GDB 35.0 Wrap Up: Jets @ Oilers

We’ll take it! Final Score: 3-1 Oilers.

A week ago, we were all talking about life in a playoff position. Three losses later and the comments section in any given article on this website looks like it will erupt into throwing feces. Tempers are flaring and morons are moroning, but it’s understandable – this season is taking its toll on all of us. It’s stressful to have to live your life week by week when it comes to your favourite hockey team. You never know what you’re going to get, but that’s part of the fun. We’re Oilers fans and we’re emotional. We need wins just as much as the team does.

After dropping a shit off in Denver the Oilers (and Nation citizens) were in desperate need of a win, and the Jets have been beatable. To make that happen the Oilers would need to rely on countless injury call-ups and guys fighting above their weight class. They would also need strong goaltending. Talbot started his first game at Rexall Place since October 31st when he left just enough crack showing for a Flame to sneak it in the back door with eight seconds left. He was not the same goalie on this night. Tonight, Cam Talbot was the story. He looked big in his net, he covered his angles, and limited rebounds which didn’t give the Jets anything to work with.

When the Oilers get goaltending and balanced scoring they’re going to be tough to beat. They got that tonight… sort of. The problem was with how much they had to rely on goaltending, and that the scoring came from only one line. Though the Oilers were able to get timely goals from the first line, the majority of the game looked more like a page from the rope-a-dope handbook than it did like a winning strategy. The Oilers were outplayed and Cam Talbot stole this game. Plain and simple. That being said, a win is a win and we’ll take it. Stealing wins like this puts points in the bank while we wait for the precious to return.

We wrap.



  • Another day closer to Connor McDavid.
  • Teddy Purcell is an offensive juggernaut! Two goals (his 7th and 8th) and an assist for Teddy P and that has me wondering if he’s playing his way into a new contract with the Oilers. There’s still a lot of time left until the deadline, so you never know what could happen.
  • Taylor Hall continues his transformation into Hercules as he keeps throwing points up like Lebron. Hall put home another THREE assists to keep his hot streak worthy of gifts (material/flesh/otherwise) and praise from the highest of mountain tops. If the Oilers have a chance at making the playoffs it will come as a result of Taylor Hall dragging us there. 
  • Justin Schultz scored his first goal of the season on a beautiful passing play. Schultz timed his pinch and Purcell’s pass from the corner was perfect. For all the criticism Schultz has received lately you have to feel good for him. After he scored he seemed to play with more confidence. I doubt the haters will change their minds, but Schultz played a solid game tonight.
  • Darnell Nurse played some tough minutes tonight and he played them well. As the year progresses so does Darryl in his ability to provide sound defense against high end competition. Darryl put in 25:56 on the ice tonight. That’s a tonne for a guy with less than a season under his belt. 
  • Cam Talbot had a very good night and he gave his team a chance to win. If it had not been for Talbot’s work early on the Oilers would have found themselves in a hole. It could have been a different game with #33 minding the net, and it makes me wonder what McLellan will do following the Christmas break. To me, Talbot looks to be the sharper of the two goalies, right now. He finished the night with 44 shots and a .978 save%. 
  • The Oilers dominated the faceoff circle (45/22).
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  • The Oilers’ first power play of the night was an absolute disaster. The best chance came for the Jets! If not for an amazing save by Cam Talbot the Jets would have taken a lead early, and who knows were that would have ended up. 
  • BTW their second power play didn’t go much better — 0/2 on the night. 
  • Bryan Little’s goal was both weird and annoying. Cam Talbot was playing too good to have a goal like that count against him. Either way, you have to give it to Little for his hand-eye on that one.
  • The Oilers had a horrible second period. The Jets completely dominated the shot clock (17-7) and spent most of their time in the Oilers’ defensive end. 
  • They weren’t much better in the third period as the Jets killed them again, outshooting the Oilers (16-3).
  • For the most part, the Oilers were unable to get much of a cycle going outside of the Hall-Draisaitl-Purcell line. There were plenty of chances off the rush, but not a whole lot going on the cycle.
  • Two penalties for Nikita Nikitin tonight, as per tradition.
  • The Oilers got lit up on the shot clock. The barrage ended at 45-21 shots in favour of the Jets.


