First Star, Worst Star: November 29, 2015

good job

I hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving weekend, ate gluttonous amounts of food and punched someone in the mouth over a $300 TV at a Walmart. Tis the season, and tis the time for First Star, Worst Star!


This one would sting a lot more had the Oilers not won this game, HOWEVER; 

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For my money Evgeni Malkin is one of the most entertaining players in the NHL on and off the ice. 

Wether he’s hanging out with furry friends


or acting like one

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he just always seems to be an endless source of fun times. And Saturday night was no different, when he decided to turn the Game Genie on and absolutely embarrass the Oilers. 

Honestly if this happened to you in a game of NHL 16 you would complain that your friend is being cheap and that the game is unrealistic. My suggestion to increase scoring in the NHL? Just clone like 50 Geno’s and let them into the wild. SIMPLE!


It was a bad weekend for reckless cross checks. First off, the one that launched 1000 hot takes, Brandon Dubinsky absolutely smashes Sidney Crosby in the back of the neck with a brutal shot. 

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These two have had one of the best rivalries in recent NHL history, so this wasn’t super surprising. And while I don’t necessarily think Dubinsky went in there planning to do this on purpose, he looks SUPER cutthroat when he follows it up with breaking his stick over Crosby’s back and tossing it aside like a WWF villain. 

One day later it was Carlo Colaiacovo on the receiving end, this time from a cross check to the throat via the Pred’s Viktor Arvidsson. 

Colaiacovo would leave the game with a dented trachea *rubs throat nervously* and Arvidsson received 5 and a game and will surely be hearing from the DoPS. 

This is the sad state the NHL is in right now. Back in my day all you had to worry about was the odd Chris Pronger stomp on the back of your leg or Claude Lemieux hitting you from behind, face first into an open bench door. That was the way of the world back then AND WE LIKED IT! These players now-a-days, with their Tweetstagram and their Snaptopias don’t have a healthy respect for an open bench door like they ought to. #RespectOpenBenchDoors 

    • BlazingSaitls

      Well the Panelists were commenting on Chris Joneses “New” defense the both HE and the Eskimos showcased when he began werent they ?Jones used a NEW defense when he came to the Esks one new to HIM. Maybe you are on to something huh?

  • Johnnydapunk

    “These players now-a-days, with their Tweetstagram and their Snaptopias don’t have a healthy respect for an open bench door like they ought to. #RespectOpenBenchDoors”

    Love it

  • BlazingSaitls

    CONGRATS ESKS!!!!! Job Well Done. Oil Boys hope you got a chance to watch and see what it can be to be the bestat what you do and what playing for each other and playing for Team means.Hopefully there’s some motivation absorbed ,Thank you Esks and Thank you Nation for the time and space!

  • D

    Somewhere Eric Tilman is finishing up watching a webcast on and thinking he planned this day all along in having Mike Riley replace Ricky Ray, and win the MVP award and is now waiting for his cup ring to show up in the mail……

  • billythebullet

    Remove visors. Remove helmets. Remove tue instigator rule. Remove the 2nd ref. And let the players play like 1970. There was no stick swinging incidents back then was there…

  • Johnnydapunk

    Good for the green and gold and cfl fans. Good for the city of edmonton. At least one ten year losing streak is broken. However I am not a cfl fan any longer. I was as avid as they come for years. For 30 years I never failed to watch the cup game and attended grey cup,parties every year. The league lost me with all the shenanigans of the early 90’s with teams coming and going and little stability on rosters and league management. The cfl became irrelevant and of no interest to me. I know i’m not alone. I live in the middle of oil country and no one i know is excited about the cfl.

    For those who embrace the cfl good on you but the poor management of the game and very iffy ownership has lost alot of fans. I wonder what the future holds.

    Now if we can live to see the oilers rise from the ashes sooner than later all will be well in the universe.

  • D

    I’ve been saying this for years but GET RID OF THE INSTIGATOR PENALTY. Kronwal’s hit on Letestu was clean the other night but Hendricks got the instigator for sticking up for his teammate. We all b$&:ch no one stands up for each other on the oilers well that’s a potential reason why.

    This is hockey and sometimes you need the players to police the game as it used to be. These cowardly cross checks would result in serious on ice punishment if the refs would let the players police themselves, with respect of course.