six forwards or defence pairs.

    • Canoe Ride 27.1

      No doubt. You’d think we’d send one on an aggressive forecheck with 26 seconds left. Just put us on our heels in the neutral zone for something bad to happen.

  • ATL Oiler

    Fans need to relax. Once Eberle, Hendriks, Schultz, Korp, Klink, and Reinhart are back Ference, Fayne Slep, and Pak, can go to the press box or minors. The 3rd and 4th lines and D are better. Lander will start producing with some talent to play with. Gryba will be fine when he doesn’t have to cover for Ference. PP and PK is better. Patience back away from the cliff.

  • 5 Cups

    The oilers are 4-8. Take out the first 4 games and they are 4-4. The PO were NEVER within reach this year that is a unrealistic expectation of the Oilers. They have been brutally terrible for 9 seasons.

    Last night was terrible. Frolik must have had horseshoes up his but the Khmer his 3 and Talbot lost his marbles out there.

    Patrick Roy would not have a save percentage above .900 with the D the oilers put out there. Until the Oilers can grab some legit D they will continue to have games like last night.

        • 5 Cups

          Fair enough. Since we’re big into numbers

          But about to miss the playoffs for the 9th straight year longest streak in nhl. All with a top 6 forward group that consists of 4 first overall picks what other organization but this one could pull this off ? And this inbred fan base talks about how the rebuild needs more time ..

          As stated before go MC fuk urself

          • 5 Cups

            Yes since the 90,s calgary has missed the playoffs 11 times and the oilers 10 so it’s simple math, but I wouldn’t expect someone from Calgary to get that.

          • 5 Cups

            First off, I am not from Calgary. Secondly, you are correct that neither team has made the playoffs very often, But Calgary’s lows were never as low as the Oilers. In my mind not quite making the playoffs and being out right laughing stock are two different things. Over the last ten years the Oil have averaged ten points a season less than the second worst team. That is a huge difference. And in addition to their on ice woes the way Oil management handled themselves was a disgrace to professional hockey.

  • Soiled Trousers

    Ference has been a good ambassador for the team but good god man accept reality and retire. Hard to walk away from millions of unearned dollars but you do not belong in the NHL. If you cared about the Oilers you will do the right thing. Retire now.

  • Soiled Trousers

    Well it is a for sure, everytime the officials in Toronto get a look at a decision in an Oiler game, they rule against the Oilers- crease violation was a joke call, so far they have taken 2 points away from Mcdavid and points away from the Oilers, the goal against LA was a goal(all the Kings laughing about it after it was overturned by Toronto, also Hartley laughing about the non crease violation last night). Seems to me the Oilers are getting the short end of the stick… loved it when Davidson buried the one puck…send that one to Toronto…does not matter sooner or later..probably sooner Stanley will live here again.

    • Willi P

      As far as I know, coaches challenge plays are reviewed by the on-ice officials, not Toronto. And if Toronto was seriously out to get the Oilers, don’t you think they would have found a way to not have them win the draft lottery so many times? Teams get lucky and they get unlucky, that is just the way it goes. No tinfoil hats. The Oil were statistically outplayed last night, they lost. They play again on Tuesday and the sun will come up tomorrow.

        • Willi P

          You must be right, the NHL website has to be wrong.

          “For goaltender interference, the challenged play will be reviewed by on-ice officials, with the aid of a tablet or other device, to determine if the call should stand or be changed because of the presence of clear-cut interference with the goaltender. The on-ice officials will be able to discuss the play with the Hockey Operations Department in the NHL Situation Room in Toronto, but the call will remain a judgment call by the on-ice officials. Puck-out-of-play reviews will be conducted solely by the Situation Room, which is the process used for standard reviews.”

          And ya, what a plug, Calder trophy as rookie of the year, multiple 30 goal seasons.

          • RedMan

            Better check your stats he had two 30 goal seasons, one in Calgary(80-81) and one in Atlanta(76-77), I guess you can call it multiple if you have only won 1 cup, ….LOl… I have seen much better players called plugs.

          • Willi P

            I did check my stats, that is how I knew. I also checked about the on-ice officials before posting so that I wouldn’t look….well I think you get the point.