11:15 EDM Teddy Purcell (7) Snap shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (22), Leon Draisaitl (20) 1 – 0 EDM
12:59 EDM Teddy Purcell (8) Snap shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (21), Taylor Hall (23) 2 – 0 EDM
07:44 EDM Justin Schultz (1) Tip-in – ASST: Teddy Purcell (15), Taylor Hall (24) 3 – 0 EDM
12:27 WPG Bryan Little (13) Wrist shot – ASST: Blake Wheeler (24), Tyler Myers (10) 3 – 1 EDM


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This week we welcome Chris The Intern back and the boys talk Oilers playoff hopes, the return of Jordan Eberle, Stamkos to the Oilers, and we have a contest to give away FREE STUFF!! 

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  • camdog

    This next week after the break is going to be the most important week of the season.

    5 games vs. divisional opponents from Sunday to Sunday! The way the division is right now, this could make or break the season.

    In some respects, it may be the most important week of games for the Oilers in the last 6 years!!

  • hagar

    Oh, and that is crazy creepy Bagged that you put Mcdavid’s head on that body.

    I was having a hard enough time with your infatuation with him as a player, now that I see it turn sexual, it is really weirding me out. Lmao

  • Grumpy OM

    This power play is so bad. Maybe the coaches should stop trying to teach all these young offensive minded players how to score goals. Keep your top two lines together and open the door. For god sakes, you put them together to out play the other team 5 on 5. Yet when on the PP they mix everything up , what they don’t think they can out play the other team 5 on 4. Quit over coaching. Less is more !!!!

    • Randaman

      They’ve underperformed under many coaches. The only time they’ve done well was under Todd Nelson. I think it’s on both, equally.

      The players seem to want to pass the puck into the net, looking for that sure-fire goal into an open net. Some players on the PP pass it so often I’m sure the goalie never expects a shot from them and the resulting pass is read before it happens.

      We see them looking for that ideal one-timer, choosing to pass or miss the net when trying to pick a corner when the best play was a hard shot to generate a rebound and grade A chances around the net.

      That could be why we’re seeing success in 5v5 vs PP. They’re less often looking to make that pretty goal. Secondly, they score off rushes, something they don’t have a lot in a PP because zone entries are that much tougher.

      I also would blame coaches because a guy like Nelson had a lot of success with these guys, and drilled in the idea of simple hockey. So we know the players aren’t doing their job, the coaches have to be on them and hold them accountable. If the same guys are looking to make pretty plays, put them on the 2nd unit.

      Lastly, I’d ask guys like Yak to shoot like there’s no tomorrow. If a guy want to block his bullet, let them! They won’t make that same mistake twice. Just hammer away.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Im so tired of this ridiculous argument.


    McDavid – Hall – Klefbom – Nurse – Draisaitl – Nuge

    Thats it.

    If out of stupidity your trading one of these players, it should be considered after they hit their prime.



    The hypothetical of the Nuge for Jones trade has me torn. On the one hand, Nuge plays a very similar 2-way pocket picking, passing specialist type of game as Datsyuk, is 22 and will be a beast for years to come (Datsyuk came to the NHL at 23 people). However Seth Jones has through the roof potential, has been mentored by some amazing D-men, and hasn’t had a spectacular year, so you would be buying low on him. 3C’s can be found.

    Dare to dream, but Stamkos seems hellbent on hitting Free agency, and has gushed about McDavid’s skills. How’s that for Centre depth Stammer, McD, Drai, and you can double up with Drai or stammer on the wing when you need that offensive punch. You have 3 young D with #1 potential (K-Bomb, Nurse, S. Jones), and I really think Talbot is miles better than this D has thus far made him look (tonight was a glimpse).

    Drink down that Kool-Aid. Cups to come!

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      I wouldn’t mind trading Nuge if we get Stamkos. Makes Yakupov expendable as well. Upgrade the D while also upgrading the C position.

      It may be a dream but it almost feels possible with what Stamkos has said.

      • Anton CP

        Yea, the Oilers should go after Stamkos. Trade away Ebs and RNH, for best D-Men available.

        Draft more right wings.

        We could have something special here very, very, soon.

