McDavid injury update

We won’t know the official status of Connor McDavid until tomorrow morning, when GM Peter Chiarelli addresses the media, but it sounds like he injured his clavicle. “It will be long-term, he will be out for awhile,” said Todd McLellan after the game.

Here is what a sports doctor tweeted.

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TSN Insider Bob McKenzie wrote:

It could have been worse, so McKenzie’s tweet might soften the blow in Oilersnation, but it is still devastating news for a team and fanbase that has seen this movie too many times.

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It is disappointing, no doubt, but the Oilers can’t feel sorry for themselves. They need to respond they same way they did in the third period tonight versus the Flyers. They controlled the play, and scored three goals for another come-from-behind victory.

Taylor Hall finished the game with three points, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had two goals and Leon Draisaitl chipped in with two assists. That trio will need to carry the offence until McDavid returns.

The rest of the team will also need to rally and try to fill the offensive void left by McDavid. Injuries are a part of the game, and if the Oilers are going to be competitive in the future, or this season, they need to show they can compete without McDavid.

It won’t be easy, but they have no other choice. While no one centre will be able to replace McDavid’s production, certain forwards will need to step up.

Anton Lander could be promoted to the second line for the time being. Todd McLellan put him there in the third period, and he could keep him there instead of disrupting his first and third lines.

The Hall/RNH/Draisaitl trio is rolling, so keeping them together for now makes sense. The Hendricks/Letestu/Purcell trio was very good tonight as well, so keeping them in place makes sense.

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Promoting Lander means Iiro Pakarinen can centre the fourth line for now. Nail Yakupov and Benoit Pouliot need to prove they can produce with McDavid. 

When Jordan Eberle returns, which occur as early as Sunday, Mclellan can re-think his lines, and possibly move Drasaitl to the middle, but I’d be leery of moving him off the wing based on how well he has clicked with Hall and RNH.

Hall is on fire with 10 points in his last four games, and if the Oilers hope to stay close to the playoff cutoff spot he must continue to be the offensive driver of the team. He and RNH will likely be playing 21+ minutes a night for the foreseeable future.

The last thing the Oilers needed was another injury to one of their star players. It was an unlucky hockey play. It wasn’t cheap, dirty or vicious. He just lost an edge and crashed heavily into the boards. I don’t think anyone is to blame. This isn’t a “training” issue, or a lack of team toughness. 

It is simply bad luck. Maybe it is a good thing the Oilers are leaving Rexall, because the organization has had a black cloud hanging over them for the past nine seasons, and a new arena might be exactly what this team needs to end the string of injuries that have plagued them since 2010.

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  • O.C.

    The second I saw him get lit up by Virtanen as he skated head down I knew this kid was not generational. . Now he’s proven it. This ain’t the Juniors, you’re gonna get hurt thinking you can get away with the same little dipsydoodles. .guess he’s found that out.

    Wonder if Messier is on the phone to him about it..Conner? You gotta see this…


      This post almost made me wish for the Gestapo Nerd Squad that FN is now employing. They would save us from any dissenting views that may hurt our feelings.
      Then I realized only sad little Flames fans needed to be protected.
      Oilers fans live for the hate from the rest of the league, it proves they’re afraid of what is to come.
      If it takes an injury to an 18 year old rising star to make Ultrathinskin poke his head out of the sand that just proves it more.

      • Canoe Ride 27.1

        Don’t let ultrathinzigzags get to you.. he even annoys Flames fans. He’s a special kind of troll.

        But if anyone on here is interested.. all you need is a few volunteers to monitor each thread, each time an idiot like this comes on you just delete the comment. It has been significantly better on Flames Nation, even though the trolls still try.

        As far as the McDavid injury.. it was bound to happen sooner or later.. he plays hard. The NHL is a fast game. Injuries happen, even freak ones, no one is immune to them unless your name is Jay Boumeester.

    • For Pete's Sake!

      A request to the ON moderators.

      Why do we have to continue to put up with the drek and drivel the immature person at the IP address behind the ultrathinzigzags handle continues to spew on this website?

      I guarantee you, if Johnny Gaudreau was injured and someone from ON posted this kind of crap on Flames Nation, their comments would be removed and their handle and IP address banned from the site.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of friendly trash talking between rival fans but this guys comments are just plain hateful.

    • fisherprice

      So because he caught a rut and fell awkwardly into the end boards on what can only be described as a freak accident, he’s not generational? You are officially the dumbest person to ever comment on this page. I think it’s time you go and buck a fuffalo and head back to your Lamesnation page or whatever bridge you crawled out from under.