            Have a rainbow day

    • RedMan

      You must have been seated somewhere near the grassy gnoll, which allowed you a unique perspective on the intricate conspiracy playing out before our eyes. Unfortunately, most people just believe the “manufactured reality” that the NHL is creating.

      Yes, it really is Edmonton against the entire world! Don’t stop spreading the truth! Just like those who exposed the fake moon landing and the fact that the CIA attacked their own twin towers, you must stay strong and expose the truth to the numb population around you! Fight the good fight you truth soldier!!!!

      Just make sure you adjust the tinfoil hat every so often to insure proper blood flow!??????

  • Gooilgo

    a Flamer is on here beaking the Oilers? a team that has 1 regulation win in its past 17 games…and needed the softest goal in history to do it?

    time and place Flamer

    • Willi P

      A Team that won a playoff round last year. And who’s future looks relatively bright. And I’m taking flack from the worst organization in pro sports over the last decade? Talk about “time and place”

      • Willi P

        ….and you’ve regressed to become this year’s Colorado Avalanche, so who cares what you’ve done in the past…

        the Flames defense and goaltending is brutal, their overrated forwards have regressed back to being 3rd and 4th line plugs and are still behind the Oilers lol

        enjoy that Hamilton contract…dude is soft as butter and playing 3rd line minutes

  • Soiled Trousers

    Taylor Hall had so many giveaways I could not count them last night…..please some coach stop this possession bleeding… at least when he loses the puck…make it in an area where others can get to I the only one that sees this….done my rant

  • RedMan

    Man what a coach we have now! Brilliant move sitting Fayne for Ference. I could not have thought of this myself. Made all the difference.

    The best part about watching the game is NOT having to listen to Drew Remenda wax poetic about all things Todd Mcllelan.

    Note to DR……….we are no better with your hero and saviour TM!

  • RedMan

    It is going to be pretty simple to adjust the lines when Eberle returns.

    Last nights game against the Flames was lost by the third and 4th lines. They didn’t provide any energy or anything else

    Hall, RNH, Eberle
    Drei, Davey, Yak

    Pouliot to third line and get rid of the losers on the 3rd and 4th line. Purcell, Lander, Klink, etc

    Only one keeper – Hendrix, All others are not very good and are inter changeable with anyone on the farm or available on waivers.

  • passenger

    I believe both teams were just effectively eliminated from the post season last night. Sad but expected for our Oil this season, hilarious schadenfreude for the Flames.

    Reading these comments, had to double check I wasn’t on Flamesnation. You nerds really don’t have anything better to do, huh? Say hi to your mothers for me.

  • MontanaMan

    Is there a reason the two fan bases are arguing over who is better or less worse? To be honest, both clubs are bad and need a lot of work. Whether Hamilton is better than Nurse or McDavid over Gaudreau is irrelevant. Why don’t both side assess their own teams, forget about the other’s team and talk intelligently rather than player X sucks and your coach will be fired before ours. Lots of things to talk about without analying each others deficiencies. Look in your own backyard.

    • 5 Cups

      I totally agree! It is getting hard to read these posts dude to the “x” is better than “y” conversations.

      Truth is there is a bright future for both of these teams, and both teams have some holes to fill to be a cup/playoff contender.

      Both teams are not deep enough to be a cup team. For the NHL of today a team needs to be solid and deep in quality players who can step up and play right now in the NHL because injuries are part of the sport and if I a team isn’t deep enough to still compete and win when injuries happen… They aren’t winning the cup.

      But the future is bright for Both teams. Good players on both sides.

      Flames got Johnny Hockey, Bennett, Brodie, Hamilton (week start but I think he will come around) Gio, … and more…

      For Oil you have Cam Talbot ( yes one bad game but he will be there for most of the other games, even Price has bad nights), McDavid, Hall, Ebs, RNH, Dri, Nurse… and more…

      So yes I don’t Understand the “x” is better than “y” talk. Man both are right now bottom feeders! They don’t deserve “x” better than “y” talk. Both teams need growth… and a lot of it.

  • 5 Cups

    I will not defend Lowe and MacT. The whole I have 6 rings and know a thing or two about winning episode and the tier 1 and tier 2 fans comment was also moronic.