  • Dirtski

    Yes, the Oilers have to become a heavier team and under Chiarelli they definitely will but you do not trade away the forward who is getting the most ice time under a very competent coach. In the end, Eberle may have to be sacrificed if the price is right, but not Nuge. He is not big, but he is their best top six defensive forward. The same fools who wanted to dump Hall for the past year now want to gas Nuge for a second pairing D man. NO WAY. Not for Jones or Hamonic.

    • Anton CP

      Ebs is still struggling. When Connor comes back I would like to see.


      Feels to me like our top 6 would be much better, as would our bottom 6.

  • Himynameistaylor

    For God sakes shake up the power play units.

    Just play our top 2 lines with our best PP defensemen.


    Other than that, and despite the hate… good job to Schultz tonight… if he did that more often, maybe some of the other stuff could be overlooked.

    Nurse needs to be on the PP, he is one of the best players on the team at gaining the zone, something we are seriously struggling doing on the PP.

  • Himynameistaylor

    Oilers nation:
    Where the Oilers still pull a win away and fans want a player traded.

    McDavid comes back, fans forget Eberle and RNH have been slumping, all is well

    • camdog

      If you think Oilersnation is bad you should have listened to the coach in the post game wrap up. He was not happy at all with the effort the team put in last night, he was rather disappointed. This is about trying to win a Stanley Cup, trades will happen.

  • Randaman

    Great to see a win and see Talbot play great
    Obvious that defence needs help as they can’t move the puck
    Bottom six forwards also need a revamp
    Power play needs a guy who can shoot from the point and a net front presence

    Despite the win TMc was not happy on the bench

  • Himynameistaylor

    Trade nuge for Jones and figure out how to turn Eberle into Hamonic (3 team deal maybe)

    Nurse – Jones

    Klefbom.- Hamonic

    Defence wins championship. We could actually start talking playoffs with that.

  • hagar

    Eberle (-14) , Hopkins (-12) , Pouliot (-11 ) and Lander (-9) are not having banner years by any stretch of the imagination . All need to do much better if this club hopes to move forward this season .

  • Randaman

    This is a page that fell out of yesterdays Mailbag….lol.

    “Just to rub some salt in this open wound so we REMEMBER…why doesnt Mac-L use the Leon-Hall tandems nice little quick-strike chemistry on the PP,it should be money in the bank with a man advantage right,the simple dam reason it works for them is because it STRIKES ON THE OPPOSITIONS FIRST DEFENSIVE STRUCTIURAL TRANSITION OR ADJUSTMENT IN THEIR ZONE.Its not SPEED which makes it quick-strike it is TIMING .Why dont we see J Schultz taking Halls spot in that playaction with Leon from time to time?Its not speed its timing,anyone can” execute.”

    If the Oil keep KISSing the Good Lady Karma might continue blushing for them….lol..

    We shall keep the 2 points,no thank yous extended…they were ours Pre-Game and we kept them right where they belong,in our front pocket next to our lucky Gypsy Dollar and someones small green Frog{no offense intended to our Roma audience}.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Listening to TMac at his presser makes me smile. Love that he didn’t like the game despite the win, bout time the team has that kind of coach.

    If the Oilers do win the Stamkos sweepstakes, and trade RNH, doesn’t that still leave the team with 3 centres that should be in the top 6. Do you then slide Drai over to the wing and run Hall-Stamkos-Drai?

    I trade Ebs + for a top 2 dman before I even think of trading Nuge, just because he’s better defensively.

    I hope McJesus is back just after New Years.

    • Randaman

      The problem is that Nuge has much more value than Eberle.

      You will never get a top 2 D-man for Eberle.

      Nuge? Maybe with a sweetener thrown in.

      Oiler fans over value their players as does everybody else.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        But that’s why I said Ebs +. Whatever that + is, whether it’s the 2016 1st round pick or a prospect, you offer that first before you bring up Nuge. I’d only think of trading Nuge is if the Oilers have an 11.5%* chance of getting Stamkos on July 1st.

        You can slide a center over to the wing a lot easier than sliding a winger over to center.

        * I say 11.5% because we know what that got us….;)

        • Randaman

          You’re missing my point or maybe I wasn’t exactly clear.

          I want them both traded. The price has to be right of course. Yes, I would look at Eberle being traded first.

          I really believe Chirelli has a shot at signing Lucic. I also believe Buff will look at Edmonton in a positive light.

