Another week is winding down and that means it’s time to critique the Oilers on the week that was. It’s time to channel your favourite teacher and grade our crew of beloved warriors. My friends, it’s report card time. 

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You’ll notice that I have taken Andrew Ference off of the report card this week. Why? To be honest, I kinda started to feel bad for him. The guy finishes dead last every single week despite the fact that he’s not even playing. He is too kind of a human being to keep taking jabs like that. If he was actually playing then that’s a different story, but he’s not and for that reason we give Andrew Ference a rest this week. 

If you know if any other polling software that is similar to what I’m using please let me know and I’ll hook you up with some NationGear for the heads up. I’m looking for something that is a little more flexible and would allow for adding options like “meh” and adding current events like Connor McDavid being weeks ahead of schedule. 

Until then we vote!


    • hitchikerforajax

      Eberle was awful last night. He was dogging it in overtime. He bloody stopped skating, on the Redwing 2 on 1. Why, he’s even dressed, tonight, it shocked me. If these Oiler “stars” continue their play, like they have, over the last couple of weeks, ship them out! When is the typical player “vacations”, going to stop? If a guy making $5 mil. a year & playing like one making entry level money, then treat them like rookies & bench them. This, has got to stop. The Oilers, have changed coaches, g.m.’s etc. & are getting the same terrible results! Get rid of the dead wood a.k.a. Jordan.

  • Puck JammeR!

    i’m a teacher and i never give my kids below a b-

    giving them low marks is tough on their little psyches and leads to under achievement and an unfulfilling life. bad grades = work in the trades

    careful what you judge others as; it may come true!

    • hagar

      You seem like the type of person to give a participation ribbon to the last place finisher. Stop sugar coating it and let them know what they need to improve on, you are feeding them delusional praise and setting them up for even bigger failure when they reach Post-Secondary.

      • Puck JammeR!

        oh! no, quite the contrary. modern pschological science has demonstrated that a brain that is stressed and depressed will have a very bad time trying to retain new facts and think critically. it’s like trying to mop up butterscotch with a cheese cloth

        “a sad lad never learned a thing” – winston farrol

      • Puck JammeR!

        ohg yeah sorry, i don’t mean to say its a bad thing. its just not something a lot of people want for their kids

        we need people who are pleased to tinker on our car’s mufflers and do the monotonous hammer and saw work so that we can focus on more important things withot these distractions

        also, please don’t use the expression “give your head a shake” its terribly insnesitive to the epileptic

        • Rob...

          At this point I’m pretty sure you’re trolling, but your attitude is shared by a hell of a lot of teachers I’ve had to deal with over the decades and stinks to high heaven. The concept that you haven’t accomplished anything unless you’ve got a university degree is a bad attempt by many teachers to make themselves feel better about their life choices.

          Just maybe if more teachers took the time to teach kids how math, language arts, chemistry and other material can relate to life skills and benefit you regardless your educational and employment future we’d have less drop-outs and more kids interest in learning.

        • Kevrock

          Your comments “we need people to do the monotonous hammer and saw work so the we can focus on more important things ….

          That is the most outrageous statement I have ever read.

          You must be a complete and utter idiot. But I see you are a teacher so that makes sense, you were educated by some wacko university professor who have never done something practical in his/her life other than warp the minds of easily influenced people like you.

          • Puck JammeR!

            i’m just saying the eiffel tower is named after the guy who designed it, not the guys who built it.

            everyone knows about da vinci’s helicopter but who knows the name of its first test pilot?

    • '68 Fire Chicken

      Trades are the way to go. Do the math on what it costs to go to school to be a doctor. Factor in education length too.

      If an 18 year old started on his ticket right out of grade 12 he will be as financially successful if not more so than the doctor.

      I wish my teachers pushed the RAP program more when I was in high school.

      Plus a teacher makes Frank all. Compare that to my electrician wage. I hope you don’t teach my kids……

      • _BoiledGoose_

        I’m not sure what the average electrician makes in a year, but teachers are kicking around $95,000 a year. That’s not exactly frank all; especially when considering their schedule.

        And my lord; even factoring in education costs (and not making “real” money while in school), Doctors in AB make crazy money.

        Regardless: trades = important. teaching = important. doctors = important.

    • Andresito

      Is that suppose to cut down trades people? Pretty sure the majority of them make more than a teacher, don’t they? I’m not cutting down a teacher, because obviously they are very important in our society, but it’s kind of scary to think that there are teachers as ignorant as you are.

    • Anton CP

      Careful what you judge others as????????? You just said that bad grades = work in trades!! Insinuating they are poor students!! I have a degree and was sick how many pretentious gits went to university with me!! Hypocrite, one breath saying don’t judge after you just did exactly that!!!

  • Randaman

    I hate to say this but when after 5 years of rebuilding, your team depends on an injured 18 year old to carry the load, its time for change. I expect flack on this one as everybody falls in love with players. Too bad that love isn’t both ways.

    My updated core is; McDavid, Drai, Hall, Nurse, Klefbom & maybe Nuge.

    Trade the rest and build a real team please.

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      Yes of course! this makes complete sense.

      Keep our best players and disguard the junk….its just that easy and works just like that……..

      ~Please Mr. GM of team X, I’ll offer you Schultz for some magic beans.

      Or Hello Mr. GM of team Y, please take young Yakupov for Krieder

      What’s that you say? I can go %#*€ myself! Hmmmmm

      This is not working……~

      • Randaman

        Noted, but I did have a maybe beside Nuge.

        That would leave Eberle, Yak, Nuge, Pouliot, Schultz, etc as trade bait.

        If the right offer comes in for Hall, I think about it but…

        • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

          ~But of course you would listen to trade talk on Hall after all, your only trading 3 of your top wingers! the defensmen that plays the most minutes and your number 1 centre…… so why not talk about trading Hall……..~

        • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

          Look, being serious, I get the trade talk….but look at from both views.

          Trading Hall is stupid on so many levels, he’s the best player on the ice full stop! Trading Hall creates a hole you can’t fill.

          Trading RNH, despite what Gregor or Rishaug think is stupid on so many levels it’s hard to comprehend.

          If McDavid is your number 1 and If Draisaitl is the number 2 that leaves RNH as your number 3.

          Tell me how teams defend that?

          You don’t get centre depth then trade it away…….crazy.

          Pouliot is useful and might get you something in return but not equal value and you would have to eat some of that contract.

          Eberle is the only player on your list that can get you equal value, but not a true first pairing defensmen.

          So, the Oilers options are as follow, UFA, RFA, trading picks and dumping contracts or walking away from contracts.

          Ether way, I don’t see a trade happening anytime soon.

  • sportsjunkie007

    I gave McDavid a thumbs-up for healing fast, but voting on an injured player seemed ridiculous. Maybe not grading guys on IR like him and Yak would make more sense.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    How about forming a proper sentence with caps and structure and stuff? Being a teacher you should know this, but then again im just a lowly trades person…