      • Jay (not J)

        LOL. These guys are tools. The internet is chockablock full today with tiny little Canucks fans squealing in joy over McDavid’s injury. The police in Vancouver should be on their toes. Could be a riot tonight.

  • PlayDirty

    Do you guys realize how pathetic you sound? McCann didn’t have enough leverage to spin McDavid around like people are suggesting. And then to come up with the idea he jumped at him headfirst? Yeah, OK, he’s going into the boards at a high speed so he decides to lead with his head – makes perfect sense.

    This is nothing more than sh!t luck.

    • Canoe Ride 27.1

      Ya I kinda have to agree, while i believe there was no intent to injure, McDavid’s momentum was going towards the net not the boards. It was only being hit that changed the momentum to the boards.

      Its not like it would have been different for anyone else. Have two slow a** Gorillas hit you and ride you into the boards and see if you don’t break something.

  • BobbyCanuck

    #44 GK1980 He will continue to play the same way he has been playing once he gets back.

    Well than we can expect him to have an injury riddled career just like Taylor Hall.

    In a recent interview, Hall indicated his desire to play a full season, injury free, he said he has to make smarter decisions in high risk areas, Hall has been in the game for quite a few years now, and it has taken him this long to figure out that certain plays carry a high risk of injury.

    Could have been a lot worse, I thought he had not separated, but actually broken/destroyed his shoulder, and a major concussion on top of it. Could have easily been a career ender…we need you to play smarter

    Boys to men, welcome to the bigs Conner, learn from this.

  • @Gregor

    Why do,you say this was “a Hockey play”.

    The way I see the replay is that you have McDavid beating Manning to the outside at 37.1 km/h (according to TSN), then a close up view of Manning now a half stride behind McDavid ( pretty sure he can’t skate backwards at 37 km/h) who then reaches and grabs the pants and part of the jersey spinning McDavid into awkward position out of control not able to protect himself in the ensuing collision.

    How is that a “Hockey Play” …. I thought it was called “a penalty”?

    • Craig1981

      I think “a penalty” is when the player get a penalty. Pretty sure Manning didn’t get a penalty. I hate he was hurt, but watch the play in slow motion, he just loses an edge on his left skate. Manning didn’t push him.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      You’re absolutely right, Slats.

      But that is only part one of that play, and it is simple physics. McDavid steaming in at an angle. His pants being twisted BACKWARDS according to his positioning and Conner McDavid is obviously going to leave his feet and lose all footing. With the speed he was going and the angle of his body now turned backwards unsuspectedly, he will clearly crash – and hard!! Considering HOW CLOSE he was to the boards and the speed he was going, this is already a very dangerous play.

      Part two. With no good reason to do so – the same player, as soon as Connor loses his footing (but while he is still skating forward perfectly fine himself) leaves his feet, not falling but purposefully JUMPING HEADFIRST…actually helmet-first like a weapon into Connor McDavid’s head and upper body simultaneously slamming it into the boards THAT MUCH HARDER!

      INTENT TO INJURE, period! If you watch it slow you will see this, too!

      I knew something caused Connor McDavid to not just lose his footing, but fall backwards while doing it at an angle that didn’t make sense initially – a rut in the ice won’t do that. (RNH’s injury from a rut in the ice shows he is going the same basic direction and then his body follows that rut into the boards.) Connor was lifted up, flying into the air, he didn’t ‘fall’ down, but lifted up.

      This was a classic case of a virtual nobody injuring the best player in hockey who had just embarrassed him on the play just prior.

      I’m glad Yakupov took two runs at him near the end of the game – but this guy deserves much, much worse than that. A suspension, and a lengthy one in my opinion is what he deserves. It was just a matter of time before someone Bobby Orr’d McDavid.

      I do agree the other player defending on the play, Michael Del Zotto, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn’t really go anywhere else. Yes, he crashed into the pile too but simply ended up there. He took no actions to hurl himself unnaturally as anything but a course of where he was ending up on the play.

      It is borderline criminal to me that the other guy should inexplicably launch himself into McDavid’s head after sending him hurtling into the boards – so hard and so close to the boards. If you slow it down, you will see that he did both, separate things, at two different times. Did it happen fast – yes, but players who know the game that well would be very familiar with body positioning and what will take a player off his feet if you apply just the right pressure at the right point while a player is heading in a given direction while his body is turned at the same time.

