One area in which the Bakersfield Condors must outperform the Oklahoma City Barons? Developing two-way forwards with at least some offensive skills. Edmonton has their Jacks and Kings, but a solid two-way forward who could chip in on offense (ala Jason Chimera, Kyle Brodziak) is badly needed at the NHL level. Is that man Jujhar Khaira? His 20-year old AHL season suggests it unlikely because the offense isn’t there. What about Kyle Platzer? Let’s have a look. 


In the olden days, Edmonton did develop some 20-year old players on the farm.

  1. C Rob Schremp (06-07 SWB Penguins) 69gp, 17-36-53 .768ppg
  2. C Jarret Stoll (02-03 Hamilton Bulldogs) 76gp, 21-33-54 .711ppg
  3. C Marc Pouliot (05-06 Hamilton Bulldogs) 65gp, 15-30-45 .692ppg
  4. LW Jean Francois Jacques (05-06 Hamilton Bulldogs) 65gp, 24-20-44 .677ppg
  5. RW Kyle Brodziak (04-05 Edmonton Roadrunners) 56gp, 6-26-32 .571
  6. LW Jani Rita (01-02 Hamilton Bulldgos) 76gp, 25-17-42 .553ppg
  7. RW Georges Laraque (96-97 Hamilton Bulldogs). 73gp, 14-20-34 .466ppg
  8. LW Jason Chimera (99-00 Hamilton Bulldogs). 78gp, 15-13-28 .359ppg
  9. LW Dan Lacouture (97-98 Hamilton Bulldogs). 77gp, 15-10-25 .325ppg
  10. RW Zack Stortini (05-06 Iowa/Milwaukee) 64gp, 2-8-10 .156ppg

That’s the kind of player you usually see come out of the AHL (Schremp types don’t usually spend years in the minors) and that is the type of player we should look for coming out of Bakersfield. Did the OKC Barons supply any in their five seasons?

  1. LW Magnus Paajarvi (11-12 OKC Barons) 34gp, 7-18-25 .735
  2. LW Teemu Hartikainen (10-11 OKC Barons) 66gp, 17-25-42 .636
  3. C Bogdan Yakimov (14-15 OKC Barons) 57gp, 12-16-28 .491
  4. LW Josh Winquist (14-15 OKC Barons) 46gp, 8-11-19 .413
  5. LW Phil Cornet (10-11 OKC Barons) 60gp, 7-16-23 .383
  6. RW Tyler Pitlick (11-12 OKC Barons) 62gp, 7-16-23 .371
  7. C Anton Lander (11-12 OKC Barons) 14gp, 1-4-5 .357
  8. LW Curtis Hamilton (11-12 OKC Barons) 41gp, 5-6-11 .262
  9. LW Jujhar Khaira (14-15 OKC Barons 51gp, 4-6-10 .196
  10. C Travis Ewanyk (13-14 OKC Barons) 68gp, 7-5-12 .176
  11. LW Mitch Moroz (14-15 OKC Barons) 66gp, 5-4-9 .136
  12. LW Kale Kessy (13-14 OKC Barons) 54gp, 2-4-6 .111

The two 2009 Swedish draft picks have played in the NHL for over 100 games, both men having the identical Achilles (offense). Among those still developing, Bogdan Yakimov has the most promise—although there is a rumor suggesting he may be back in Russia at some point. The first impressions by Jujhar Khaira at the NHL level were very good, but the resume suggests he is either an extreme outlier or a depth player.


  1. R Greg Chase 13gp, 1-4-5 .385
  2. C Kyle Platzer 25gp, 4-5-9 .360
  3. C Marco Roy 11gp, 2-0-2 .182

Chase and Platzer are in the ‘Chimera-Lander’ range, which is basically the lowest rung of the possible future role players. A lot of this kind of work is limited by the lack of TOI, but there is some promise in the group that will play for the Condors this afternoon.

One major item to consider: Platzer’s ice time (and possibly that of Chase) should increase as the season moves along. If either prospect can push their production to (say) Kyle Brodziak levels, we may be talking about a future NHL player. Based on history and the numbers, the next Chimera does not reside in Bakersfield at this time.

Miles to go.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    I hope that rumour about Big Yak going back to Russia is false.

    I’d really like to see that big 6’5″ behemoth replace Letestu on our third or fourth line someday.

    We need his size at that position.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Love how everyone jumps on Schultz. Funny because he is so young for a defenceman and only our most pessimistic fans can be critical. I think Schultz is a guaranteed top 4 dman when he hits his prime. How many early 20s dmen can you say that about?

    I find it difficult to blame Schultz consistently even though he has obvious moments of ineptitude. Is it really his fault he was forced to play top minutes as a developing player? Is Schultz the reason they couldn’t acquire a veteran to mentor him in the role so many believe he should be playing?

    We can all agree his blunders have cost this team at times. But let’s be realistic and agree that expecting a young defence to develop under these circumstances is pointless.

    “Visually” I get it, but our casual fans need to learn not to jump on our young players. It’s part of the reason we can’t keep nice things. Most younger fans have never seen a young dman develop here. I’ve seen alot of good D come and go from Etown and none of them have displayed the potential and promise of Schultz.

    Defence have a very different learning curve and without a mentor he has done well.

    • PlayDirty

      I’m not a Jultz hater but I don’t have much time for him. He’s 25 and we should be a getting a sense of what he is capable of by now and I see that as being ‘not much’.