          I can dream too and I want to win.


          Hall/Drai/Purcell (resigns at 2.5M per)

          The rest is up in the air

          • Randaman

            Trade him at the deadline for a pick or two, or keep him and let him reach UFA.

            Offer him 2.5 per for two years and say take it or leave it.

            Have you noticed the tougher stance being taken by GM’s these days when it comes to contracts? Besides, he may want to take advantage of the upswing in Edmonton.

            I love the cap

    • stonedtodeath61

      Morning man, sorry I was unable to answer the question yesterday about Cowen. You are correct that he has been a major disappointment. I think it goes back to hip surgery during the strike/lockout. I loved the pick at 9 overall. Size, mean could skate for a big man. He looked like the real deal but has looked slow. Trust me, you don’t want him in Edmonton. He also has a 4Mill paycheque next year. I was pissed when they moved Gryba and kept Cowen and Weircoch.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        Thanks for the reply! Looking at Cowens stats so far this year seem promising, definitely not Weber promising but it looks like there might be a solid stay at home dman in Cowen. I don’t follow the Sens much other than highlights and what I read online, so my opinion might not mean much lol!

        I would take him over Shultz any day though.

        • stonedtodeath61

          That’s stats for you. It’s funny you say that as a number of fans on Senschirp were saying they were wondering if there was any interest in Cowen from Edmt. as they were trying to figure out a taker for him. Add to that , Schultz last two teams came down to Ottawa and Edmonton, lol. Cowen’s stats are just that, stats. Check out Ottawa’s PK last year to this and Look at Gryba’s work on the PK last year. Now look at Gryba’s PK work in Edmonton this year. He had over 6 min. last night. Ottawa would like to have a take back on that one please.

  • camdog

    Cult of hockey guys have been tracking games stolen by our goaltending. By their count, Nilsson and Talbot have stolen 7 wins, which is almost half the Oilers win count of 15.

    The team is still crap, but the goaltending is covering up. Until we see the Oilers getting 75-80% of their wins by total team play rather than relying on goalies to cover up for pathetic play, there is no point getting too excited.

    • pkam


      We can talk about injuries but isn’t this team always injured

      Looks like a similar train wreck to previous years

      Certainly not as bad as last year but that’s a pretty low standard to out perform

      Wins are always great for moral but it doesn’t mean the team is any good

      One more week I read of five more division opponents spells out of playoffs and
      Lottery pick by end of year I predict

  • camdog

    Enjoyed Darnell Nurse giving Wheeler a stick in the mouth for hacking at Talbot. Also enjoyed the punch he gave to that rat faced diver Scheifele at end of game. Darnell gets it, we need a few more guys willing to make people pay for taking liberties.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Anyone else get the impression that a missive came from the Executive Suite to the ‘analysts’ on the Oilers broadcast – notable the laughable Principe, and even more laughable Debrusk?

    Fawning over how just so darned awesome Nuge’s line was playing.


    Spector must get a rash having to sit through the Oilers’ employees’ “commentary”.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Once the Biebs’ face showed up in the video at the top of the article, i threw up a little in my mouth and couldn’t click pause soon enough.

    You should put a warning on those things.

  • Chainsawz

    Did I watch a different game last night?

    I thought the top line was creating chances off the rush but was giving up chances off the cycle most of the night.

    I also thought the second line was getting chances off the cycle. has Eberle, Pouliot, and Nuge as the top 3 forwards for shot attempts last night. Hall, Purcell, and Draisaitl (Drai tied with Nuge) as the top 3 forwards for shot attempts against.

    My eyes and the stats agree. I understand the top line generated all the goals but the narrative being pushed isn’t overly rosy.

  • Spydyr

    Maybe being in the talk for the Norris isn’t being a stud d man but I would think otherwise. Oilers fans we are supposed to know about hockey. Dallas does have a stud d man.

  • pkam

    31 points in 34 games .91 at the moment last year 40 points in 65 games . He’s looking like a stud for Dallas. Crosby isn’t a top center this year even tho he was the last 3 years.

  • pkam

    Your post was a response to my post about klinberg. You said well shultz had a good year once and I was saying he didn’t follow it up with a .91 point per game season ? See where I went now?