      This player should get the same treatment the guy got who clobbered Gretzky so hard (much cleaner than this play, that was just a really hard body-check). This guy’s career should also be over, just like that other player received too. That would be fair, although still not equal because unlike Connor, he is NOT the best, or going to be, the best player in the world…

      I am really upset by this!! Nobody wants to see anyone injured, but in the course of a game when it happens naturally that is entirely understandable. I felt the same way I did when I watched the player who ‘didn’t see’ Crosby’s face and concussed him in the outdoor game…despite the fact he was skating directly towards him at the time with nobody in between them. ‘Jeff Gillooly’ tactics have no place in sports – ever, no matter how good the player is or how badly you want to win! “If you’re not cheating you’re not trying” does not apply to injuring a player’s brain or their body, possibly for life, or worse…in order to win. “Win at any cost” also does not fly when it comes as an excuse to ending a player’s career. Bobby Orr was a real shame as well. Somebody has to put a stop to this – now!

      The NHL should step up, but I won’t hold my breath. I bet he gets nothing. I just wanted to point out that the player’s actions were not accidental. It was very purposeful – and deliberate. His actions, when viewed slowly and closely, show that clearly in my opinion. I was hoping I wouldn’t see something like that when slowing it down – and was sickened by what I saw…and still am.

      I will always be, too, like Gary Suter injuring Gretzky’s back permanently, long after he scored, and our superstar goalie Grant Fuhr getting his shoulder separated by a vicuous body-check into the end boards when he didn’t have the puck. Low blows, and neither Gretzky or Fuhr ever recovered fully from either of those dirty plays. They still played, but if you saw the lighting fast glove hand Fuhr used to possess before he had his shoulder separated you will see what I mean. He was still my favourite goalie to watch – but you can’t do what your body won’t let you, because it just isn’t possible anymore. That’s why we have to protect the players on the ice, and make sure they are never injured by ‘non-hockey’ plays.

      And for the record the analysts after the game admitted that player tugged on McDavid’s pants sending him crashing into the boards. It wasn’t a rut that caused that crash and potential season-ending injury!

      • O.C.

        Congrats! You just won the award for longer comment than the article commented on.

        No seriously… I’m impressed

        I’m not gonna pretend like I read a single word you obviously spent so much time typing out… But judging by the the sheer length of time it took me to scroll over your comment, I can tell it took you some time to type out.

        I’m not being sarcastic. Seriously. I truly applaud your obvious interest in the team, and I am almost certain you brought up some sort of point

        I probably took longer to type out this reply then it would’ve taken me to read your essay. So really… I’m the idiot

        Basically, what I’m saying is that anyone who just read this wasted their time

      • Anton CP

        This reminds me how some thugs can still hold a job in NHL, they are very good at hiding their true intend and called it a “hockey play”. Matt Cooke was the same, he did purposely injured Karlsson but he hid it so well that he can sell it as an accident. Cooke may have tried multiple times to use skate to cut into other’s legs but normally it is not as easy to do so it was not noticed, however if you keep on trying the same crap that it will work eventually. Manning is an undrafted likely career AHLer with already 1000+ P/M during his junior and minor league career. With that kind of number that I seriously doubt it was just a simple hockey play, those kinds of moves are what earned him a spot on an NHL team.

        • Mike Modano's Dog

          Agreed, even Karlsson himself – in a VERY RARE move, suggested that he thought Matt Cooke purposely did that, yet tried to make it look like an accident. It’s really cheap, and infuriating…and you feel so bad for the player that happens to. Could you imagine someone cutting your Achilles tendon purposely?! They’d be in jail for years!!

          And for the record I LOVE physical hockey. That’s the way I played it, both dishing it out AND taking it…even loved the hits I received, because that was honest hockey – exciting, fast paced, and so fun nothing could possibly replace it! But this ISN’T that. It’s the exact opposite, and the most cowardly act possible on ice. Especially when fighting is allowed if you have a bone to pick with someone on the ice, and there is a way to do it man to man. If you can’t do that straight up yet still try to hurt someone, then not only should you not be playing – you’re no man in my books… (All respect to the ladies in the sport and how tough they play too…it’s just the only saying I could think of to get my point across! Wish there was a better way I knew to say it though because you ladies have a lot of courage for playing the game the right way – whenever I’ve played with you or against you, and respecting the game like you do!!) So what would that leave them with to be called then: pathetic, courage-adverse, little insignificant gnats. Yeah – that’ll work just fine! 😀

    • Craig1981

      You’re spot on re: what happened; he had him beat and was clutched and spun causing McD to lose an edge. Should be a penalty, but Drew R called it a “hockey play” at the time, and since then that’s been what media types have spun it as.

      Sad for him, mostly; Oil will continue on a learning path without him, and based on the way they played tonight,especially re: team defence, they’ll be OK given more secure net minding and with D starting to gel.